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UploadVR's weekly VR & AR hardware, technology, and industry trends show streamed live from a virtual reality studio.

UploadVR's weekly VR & AR hardware, technology, and industry trends show streamed live from a virtual reality studio.


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UploadVR's weekly VR & AR hardware, technology, and industry trends show streamed live from a virtual reality studio.






#109: Next-Gen VR Displays, Project Cambria Depth Sensor

We've gotten a look at some next generation VR display technologies from TCL, JDI, and eMagin with the mysterious "STEAMBOAT" board potentially hinting at some big things. We also discuss updates from Meta, with the v40 update for Quest adding new tracked keyboards, fresh statements about a Facebook-free Quest login experience, R&D spending news, and the new Horizon Worlds asset library. Lastly, we dive into the latest we've learned about Project Cambria and its passthrough mixed reality...


#108: Inside The Meta Store & Codec Avatars

We talk about UploadVR's correspondents going inside the very first Meta Store In Burlingame, California, venues moving inside Horizon Worlds, codec avatars and the chips being built to drive them, new ultra thin holographic glasses research, and Meta's neural wristband input for future glasses. Note there's some echoing in this week's audio, sorry about that and we will try to get it fixed next week.


#107: Project Cambria's Price, Is Quest 3 Coming Next Year?

We discuss new research into using VR controllers to track body movements and the latest look at Meta's 'Codec' avatars as well as the prospect of VR calling. We also talk about Meta's growing expenses and the details we learned about Project Cambria and the company's next VR headsets.


#106: Amazon AR Hints, Meta's First Retail Store, Air Bridge Manual

We discuss Amazon's AR/VR hiring, VRChat's new Avatar Dynamics, Meta's first physical store to sell Quests, glasses, and Portals, and the leak of a manual to Meta's reported Air Bridge accessory for wireless PC VR. We also consider the question: What would happen if Meta pulled out of consumer VR?


#105: Meta Glasses, Hand Tracking 2.0, Pico's Cambria Competitor

We discuss the dramatic upgrade to Quest 2's hand tracking, Vive Focus 3 OpenXR Beta support, and an analyst's claim that Apple's headset as well as Sony's PSVR 2 are coming in 2023. We also dive into Meta's tease that Horizon Worlds is getting a web version and a report from The Verge about Meta's AR glasses, plus Pico Neo 3 Link.


#104: Quest Air Bridge Dongle Leak, Cambria's Resolution, Mystery Pico Event

We discuss the recent leak which revealed an 'Air Bridge' USB dongle which might improve wireless PC VR on Quest 2, Quest software update v39, Meta moving to pay creators for their work in Horizon Worlds, F8 getting cancelled, the latest information surrounding Meta's forthcoming "pro" headset, iOS 16 references to an Apple headset, the future of glasses versus headsets, and Pico's teases.


#103: Valve Index Growth, Unreal 3D Scanning, VR Training Gets Serious

We discuss Valve Index growing faster than Quest 2 in March on Steam, the growing use of VR for training with Osso and Strivr, and new 3D content creation pipelines with Arkio and Unreal's RealityScan.


#102: Lynx Shipping Update, Snapchat Mind Reading, PSVR 2 Impresses At GDC

Meta is continuing to rebrand Quest hardware while supporting its Horizon Worlds creation software with creator training. By May, Quest is expected to see improved recording features for content creators and Lynx says it should start shipping mixed reality headsets in June or July. We also discuss acquisitions by Google and Snap which highlight future display technologies and brain-computer interfaces. The recent Game Developers Conference also put a spotlight on PSVR 2 with interesting...


#101: Devs Have PSVR 2, Quest Parental Controls, Big New Air Link Feature

PSVR 2 development kits may be heading to the hands of creators after popping up in U.S. import logs, what does that mean for the release timing of Sony's next generation VR headset? Plus, we talk about Quest's upcoming parental controls for teenagers as well as new work from home features that could make Immersed a more useful platform for remote workers.


#100: SteamVR Now Mostly Quest Users, Gabe Newell Blasts Metaverse Hype

What does "Metaverse" actually mean and who stands to benefit the most from its hype? Plus, discussion of how SteamVR is mostly Quest users, exploring the idea of whether PSVR 2 could get PC support, and analyzing different types of VR controller tracking technologies.


#99: Samsung AR Headset Report, Will TikTok Make A Quest Competitor?



#98: Quest 3 Face & Eye Tracking, Valve Headset Hints, PSVR2 Design Reveal

We discuss Mark Zuckerberg's Quest 3 comments, Meta


#97: Horizon's Userbase, $2700 Linux Standalone, When Will Nintendo Jump in?

We discuss Valve partnering with iFixit for Index parts, Microsoft's changes to AltSpaceVR, Meta's Horizon userbase statistic, the $2700 Simula One Linux standalone headset, and we ponder when Nintendo might jump into VR.


#96: Quest Body Tracking Leak, Apple realityOS, Super Bowl Metaverse Ad

We discuss the Quest 2 SDK documentation leak of 'Body Tracking Support', Apple accidentally shipping code referencing 'realityOS', the promise of the metaverse, and Meta's Super Bowl ad for Horizon Worlds.


#95: Meta Revenue Report, Microsoft Turmoil, Tobii PSVR2 Negotiations

Ian and Heaney discuss Meta's 2021 financials, Microsoft's internal turmoil, Quest 2 taking over SteamVR, Horizon Worlds mobile announcement, Quest's new Interaction SDK, PVSR2's potential eye tracking supplier, and the launch of PlutoSphere.


#94: Meta Kills Off Oculus Branding, Magic Leap 2 Specs Revealed

Kyle, Ian, and Heaney discuss: new facial shapes and hearing aidsnew AI supercomputerabandoning the Oculus brandrecently announced specs


#93: Apple Headset Delay, US Investigates Meta, What Is Google's Project Iris?

Kyle, Ian, and Heaney discuss: Bloomberg's reportnew hand tracking quick menuUS FTC investigating MetaThe Verge's report


CES 2022 Impressions: New Headset, Gloves, Hand Tracking & More



#92: Sony 4K Microdisplay, New Quest SDK Features, Apple's Job Listing



#91: Oculus App Mixed Reality, Gabe's "New Headsets" Comment