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The social media marketing and business podcast for the interior design industry, luxury brands and the influencers and creatives who serve them. Hosted by interior design and social media pro, Darla Powell.

The social media marketing and business podcast for the interior design industry, luxury brands and the influencers and creatives who serve them. Hosted by interior design and social media pro, Darla Powell.


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The social media marketing and business podcast for the interior design industry, luxury brands and the influencers and creatives who serve them. Hosted by interior design and social media pro, Darla Powell.






Conversational Commerce is the Way of the Future [According to Paul Ace] - Episode 221

cCommerce or C-Com is short for conversational commerce. It’s about building conversations with people and engaging in a conversational way of selling. It can be using SMS messenger, voicemail drops, personalized images, and more. Paul Ace and his team use it to create an 80% human-like experience and a 20% human experience. What does that mean? How can it help you and your business? Find out in this episode of Wingnut Social! Paul Ace is popularizing the concept of C Com through the...


Overcome Your Inner Shadows to Reach Your Soul Goals (with Anna Tsui) - Episode 220

Business owners know what to do to get where they need to go. But every time they find success, they start thinking in circles and second-guessing themselves. Self-sabotage begins to kick in. Anna Tsui has noticed this with everyone she’s worked with. For Darla, self-sabotage translates into procrastination and self-doubt. So why do we people self-sabotage? What can you do to mitigate that voice in your head? In this episode of Wingnut Social, Anna talks about how to overcome self-sabotage...


How to Brand Your Design Business According to Mike Peterson - Episode 219

What is the easiest way to brand your design business? How do you stand out from the crowd enough to land clients? Mike Peterson has spent most of his career in the world of publishing with magazines like Country Living, House Beautiful, and Luxe. He loves all things marketing, branding, and interior design. He has the unique experience to help interior designers set themselves up for success with the right branding for who they are. Listen to this episode of Wingnut Social for his...


How to Use Pinterest to Up-Level Your Social Media Marketing [Kate Ahl] - Episode 218

Pinterest is a great way to connect with your clients. How? Because most of them find their inspiration on Pinterest. Secondly, it’s a great way to showcase how you design and level up the design for future clients. Best of all, it helps people become aware of you. So how do you leverage Pinterest to work for your design business? Kate Ahl—the owner of Simple Pin Media—shares her best strategies in this episode of Wingnut Social! What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social Connect...


REPLAY: Infuse More Play in Your Day with Jeff Harry - Episode 217

Darla is smack in the middle of a move to Maryland (U-Haul and all), so this week we are replaying a popular episode with Jeff Harry! Get ready to infuse some play in your day—and be better for it. Jeff Harry defines play as “Any joyful act where you are fully present in the moment. It has no purpose or result.” You are fully in love with what is actually happening. Your play moments are the best moments of your life when you feel most alive. You are in flow. What is the work where you...


Here’s How to Convert Your Expertise to a Money-Making Consulting Business with Laura Meyer - Episode 216

Do you know how to do something so well that people are asking you to coach them? Have you thought about starting a coaching business? How do you convert your expertise to real dollars in your pocket? The truth is that people don’t talk about how to become a consultant. Being a consultant can give you a great lifestyle, a great profit margin, and allows you to work part-time hours. You also get to make a huge difference with the people you’re serving and help them make transformations at a...


How to Hire—So You Don’t Have to Fire [with Colleen Baader] - Episode 215

How do you hire the right people so you don’t find yourself letting someone go six months down the road? Do you hire for your weakness or hire someone that fits in with the culture? So much goes into hiring the right person. So in this episode of Wingnut Social, Colleen Baader joins Darla to share how she hires for her design firm. Colleen Baader has been an interior designer for 27 years primarily focusing on commercial design. Seven years ago she started Vertical Interior Design focused...


Transform Your Business with Powerful Self-Talk [Roy Redd] - Episode 214

After a seminar that changed his life, Roy Redd started a small CPR business that he grew to six-figures over the next year. So he wrote his first book, “The Success Magnet.” During the launch of that book, he got a DM from Casey Trujeque, who asked if his methods worked for athletes. So Casey flew him out to Portland Oregon to work with an athlete. He was able to turn that athlete around with his methods. How? How did changing his self-talk change his game? Learn more in this episode of...


Lauren Brown's Wins, Losses, and Lessons Learned - Episode 213

Lauren Brown launched her design business at age 65—right before the Coronavirus reared its ugly head. In this episode of Wingnut Social, Lauren shares what she had to do to pivot, the marketing that she’s found success with, and what you should and shouldn’t do. Ready to learn from her years of experience? Don’t miss it! What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social Connect with Lauren Brown WebsiteInstagramFacebook Resources & People Mentioned Episode #131Scarlet Thread...


How to Convert Discovery Calls to Clients with Nikki Rausch - Episode 212

According to Nikki Rausch, the objective of a discovery call is to identify whether or not you’re talking to a potential client. How do you determine that? How can you ask the right questions and move them to the next step in the process? How do you close a discovery call with a new client? Nikki shares her strategy in this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast! What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social Connect with Nikki Rausch WebsitePodcastThe Selling Staircasefree ebook...


