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Podcast about 5th generation mobile networks from Ericsson.

Podcast about 5th generation mobile networks from Ericsson.
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Podcast about 5th generation mobile networks from Ericsson.




5G business potential - a market compass

What areas can service providers expect to be making money on with their 5G connectivity? We have Martin Ekstrand in the studio guiding us through a new study called "5G for business - a 2030 market compass", looking into potential revenues for 200 use cases across 10 industries - and find that industry digitalization could be a USD 700 billion opportunity by 2030. Download the report here: and register for the live webinar on October 29...


Episode 34 - 5G sustainability and listener questions

As it's #UNGA74 we have a look into our own Technology For Good Impact Report and talk about a couple of cases wher 5G can contribute. We also bring up some 5G news and answer a bunch of listener questions. Download the report here and read the blog Paul mentions here


Episode 33 - Educational: 5G chipsets and 5G spectrum updates

Focus your multi-array nanometerwave antennas for radio signals on this new episode where we try to make sense of the basics behind the latest 5G news and developments. Then use those 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz lowband receivers and let us entertain you! Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars, and contact us on


Episode 32 - Analyzing the 5G summer of 2019

We're visited by industry analyst (and influencer) Daryl Schoolar - practice leader of Ovum's Intelligent Networks team, specializing in the mobile access network. He has been vising Ericsson HQ to present their view on what's happening in the telecom industry - and he's also a podcast listener. Now he has the opportunity to tell us what he sees happening in 5G. Follow him on twitter @DHSchoolar and contact us via e-mail on


Episode 31 - 5G news recap to July 10 2019

After a couple of episodes of interviews and events we're recapping what's happened in the last couple of weeks with 5G launches all over the world! Let us know if there's something we've missed by e-mailing us on or pinging us on social media - we're on twitter @janinahed & @PaulCowlng. And we'll be back in August! Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars


Episode 30 - Drones, ambulances and autonomous vehicles

We're taking our show on the road by visiting Kista Mobility Day where Ericsson and other tech companies and initiatives were showing the latest connected inventions on the streets - right in an area covered by our 5G test networks! We talked drones with Petra Dalunde from Urban ICT Arena, connected ambulances with Ericsson's Kati Öhman and afterwards we also managed to talk to Per Degerman, CTO of Einride, who were showing their T-Pod, an autonomous and fully electric truck. More about...


Episode 29 - New deployment solutions for 5G

We're visited by Hannes Ekström, head of product line 5G RAN in Ericsson Networks who tells us all about the latest product additions to Ericsson's 5G Platform, more about that here: Paul also talks about running "the Ragnar" - a 285km race around Mälaren - and we update you on the latest 5G news.


Episode 28 - New 5G forecasts and launching 5G with Sprint

Two great guests visits us! First the executive editor of Ericsson Mobility Report, Patrik Cerwall, who talks about how wrong he was in Episode 4. Second, Ajit Bhatia, who's been working together with Ericsson's customer Sprint to launch 5G across four cities in the US, gives us an update on that launch. If you want to know more about what Sprint is doing - listen to Ivo Rook, Senior Vice President of IoT at Sprint, you can find that interview on the IoT podcast here:...


Episode 27 - 5G meets data science

Not everyone in Ericsson works with Networks – today we are talking to Anne Bezancon and Paul McLachlan from Emodo, part of Ericsson's Technology and New Businesses area. They have another perspective of the use of 5G and explain their vision of what happens when 5G meets data science. The podcast they mention is called FIVE, and more about Emodo here: And of course we have the usual roundup of all the latest 5G news. Enjoy!


Episode 26 - 5G for Industries

In episode 24 we talked about 5G for Consumers, but of course we also need to talk about 5G for Industries. What's in 5G for enterprises - manufacturing - healthcare and other areas? We're joined via Skype from London by Peter Marshall to talk about this important topic. Here's the report Peter mentions in the podcast: and remember to e-mail us your questions, suggestions...


Episode 25 - Live from 5G Transport Summit

We have two of Ericsson's customers visiting the podcast - Klaus Liechti of Swisscom, Switzerland, and Glenn Landgren from Hi3G, Denmark, and we're recording live from the 5G Transport Summit in Gothenburg. For questions, comments and suggestions e-mail us on


Episode 24 - 5G for Consumers

What's in 5G for consumers? And what's the business potential for communication service providers (ie mobile operators)? We talk to Head of Ericsson's ConsumerLab, Jasmeet Singh Sethi, about their latest study "5G Consumer Potential" and wonder what will be the next "killer app". Download the report here, it's free: Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars


Episode 23 - 5G Core

What are core networks and what's so different with 5G Core that it's not launched until 2020? We have Ericsson's head of 5G Core, Erwin van Rijssen, with us in the studio to explain Stand Alone (SA) versus Non-Stand Alone (NSA) 5G, EPC vs 5GC and the user benefits of Network Slicing. Last week Erwin participated in a webinar about Network Slicing, and if you want to know more you can see it here:...


Episode 22 - 5G networks launched

Faster than we imagined and a bit of the race to launch the first 5G networks for enhanced mobile broadband for consumers with smartphones! Ericsson's Janina Hedberg and Paul Cowling spends this week's episode on topics like what's happening in South Korea, US and Switzerland, what about the 5Groeningen winners, the development of micro processors - and Dogglas the dog turning 13.


Episode 21 - 5G history and future

Ericsson's Head of Research, Magnus Frodigh, and Head of Technology Strategy, Håkan "Mr 5G" Andersson joins us in the studio to talk about how 5G came to be, what it is now, and what it will be in the future - and will there be a 6G? Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars


Episode 20 - 5G Chipsets & Devices

Come with us as we do a deep-dive into the world of interoperability tests, 5G chipsets and 5G devices – smartphones! – together with our Global Partner Director, Lisa Englund. And we also talk a bit about 5G Transport – will it be microwave or fiber? This is where you can find the Microwave Outlook mentioned in the podcast: Here’s the blog by Kevin Murphy...


Episode 19 - 5G Operations & Maintenance

5G networks are getting closer and closer to being available for the general public - what does network service providers need to think about when it comes to operating and maintaining networks - and in particular when it comes to 5G? We have Gillian Leetch in the studio to explain. Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars


Episode 18 - 5G news and chocolates

Verizon just announced their upcoming 5G services launching April 11 in Chicago and Minneapolis, USA - and now with 3GPP standards. We celebrate this, the first 5G network in Sweden for industrial use case testing, Pi Day, Albert Einstein's and Paul Cowling's birthdays. Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars


Episode 17 - 5G in North America

Things are happening in 5G for the big operators in the US. We caught up with Ericsson's Head of Marketing for 5G in North America, Peter Linder - also known as @OneLinders on Twitter - to get his take on what's happening "over there". Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars


Episode 16 - 5G live at Mobile World Congress

At the year's biggest event for the mobile tech industry Ericsson's Janina Hedberg and Paul Cowling are joined by the team behind Ericsson's massive stand and we get their takes on how the event was - because it was all about 5G. Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars