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The Road2InfinityHollywood:Academic Innovation w/Prof Erin Reilly

This week on the Tech Cat Show, the Road To The Infinity Festival of Hollywood, we chat with Erin Reilly, who is currently Professor of Practice and Director of Innovation & Entrepreneurship for Moody College of Communication at University of Texas at Austin. Students play a big role in how tech and storytelling will evolve and Erin will share how she designs and teaches courses on the future of media and entertainment. Erin is also an advisor for building out the student program at the...


The Road2Infinity Hollywood:The Immersive Art Scene w/Kevin Mack

This week on the Tech Cat Show, the Road To The Infinity Festival of Hollywood, we chat with Kevin Mack who is an artist and Academy Award winning visual effects pioneer. Kevin is part of a growing movement to use technology to create interesting and unique pieces of art. As VR and AR grow in both distribution and content options for film and television, art shows are also getting involved in exploring new formats. Galleries, museums and theaters are evolving to keep pace with visitor...


The Road2Infinity Hollywood: Creating Storyworlds with Vicki Dobbs Beck, ILMxLAB

This week on the Tech Cat Show, the Road To The Infinity Festival of Hollywood, we chat with Vicki Dobbs Beck, who is the Executive in Charge of ILMxLAB, Lucasfilm’s immersive entertainment studio. Based in San Francisco, Vicki’s team is pioneering a new era of interactive storytelling through virtual and mixed reality experiences. With Vader Immortal Episode 1, which has made most of the top ‘game’ lists to purchase on the Oculus Quest, a non-tethered VR headset, the creation of a new type...


The Road2Infinity Hollywood: Pre-viz, LBE and Media, with Dane Smith

his week on the Tech Cat Show, the Road To The Infinity Festival of Hollywood, we chat with Dane Smith, who brings more than a decade of experience as a producer and innovator in visual effects and digital entertainment production to his role leading global business development and strategy at The Third Floor. The Third floor is a global company using the virtual world to imagine, plan and problem solve for stories in film, television, games, VR and themed attractions. Dane will share with...


The Road2Infinity Hollywood:The Impact of 5G with Anshel Sag

This week on the Tech Cat Show, the Road To The Infinity Festival of Hollywood, we chat with Anshel Sag, a Forbes Contributor and Analyst at Moor Insights and Strategy. As an well respected Technology industry Analyst, Anshel identifies and documents trends that exist in tech industry as well as helping companies understand how these changes affect them both directly and indirectly. His current focus on 5G connectivity and how it is going to impact everything is a big focus for the...


The Road2Infinity Hollywood:The Power of 5g/Nigel Tierney, RYOT/Verizon Media

This week on the Tech Cat Show, the Road To The Infinity Festival of Hollywood, we chat with Nigel Tierney who serves as Head of Content for RYOT, a subsidiary of Verizon Media. Nigel is focused on exploring state of the art content solutions with the power of 5G, the fifth generation cellular network technology, behind it. At Ryot, he is built a state of the art 5G innovation lab and is looking at how immersive and mixed reality experiences will integrate with storytellers. We will talk...


The Road2Infinity Hollywood: Enabling New Ways to Tell Stories, Patrick Costello, Qualcomm

This week on the Tech Cat Show, the Road To The Infinity Festival of Hollywood, we chat with Patrick Costello, Senior Director of Business Development at Qualcomm Technologies. Patrick is focused on driving adoption of Qualcomms broader technology portfolio with a focus on the Mobile XR (immersive content) ecosystem. He will share with us how all the pieces of different technology companies (chipset, device, content, operator) are coming together to enable a new way to create content. And...


The Road2Infinity Hollywood: Creating Premium Events with Jeremy Muir/FNTECH

This week on the Tech Cat Show, the Road To The Infinity Festival/Hollywood, we chat with Jeremy Muir, CEO of FNTECH, a full-service, live event production company and leader in visual innovation and LED technology. Headquartered in San Francisco and Southern California, FNTECH has successfully partnered with scores of blue chip companies such as Apple, Facebook, HP, Vans and Volcom to create multi-faceted, high profile, newsworthy events. New this year, FNTECH will be partnering with the...


The Road2Infinity Hollywood :Driving adoption of New Tech & Content with Hanno Basse

This week on the Tech Cat Show, on the Road to The Infinity Festival, we talk with Hanno Basse, one of the entertainment industry's most well-known technology experts and the former chief technology officer at 20th Century Fox Film Corporation. Hanno is now President of Live Planet's Decentralized Media Solutions division and will share with us Live Planet's VR's plans as well as what it's like to drive the adoption of emerging technologies to catalyze new media experiences and services at...


The Road2Infinity Hollywood: VR From The Directors Chair with Rodrigo Cerqueira.

This week on the Tech Cat Show we continue our interview series highlighting advisor is from this falls Infinity Festival Hollywood, an event highlighting StoryTelling Advanced By Technology. Rodrigo Cerqueira, CEO, Panogramma USA joins us to talk about directing in VR. Rodrigo is last project, 7 Miracles, is the first full VR film released by HTC VIVE and VIVE Studios. We'll discuss how you combine storytelling and new immersive technology to deliver award winning experiences. Join us for...


