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WEEKLY SUMMARY: wc. 21st May

On the Creative Leaders Weekly Summary, Emma Rhys of Lotus & Scarab explores the difficulties of creating the right work for each brief, Paul Trani from Adobe gives insight on how to best engage with your community in the platform era, Megan Oepen of Under Armour discusses the difference between ‘beautiful’ and ‘successful’ work from the clients’ perspective, and Alex Shulhafer and Piper Hickman of 360i talk about the change brands are facing in terms of communication channels.


Alex Shulhafer and Piper Hickman - 360i: Creative Curiosity and Authenticity in Today's Media Environment

For this episode of the Movidiam Creative Leaders Podcast, we welcome 360i Group Creative Directors, Alex Shulhafer and Piper Hickman. We examine the value of creative curiosity, the importance of authentic corporate social responsibility, and the new role of influencers in today's marketing world.


Megan Oepen - Under Armour: Beauty, Innovation, Craft, and ROI

On this episode of the Movidiam Creative Leaders podcast, we speak with Megan Oepen, Head of Content at Under Armour. We discuss the changing demands of advertising, the importance of emotionally connecting with audiences, and finding the line between ROI and creative excellence.


Paul Trani - Adobe: Creating More, Faster

Adobe's Senior Creative Cloud Evangelist, Paul Trani, joined us for this episode of the Movidiam Creative Leaders Podcast. We discuss how design tools are changing the creative workforce, Adobe's digital transformation, and the importance of feedback. We also discuss how all of these factors are leading to people being able to create "more, faster."


Emma Rhys - Lotus & Scarab: You Have to Think Smarter

On today's Movidiam Leaders Podcast, we welcome Emma Rhys, Integrated Operations Director at The Royals, an independent creative agency based in Melbourne, and Director of Lotus & Scarab. We discuss the evolving state of production, the importance of embracing technology, and the value of open communication.


WEEKLY SUMMARY: wc. 14th May

On the Creative Leaders Weekly Summary, Nick Coronges from R/GA discusses pressures on today’s agency models, Karina Wilsher of Anomaly speaks on the demands of the ad industry in the era of agile working, and Jae Goodman of Observatory gives advice on how to pull together the best team for the job. Sign up to the Movidiam Creative Leaders Podcast to keep up to date with the latest industry trends on iTunes, Spotify, Soundcloud, and most other podcast apps!


Jae Goodman - Observatory Marketing: 'Attraction' over 'Interruption'

Jae Goodman, the CEO of Observatory Marketing, joins the Movidiam podcast. He discusses his role at the new agency and how they approach marketing, interruptive advertising, and successful ad models. Jae believes in making content and producing events that people want to engage in, instead of interrupting them with ads they don't want. He also thrives on little sleep and believes human interaction is still vital in the digital era.


Karina Wilsher - Anomaly: Engage, Add Value, and Be Useful

For this Creative Leaders Podcast, we are joined by Karina Wilsher, Partner and COO at Anomaly. We discuss the importance of corporate culture, Wilsher's unique entry into the industry, and the reasoning behind communications strategy coming before creative execution. Anomaly is an award-winning agency with seven locations around the globe.


Nick Coronges - R/GA: Creating Value Through Innovation

R/GA's Global CTO, Nick Coronges, joins us for today's podcast. He gave insight into the changing duties of agencies, shifting ideas regarding data, and creating value for clients' companies – all by focusing on innovation.


SPECIAL EPISODE: Mike McGee - Framestore: The Relationship Between Art and Science

In this interview, we get the chance to get a sneak peek behind the scenes with Framestore Co-Founder and CCO, Mike McGee. Framestore is the revolutionary BAFTA and Oscar-winning creative studio that has been creating groundbreaking work and building up an international reputation since 1986. We discussed the intersections between art and science, finding the right talent, and the future of AR/VR.


Tom Morton - R/GA: Discovery Sprints

Tom Morton sits down with us on the Movidiam podcast to discuss creative strategy, truth, rivalry, collaboration, using his Twitter as a pathway to popular culture, and more. Tom is Senior Vice President and Head of US Strategy at R/GA. He illustrates successes in the company relating to Nike and the Jordan brand. He also explains the importance of being able to collaborate with those around you.


André Laurentino - Ogilvy & Mather: The New Demands of the Creative Industry

On the Creative Leaders Podcast, we spoke with André 'Dedé' Laurentino, Global Executive Creative Director at Ogilvy & Mather for Unilever. We discussed the impact of technology on the ever-changing creative landscape, as well as the evolving role of brand guardianship.


Mikela Eskenazi - Blippar: The Future of AR

On today's episode of the Creative Leaders Podcast, George talks to Mikela Eskenazi, Chief Commercial Officer at Blippar, the UK-based tech company specialising in Augmented Reality and Computer Vision. Mikela and George do a deep-dive into the world of AR/VR and discuss the opportunities and responsibilities that this exciting new medium will pose to brands and consumers alike.


WEEKLY SUMMARY: wc. 30th April

On the Creative Leaders Weekly Summary, Steve Ackerman from Somethin’ Else discusses how brands can play to win in the battle for attention, Emily Wilcox, Head of Account Management at Johannes Leonardo gives advice to accounts looking to acquire new business, and Darren Lamb from Guts & Glory Film tells us why the independent production company is here to stay. Sign up to the Movidiam Creative Leaders Podcast to keep up to date with latest industry trends on iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud...


Darren Lamb - Guts & Glory Films: Cutting Edge in the Platform-Era

Darren Lamb, Founding Partner of Guts & Glory Films, joins the Movidiam podcast. He gives us insight into his career journey in the film production world, as well as his predictions about the future of production. He also discusses the lifespan of TVC, and the role of ad agencies in the industry.


Emily Wilcox - Johannes Leonardo: Creative Brilliance Needs Discipline

Today we spoke to Emily Wilcox, Head of Account Management at Johannes Leonardo. Emily gives us her insights into Johannes Leonardo's origin story and into the role she plays in the business. We discuss new approaches to account leadership and the interplay between creative ideas and client trust.


Steve Ackerman - Somethin' Else: Audience First

Steve Ackerman, Managing Director of Somethin' Else, sat down with us to discuss the state of the media and content industries. He goes into depth about how his business started with the pirate radio movement in the '80s, and the 'battle for attention' brands face today. Steve also talks about his philosophy on creativity and discusses how disciplines differ within the industry.


WEEKLY SUMMARY: wc. 23rd April

On the Creative Leaders Weekly Summary, TNW's Patrick de Laive debates the impact of the use of video in business and what to produce in-house, Sergio Lopez, Chief Production Officer of MacCann Worldgroup talks about combining in-house and external resources to create fully-fledged integrated campaigns and Mike Mikho discusses the recent Facebook hearing.


Sergio Lopez - McCann Worldgroup: Balancing Quality and Efficiency

Today on the Creative Leaders Podcast, we talk to Sergio Lopez Ferrero, Head of Integrated Production at McCann Worldgroup. He stresses the importance of finding a balance between quality and efficiency when producing content, as well as the ways that brands and agencies build relationships with one another.


Patrick de Laive - The Next Web: Connecting with Your Users

Patrick de Laive, Founder of The Next Web, joins the Movidiam podcast to discuss 'Generation T', TNW's ticketing platform and changes in the video space. He tells us about how TNW started out, where he sees it going, and why he thinks they have "the most fun business conference".


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