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Nozomi Networks security experts discuss topics that are important to the OT and IoT security community. This includes current cybersecurity threat intelligence, trends, news, and challenges. If you work in security or operations, or if you are a researcher, you’ll find episodes of interest.

Nozomi Networks security experts discuss topics that are important to the OT and IoT security community. This includes current cybersecurity threat intelligence, trends, news, and challenges. If you work in security or operations, or if you are a researcher, you’ll find episodes of interest.


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Nozomi Networks security experts discuss topics that are important to the OT and IoT security community. This includes current cybersecurity threat intelligence, trends, news, and challenges. If you work in security or operations, or if you are a researcher, you’ll find episodes of interest.




A Day in the Life of an OT Responder

Response time refers to the amount of time that takes place between when we perceive something to when we respond to it. It is the ability to detect, process, and respond to a situation. In this case, we look at what a typical day an Operational Technology (OT) responder must endure and why this role is crucial within critical infrastructure and industrial control networks.


Cyber and Operational Resilience for Smart Factories

Find out how increased cyber risk, threat of downtime, legacy equipment and IoT proliferation are contributing to the resilience challenge.


OT Network Security Challenges in Enterprise Environments

Learn how the Ukraine Russia conflict has enlivened nation sponsored and cyber terrorism events and what defines their motivation.


Monitoring & Protecting Assets in Critical Infrastructure

Join our esteemed panel of experts who cover ways to advance cyber security strategies for critical infrastructure by monitoring and protecting your assets.


In a World of Unsecure IoT - Is Privacy Dead?

Will the rapidly expanding use of IoT devices, advent of smart cities and creation of an uber-connected world hasten the demise of privacy? In such a world, just how important is privacy, data security and protecting our IoT infrastructure? Learn about the complex issues of privacy and privilege in this episode.


Understanding the Risks to Operational Technology (OT)

Operational technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) have traditionally been managed separately. With the emergence of Internet of Things (IoT) and the changing threat and risk landscape, industrial, manufacturing and critical infrastructure companies are bringing together their OT, IT and IoT networks to achieve a combined cyber and risk plan to prevent future cyberattacks. The incoming Critical Infrastructure Bill is aimed at driving action in this direction and organizations must...


Defending Smart Cities from Cyber Threats

Join us as we embark upon a journey to secure our digital cities, including foundational technologies as CCTV’s. CCTV’s are used in local government, utilities, transportation systems, healthcare… the list goes on.


Threat Actors Never Sleep – And They’re Creating Nightmares For the Security Community

PrintNightmare and the Kaseya ransomware attack are two recent cyber incidents making waves in the news about the escalating threat environment. Nozomi Networks Labs security researcher Ivan Speziale shares his insights into what went wrong in these attacks, and what can be done to mitigate their impact.


How to Build an Effective OT/IoT Cybersecurity Risk & Compliance Program

U.S. regulators are looking into how business operators maintain effective cybersecurity. The incoming Security of Critical Infrastructure legislative amendments will no doubt lead to an increased security compliance regime for any country. Companies everywhere should proactively develop a robust cybersecurity compliance program – not because of legislation but because it’s good security hygiene and practice. How can you prepare for that now? Join with us as we explore:


The Verkada IoT Security Camera Attack – How Did Hackers Get In?

IoT security camera provider Verkada was the target of a recent attack. Hackers gained access to the live video feeds of 150,000 surveillance cameras used by their customers. The attack showed the risks involved in leveraging IoT devices within business operations. In this short episode, find out what happened during the recent security breach, and what common practices can open the door to attacks like this.


Improving Transportation System Operational Visibility and Security

The number of devices used in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITSs) is exploding. Unfortunately, this high level of connectivity and network complexity has created an expanded attack surface with many vulnerabilities. Join us to learn about security challenges faced by metro systems, maritime transportation and logistics, and how to gain deeper operational visibility, prevent downtime and detect cyber threats.