The Road2Infinity Hollywood: Blockchain with Jonas Hudson, Greenfence

This week on the Tech Cat Show we kick off a three month series focused on advisors, speakers and partners of the Infinity Festival, an event in Hollywood in early November focused on StoryTelling Advanced By Technology. On this week's show we chat with Jonas Hudson, Co-Founder of Greenfence, a company that provides blockchain solutions for grocery, consumer packaged goods, and entertainment companies. We'll learn all about how blockchain is bringing new solutions to consumers and how it...


Unleashing Innovation in Business with Charlie Fink, Forbes Contributor, VR, AR & New Media

This week on the Tech Cat Show we chat with Charlie Fink, Forbes Contributor for AR, VR and New Media. Charlie is the author of the critically acclaimed AR-enabled books "Charlie Fink's Metaverse" (2018) and "Convergence, How The World Will Be Painted With Data "(2019). Charlie will take us through how businesses are being transformed with augmented and virtual reality and how the trends will evolve. Per Charlie "AR and VR represent a revolution in computing as impactful as the smartphone."...


Amplifying Your Story with Amber J. Lawson, CEO, Good Amplified.

This week on the Tech Cat Show we chat with Amber J. Lawson, CEO of Good Amplified, a social media, social good consultancy that helps brands, non-profits, foundations and individual philanthropists build audiences across social media. Amber J. is also the Source Goddess for Goddess Process, a workshop and initiative to help women find their inner strength and manifest new opportunities. Amber J. will share insights with us on how to leverage the latest content channels to connect with your...


Tech Insights from INNOVATION & TECH TODAY with Charles Warner, Editor in Chief.

This week on the Tech Cat Show we chat with Charles Warner, Editor-in-Chief of the award-winning publication, Innovation & Tech Today. The magazine is focused on inspiring positive change by celebrating innovations in Science, Business, Entertainment, Sustainability, and STEM. They are also a global leader of a new publishing model called, “New Print,” creating a premium print publication focused on niche topics. Charles will share with us some of the thinking around this exciting model and...


Augmented Reality Gets Real Estate with Emily Olman, SpatialFirst

This week on the Tech Cat Show we tackle enterprise solutions in immersive technologies with Emily Olman, CEO of Spatial First. Emily's company specializes in spatial computing which is technology that makes digital media feel physically present, for Real Estate. Emily's company creates spatial tools and infrastructure that empower building owners & tenants to experience new construction in an immersive way, allowing the entire ecosystem to literally be inside a location or building before...


Putting the Smarts in the Electric Grid with Kay Aikin

This week on the Tech Cat Show we’ll chat with Kay Aikin, CEO of Introspective Systems on the trends around the electric grid and how her company’s ‘Xgraph’ will be leveraging artificial intelligence with the grid to power the country. Kay is one of the first women to earn a sustainability engineering degree in this country and has spent her career as an energy engineer, architectural designer, and business development executive. We will also chat about the 2019 IEEE Women in Engineering...


Retail Transformation with Anne Marie Stephen from Street Fight

This week on the Tech Cat Show we chat with Anne Marie Stephen, the President of Street Fight and dig into hot trends in retail and location based data. Street Fight is a publication and events company that covers the business of local marketing, commerce and technology and Anne Marie takes us through some of the hottest news and information around how prominent brands are transforming their business and innovating around technology adoption. She'll also fill us in on what hyper local really...


The Value of Location Based Data with Glen Straub from Factual.

On this week's Tech Cat Show we'll talk about how data is the new currency with Factual, a location data company powering innovation in product development, mobile marketing and real world analytics. Location based data services (LBS) use real-time geo-data from a mobile device or smartphone to provide information, entertainment or security. Some services allow consumers to "check in" at restaurants, coffee shops, stores, concerts, and other places or events. Glen Straub, Vice President,...


Hot Content & Tech Trends of 2019 with Kevin Winston, DigitalLA

Hot Content & Tech Trends of 2019 with Kevin Winston, DigitalLA Episode DescriptionOn this week's Tech Cat Show we chat with Kevin Winston, CEO of Digital LA, the largest LA-based networking group of professionals in tech, media and content. Kevin has the fortunate role in life to be at every major industry event in town and often globally, creating his own events and driving thought leadership around key topics. Kevin will give us the download on the top trends of 2019 from the last 6...


The Future of Retail with Kevin Coupe

This week on the Tech Cat Show we look at all the emerging trends in Retail and how they reflect the changing consumer with Kevin Coupe, Author and host of “Retail Tomorrow,” a new podcast that features innovators from the worlds of retail, brands, technology, and academia, focusing on the new ecosystem driving the retail industry into the realities and possibilities of tomorrow. Kevin shares with us the latest trends in retail and how tech is driving new opportunities. Kevin will also give...