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The 247Sports Michigan beat gets together once a month to talk all things related to Michigan football, basketball, recruiting and more. Be sure to read all of our stories at!

The 247Sports Michigan beat gets together once a month to talk all things related to Michigan football, basketball, recruiting and more. Be sure to read all of our stories at!
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The 247Sports Michigan beat gets together once a month to talk all things related to Michigan football, basketball, recruiting and more. Be sure to read all of our stories at!




Preview: Can Michigan overcome odds at Penn State?

Previewing the Michigan football team's matchup at No. 7 Penn State, we break down some of the key storylines from the week and look at the matchup through the lens of our weekly over-under predictions. First, we discuss why we think the Wolverines' fans may be going overboard with their pessimism on Michigan's chances, though we also break down why the mindset is validated. We also dig into some of the more notable comments the Wolverines made in availability during the week and what can be...


Breaking down Michigan's win over Illinois

In this episode, we look at two game balls, opine on four lasting takeaways and discuss seven questions stemming from the No. 16 Michigan football team's 42-25 win at Illinois. Our game balls, as is usually the case, are split between the offense and the defense. Our offensive MVP is a surprising skill position player who had by far the best game of his career, while our defensive standout is a player who had a lot of excitement around this season and hasn't been bad, but had something of a...


Michigan-Illinois preview and predictions

Working without Steve Lorenz due to a scheduling conflict, Zach Shaw breaks down what he expects to see in Saturday’s matchup between Michigan and Illinois. Threading the podcast’s traditional over-under game throughout his preview, Shaw looks at Shea Patterson’s situation, and why the senior quarterback needs more than just a get-well game. He also looks at Michigan’s running backs, how the Wolverines can make progress and more on the Fighting Illini’s woeful defense. He also digs into...


Previewing Michigan-Illinois with Illini Inquirer

After receiving strong reviews from last week’s joint podcast, we once again invite an opposing beat writer to join us, as Michigan beat writer Zach Shaw and Illinois beat writer Jeremy Werner discuss the key storylines for both teams heading into this week’s game.Acknowledging that the game itself is rather predictable and that neither team is using the game as a measuring stick, they instead begin by breaking down how each team has fared to expectations. Werner notes that Illinois’...


Analyzing Michigan's win over Iowa

Breaking down the Michigan football team's 10-3 win over No. 14 Iowa, we look at two game balls, four lasting thoughts from the game and answer seven user questions from listeners. Both of our game balls went to the defense, as we handed them out to two disruptive pass-rushers who had maybe the best games of their careers. We also acknowledge runners-up on the defensive line, the secondary, and linebacking corps. Our lasting takes included two thoughts on Michigan's stellar defense and two...


Previewing Michigan's home test against Iowa

In this episode, Lorenz and Shaw use their weekly over-under segments to preview the Michigan football team's matchup against No. 14 Iowa and offer their final prediction for the game. First, they look at how well Michigan might be able to pass on the Hawkeyes mostly inexperienced pass defense, and why that might be the key to breaking a statistically elite overall defense that Iowa brings. After that, they dissect what can be read about Michigan's run game woes, Iowa's run defense and how...


Michigan-Iowa crossover preview with Zach Shaw and David Eickholt

This podcast, a special crossover episode between The Wolverine247 Podcast and Hawkeye Insider’s Swarmcast, featured a discussion between Michigan beat writer Zach Shaw and Iowa beat writer David Eickholt about both teams. First, both discuss the teams’ respective starts to the season. Eickholt looks at Iowa and how much can be taken away from blowout wins, while Shaw digs into why the Wolverines have struggled to click right away. Then, the two look at how each offense has settled in with...


Rapid reaction to Michigan's 52-0 win over Rutgers

In a rapid-reaction episode, we break down Michigan's dominant, 52-0 win over Rutgers. Sticking with our typical 2-4-7 format to postgame podcasts, we give out two game balls, offer four lasting takeaways and field seven questions from listeners. In our game balls, we give one to a member on each side of the ball, noting two successful starters who played arguably the best games of their careers Saturday. In takeaways, we break down a mantra the team is relying on after last week's loss,...


Previewing Michigan's bounce-back efforts against Rutgers

In this episode, we continue to discuss the news and notes of the week while previewing Michigan's matchup against Rutgers. First, we break down the premise that Michigan is playing itself following its shell-shocking loss at Wisconsin last week, and how critical of a bounce-back week it is for the Wolverines. We discuss what sort of things Michigan can show to indicate that it is continuing to take steps forward both internally and externally, and what that looks like on offense, defense...