Insights on the Top OT/IoT Security Threats – How to Protect Your Operations

To help you address accelerating OT/IoT security issues, the Nozomi Networks Labs team shares their new research findings on the top threats targeting critical infrastructure and industrial operations. Join us for a discussion on the current OT/IoT threat landscape, supply chain threats to OT and IoT environments, ransomware risks, and how to protect your critical OT/IoT networks.


Dissecting the Security Implications of the Australian Critical Infrastructure Act

What makes the Australian Critical Infrastructure Act one of the most important pieces of security legislation to come out in the last decade? Join Bill Hagestad II, Jonathan Rusch, Brian Hay and Nozomi Networks’ Diego Betancur for a discussion about the Act's impact upon the Australian industrial landscape. This episode explores the motivations behind targeting critical infrastructure, and covers the fundamental steps toward cybersecurity resilience.


From Oil Rig to Boardroom – Drilling Into the Importance of Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity in the oil & gas industry has become a boardroom issue, as high-profile attacks and targeted threats like TRITON raise awareness about risks to energy sector safety and productivity. Learn how real-world energy leaders manage cyber risks, minimize disruptions and ensure safety. Special guest Jim Guinn, Global Managing Director with Accenture Security, joins the discussion to share his experiences that span time on the rig to board-level cybersecurity planning. Here are links...


Serious Workplace Accidents and Their Connection to Cybersecurity

An increase in cyberthreats across IT, OT and IoT networks, combined with new labor safety laws designed to hold executive leadership or executive leadership teams accountable, is raising the stakes for corporations, boards and senior executives. In this episode, learn about corporate cyber risk and workplace safety laws from experts in cyber espionage and workplace and risk management. Find out what you can do to strengthen your security posture.


Rich Armour - Where the Rubber Hits the Road: How Digital Transformation is Creating Connected and Protected Cars

Former General Motors CISO Rich Armour reflects on how digital transformation and cybersecurity are driving the next generation of smart, connected and protected vehicles. General Motors’ 1977 Oldsmobile Toronado was the first production car to incorporate embedded software. Today, automotive manufacturing is one of the most widely automated industries in the world. Learn more about how smart devices are used for everything from in-vehicle diagnostics to autonomous control. To learn more...


Ngoc Phan – Managing Business During Times of Turmoil

Businesses have faced extremely difficult times during the COVID-19 pandemic. Hear what Nozomi Networks Vice President of Finance Ngoc Phan is doing to address the uncertainty and volatility, and how he’s helped the company pull together to launch a new SaaS solution (Vantage), and find new ways to support customers, employees, and partners. To learn more about Ngoc, visit:


P2P Botnets: Following the Network Trail

To increase botnet resiliency, threat actors are now using a P2P hybrid network topology that allows the botnet to survive a takedown of nodes with specialized roles, and reorganize itself accordingly. Though it can be challenging to disrupt the malicious activities of P2P botnets, you can follow proven strategies when a specific network has been affected. Listen to the podcast learn what can be done. Here are links to the security resources mentioned during the session: Overcoming the...


Stephen Driggers – How the Customer Experience Leads to a Better OT Security Solution

Learn why Stephen, Nozomi Networks’ Chief Revenue Officer, believes in creating an amazing customer experience at every touch point. He shares how listening closely to customer feedback and responding quickly to their requests leads to a much better OT/IoT security solution. To learn more about Stephen, visit:


Fireside Chat: Accelerating Digital Transformation Drives Innovation in Industrial Cybersecurity

In this episode, learn how digital transformation has been fuelled by a global pandemic that forced many of us to work from home. Security visionaries from Schneider Electric and Nozomi Networks discuss the latest trends in industrial cybersecurity that have developed from the need for secure remote access, and cover a use case for an innovative security solution. Here are links to the security resources mentioned during the session: Schneider Electric ExchangeNozomi Networks Delivers OT &...