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The Use Case with William Tincup by RecruitingDaily

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William Tincup discusses with guests how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing their technology. Each episode is designed to inspire new ways and ideas to make your business better.


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William Tincup discusses with guests how practitioners make the business case or the use case for purchasing their technology. Each episode is designed to inspire new ways and ideas to make your business better.




Storytelling About Leantime With Gloria Folaron

Welcome to the Use Case Podcast! William Tincup interviews the esteemed Gloria Folaron, CEO and co-founder of Leantime. They discuss Gloria's crazy transition from nursing to becoming a tech entrepreneur, and all the wild experiences in-between. They also dig into challenges and solutions related to project management; particularly the approach Leantime takes to integrate both hard and soft skills. They also touch upon futuristic AI-driven features that LeanTime will be implementing: aiming to enhance work efficiency through task recommendations based on best practices and employee's preference. Give it a listen! Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Weekday With Amit Singh

Want to revolutionize your hiring process? We've got Amit Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of Weekday, in our corner this episode. Weekday is a unique recruitment marketplace making waves in the world of talent sourcing. This game-changing startup is all about fostering trust by providing upfront reference checks and reviews for engineering talent. Discover how Weekday is challenging the status quo in recruitment, offering a fresh layer of data that could drastically accelerate your hiring timeline. Our conversation takes a deep dive into the inner workings of Weekday, starting with their disruptive payment model. Imagine only paying 15% of an annual salary for a successful hire? Sounds tempting, right? We also shed light on how Weekday is shaping up to be an indispensable tool for recruiters, connecting job openings with the best-reviewed talent in a snap. Catch a glimpse of their impressive stats and success stories, including having 60% coverage of reviews and arranging five interviews within just five days of signing up! So, grab a cup of coffee, sit back and get ready to rethink your recruitment strategy. You won't want to miss this! Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Talent Health Index By Cornerstone With Mike Bollinger

Welcome to our enlightening conversation with Mike Bollinger from Cornerstone, the brains behind the innovative Talent Health Index. This global research project is transforming the way companies understand and bridge the skill confidence gap between employers and employees. We're taking a deep dive into the four-level maturity model, an enlightening framework that guides organizations from foundational to transformative levels. We're also unraveling the seven dimensions of a healthy talent program, with key areas like culture, skills strategy, and learning and development under the spotlight. As the conversation progresses, we take a closer look at how top-tier organizations are leveraging the Talent Health Index to reassess their skills strategy, content strategy, and gig assignments. We stress on the need for a holistic approach, employee confidence, and the role of technology in doing away with talent hoarding. The conversation then takes a futuristic turn with a riveting discussion on the inclusion of AI and machine learning in talent development. Join us as Mike unfolds how HR leaders can utilize the Talent Health Index to identify their organization's strengths and areas of growth, equipping you with insights that can revolutionize HR and talent management! Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Firstbase With Chris Herd

What does it take to equip a global workforce with everything they need for their work-from-home setups? That's exactly what we unravel in this engaging dialogue with Chris Herd, the trailblazing founder and CEO of Firstbase. This episode is a treasure trove of insights into the unique business model of Firstbase, where they provide a cradle to grave service for office equipment and their innovative software that allows employees to personalize their gear. We discuss the ripple effects of remote work, the peculiar challenges it has birthed, and how First Base is navigating these uncharted waters. Venture with us into the impressive logistical operations of Firstbase as we find out how they help companies manage inventory, save resources, and ensure the right equipment reaches the right person. We delve into the wide array of equipment that Firstbase provides, from the essential laptops to the delightful additions like coffee machines. Our conversation takes a fascinating turn as we discuss the most unique requests they've received since the start of the pandemic. We wrap up our enlightening chat with Chris, reflecting on why it is a sound business decision to invest in Firstbase. So, are you ready to discover how Firstbase is reshaping the future of remote work? Listen in. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling about TalentPerch with Brianna Rooney