Dissecting Michigan's catastrophic loss at Wisconsin

Bucking our traditional postgame format a bit, we devote the entire podcast to tackling some of the key questions that stemmed from the Michigan football team's loss at Wisconsin. Among the questions included: -Where does the Wolverines' 35-14 loss rank among Jim Harbaugh's 15 losses as Michigan's coach? -Where do the 2019 Wolverines compare to Jim Harbaugh's other teams at Michigan? -What is holding Michigan's new offense back the most, and what do we make of Josh Gattis' impact so far?...


Previewing Michigan's trip to No. 13 Wisconsin

After a bye week, we preview the No. 11 Michigan football team's matchup with No. 13 Wisconsin, looking at the key storylines and angles, as well as making predictions for the game. First, we open with a look into the constant do-or-die rhetoric that surrounds all of Michigan's big games. We note why the Wolverines are an easy target for national pundits and why this game is actually a big matchup without the world necessarily being at stake. Then, we dive into some of the things we're...


Takeaways from Michigan's win over Army

In this episode, we recap the Michigan football team's narrow 24-21, double-overtime victory over Army, handing out two game balls, opining on four lasting takeaways and answering seven questions about the Wolverines.In our game balls, two underclassmen, one on each side of the ball, stood out the most to us to earn recognitions. Listen for more, but both have been highly competitive at positions seen as weaknesses entering the season.In our takeaways, we break down some of our thoughts two...


Michigan-Army preview: What to watch and expect

In this episode, we preview Michigan's Week Two matchup against Army. First, we break down why there is fear over the Wolverines' matchup with a service academy, what makes Army's triple-option, possession-based football so tricky to face and how possible the Black Knights are at pulling off the upset. We then break down how Michigan can counter what Army does offensively, how the Wolverines' coaching staff is more equipped than most to handle Army's offense as well as which defensive...


Recapping Michigan's win over Middle Tennessee

In this episode, we go in-depth with our thoughts on the Michigan football team’s season-opening win over Middle Tennessee, looking at two standout players, four lasting observations and answering seven listener questions. In delivering our game balls, we break down the play of Michigan’s top offensive and defensive player, while also looking at three other candidates who stood out. When looking at our observations, we first take a peek at Michigan’s secondary and running backs corps, and...


Middle Tennessee preview: Five things to watch

In our first game preview episode of the season, we take a look at the Michigan football team's matchup against Middle Tennessee. Given that the Wolverines are heavily favored to beat the Blue Raiders, our five things to watch for are Michigan-specific. First, we discuss how the offense could look and what our approach would be to unveiling the Wolverines' new offense. We also take a look at new starters, and which ones we're the most intrigued to see what they can do. We then look at...


Prediction special 2019: How will Michigan, the rest of the country fare?

In our third annual all-prediction special, Lorenz and Shaw make 40 predictions for the 2019 season about Michigan, its schedule and the 2019 season nationally.First, we look at the Wolverines’ season, predicting who we think will be the team’s leading rusher, leading receiver, leading tackle-for-loss man, who scores the most total touchdown. We also make our predictions for the breakout player, team MVP and top freshmen on both offense and defense. We call our shot on first-team All-Big Ten...


What we learned in fall camp and Harbaugh press conference reaction

Opening the Michigan football team's first game week of the season, we look at Jim Harbaugh's Monday press conference as well as some of our biggest takeaways from fall camp. We begin by looking at redshirt sophomore right tackle Andrew Stueber's season-ending ACL injury, what it means for the Wolverines' offensive line and where Michigan goes from there. We also discuss Harbaugh announcing that Michigan doesn't have a No. 1 running back, his glowing comments about a number of true freshmen...


Five best freshmen in fall camp and listener questions

Continuing our fall camp coverage, we open our show with listener questions about the team, then break down our top five freshmen through three weeks of fall camp. Our questions begin around the team, as we address inquiries on Zach Charbonnet, running back depth, potential additions to the running backs room, receiver depth down the road, defensive backfield depth now, Michigan's new captains and even top tailgating spots in Ann Arbor on game days. Then, we close the show, looking at the...


Breaking down fall camp standouts for Michigan Football

Steve Lorenz of 247Sports breaks down some fall camp standouts for Michigan and touches on the Andrew Stueber injury along with a few recruiting notes and a quick thought on the James Hudson/Jim Harbaugh situation. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit


Eight questions as Michigan's fall camp gets underway

After waiting to hear from Michigan assistants about the first week of fall camp, Lorenz and Shaw do a quasi-preview of the Wolverines' month by breaking down eight questions related to Michigan. First, they look at the Wolverines' potentially precarious running backs situation, respond to Josh Gattis' comments and what to make of Michigan's running backs depth. Then, they proceed to the Wolverines' next-most discussed potential weakness, exploring why Michigan's defensive line might be...