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An unscripted conversation with guests who reject the status quo with a bias for action, in the world of water and beyond. Co-hosted by Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg.

An unscripted conversation with guests who reject the status quo with a bias for action, in the world of water and beyond. Co-hosted by Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg.


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An unscripted conversation with guests who reject the status quo with a bias for action, in the world of water and beyond. Co-hosted by Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg.




Finding the right water investment with Avent Bezuidenhoudt | S4 Ep.9

This week, Avent Bezuidenhoudt, Head of investment at Earth Capital joins Will and Tom to talk about being new to the world of water, the ‘Cinderella, unloved industry’, and her origins in Durban. Plus listen to discussions on: - Avent's 25 years of experience in investing, portfolio management and corporate finance advisory - The reality of water scarcity in Cape Town after its ‘Day Zero’ incident - Opportunities in innovations addressing water demand at the source. - Earth Capital’s...


Democratising real-time flood data with Bessie Schwarz | S4 Ep.8

This week, Bessie Schwarz, Co-founder & CEO, Cloud to Street, joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about democratising real-time flooding data and designing products for low and middle-income countries and communities. Plus, hear about And much, much more! We hope you enjoy the episode!


Rethinking urban water solutions with Professor Newsha Ajami | S4 Ep.7

This week, Professor Newsha Ajami, chief development officer for research, Berkeley Lab's EESA, joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about decentralised solutions and what does the utility of the future look like? Plus we talk about: - Professor Ajami's origin story, in Iran, providing decision support for infrastructure such as dams - Moving to North America and taking what she describes as a “life-changing” water policy class - The policy impact on the energy market and whether...


ESG, water and first adopters with Nate Allen | S4 Ep.6

This week, Nate Allen, the executive director of WaterStart, joins Will and Tom to talk about how, to date, the non-profit company has helped to facilitate 42 pilot projects, evaluate 400 technologies and helped raise total funding of $3.2 million dollars. Plus, listen to Nate talk about: Plus much, much more! We hope you enjoy the episode!


Disrupting engineering design with Ari Raivetz | S4 Ep.5

This week Ari Raivetz, chairman and CEO of Transcend, joins Will and Tom to talk about his origin story and how it threw him into the world of water. Listen to Ari talk about: Plus, Ari gives an honest view of engineering consultants in the role of innovation adoption – ultimately a role that he is trying to partner with, as well as potentially disrupt. And much much more! We hope you enjoy the episode!


Shaping in-building water efficiency with Alex McCormack | The Stream S4 EP.4

This week, Alex McCormack, founder & CEO of Shayp from Belgium, joins Will and Tom to talk about Alex's mission to improve water efficiency in buildings in the most simplistic way possible. Hear Alex talk about: Plus Alex talks about potential partnerships with water utilities and what he looks for. And much, much more! We hope you enjoy the episode!


The edge effect on digital, diversity and young professionals with Emma Weisbord | The Stream S4 Ep.3

This week, Emma Weisbord, partnerships lead at Royal HaskoningDHV Digital, joins Will Sarni & Tom Freyberg for a belated birthday chat! Listen to Emma talk about: Plus, Emma calls for an end to people worshipping individuals, such as Elon Musk, when it comes to disrupting industries and explains why we should instead celebrate groups. And Emma even calls for the Atlantean Media digital content manager, Andrew, to step up to the mic and asked for his take on the future of water in 5...


S4 EP.2 Disrupting the urban water landscape with Erin Rothman

In this week’s episode, Will & Tom are joined by Erin Rothman, the founder & CEO of US-start up, StormSensor. Listen to Erin talk about: Plus, hear how one investor told Erin that “that’s not how CEOs should dress” regarding the image of her in a hard hat – the very image on The Stream cover. This is unbelievable, as you will hear from her, and our reaction! We hope you enjoy the episode!


S4 EP.1 Leading the air to water movement with Cody Friesen

We're back! In this week’s episode, Will & Tom are joined by Cody Friesen, the founder of Source - the poster child of the atmospheric water generation, or air to water market. The Arizona start-up is setting out to do for drinking water what solar panels have done for electricity, namely disrupt the centralised market. His Hydropanel technology takes in sunlight and air to create water from the atmosphere, adding minerals, ozonating and then storing the water for drinking at a later...


S3 Ep.10 It’s all about the people with Dr Reinhard Hübner, CEO, SKion Water

This week, Dr. Reinhard Hübner, CEO of SKion Water, joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg for the Season three finale, in the next 30 minutes discover... How an early investment in a chemical-free cooling tower treatment start-up cost Reinhard millions but taught him a valuable lesson: It's all about the people. Why it is important to get to know the innovators before investing and the dangers of founders falling in love too much with their innovation. How Reinhard's company started with a...


