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We are The Save Point Podcast. A group of nerdy friends talking nerdy things. Video games, anime, and what not. Talk to us on our socials Please subscribe, comment and review. @thesavepoint Insta save_point_podcast

We are The Save Point Podcast. A group of nerdy friends talking nerdy things. Video games, anime, and what not. Talk to us on our socials Please subscribe, comment and review. @thesavepoint Insta save_point_podcast


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We are The Save Point Podcast. A group of nerdy friends talking nerdy things. Video games, anime, and what not. Talk to us on our socials Please subscribe, comment and review. @thesavepoint Insta save_point_podcast






Episode 61: A Summer of Drought

The gang talks about what we have been up to for the summer and how we are getting ready for Broketober and end of the year Check us out at


Episode 60: Summer Game Fest 2022

Come and join us for our 60th episode. The Save Point Podcast discusses and voices their thoughts on all the announcements, world premiers and overall news from Summer Game Fest 2022. Follow us on twitch, twitter and instagram @thesavepoint Insta save_point_podcast


Episode 59: Season 6 Premiere

Chris, Ryan and Dan are back and they brought someone new. Weebo joins The Save Point Podcast. Avid Xbox gamer and enjoyer of some of the great things the earth has to offer. We discuss why we were on such a long break, what we were playing during that break , Blizzard's new Vice President and more. Join us. If you like this episode throw us a like and if not feel free to leave your comments.


Episode 58: Microsoft Acquires Activision Blizzard Reaction

The Save Point Guys and a special guest give their reactions to the blockbuster announcement pertaining to Microsoft and Activision Blizzard.


Episode 57: The Video Game Awards Preview 2021

Chris, Ryan and Dan make their picks for surprises and winners for the 2021 Video Game Awards. Follow us and Subscribe Twitter @thesavepoint Insta Save_Point_Podcast Twitch thesavepointtv


Episode 56: Battlefield 2042 Preview

Ryan, Chris and Dan preview one of the most anticipated games of 2021. Battlefield 2042 is shaping up to be epic and we are here to discuss it.


Episode 55: PlayStation 5 Showcase and M.2 Update

Ryan, Phil and Dan discuss the PlayStation 5 update and showcase.


Episode 54: GamesCom 2021

Chris, Ryan, Phil and Dan discuss all the games and information that came out of GamesCom 2021. They also list off their top 5 favorite games form 2010-2019. Like and Subscribe and submit your own Donkey Awards at the socials below. Twitter @thesavepoint Instagram Save_Point_Podcast Twitch


Episode 53: Nintendo Did a Switch on Us

Ryan, Chris and Dan discuss the "New" Nintendo Switch. Is it really what we wanted or just the one we deserve? Also what have we been playing and some Battlefield 2042 stuff. Check out our socials @thesavepoint insta: save_point_podcast


Episode 52: E3 2021 Reactions

Full discussion of our thoughts from E3 2021. We laughed, we cried and there's a horse. Socials @thesavepoint


Episode 51: E3 2021 Predictions

As the title suggests. Dan and Chris are joined by new comer Ryan as they discuss their predictions for E3 2021. Is Sony going to stay quiet? Nintendo maybe revealing the Switch Pro? And with Bethesda joining Microsoft on stage for their first ever conference since the partnership, will Microsoft have enough to drive interest into the Xbox Series X/S? Twitter @thesavepoint


Episode 50: Anime Talk with Braden Lenzy

This episode we discuss our top 5 favorite animes and our top 5 anime characters of all time with a huge anime fan who also happens to be a wide receiver for the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, Braden Lenzy. Check out Braden's twitter @blspeedy21 Check out The Save Point Podcast socials Twitter @thesavepoint Insta: save_point_podcast Twitch


Episode 49: Tonight We Feast on Rathian

Chris and Dan talk about what they have been playing. Monster Hunter Rise news and a major announcement for The Save Point Podcast.


Episode 48: We're Doing It LIVE

Chris and Dan try out their first live show on Podbean. They think they did well ok.


Episode 47: We Dont Have a Title

Its The Save Point Podcast and in this episode Chris and Dan talk about games and stuff. Basically we talk about what we have been playing and some news. Enjoy Comment and Subscribe Monster Hunter Mondays Instagram save_point_podcast Twitter @thesavepoint


Episode 46: Switch Pro?

Our first episode in the new year. We welcome Jamie to the team as we talk about what we have been playing over the holidays, a possible internal memo from Nintendo and what games we are looking forward too in 2021. Follow us on at for Monster Hunter Mondays and more. As always thank you for the support. Be Safe


Episode 45: GoodBye 2020

Happy Holidays from The Save Point Podcast. This episode two very special guests return, Wyatt Stav and Lindevil, as also found on you tube and twitch, join Dan and Chris as we talk about just what is happening at the end of the year and what we are extremely grateful for. Not much on video game talk but surely entertaining. Give us a listen. Subscribe and Comment. Thank you every one for the support this trying year and can't wait to chat in 2021.


Episode 44: Chillin' with Wyatt Stav

You Tube content creator, kick ass drummer and Twitch streamer Wyatt Stav joins Chris and Dan where we talk a bit about the new consoles that are coming out but more so we take a trip back. Back and talk about some the music that made us fall in love with video games. Check out Wyatt Stav's pages below You Tube Instagram Thank you for all the support and hope you enjoy this episode


Episode 43: New Console Hype!!

Season 4 is here and Dan and Chris talk about the differences in both consoles. We go over specks, prices and our overall impressions thus far. We discuss what we have been playing among other games we are looking forward too. Please throw us a rating on the platform you download from. It goes along way. Check us out at on our socials save_point_podcast Instagram twitter @thesavepoint


Episode 42: GTA V for FREE??????

Join The Save Point Podcast discussion by clicking HERE TSP Discord Steve and Dan chat return and discuss what we have been playing, trying to get GTA V for free and how we are doing during this pandemic. Thank you everyone for listening and be safe Check our stream Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:00 pm central USA time Check out and the If you like what you hear please subscribe, comment and rate us.