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Alex Williams, founder of The New Stack, hosts "The New Stack Analysts," a weekly round-table discussion covering The New Stack's latest data research, and topics related to app development and back-end services. Visit The New Stack on YouTube:

Alex Williams, founder of The New Stack, hosts "The New Stack Analysts," a weekly round-table discussion covering The New Stack's latest data research, and topics related to app development and back-end services. Visit The New Stack on YouTube:
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Alex Williams, founder of The New Stack, hosts "The New Stack Analysts," a weekly round-table discussion covering The New Stack's latest data research, and topics related to app development and back-end services. Visit The New Stack on YouTube:






#167: The Widening Gap Between Serverless and Kubernetes

The divide continues to grow between people developing serverless technologies and those in DevOps roles building, deploying, and managing Kubernetes. "Questions about serverless approaches and Kubernetes don't really come up with developers," said Timirah James, a developer advocate with Cloudinary on today’s episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast. James joined TNS founder Alex Williams and Analyst/Co-Host Klint Finley, contributor at WIRED, to discuss how organizations and developers...


#166: Anne Currie of Container Solutions Talks Ethics

Anne Currie Chief Strategist, Container Solutions, has been thinking about some of the deeper questions the software industry poses. These questions aren't just about interconnected systems, and the repercussions of everyone having access to the Internet. Rather, they're about the moral and ethical obligations faced by software developers. Are developers responsible for the things done with their software? In a recent StackOverflow survey, most developers said "No." "My job is to go out...


#165: Discussing Blockchain with Wired, Hyperledger, and IBM

Blockchain has finally gotten over the Wall Street hump. Now that BitCoin and Ethereum are essentially old news, the actual technology behind these commodities is beginning to trickle into real world enterprise applications. Blockchain, it seems, has many useful use cases out there in the business world, and with the help of the Linux Foundation and IBM, enterprises can now take advantage of the open source Hyperledger implementation of blockchain technology. On today's episode of The New...


#154: How Do Values Affect Software Companies?

In this end-of-the-year discussion about missions, values and goals, Alex Williams, TNS Founder was joined by Ashley Williams, Services and Ops Engineer at npm, Inc. who has been active in the Node.js and Rust communities, Charity Majors, CEO of Honeycomb, a company that provides “observability for a distributed world,” and TC Currie, TNS San Francisco Correspondent. Topics include hacker culture, preferred perks, what gets lost when pushing employees, what is gained and more.


#152: Kubecon 2017 Pancake Podcast: All About The Service Mesh

Last week, at the Cloud Native Computing Foundation’s Kubecon 2017, much of the buzz seemed to be around service meshes, with everyone curious as to why they needed one now that they've installed the Kubernetes open source container orchestration engine. The topic brought a SRO audience to our pancake podcast panel discussion on the topic at the event, which we captured for your listening please on this latest episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast. The event proved to be a popular one,...


#146: What Has Happened to REST In a World of Containers and Data Streaming?

In this episode of The New Stack Analysts, we talk with Tyler Jewell, the new CEO at WSO2 and Kin Lane, the API evangelist who talk about the need for a new thinking of middleware, event-based architectures and the need to rethink the dogma of REST. Is the structure and binding of REST sufficient in a time when data is by its nature unstructured and unbound?


#145: Serverlessconf NYC to Address DevOps in a Serverless World

It promises to be the serverless community’s largest get-together to date: Next October 8 in New York City, for three days, Serverlessconf promises to bring hundreds of cloud-native applications developers together, for in-depth discussions about how the newest concepts in serverless will mesh with the existing developer culture — which is already in flux for other reasons. “Initially, there was this discussion that maybe serverless is ‘No-ops.’ And it turned out to not be true at all,”...


#144: Open Source Summit LA Pancake Breakfast - Is Hardware The Next Innovation Layer?

To kick off Open Source Summit 2017, taking place in Los Angeles this week, The New Stack held a special pancake and podcast panel discussion to discuss the intersections of all things hardware and open source. For the event, the panel was comprised of Chris Wright, VP & Chief Technologist, Office of Technology at RedHat, Aaron Welch, SVP of Product at Packet, Ashley McNamara, Principal Developer Advocate at Microsoft, Nithya Ruff, Senior Director of Open Source Practice at Comcast &...


#143: The Flip Side of Kubernetes

The “eco-” part of the term “ecosystem” has the same root as both “ecology” and “economy.” It’s hard to build anything that’s designed to be economically self-sustaining, around a core product that’s essentially free. You’ve heard Apcera CEO Derek Collison sound such warnings before. As readers of The New Stack will recall, Apcera produces a premium container management platform that lets customers deploy applications across clouds. In an InfoWorld interview published last month, Collison...


#142: The Intersection of Security with Containerization

Now that containerization and orchestration platforms have upset the proverbial apple cart with respect to traditional concepts such as endpoint security, what are the points in the modern network that get security treatment, and who’s responsible for them? “The folks that are doing SRE at scale are a couple of really hyperscale companies,” said Fintan Ryan, an industry analyst at RedMonk, speaking with Alex Williams for the latest edition of The New Stack Analysts. Independent industry...


#141: Assessing The State Of Serverless Security

In this episode of The New Stack Analysts, TNS Technical Editor Ben Ball spoke to Mark Boyd, Writer and Analyst at Platformable, Guy Podjarny, CEO of Snyk, and Paul Johnston, Founder of Roundabout Labs, about the state of severless security. In our discussion at ServerlessConf Austin, we talked about both the tools used to secure serverless environments, and the methodologies used to provide inherent, consistently secure approaches. We talked about how serverless moves the security concern...


#140: Cloud Foundry Summit Pancake Podcast - Communications in the Cloud-native Era

Stackie, the New Stack's traveling pancake robot, ventured to Santa Clara California this week to host a pancake breakfast and podcast recording for the Cloud Foundry Summit Silicon Valley 2017. As steampunk hacker Dr. Torq tended to the fussy 3D pancake maker, TNS founder Alex Williams hosted a lively panel discussion about the evolution of Cloud Foundry, the Open Service Broker API, and Kubo, which is a new open source project being developed by Pivotal and Google that uses Google Bosh...


#139 Power Panel: Where is Kubernetes Going Now?

Where will Kubernetes eventually fit in the emerging picture of the distributed applications stack? Is it the virtual infrastructure provider for developers’ work environments? And if that’s the case, doesn’t that work against its chances to penetrate more production environments? Or is it the physical infrastructure manager that OpenStack may never have become for many users? These are questions that The New Stack’s Alex Williams and Scott Fulton put to three of the most respected names...


#137: PagerDuty's Platform Tells A Developer Story

On today’s episode of The New Stack Analysts, Redmonk Principal Analyst & co-founder Stephen O'Grady and PagerDuty Director of Platform Strategy David Hayes joins me to discuss PagerDuty's digital operations management platform strategy, its emphasis on developer ecosystems, and how the company is adapting to the new intersection of infrastructure and app-centric approaches.


#136: A New Developer Conference Explores Intersection of Infrastructure and Application Technology

On this episode of The New Stack Analysts, we sat down with Ken Owens, Cisco CTO Cloud Platforms and Services Group, Susie Wee, Cisco VP and CTO of DevNet Innovations & Networked Experiences, and our guest analyst for this recording, Krishnan Subramanian, Rishidot Research CEO and Chief Research Advisor. The topic of discussion was the Cisco DevNet Create conference and the focus on the intersection of infrastructure and application technologies. Cisco offers a detailed description of the...


#134: Platforms, Containers and the Semantics of PaaS

PaaS, CaaS, container management, cloud platform, what do you call that technology you’re using? In this episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast, Larry Carvalho, research manager and lead analyst for Platform as a Service at IDC, explains why the term PaaS is actually passè. Instead of talking about platforms as a service, Larry uses the term “cloud application platform. ” This cloud platform provides compute abilities, developer services, as well as back-end services. At its core, it...


#133: A Preview of OSCON 2017

In this episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast, we talked to conference co-chairs of OSCON, the open source convention being held in Austin on May 8-11. Interview participants were: Rachel Roumeliotis, Strategic Content Director, O’Reilly Media, Inc. Scott Hanselman, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft. Kelsey Hightower, Google developer advocate. A few highlights from the conversation include: There will be a lot of discussion about collaboration and community. Topics will cover...


#132: CloudNativeCon & KubeCon EU Pancake Breakfast 2017: Kubernetes and the Multi-Cloud

Can Kubernetes serve as the entry-point for the multi-cloud? This episode of The New Stack Analysts was recorded live, during our pancake breakfast panel sponsored by Wercker, at the CloudNativeCon/Kubecon conference, held in Berlin last week. Panelists Aaron Rice (Wercker), Aparna Sinha (Google), Fintan Ryan (RedMonk) and Kris Nova (Deis) discuss the intricacies of setting up multi-cloud operations, the benefits of Kubernetes, and equipping your continuous integration and deployment...


#131: Analyzing the Morphing Monitoring Market: APM, Logs, Pricing and Analytics

On this episode of TNS Analysts, Nancy Gohring of 451 Research joined TNS Analyst Lawrence Hecht to talk about the differences between monitoring and IT operations analytics. Just defining the market is complicated, so Nancy provided some explanation. In many ways, she sees many similarities between APM (application performance monitoring) and what is going on in server and infrastructure monitoring. However, she sees more differentiation when it comes to providers dealing with log...


#130: Why GoDaddy Built a Container-as-a-Service Platform

In this episode of The New Stack Analysts podcast, we focused on GoDaddy’s journey toward developing a containers-as-a-service (CaaS) platform. Heading the discussion was Shaheeda Nizar, senior director of engineering at GoDaddy, joined by Micah Rupersburg, GoDaddy CaaS engineering leader. Donnie Berkholz, director for 451 Research, joined TNS founder Alex Williams in the interview. Throughout the conversation, Nizar and Rupersburg explained that as GoDaddy developers saw the advantages of...