S3 EP.9 Leading the hydration revolution with Pierandrea Quarta

This week, Pierandrea Quarta, CEO & Founder of REBO, joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about Pierandrea's decade of experience at the multinational, Procter & Gamble and when overseeing the production of a bottle made entirely from plastics found on beaches, it opened his eyes to the plastic pandemic. He talks about marrying a solution to the plastics challenge with a smart hydration innovation and discusses the experience of raising $250,000 through crowdfunding but how the plastic...


S3 Ep.8 A walk in the woods with Dr. Piers Clark

This week, Dr. Piers Clark, founder & chairman of Isle Utilities takes Will and Tom on a walk in the woods, his woods we should say! Piers tells us what he plans to do with his 12-acre woodland including regenerating the landscape and an encounter with a mysterious beast... We find out about the evolution of Isle's water platform which now has over 1500 members, 720 organisations from 92 countries. He discusses how it started to share information on Covid-19 but shifted to help water...


S3 Ep.7 Space, STEM education & water with John Etgen & Ricky Arnold

This week, John Etgen, the CEO of the Project Wet Foundation, and Ricky Arnold, NASA Astronaut and director of STEM engagement at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science, join Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about how they found a connection to water growing up in the Chesapeake Bay. Find out about the fantastic work being done by the Project Wet team to advance water education in over 100 countries, including work with the Singapore Government. Hear about Ricky's...


S3 Ep.6 Closing the water GAP with Lisa Hook

This week, Lisa Hook, senior manager for environmental & product sustainability at GAP Inc. joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about her water origin story and working in Cambodia witnessing a lack of water in communities. Lisa talks about her fantastic session at the World Water Week in Stockholm discussing moving beyond water stewardship to strategy. Plus, we find out more about a water innovation centre in India where new industrial water technologies are being trialled and...


S3 Ep. 5 Supersizing water's value with Ian Olson, McDonald's

Ian Olson, the senior director of global sustainability at McDonald’s, joins Will and Tom this week to talk about his background in economics and as the global manager of supply chain sustainability at the Ford Motor Company, the lessons learned and what he brought to the fast-food giant, including learning to accept failure. Plus, Ian talks about a new partnership with WaterStart’s global pilot program to play a role in how emerging water solutions are identified, evaluated and deployed....


S3 Ep.4 Innovation and Utility Culture with Angela MacOscar

This week, Dr Angela MacOscar, Head of Innovation at Northumbrian Water Group (NWG) joins Will Sarni and Tom Freyberg to talk about the Innovation Festival, her inspiration on starting a movement and utility culture change.


S3 Ep.3 Filling the Data Gaps on Water Poverty with Sera Young

This week, Sera Young, Associate Professor, Anthropology & Global Health, Northwestern University joins Will Sarni & Tom Freyberg to talk about the development of the HWISE scales: The why, the who, the what and the where. Sera also sheds light on "honey, do I have a solution for you", and tells us how she went knocking at the door of water multinationals and a partnership with Unilever, including ambitions for India and data. Plus much, much more!


S3 Ep.2 Creating the 50 litre home with Frantz Beznik

This week, Frantz Beznik, Senior Director for Sustainable Innovation, Procter & Gamble and founder of the 50L Home Coalition, joins Will and Tom to talk about Frantz's inspiration behind the 50L Home Coalition after he witnessed Day Zero in Cape Town. Frantz also gives an insight into his philosophy of abundance, with his goal of making 50 litres feel like 500, the true impact of reducing water use can have and how he wants to make the sustainable, irresistible. Plus, Will and Tom find out...


S3 Ep.1 Scaling a start-up on lead detection in water with Ari Kaufman

We're back! In this week’s episode, Will and Tom are joined by Ari Kaufman, Founder & CEO of Spout, who talks about his serial entrepreneur’s background of 25 years and why he decided to change track... Kaufman discusses his experience in the 10.10.10 programme – 10 CEOS facing 10 wicked problems to come up with a market solution in 10 days and why he decided to tackle the lead contamination challenge after hearing about the potential impact on children’s IQ. Ari also talks about why...


Ep 10: Social Entrepreneurship [+SGDs] with Madeleine Bell

In this week’s episode Madeleine Bell, Head of Strategy and special projects at Desolenator, joins Will Sarni & Tom Freyberg to talk about what drew her to a water start-up and the role of social entrepreneurship. Plus, learn why Madeleine believes there is a need to bring in outsiders, a shared mission and vision with brewery giant Carlsberg, and Madeleine provides an update on a solar technology project that will provide water to 4,000 people in the water-stressed West Bengal,...