Digital Product Libraries = The Way of the Future according to Rex Rogosch - Episode 211

Are physical product libraries dying out? Are they even necessary? Are digital product libraries becoming the way of the future? Rex Rogosch—Darla Powell Interiors’ very own Creative Director—shares where he thinks the space is moving. If you need some tips and tricks to start building your own digital product library, don’t miss this episode of Wingnut Social! What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social Connect with Rex Rogosch Darla Powell InteriorsLinkedIn Resources & People...


The Science Behind Intuition with Sunil Godse - Episode 210

What is intuition? Is it the same thing as a gut feeling? Is intuition the same for everyone? After making a series of bad decisions that led to the death of a friend, Sunil Godse spent thousands of hours researching how to help people stop making poor decisions by sharpening their intuition. Intuitionology was born. In this episode of Wingnut Social, Sunil talks about how to define intuition, the science of intuition, the four intuitive hurdles, and the four types of intuition. Whew. The...


Want to Become a Thought Leader? Here’s How [Carol Cox Shares] - Episode 209

How do you become a thought leader? Is there any benefit to your bottom line? In this episode of the Wingnut Social podcast, Carol Cox shares how you can become a thought leader in your space. She covers the definition of a thought leader, the power of sharing personal experiences, and how to speak your brand with her VOICE method. Don’t miss it! Carol Cox is the founder of Speaking Your Brand®, a coaching and training company that helps high-performing, purpose-driven women entrepreneurs...


[Replay] Betsy Helmuth’s Guide to 10x Your Influence - Episode 208

Things are crazy in the Wingnut world, so this episode is a throwback to a popular episode: Betsy Helmuth’s Guide to 10x Your Influence. If you missed it the first time—don't miss it this time! Betsy Helmuth joins Darla in this episode to share exactly how she broadened her reach and got local and national exposure—and how you can too. Check it out!


Sean Castrina Shares Why You Should Never Say “No” to a “Yes” - Episode 207

Why should you never say “no” to a small project? How can you walk away without leaving money on the table? In this episode of Wingnut Social, Sean Castrina shares how he lands the clients and projects he wants—which means saying a lot of “yes.” If you’re ready to level-up your business, don’t miss this episode. Sean Castrina is a serial entrepreneur, having started more than 20 companies over the last 20 years, and still seeks to launch a new venture annually. He is the author of 8...


How to Write Email Campaigns that DON’T Suck [with Abbi Perets] - Episode 206

How many of you swipe and delete emails without giving them a second glance—but expect your mailing list to read yours? How do you write email sequences that don’t get immediately trashed? The founder of Successful Freelance Mom—and email sequence genius—Abbi Perets shares her secret sauce in this episode of Wingnut Social (HINT: It’s NOT about a killer subject line). What You’ll Hear On This Episode of Wingnut Social Connect with Abbi Perets Successful Freelance MomLinkedInInstagram...


Wendy Woloshchuk’s Time Blocking Tips for Designers - Episode 205

Are you familiar with the concept of time blocking? Will it make you more productive and efficient with your time? Or are you set in your ways and happy with your current routine? Wendy Woloschuk knows that blocking her time makes her more efficient. In this episode, she shares her tips and tricks for optimal time-blocking success. After all, time is money—how much are you wasting? Wendy Woloshchuk is the owner of Details Interiors. In addition to running a busy design firm, Wendy is a...


Richard Tarity Shares Why Now is THE Time to Embrace eDesign - Episode 204

Should you add eDesign to your portfolio—if you haven’t already? 2020 was a hot year to embrace eDesign. If you haven’t already jumped on the bandwagon, Richard Tarity shares WHY you need to in this special bonus episode of the Wingnut Social podcast. He also shares how Foyr is changing eDesign with its groundbreaking capabilities. Richard Tarity has been a technology thought leader for over two decades. He is a self-proclaimed serial entrepreneur and the President of North America for...


Jessica Harling's Genius Hiring Process for Small Businesses - Episode 203

How do you make your first hire? What processes should you have in place to avoid making mistakes? Should you simplify the process and use a recruiting agency? Jessica Harling shares her expertise in hiring in this episode of Wingnut Social! If you’re running a small business ready for growth, do not miss this practical and oh so important episode. Jessica Harling is a 4th-generation window treatment specialist and founder of Behind the Design. She is a leading expert in employee engagement...


The Design World Hot Topic: Free Design Consultations [Sandra Funk Replay] - Episode 202

Do you charge for a design consultation? Or do you offer it free-of-cost? Does a free consultation go against everything you believe in? This widely-debated highly-controversial topic is THE topic of conversation of late, which is why Darla chose to replay this amazing episode with Sandra Funk. Sandra has been in business for 20+ years. In those 20 years, Sandra has NEVER charged for design consultations. Darla and Natalie stopped charging for consultations as a beta-test—and decided to...