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140: Raising the bar

Our hopes and wishes for Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference next month. Discussing bezel-less iPads, convergence of iOS and macOS, and products Apple should not be selling anymore. Feel free to follow us on twitter: @MSliwinski and @radexp Subscribe to our YouTube channel Links from the episode: Last productivity episode 139: First tasks firstThe Podcast 79: Inevitable transitionWWDCNozbeSoulverEvernoteSlackLeuchtturm Apple Pencil Loop for iPadMagic Mouse 2 - Space GrayMagic...


139: First tasks first

Radek explains his best system yet for planning the day and week to squeeze as much deep work as possible. First tasks first, then the frog, radio silence until 10am, plan the next day early, manage energy levels, and keep a stash of backup tasks. Easy! Feel free to follow us on twitter: @MSliwinski and @radexp Subscribe to our YouTube channel Links from the episode: Nozbe - todo tool of our choice ;)The Podcast 18: Meetings don't have to be toxicThe Podcast 46: Deep WorkThe Podcast...


138: Leap of faith

A meandering discusson on advantages of semi-nomadic lifestyle, the brokenness of companies, changing paradigms, always taking the blame, and being immunized by experience. Feel free to follow us on twitter: @MSliwinski and @radexp Subscribe to our YouTube channel Links from the episode: Steve Jobs demo failThe Podcast 97: SchoolingThe Podcast 98: Stop Stealing DreamsTGIF - My team's attempt at working less, but betterAutomatticBuffer


137: Nomadic lifestyle

Watch on YouTube! Radek explains what it takes to be a digital nomad — how to travel often, with little preparation, overhead, or stress, all while still doing your job. We discuss: how to pack for a week in a backpack, how to pack extremely fast, how to keep your good habits during the trip, and how to be productive while traveling. WWDCNozbe 3.7 - The Best Nozbe Yet!The Podcast 136: Traveling with appsRemagThe Podcast 108: iPad ConsultationsThe Podcast 109: Workflow to the...


136: Traveling with apps

Listen on YouTube Using technology to make traveling easier. How to keep track of who owes whom how much, saving money on currency exchanges, running through the airport more quickly, keeping track of expenses, managing preparation for a trip, and sharing all the files, calendars, maps… and more. Last week episode - 135: Swiss army appsMujio wallet caseApps and services mentioned in this episode: SplitwiseRevolutScanbotRyanair app for iOSRyanair app for AndroidAirbnb for iOSAirbnb for...


135: Swiss army apps

Listen on YouTube Discussing iOS apps, and how to use them powerfully. A follow-up on note-taking, document scanning, and maintaining a Magic Spreadhseet on iPhone and iPad. Also, why it’s totally normal, even for a minimalist, to have multiple note-taking apps (or to-do apps for that matter). 34: Wake up and smell the coffee36: Weekly rhythm therapy71: Friction Management72: Accept your weakness57: Discomfort routine109: Workflow to the rescue85: Magic Spreadsheet111: Death to...


134: Nozbe for you

Listen on YouTube How Michael and Radek organize their lives (side projects, hobbies, chores, errands) outside of work using Nozbe. Feel free to follow us on twitter: @MSliwinski and @radexp NozbeGTD - Getting Things DoneChad GarrettEat That Frog! by Brian TracyaudibleThe Podcast 127: Burst Projects vs Keystone HabitsRadek’s template: International Travel Checklistnozbe.HOWArtemis by Andy Weiraudible


133: Better Than Before

Listen on YouTube Cultivating good habits and overcoming bad ones — discussing the most interesting habit formation strategies and brain hacks from Better than Before by Gretchen Rubin. Better Than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking HabitsaudibleRadek’s notes for Better Than BeforeThe Four TendenciesaudibleThe Happiness ProjectaudibleProductive! Magazine #11 with Gretchen RubinThe Podcast 85: Magic SpreadsheetThe Podcast 14: Way too many iPadsThe Podcast 82: Planning...


132: Reusable Rocketry

Watch on YouTube On the day of Falcon Heavy's maiden launch (currently the most powerful rocket in the world), we discuss what makes SpaceX great. SpaceX makes the cheapest and most powerful rockets in the world, and they're reusable. How come they succeeded, and NASA's Space Shuttle (also supposed to be cheap and reusable) failed? There are lessons you can take from SpaceX's success and apply them to companies in other industries. Feel free to follow us on twitter: @MSliwinski and...


131: Singular Focus of 2018

Annual Review series, part 5 (and last!). Learning from previous years and quarterly reviews, and applying lessons of Burst Projects, Values, and Letting go to design the best year ever. Making fewer goals, and putting them sequentially, not in parallel, to bring margin into our busy lives. Pro Tip: Use the Annual Review Template to kick off your yearly plan Feel free to follow us on twitter: @MSliwinski and @radexp The Podcast 127: Burst Projects vs Keystone HabitsThe Podcast 128:...


130: 2017 Highlights

Annual Review series, part 4. We're taking a look back at last year, to consider all that was good, bad, ugly, or just unexpected, and learn from it. 30: More research required60: TGIF70: People want to work73: Quarterly Offsite82: Planning 201785: Magic Spreadsheet105: Twitter detox106: Combined Twitter&Instagram Moment121: Scanning & Planning119: The Polyglots120: Spanglish125: No speed limit127: Burst Projects vs Keystone Habits128: Values129: Letting goiPadOnly episodes: 14: Way too...


129: Letting go

Listen on YouTube Annual Review series, part 3. Each year, start anew. Your past projects, goals, habits don’t matter… unless you decide that they really do. Don’t automatically move last year’s failed goals to this year. And don’t hold yourself to the highest standard you’ve ever achieved. The Podcast episodes mentioned in the episode: The Podcast 127: Burst Projects vs Keystone HabitsThe Podcast 128: ValuesThe Podcast 32: How to get fatThe Podcast 97: SchoolingThe Podcast 82:...


128: Values

Listen on YouTube Annual Review series, part 2. Last week we discussed how to structure goals. Today, we discuss how to select your goals in the first place. It starts with deep self-knowledge. Truly understanding the things about you, what motivates you, what excites you, what makes you tick, and also what you dislike and despise. Not the things that everyone will nod their head at, but the things particular to you. When you write down what you really are like, it suddenly becomes...


127: Burst Projects vs Keystone Habits

Listen on YouTube Annual Review series, part 1. Sometimes you stumble upon a project that excites and engages you so much, it gives you what feels like superhuman power. We discuss how to foster the right environment for such projects to appear in your life. We also explore the subject of focus. We're much better at doing hard things sequentially than all at once. Well… most things. Some — keystone habits — only work if you do them with high consistency. And so we present a new...


126: Inbox Non-Zero

How to become less addicted to notifications and badges. The thing is: they're designed to make us react. Every time we see there's a new message, we check it out. And thus it becomes a compulsive behavior we cannot stop (we're just humans after all). We can reduce our exposure to the trigger (have less notifications), but how do we fix the root cause? Feel free to follow us on twitter: @MSliwinski and @radexpOvercast OvercastNozbeThe Podcast 105: Twitter detox


125: No speed limit

Listen on YouTube Learn a new language in the New Year! Following up on the previous two (123, 124) episodes on learning languages, we share more tips on how to learn efficiently, as well as our own progress (Radek learning Spanish, and Michael learning French) Feel free to follow us on twitter: @MSliwinski and @radexp DuolingoThe Podcast 119: The PolyglotsThe Podcast 120: SpanglishThe Podcast 30: More research required (how to make year goals)The Podcast 64: Garbage collection (about...


124: Making geeks smile

Listen on YouTube Subscribe Cool gadgets you can get for Christmas. Also: Review of 2017 in hardware, and why Radek doesn't wear an Apple Watch anymore. Feel free to follow us on twitter: @MSliwinski and @radexp Beats Solo 3 On Ear wirelessBose QuietComfort 35 (Series II)iPhone XiPad ProApple AirPodsMpow SwiftMpow Bluetooth Running HeadphonesJBL portable speakersQi chargers on AmazonBackblazeBraun Series 5 shaverBraun Series 9 shaverUGREEN Qi chargerLEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn VLego...


123: So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Listen on YouTube Just follow your passion, right? … No. Unless you’re already highly skilled at something you’re passionate about, following your passion will only drive you to be miserable. To get a great job you can feel passionate about, you must first have something rare and valuable to give. You must be so good they can’t ignore you. A much better idea: Follow your curiosity. Deep WorkaudibleSo Good They Can't Ignore YouaudibleThe Podcast 80: PeakPart 2The Podcast 103:...


122: Deep Pre-Decision

Optimizing your day for Deep Work. Or, what to do to make highly productive, deeply focused work possible (and likely). Deep WorkaudibleRadek's notesSo Good They Can't Ignore YouaudibleGetting Things DoneaudibleThe new 2 hour rule - stop procrastinating and get your scariest tasks done!The Podcast 46 — Deep WorkThe Podcast 57The Podcast 71The Podcast 86TP72TP 36The Podcast 33 — Monkey brain optimizationThe Podcast 27Next week, we discuss this book: So Good They Can't Ignore You (audible)


121: Scanning & Planning

More mobile life & iOS automation talk: Scanbotdocument safekeepingMagic SpreadsheetNotes: TP 111: Death to Paper - about notetakingTP 60: TGIFTP 70: People want to workTP 85: Magic SpreadsheetTP 108: iPad ConsultationsTP 89: Shutdown ritual - about shutdown routineNozbe.comFederico ViticciRafał SobolewskiScanbot for iOSand AndroidArqBackblazeUlyssesBearEvernoteOnenoteCGP GreyCortex podcastDuePicks: So Good They Can't Ignore Youaudible


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