Ready to unlock the complexities of talent acquisition? Join us as we engage in an in-depth conversation with Brianna Rooney, a seasoned expert from TalentPerch, who unveils the intricacies of strategic recruiting within VC-backed startups. Brianna shares some hard-earned wisdom about the common pitfalls founders and talent acquisition teams encounter, honing in on the often-underestimated roles of HR and TA. She also delves into the latest trends in executive search roles, the mounting influx of applicants and the absolute necessity of a thorough review process. Moreover, we take a journey into the process of strategic recruitment, exploring the art of creating effective job descriptions, understanding roles, and the vital role of ROI in hiring. Brianna also reveals her unique approach to client pitches and illuminates the current trend of hiring for senior and staff level roles, including the biases many companies hold towards early Uber, early LinkedIn, and other high-profile companies. We further explore the array of technologies available for sourcing candidates and the importance of ensuring a diverse pool of candidate. So buckle up as we navigate the labyrinthine world of talent acquisition with our insightful guest, Brianna Rooney. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Total Mental Health By TELUS Health With Dr. Matthew Chow

Are you ready to shatter the stigma around mental health? Strap in as we journey into the arena of mental health with our esteemed guest, Matthew Chow, a psychiatrist and the Chief Mental Health Officer at Tellus Health. Our conversation centers around their innovative product, Total Mental Health. It's specially designed to combat the rising tide of mental health challenges in the wake of the pandemic. We delve deep into the disquieting statistics like 22% of US workers harboring a high mental health risk and the persistent, stubborn levels of elevated mental health risks post-pandemic. Listen as we unpack the cascading effects of these challenges on productivity and the unique struggles faced by working parents. We also examine the critical need to normalize seeking assistance in regards to mental health. In our bid to shed light on employer's role in mental well-being, Matthew shares insights on how organizational support can accelerate the journey back to health for employees. Dive into the intricate discourse on privacy concerns and how Tellus Health ensures a secure environment for individuals to report mental health issues fearlessly. Tune in to understand how Total Mental Health by Tellus Health is bridging the gaping chasm in mental health support and helping individuals reclaim their health. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Factorial With Jordi Romero

Wondering how you can revolutionize the HR processes in your small to mid-sized business? We have the answer to your problems with our special guest, Jordi Romero, the CEO and one of the founders of Factorial. This episode is all about exploring the fascinating world of HR automation, showcasing how Factorial is making a real difference for businesses worldwide. Jordi shares how Factorial's innovative solutions can take the pressure off understaffed HR teams and automate everything from hiring to payroll, and everything in between. Plus, we dive into the importance of avoiding bad hires and their costly implications. Are you ready to embrace the future of HR? We delve into the reasons why some might resist this change and the factors influencing the adoption of new technology like Factorial. Change management can present hurdles, but Jordi enlightens us about Factorial's modular design that makes it easier to transition, offering a sense of ownership with its customizable features to meet a company's unique needs. Our conversation also focuses on their journey in creating Factorial, the platform designed to support small businesses. We highlight the common challenges of integrating new technology but also emphasize the advantages of Factorial's modern approach. So join us for this insightful conversation and gain an understanding of how HR automation with Factorial can transform your business operations! Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About AstrumU With Adam Wray

Ever wondered how AI can turbocharge your hiring process? Are you curious to know how a deep understanding of individual skills can revolutionize recruitment? Then buckle up, as Adam Wray from AstrumU joins us for a riveting conversation, shedding light on the potential of an AI data platform in skill-based hiring. He delves into how this technology identifies and measures skills. Moreover, he emphasizes its potential to bridge the gap between industry, education, and individuals - creating a clearer path for job seekers, employers, and educators alike. As we journey through this discussion with Adam, we explore the value of non-traditional degrees and how they aid in nurturing critical thinking skills. We're breaking down biases and challenging the status quo. It's about appreciating the lifelong value of critical thinking, and how AI can quantify it. We also discuss the shelf life of skills and the importance of understanding an individual's unique skill set. Notably, Adam shares how AstrumU uses AI to assess and map these skills to suitable roles, aiding job seekers in making informed career decisions. In the final leg of our chat, we take a deeper look at AI's role in identifying individual skills and how this can shape recommendations for learning or work. Here's a thought - what if we could use philanthropic dollars to fund training companies connected to HRIS systems, reducing the cost of upskilling individuals? We ponder this innovative idea, and discuss the potential benefits for organizations like the Texas Workforce Commission in understanding how military skills translate to the corporate world. So, join us for this enlightening conversation and get ready to rethink hiring, education, and skill development through the lens of AI. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About hackajob With Mark Chaffey

