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Tina Fegent - Procurement Consultant

It's a whole industry, which is absolutely fantastic to see, very much the UK, Europe, Asia is a big market. US is a massive market. I mean...(there were)...different opportunities obviously in procurement is very much about scale and very much about pushing the boat, trying to be more strategic. I'm really getting involved with our key stakeholders across all the marketing categories of which there (are) many. We were responsible for 16 or 17 categories - advertising,...


Tom Buday - Head of Marketing and Consumer Communication at Nestle

Sure. We're a large food and beverage company, in fact, the largest in the world. Worldwide revenue's pretty close to 100 billion Swiss francs. Operating all over the world in 190 plus markets, and in many product categories. From pets food, to coffee, to confectionary, to Health Science. So that's a bit about us. We've been around as a company for 153 years now. Yeah, that's Nestle in a nutshell.


Xanthe Wells - Senior Director & Global ECD, Devices & Services at Google

GO: Hello and welcome to the Movidiam Creative Leaders Podcast. Today, I'm delighted to welcome Xanthe Wells, who is the Senior Director, Global ECD Devices and Services at Google. XW: Thank you. Nice to be here. GO: What was your personal journey, Xanthe, to Google? You've been at TBWA\Chiat\Day and in the agency space as well. What first got you going and inspired? How did you discover there was an opportunity for you in your career in the creative space?


Aaron Kovan - Chief Production Officer Vayner Media

Talking IGTV and much more... We were delighted to host VaynerMedia CPO, Arron Kovan, who provided a fascinating insight into to how our industry is changing, what the future might look like, and the unique way in which their company operates.


21st Century Brand: Neil Barrie - Uncharted Territory and Building the Most Influential Brand of Our Time

We were very excited to speak to Co-Founder and Managing Partner of 21st Century Brand, Neil Barrie, about his career trajectory from rockstar to industry authority and the four pillars on which brands should build to achieve influence and scale in the twenty-first century.


Burger King CMO - Fernando Machado talks to George Olver on Movidiam Creative Leaders

It was with great pleasure that we welcomed Fernando Machado, CMO of Burger King, to the Movidiam podcast. Burger King has been showered in Client of the Year awards and, in this episode, Fernando reveals to us the secret to their huge success and the remarkable ethos and culture with which they drive their brand. Taking risks and backing your agencies as partners - 'we are in the same boat'.


Adobe - Scott Belsky Chief Product Officer and Executive Vice President, Creative Cloud

We were very excited to welcome Chief Product Officer at Adobe, author of The Messy Middle and entrepreneur, Scott Belsky, onto the Movidiam Creative Leaders podcast. He describes to use the responsibility tools like Adobe and Behance have in the changing world of advertising and marketing; perhaps responsible for the increased advertising across social media platforms, which Belsky sees as medium in and of themselves rather than delivery channels, we discuss how these creative tools adapt...


Global Marketing Consultant : Steve Lesnard - Predicting the Evolution of the Brand Landscape

I had an incredible experience over 20 years at Nike and I got to do a lot of different experiences. I started in sports marketing signing athletes for the Nagano Olympics and serving athletes, which gave me a true understanding of the consumer Nike was trying to serve, which was elite athletes. I then went into product, to develop products for elite and everyday athletes, which was a great experience around how you bring a concept into a physical product that a consumer will use.


Grey Group: Michael Houston - Creativity as putting things together that haven't been put together before

Michael Houston, Worldwide CEO of Grey Group. He shares with us the trajectory of his formidable career, the values that Grey operates under, his insights for the future.


Sir John Hegarty - George Olver, AI produces Average.

Sir John Hegarty, creative founder of global advertising agency BBH, is the latest guest on Movidiam Creative Leaders Podcast. He debates with us about what he sees as industry misconceptions - the importance of data, the failings of incorporated agencies, the potential threat of AI - and reveals his predictions for the future at the launch of his new venture, The Garage.


Karmarama: Ben Bilboul - Is management consultancy the missing ingredient?

Karmarama's Ben Bilboul is excited to talk to Movidiam Creative Leader's Podcast about the changes management consultancy and accountancy firms are making to the world of advertising. He provides insights about his firm's relationship with Accenture Interactive and what it might say for the future of our industry in general.


Xero: Gary Turner - collaboration and innovation

Gary Turner, the co-founder and managing director of 'Beautiful Business Software' provider, Xero UK. He speaks to us about the importance of quality of delivery and how to gain customers' trust when starting a new business: 'there's nowhere for bad businesses to hide anymore'.


Reeves Jones: Anthony Reeves - towards innovation and consistency

Our guest on the Movidiam Podcast today is marketing consultant Anthony Reeves. Having recently left Amazon, Anthony is now Managing Director of his own consultant, Reeves Jones. In this episode, he discusses his interest in innovation and efficiency to grow business, how there is still a need for video production for good branded content and how using AI can aid agencies to move towards new brief structures.


Dropbox: Collin Whitehead - Co-Creation and collaboration within creative teams

Collin Whitehead, the Head of Brand at Dropbox. Colin talks about how the challenges in content creation that creatives are facing now are also very exciting and should encourage teams to be more agile, explorative and focused on their specific craft.


BBC Creative: Tim Jones & James Cross - Pulling for the same purpose

The Movidiam Creative Leaders' podcast visits Tim Jones and James Cross of BBC Creative to hear about the challenges and advantages facing in-house creatives at the headquarters of national broadcasting.


GLOW Media: Howie Kleinberg & Pete Levin - the current climate of digital innovation

On Today's Movidiam Podcast we spoke to GLOW Media's COO and CEO Howie Kleinberg and Pete Levin. They share with us the creative structure from the point of view of a technologically powered creative agency such as GLOW and how their client longevity is just as important to them as longevity of their internal team.


MediaMonks: Wesley ter Haar - data driven creativity

Wesley explains their core focus on understanding how well crafted work influences consumers' opinions on products. He also discusses the importance of craft and control as a shared ambition for integrated teams when initialising data driven creativity.


ASICS: Robin Karakash - Integration and connection in the digital age

Robin Karakash, Director of Integrated Marketing at ASICS. Robin discusses the importance and relevance of integration in order to create great and memorable experience for your customers. He also explains the demand for consumer-centric strategy in the evolving digital age.


BBH Group: Pelle Sjoenell - the agency model of the future

Our guest today on the Movidiam Podcast is Pelle Sjoenell, the Worldwide Chief Creative Officer at BBH Group. Pelle talks to us about the need to adapt to the evolving audience, how agencies should embrace change and be adaptive in order to be successful and the idea of selling entertainment to brands.


Buzzfeed: Antonia Bonello - the evolving hybrid-creative

The Movidiam Creative Leaders' Podcast welcomes Antonia Bonello, Associate Creative Director at Buzzfeed. Antonia talks about her journey to Buzzfeed, starting as a post-production runner, the process of appealing to a younger, and slightly niche audiences and the challenge of maintaining your audience's attention.