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StreamGeeks is a podcast all about live streaming and video production We post every Monday at 2 pm ET with tips and tricks for streaming and audience growth. Let’s hang 🤓

StreamGeeks is a podcast all about live streaming and video production We post every Monday at 2 pm ET with tips and tricks for streaming and audience growth. Let’s hang 🤓
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StreamGeeks is a podcast all about live streaming and video production We post every Monday at 2 pm ET with tips and tricks for streaming and audience growth. Let’s hang 🤓




Bam throws huge party at his Castle, Mike Nappi and StreamGeeks talk about the Music Industry and Virtual Ticket Sales

Mike Nappi joins us to talk about Bam's crazy Smash the Ramps Party. We talk about the music industry, the television industry and much more. Enjoy!


Color Matching Cameras - What's the BIG deal?

Ok, you guys requested this podcast. We are talking all about color matching multiple cameras. What are the tools we use... Why is it so important. And how can color matching multiple cameras make your live video productions sooo much more professional looking!


Accepting Donations on Facebook and YouTube live streams

How to Accept Donations on Your LIVE Stream Accepting and offering donations on your live stream is now easier than ever. Join today as we walk you through how.


Live streaming your own QVC Style Teleshopping show

The StreamGeeks are talking about TeleShopping and live streaming. Learn how to Live Stream with Phone Call-In option for Teleshopping.


Tools for live audience engagement on Facebook, YouTube and Twitch

This week the StreamGeeks are pulling out all the stops to enable live viewer engagement! Yes, you can have your live viewers launch off a confetti cannon, yes Twitch is making kids who play video games famous... What kind of world are we living in? Well, the StreamGeeks love it and we are reviewing all the latest right here in this episode.


TwitchCon, eSports and IRL Streaming with special Guest Daniel Pisarski of LiveU

Enjoy an enlightening conversation about the incredibly popular eSports industry and Twitch. Twitch is Amazon's live streaming platform which recently hosted TwitchCon a convention in California where the industries top streamers all attended. Daniel Pisarski from LiveU attended the show and reflects on his experiences with the StreamGeeks.


How much should live streaming services cost?

Are you interested in live streaming a special event, product announcement or community outreach project? Live streaming is so powerful because it holds the power to connect people all around the world with your next big idea. Engaging live video content is the modern bridge between online community on social media and your business. Here at the StreamGeeks we are constantly looking for ways to increase audience engagement, social media reach and ultimately real business outcomes. But how...


Live Video Premieres for Real Estate & High Education Digital Marketing w/ Special in-studio guests

This week on the Podcast we are discussing Facebook Live Video Premieres but more importantly, we are joined with 3 in-studio guests. This podcast was recorded during the StreamGeeks 10,000 YouTube Subscriber Party and we are joined with multiple digital marketers in Real Estate and High Education Space. Enjoy!


Video Podcasting - Delivering Business Value with a Podcast

An in-depth discussion about the live streaming and podcasting market. See how the StreamGeeks are using their video podcasting studio to deliver real business value to their audience.


YouTube Video Premieres are now available for everyone! Here's 3 strategy's on how to use it!

It's here, YouTube has officially announced the video premiere feature is ready for all YouTube channels! Are we live yet? Well, Yeah, kind of... What’s a YouTube video premiere you ask? It’s just like the video premiere of your favorite Hollywood movies except this premiere happens right here on YouTube.


The StreamGeeks History with vMix & Special Guest Tim Vandenberg

Tim Vandenberg, Paul Richards, Tess Protesto and Michael Luttermoser talk about the live streaming industry at large. Enjoy a fun, light hearted podcast that reflects on many facets of the video production industry including: Facebook Live, YouTube Marketing, Social Media, Video Production, Educational Content Creation and more.


Mobile Live Streaming - What's in the StreamGeeks Packpack

Today the StreamGeeks tackle "in real life" streaming and all the technology you need to go completely mobile with your live stream. Whether you’re a business, a brand or a content creator this is how you can bring professional live streaming anywhere with a cellular signal.


Facebook Watch Parties and YouTube Premiers - What it's all about

In today’s podcast The StreamGeeks’s Podcast Facebook watch parties and premiers to create a new marketing strategy with social media. YouTube, Facebook and Twitch now all offer the ability to Premier a video with a countdown timer. The feature allows creators the ability to post a video with Livestream features built in. Video premiers or pre-scheduled on-demand videos that are released into live streaming fashion to an audience online. Since the creators of the video are not actually on...


IRL Streaming and the StreamGeeks plan their NAB NYC invasion

IRL or In Real Life streaming is becoming a big hit in the streaming media industry. The StreamGeeks review the latest IRL technology and plan out their invasion of the NAB New York show coming up in just one week.


Why your church should start podcasting

Podcasts are in an incredibly popular way of listening to audio content. In this video and blog post, we will talk about why churches should consider starting their own podcasts. One of the best things about starting a podcast is that it’s incredibly affordable to get started. Most churches already have high-quality audio systems in place to amplify the voice their speakers inside the church. The churches audio system can easily be used to record services audio and upload it as a...


Everything went wrong for our live event stream - Learn from our mistakes :)

The StreamGeeks’s recently live streamed to a fashion show in West Chester, Pennsylvania called the Fall for Fashion event. It was a great learning experience for the team and I say so because a lot of technology from our video production set up decided not to work properly. Here is our recap of everything that went wrong and how we are going to do better next time :)


StreamGeeks - S2 EP 7 - World Wide Video Production Studio Group

Learn more about how the StreamGeeks are teaming up with video production studios around the world in this podcast episode.


StreamGeeks Special - Live Streaming your Podcast to Instagram

Today we made a thrilling discovery. Something that’s going to change the game for us and our podcasting strategy. Our discovery and the topic for today’s blog post is live streaming our podcast to Instagram. You may think, well why not just live stream your conversation to Instagram? What’s the difference? The difference is we get to pull from our professional audio mixing board, not just our high-quality audio, but all of our audio effects as well. This is one step away from being able to...


Season 2 EP -6 | Podcast Tech Upgrade & Review

Podcast Tech Upgrade & Review Should streamers podcast? Should podcasters stream? In this episode, we argue, absolutely! Tune in to hear about our new podcast studio, and why crossing mediums can benefit your audience growth and business. Don't forget to like and follow for more of the geeks! And if you want to check out the video version, find us on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch(@sgeeks) & @streamgeeks


EP 5 - S2 - Behind the Scenes and In Real Life - What it's all about

You’ve seen it. The transition from Hollywood, to Reality TV and now daily vlogging. Let’s talk about the importance of authenticity in live streaming and video production. Why are Behind the Scenes video so attractive and what is it about IRL (In Real Life) live streaming that has captured the attention of a generation.