Ever wondered how tech recruitment could be transformed for the better? Get ready to have your questions answered as Mark Chaffey, the co-founder and CEO of hackajob, pulls back the curtain on their full stack talent solution. Imagine the ease of a reverse marketplace approach to tech recruitment, providing everything from employer branding to DE&I solutions, and even talent assessments. hackajob's three-tiered screening process, consisting of technical screening, job fit screen, and culture assessment, simplifies finding, engaging, and hiring top-notch technical talent. Discover how hackajob integrates with applicant tracking systems and the role of DevLab in employer branding. With the software industry caught in a competitive whirlwind, learn about hackajob's unique position in the market and how it outshines staffing agencies, LinkedIn, and other direct sourcing solutions. If you're intrigued by the prospect of building a learning platform for engineers, you'll appreciate how hackajob has made strides in this area, providing an effective solution for companies to stay ahead. Finally, we'll delve into hackajob's approach to providing accurate and respectful feedback for unsuccessful candidates. Listen to a captivating customer story that underscores hackajob's pivotal role in supporting a large US business with their tech hiring. We'll also explore the specifics of hackajob's reverse marketplace approach, the talent pool it attracts, and future integrations with Workday and Success Factors. So, sit back, relax, and let us show you the future of tech recruitment with hackajob. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About SkillGigs With Kashif Aftab

Are you ready to meet the game-changer in the hiring arena? We're bringing you an insightful conversation with Kashif Aftab, the innovative CEO of SkillGigs, a platform that's shaking up the staffing industry. With its unique approach to talent marketplace, SkillGigs is ensuring that travel nurses and software programmers craft their career paths with the best contract opportunities. But it isn't just about job listings, SkillGigs offers a secure credentialing vault for safeguarding your essential documents and a 3D resume tool which gives software engineers the edge by presenting their skills and experiences in an interactive way. So, what's in store for SkillGigs' future? Stick around to hear about the expansion plans for other specializations. But that's not all. What if the job hunting process could be more than just a chore? SkillGigs is turning the tables by revolutionizing the job bidding process. Imagine a world where the intimidation of negotiations is non-existent, the process is transparent, and recruitment feels like a swift 'speed dating' experience. This platform is ushering in the era of gamified job hunting, making it thrilling for job seekers and recruiters alike. Be prepared to explore how SkillGigs is weaving magic by quickly filling roles, ensuring that the crème de la crème of talent is found and hired. Join us as we uncover the future of recruitment with Kashif Aftab. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling about Tinggly with Miglė Rakauskaitė

Ever thought about how a gift of experience could trump a cash incentive? Miglė Rakauskaitė from Tinggly joins us to shed light on the surprising results of a recent US survey they conducted. The findings? A staggering two-thirds of employees would rather receive an experience than cold hard cash. Miglė helps us unpack why this is and explores the shift in attitudes towards experience-based gifting especially in the wake of the pandemic. It's a discussion that reveals how experiences provide more joy and value compared to mundane things and encourages living life to the max. But, how can companies tap into this trend and make employee recognition more memorable? Miglė shares insights on how Tinggly is revolutionising the gifting landscape. With their product designed for flexibility, global reach, and without an expiration date, it presents the unique ability to create lasting memories. We delve into how businesses can use this to their advantage by customizing and personalising gifts that resonate with their employees. And the bonus? Tinggly manages the logistics, shipping these bespoke collections worldwide. If you're curious about this evolving gifting culture, buckle up, because this is one eye-opening chat you'll want to tune in to. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling about Maki with Maxime Legardez

