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Episode #32: Josh Strebel on Pagely and NorthStack

In this first episode of 2019, I talk with Josh Strebel from Pagely about his new project, NorthStack. Whereas Pagely was the very first "Managed WordPress" service, NorthStack is best described as a "Managed AWS" service. I talk with Josh about NorthStack and what it tells us about the future of WordPress. I apologize for my audio on this epsiode. I'm a little embarrased at the quality - I should have tested my new microphone more carefully.


Episode #31: Daniel Bachhuber on a Career in WordPress

Daniel has played a key role in Gutenberg, the WP REST API, the WP-CLI project, Co-Authors Plus, Edit Flow, Jetpack, Post Meta Inspector, Publishing Checklist, Rewrite Rules and the list goes on and on. In this episode, Daniel explains how he accidentally stumbled into such a key role in the WordPress world. We spend time talking about how Daniel balances all these duties, including how he moves on when his time is up in a role.


Episode #30: Andy McIlwain on Growing the GoDaddy Blog, plus Gutenberg

Andy McIlwain is in charge of the WordPress area at The GoDaddy Garage - the official blog for one of the world's biggest hosting companies. Andy explains the tools and strategies he uses to keep such a popular blog running. He also talks how how GoDaddy plans to deal with the rollout of Gutenberg.


Episode #29: Dusty Davidson on Growing Flywheel on the Silicon Prairie

Dusty Davidson is the co-founder and CEO of Flywheel. Flywheel is a fast-growing WordPress hosting company, Yes, they're in a crowded market, but Flywheel stands out in at least two key ways. First, they're based in Omaha, Nebraska. Second, Flywheel has a unique, colorful and whimsical culture.


Episode #28: Dwayne McDaniel on Karaoke, Vegan Food, and Bringing People Together

Dwayne is a developer evangelist for Pantheon. He's also into improv comedy, karaoke, vegan food, crochet and most importantly ... doing all those things with other people. Dwayne's passion in life is collaborating with people. Follow Dwayne on Twitter at This week's sponsor is PublishPress offers professional publishing tools for WordPress, including an editorial calendar, pre-publishing checklists, and collaboration tools.


Episode #27: Alex Kuczek, From Poland to Silicon Valley

5 years ago, Alex opened a web design agency in Poland. This summer, Perfect Dashboard, his SaaS company, was accepted to Berkeley SkyDeck, one of the most presitigious start-up accelerators in the world. How did Alex travel so far so fast?


Episode #26: Jason Cohen, WPEngine and Enterprise WordPress

Jason is the founder and CTO of WPEngine. Jason and his team recently celebrated WPEngine's inclusion on the Gartner Magic Quadrant for the first time. If you don't know what Magic Quadrants are, this is the episode for you! If you do know about Magic Quadrants, you'll still learn a lot! Jason explains why WPEngine deserves to be listed alongside Adobe and Oracle and why WordPress should be pushing into the enterprise world.


Episode #25: Beka Rice, eCommerce and the GDPR

Some people have scanned a few blog posts about the GDPR. Very few people have researched it deeply and really know what they're talking about. Beka Rice is firmly in the latter group. She works for SkyVerge, who develop WooCommerce and Shopify plugins, plus Jilt, which helps stores to recover abandoned carts. I spoke with Beka on the day that the GDPR law launched.


Episode #24: Jerry Eadeh, the Past and Future of Magento

When we scheduled this podcast, I planned to talk about the history of Magento. Jerry works for Nexcess, a hosting company that is famous for their Magento services. They've been there since Day 1. When the original Magento team were getting started, they needed hosting help with their first clients ... they called Nexcess. But, just 2 days before this podcast, the news broke that Adobe was purchasing Magento. The Magento community was in shock. In this episode, we try and digest the Adobe...


Episode #23: Jen Kramer, Harvard, and Bootstrap 4

Jen Kramer describes herself as a "Web Design Teacher" but that barely scratches the surface of what she does. She is a speaker, a teacher, a writer, a video trainer, and much more besides. In this episode, I talk with Jen about teaching web design at Harvard and her upcoming videos for OSTraining. Jen is creating a video series and book all about Bootstrap 4.


