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If you are providing voice, desktop management, A/V services or managed print, you may have noticed what we deliver for our customers and how we define what we do is changing. This series is designed to help providers just like you to stay on top of the issues and opportunities that affect you most. We’ll be interviewing key industry players who have knowledge and expertise to help drive your businesses towards the future.


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If you are providing voice, desktop management, A/V services or managed print, you may have noticed what we deliver for our customers and how we define what we do is changing. This series is designed to help providers just like you to stay on top of the issues and opportunities that affect you most. We’ll be interviewing key industry players who have knowledge and expertise to help drive your businesses towards the future.




The EV Charging Opportunity for the Office Equipment Channel

If you are thinking of diversifying your services, have you considering EV charging stations? Join us as we explore the rise of EV charging stations in the industry with those who are doing it. Join your host, West McDonald, and guests, Jim George and Mark Hart, and discover how you can tap into this booming market and offer innovative solutions to your customers. Don't miss out on this electrifying opportunity!


The AI Access Control Revolution - A Conversation with Brendan McFall

Are you ready to discover how Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing access control in the security industry? In our latest interview with Brendan McFall from Northland Controls, he shares insights on how AI enhances security, boosts efficiency, and opens up new avenues of value for customers. Don't miss this opportunity to stay ahead of the curve!


Exploring the Merge of Cybersecurity and Physical Security in a Hyper-Connected World

Cybersecurity or physical security? In a world increasingly driven by AI and IoT, can we truly separate the two anymore? Join us in an insightful dialogue as West McDonald and global security expert Michael Gips delve into the merging of physical and virtual security realms. From exploring the unexpected journey of a death row attorney turned security expert, to understanding the implications of an ever-growing IoT ecosystem on global security assets, this conversation promises to redefine your perspective on integrated security solutions.


AI-Social Synergy: Revamping Tech Marketing in 2023

In an era where technology solutions evolve at breakneck speed, the ways we market to our customers must follow suit! In the latest enlightening interview, join West McDonald from Tigerpaw Software and seasoned marketing exec, Kelly Stone, as they explore the shifting landscapes of social media marketing and technology.


From Battlefields to Boardrooms: The Impact of Military Veterans in Cybersecurity

Are you a military veteran looking to transition to the technology services world, or a company seeking more top-notch talent to drive growth? Join Chief Noise Maker West McDonald and Professor Neil Curtis from DXC Technology as they discuss the powerful value of military experience in the tech world. Learn about emotional intelligence, diversity and inclusion, and the parallels between military tactics and cybersecurity expertise.


Print Dealers: Smart Changes to Reduce Environmental Impact

Join us as we dive into the world of eco-friendly printing practices with Tigerpaw host West McDonald and an all-star panel: Tricia Judge (IITC), Eric Crump (Ringdale), & Shneour Heintz! We discuss how to practice the 3 Rs (Reduce/Reuse/Recycle) in the managed print ecosystem, make print-enabled devices more efficient, and drive a "Reman Renaissance" to help businesses improve their environmental footprints! Don't miss out on this game-changing conversation–our planet depends on us all!


Top Secret MRR: the Shocking Weapon Your Competitors Don’t Want You to Know

Attention MSPs! Boost your MRR with this game-changing strategy your competitors hope you don’t know about. Join our exclusive interview with industry leaders West McDonald, Brian Harris, and Jay Christensen as they reveal insider secrets to adding high margin MRR!


Personal Brand and Sales Mastery for IT Professionals

IT Professionals: Are you ready to elevate your career? Join West McDonald and Dr. Cindy McGovern in a must-watch interview that will help you master your personal brand and unlock your inner sales guru. Discover how owning and managing your personal brand can lead to personal and professional success in the technology industry. Don't miss this chance to learn from the “first lady of sales” so you can elevate your IT career! Check out the interview.


Future-Proof Your Technology Solutions Business: Back to the Future with AI

Planning for the future of your technology solutions business can be daunting, especially with the rapid pace of change in the IT world. But fear not! In this Tigerpaw interview, West McDonald and guests Bob Johansen and Jeremy Kirshbaum share powerful tips on how to plan ahead using "Future-back thinking" and prioritize decisions using the 7 spectrums of choice.


The Power of Client Information: Tools to Unlock the Data You Already Have

Unlock untouched revenue streams with the power of client information and AI solutions! In this interview with Rick Reynolds of Ask Forensics, discover the secrets of account and sales forensics and how they can revolutionize your business strategy. Tune in now!


How the Pro AV Industry Must Evolve in 2023 and Beyond

Ready to stay ahead of the curve in the Pro AV industry? Join Ben Thomas of the ProAV podcast as he dives into the future of the Pro AV channel and explores how to adapt and evolve in 2023 and beyond.


Maximizing the Benefits of AI While Maintaining Responsibility: A Conversation with Seth Dobrin

Are you curious about using AI to boost your business but wondering how to do so responsibly? Our latest episode of Tigerpaw Radio has you covered! Seth Dobrin from the AI Institute joins us to discuss the importance of being transparent, utilizing diverse and high-quality data, and staying up to date on the latest AI developments.


Touchdown: Leadership, 10 Yards at a Time

Touchdown! Join West McDonald and special guest Jeff McWilliams, VP of Growth at Blind Zebra, as they explore the power of peers in helping sales leaders sharpen their craft. Discover how Blind Zebra helps businesses grow and operate more efficiently and learn how sales leadership and growth are more like a Superbowl than you might think!


How We Survived a Cyberattack: Interview with Robert Cioffi, Progressive Computing, Inc.

How do you survive a ransomware attack and come out stronger on the other side? Learn from somebody who has done it! Join Robert Cioffi of Progressive Computing, Inc., as he shares the harrowing details and inspirational moments of how to not just survive, but thrive.


Mastering Growth in Turbulent Times: Interview with Michael L. Cozzens

You know you must do things differently to grow your business in these turbulent times, but where to start? Right here! Check out this eye-opening interview with Michael L. Cozzens as he shares the secrets that helped to grow Visual Edge IT into the giant it is today.


No More Empty Suits: Interview with Best Selling Author & Sales Coach Larry Levine

In this Tigerpaw Radio interview with Larry Lavine, best selling author of “Selling from the Heart,” you’ll learn how to become a sales professional that not only makes money but also builds a high level of trust with customers.


Demystifying the Metaverse: Interview with Giselle Mota

“Meta” is in the news for all the wrong reasons, but does that mean the metaverse is dead? Hardly. Tune in as Giselle Mota, Chief of Product Inclusion at ADP, helps demystify the metaverse and unlock huge opportunities for your business today. Episode: 60 Guest: Giselle Mota


B2B Social Marketing & Sales Primer: Interview with Brandi Rogers

1.93 billion people use Facebook every day. 74% of them are using it for business purposes, and 74% of those folks are decision-makers. Is your business reaching them? Let Brandi Rogers, Director of Marketing at CharTec. Inc, show you how! Episode: 59 Guest: Brandi Rogers


You’re an MSP at risk of being hacked: What are your legal obligations?

Your worst nightmare as an MSP or IT Services provider has become reality: You’ve been hacked and are locked out of all your systems. Blair Dawson of McDonald Hopkins shares what you need to do to protect yourself and your customers. Episode: 58 Guest: Blair Dawson


How the Gamification of Cybersecurity Changes the Game for Good

The biggest cybersecurity threat is not malware, it’s our own people. Join Clint Bodungen of ThreatGen as he shares how Gamification could change that and allow you to dramatically increase your security stance. Episode: 57 Guest: Clint Bodungen