What if you could slash your hiring process time in half and still manage to recruit top-tier talent? That's exactly what Maxime Legardez from Maki People promises in our candid conversation. His SaaS HR product is revolutionizing the recruitment landscape for large enterprises by adopting a skill-based approach that assesses a potential hire's soft and hard skills in less than three minutes, saves significant time in the pre-screening phase, and reduces the time to hire. The cherry on top? Companies can even brand their job offers, creating a memorable candidate experience. Max goes on to navigate the intricacies of their product's two core pillars, a library of 200 tests and the option to upload custom tests. Shaking up the traditional recruitment paradigm, he highlights the need for a dynamic, skill-based method. He brings this point home with a success story from Capgemini, demonstrating how their product not only streamlines the recruitment process but also ensures the best talent is identified effectively. If you're pondering about a unique perspective on recruitment and want to level up your hiring process, today's episode featuring Max is a must-listen. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Trua With Raj Ananthanpillai

Want to discover a revolutionary technology that could redefine your hiring process? Brace yourself for an enlightening chat with Raj Ananthanpillai, founder and CEO of Trua. We delve into the intricate details of Trua, the game-changing all-in-one digital identity and screening solution. We'll dissect the unique features of this non-regulated solution and how it's transforming background checks and fraud prevention. Be prepared for a fascinating journey as we unravel how this technology harnesses the power of blockchain for privacy and data protection, and the role of the Trua Score, akin to a FICO score, in simplifying the background check process. And that's just the beginning! We'll also shine a spotlight on how Trua’s cutting-edge tech plays a pivotal role in streamlining recruiting and hiring processes. Gain a deeper understanding of how Trua’s ID verification can result in significant time and cost savings for employers and recruitment agencies. Listen closely as we explain the intelligence behind the Trua Score that provides continuously updated, verified data, revamping the hiring practice. By the end of the episode, you'll have a clear picture of how this transformative technology is shaping the future of background checks, identity verification, and hiring processes. Time to step into the future of recruitment with Trua! Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Branch With Atif Siddiqi

We're thrilled to unfold the story of Atif Siddiqi, the innovative mind behind Branch, a workforce payments platform that promises to revolutionize industries. Atif and his team at Branch are altering the way payments are processed in healthcare, restaurant, and gig economies like Uber, with their groundbreaking digital wallet feature. Now, workers can cash out their payments swiftly and at no extra cost. What's more, the unbanked sector is not left behind; Branch's digital wallet and card service offer them financial inclusivity. In this enlightening conversation, we're also pulling back the curtain on how Branch is orchestrating a shift in employer-led financial services, aiming to provide a seamless consumer banking experience for employees. Branch is not just about payments; they're about financial wellness, and we'll delve into their success stories providing liquidity and cash flow to workers. You'll learn how Branch is making inroads in healthcare, logistics, and hospitality industries, and their future plans for enriching their payment options, providing choices for every worker. Join us, and explore how Branch's forward-thinking platform is not only serving industries but also creating lucrative opportunities. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Boostpoint With Sam Beiler

Ready to supercharge your recruitment efforts? Discover how to attract passive job seekers with the power of social media advertising in our compelling conversation with Sam Beiler, the co-founder and CEO of Boostpoint. Sam gives us a tour of Boostpoint's evolution, from a social media advertising tool to a light CRM and text messaging platform. We also delve into their recently launched generative AI tool, a game-changer for creating engaging content at scale. We're also lifting the lid on the strategies Boostpoint uses to reel in passive job seekers on popular social media platforms. Sam walks us through the key metrics, visibility, and content needed to drive recruitment marketing success, offering a unique insight into the platforms that provide the best ROI. Plus, we're giving you a sneak peek into budgeting strategies for social media ads, simplifying the process with Boostpoint's historical data. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to take their employer branding efforts to the next level. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About tilr With Leah Carr

Ever wanted to understand the game-changing power of a skills-first approach to talent development? You're in for a treat! We've got Leah Carr, the CEO of tilr, who has hired between 250-500 people in her career, to share her insights on this transformative concept. Leah talks about her intuitive hiring process and how it has evolved with the integration of data, owing to the digital era we are in. We don't stop there! Uncover the magic behind tilr's innovative solution that captures a comprehensive understanding of an individual's skills. This is a game-changer in targeted training and aligning employee goals with company needs. Leah also lifts the veil on tilr's team dashboard, which provides leaders with visibility into the impact of training. We also navigate the choppy waters of measuring micro skills and language proficiency, and the revolutionary potential of a skills-first approach to internal mobility, compensation, and succession planning. Did we mention the exciting potential of crypto and the importance of adopting a new language when discussing talent-driven markets? Well, this episode has it all! Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Neobrain With Paul Courtaud