Episode #22: Andrew Embler and Concrete5

Andrew is the founder and CTO of Concrete5, an open source CMS that's comparable to WordPress, Drupal, Joomla and others. Concrete5 has been around for over a decade and has introduced some innovations that other projects still haven't managed to equal. For example, for a long time now, Concrete5 users have been able to click on any part of the site to edit items, right there on the page. I talk with Andrew about what it's like to run a large project for many years. He describes the...


Episode #21: Zac Gordon and the React Explained Book

If you spend any time in the WordPress world, you've probably come across Zac Gordon. Zac is an enthusiastic and charming teacher who focuses on Javascript in WordPress. He borrowed the phrase "Learn Javascript Deeply" from Matt Mullenweg and he made it into his personal slogan. For the last several years, Zac has produced video classes, online conferences, live talks, and podcasts that focus on teaching you how to use Javascript in WordPress. I'm delighted to say we're working with Zac on a...


Episode #20: Rod Martin and Marketing Automation

Rod Martin has just published a new video class at OSTraining. This class is all about using Mautic, the open source platform for marketing automation: In a world where marketing automation tools often cost over $1,000 per month even to get started, why not look at open source alternatives? In this podcast, Rod introduces you to Mautic, and why you should consider adding it to your toolkit. Follow Rod on Twitter at and...


Episode #19: Patrick Rauland and WooCommerce

Patrick Rauland has just published the "WooCommerce Explained" book with us. You could say that he's a WooCommerce fan. He's used it as a customer, worked for WooCommerce support, developed core functionality, and led three releases as the official Product Manager for WooCommerce. Patrick now helps plan their yearly conference, WooConf. Follow him on Twitter at or via his website


Episode #18: Nick Croft and the Genesis Framework

Nick Croft has just published the "Genesis Explained" book which is a developers guide to the most popular theme framework in WordPress. Nick worked as a full-time support person for Genesis, before moving on to work as a developer on the framework. He later became a SaaS architect for the Rainmaker Platform, built on Genesis. Even before he literally wrote the book, he wrote the figurative book on Genesis. Nick is also a core contributor to Genesis and has multiple, popular Genesis plugins....


Episode #17: Pippin Williamson and a Lifetime Company

Pippin Williamson runs one of the most successful businesses in the WordPress world. But instead of looking to sell, he's buying a park. And opening a brewery. And looking to build a company that will last a lifetime. If you want to hear about Pippin's story, check out this interview: If you want to hear about his life outside of business, this is the podcast for you. My apologies for the audio on this episode - Pippin lives out in the countryside and the internet was...


Episode #16: Liz Mays and Pressbooks

Sometimes I invite people on the podcast because we've been friends for years. Other times, I invite people because we love their products. Pressbooks falls squarely into the second category. At the beginning of 2017, I'd never heard of Pressbooks. We now use them to write, edit and publish ALL our books. Pressbooks is a WordPress-based platform that actually makes book publishing fun. Find out more at


Episode #15: Rod Martin, How to Create Online Video Tutorials

Rod is responsible for many of the most popular videos in OSTraining history, including the Drupal 8 class that has around 2 million views. In this episode, I grill Rod for the techniques, tools and tips he uses to create great video tutorials. Follow Rod on Twitter at @imrodmartin and on his site at


Episode #14: Mike Anello: Everything You Need to Know About Drupal 8

Consider this episode to be the busy person's guide to Drupal 8. If you haven't had time to keep up with what's new in the Drupal world, Mike is here to help you catch up. No-one in the Drupal world is better connected than Mike, who has been in the community for over a decade. Mike is a trainer, developer, volunteer, camp organizer, podcaster. He's seen and done it all in Drupal. Follow Mike on Twitter at @ultimike and via his site at


Episode #13: Ray Bogman, Everything You Need to Know About Magento

Magento is one of the 2 most popular e-commerce platforms in the world. In this episode, we talk with Ray Bogman, who's been working with Magento for 10 years. If you're new to Magento, this episode is a perfect introduction. We talk about the history, current state, and future of Magento. Ray also explains why 2017 is such a great time to be in e-commerce. Follow Ray on Twitter at In case you missed it, we have now have Magento video training and a Magento...