Imagine if you could harness the power of AI to map out your career trajectory and close the skills gap within your organization. Sounds interesting, doesn't it? Join us as we sit down with Paul Courtaud, the co-founder and CEO of Neobrain, who has done precisely that with their game-changing AI-powered talent management solution. It's an enlightening conversation where we scrutinize the dynamics of the talent marketplace, the concept of internal mobility, and the ever-evolving landscape of skills. We also delve into the pressing issue of the skills gap, providing you with insights on how to identify, understand, and effectively address it. In the second half of our discussion, Paul takes us on a deep dive into how Neobrain supercharges job rotation within organizations. He elaborates on how the platform empowers employees to identify their skills, design the most fulfilling and motivating career paths, and find opportunities that align with their career goals. Furthermore, we touch on how Neobrain's Generative AI helps managers spot the best candidates for job openings, despite not perfectly fitting the job title requirements. We round up our chat by discussing how Neobrain's platform can effortlessly integrate with HRIS systems, and how their mobile-first approach levels the playing field for individuals with varying qualifications. Grab a seat and buckle up as we navigate the fascinating complexities of the modern talent marketplace with Paul Courtaud. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Talroo With Thad Price

Ever wondered how you can navigate the labyrinth of job advertising to find that perfect candidate? Thad Price, CEO of Talroo, joins us to unravel the mystery of 'programmatic plumbing' and how it's transforming the landscape of job advertising. He takes us on a journey through Talroo unique approach, leveraging real-time apply signals to connect with specific talent audiences for specific jobs. This is a stark departure from traditional platforms, and Thad eloquently explains why. Thad also dazzles us with the unique features of the Talroo ad platform, designed to support talent acquisition leaders in their quest for the perfect candidates. From campaign creation to setting budgets, targeting cost per application goals, and gaining valuable insight into job-seeker behavior, Talroo seems like the magic wand every recruiter wishes for. He also delves into the power of qualifying questions in pre-filtering candidates and how their insights data vaults talent acquisition leaders ahead of the competition. So, if you're interested in understanding the future of talent acquisition and job advertising, this is an episode you don't want to miss. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Discovery By WalkMe With Adriel Sanchez

Ever wondered about the secret sauce behind seamless digital adoption? Tune in as we unravel this mystery with Adriel Sanchez, Chief Marketing Officer of WalkMe. Adriel takes us behind the scenes of their revolutionary Discovery tool, a solution that identifies friction points in a tech landscape and effortlessly guides users through complex software applications. Hear about how Discovery provides valuable insights into the often-ignored issue of shadow IT and how it allows organizations to optimize software license management and tool consolidation. In the second half of our engrossing chat, we move the spotlight to enhancing user experience. Adriel shares how WalkMe simplifies the deployment of help to users, making their interaction with applications an absolute breeze. Learn how WalkMe powers tasks subtly, without the users even realizing it, and how it fosters a richer understanding of employees. We end on an exciting note discussing the 'aha' moment clients experience when they realize that they can start benefiting from WalkMe in a matter of weeks, not months. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon


Storytelling About Poll Everywhere With Robert Graham

Ready to revolutionize how your organization communicates and engages? This episode promises to deliver the secrets, as we sit down with Robert Graham from Poll Everywhere. We explore the remarkable versatility of Poll Everywhere from asking multiple choice questions to open-ended queries that capture real-time responses. We also dive into the power of integrating Poll Everywhere with Zoom, PowerPoint, and Slack to open up new channels for data exchange, keeping your audience connected in a meaningful way. Wondering how to create an exceptional onboarding experience? Look no further. We discuss how Poll Everywhere can take your HR and TA to the next level, transforming your employee engagement strategies. From the buying process to getting started in no time, we navigate through the industries that have thrived with Poll Everywhere. We also examine the changing expectations of the audience and the need for data integration. Join us on this journey and discover the potential of Poll Everywhere. Listen & Subscribe on your favorite platform Apple | Spotify | Google | Amazon