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Solving big problems with small teams

Solving big problems with small teams




Solving big problems with small teams






Jac Hughes — All about Scrum, when you should (and shouldn't) use it, and how to get started

Since leaving the Royal Navy about 7 years ago, Jac Hughes has found himself drawn to the world of Scrum and agile software development. He now runs Everyday Agile, an agile coaching and training business based in the UK. In this episode Resources Book: When Will It Be Done? by Daniel S. Vacanti Blog series: Story Pointless (Part 1 of 3) by Nick Brown Podcast: Scrum Master Toolbox Guest Jac Hughes LinkedIn: jac-hughes Everyday Agile YouTube channel: Everyday Agile Watch this...


Morgan Craft — Is a fractional CTO right for your company?

Morgan Craft is a New York-based former software engineer and CTO, and currently a founder and Fractional CTO. He joins me to discuss the concept of a fractional CTO, why they're growing in popularity, and how to decide whether one is right for you. In this episode Resources What is a Fractional CTO?Rand's List Leadership Slack Guest Morgan Craft Web site: MorganCraft.com LinkedIn: mgan59 gitBabel Watch this episode on YouTube.


Stacy Cashmore — The painful crawl through the morass of past shortcuts

Stacy Cashmore has the interesting title of Tech Explorer DevOps at Omniplan, which means she has free reign to do what she thinks she needs to do! In this episode, we talk about a big rewrite decision she made, and the results of this decision, good and bad. In this episode isalwaysResources Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon The DevOps Handbook by Gene Kim, Patrick Debois, John Willis, Jez Humble The Unicorn Project by Gene Kim The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim Guest Stacy Cashmore Twitter:...


Bryan Finster — The One Agile Scaling Framework to Rule Them All

Bryan Finster returns to Tiny DevOps, this time to explain the amazing benefits of his new Scaled Agile DevOps Maturity Framework (SAD MF), the silver bullet that you, and literally everyone else, should be using. In this episode Resources Scaled Agile DevOps Minimum Viable CD and (Tiny DevOps Episode #21) Guest Bryan Finster LinkedIn: bryan-finster Medium: https://bdfinst.medium.com/ Watch this episode on YouTube.


Matt K Parker — Radical Collaboration, how Radical Enterprises do it, and how you can, too

More and more organizations are adopting a "Radically Collaborative" approach to business. Matt K. Parker, author of the new book A Radical Enterprise joins me to discuss what this means, why it's desirable, and how to begin adopting these practices in our own organizations. In this episode Reinventing OrganizationsTeam of Teams Resources A Radical EnterpriseHOW reportHigh Output ManagementReinventing OrganizationsTeam of TeamsCorporate RebelsHow to Run A Radically Collaborative Meeting...


How can I best prepare for a job interview? And other DevOps career Q&A

In this episode, I tackle some questions from listeners, and provide my own answers to your DevOps Careers questions: Resources The Daily Commit: Knowledge Options Send your questions for an upcoming Q&A episode to jonathan@jhall.io. Watch this episode on YouTube.


Joy Ebertz — All About Feature Flags

Joy Ebertz is a Principal Software Engineer at Split. She focuses on the technical vision for the backend team, and she joins me today to talk about some of the obvious, as well as not so obvoius ways in which feature flags can be used on projects of any size. In this episode Resources Split.io Blog: 7 Ways We Use Feature Flags Every Day at Split Guest Joy Ebertz Blog: https://jkebertz.medium.com/ Twitter: @jkebertz LinkedIn: joyebertz Watch this episode on YouTube.


Jonathan Hall — The Butterfly Effect: How a Single Bit Changed My Career

This week I share the story of a single bit gone wrong back in 2006, which launched my career on a new trajectory of root-cause analysis, continuous improvement, and DevOps. Resources Blog: Joel on Software Book: Working Effectively with Legacy Code by Michael Feathers Book: Extreme Programming Explained by Kent Beck Book: Clean Code by Robert Martin The Joel Test Talk: 10+ Deploys Per Day (12:45) The Jonathan Test Lean CD Bootcamp Presentation Slides and notes Watch this episode...


Lynn Thames — What do software development and manufacturing have in common? Agility.

Lynn Thames' business Excel Software Services, helps manufacturing and distribution companies with software automation. She joins me to help answer the question: What does software development have in common with manufacturing? Her answer: Agility. In this episode Resources Book: The Phoenix Project Book: The Goal Value Pricing Guest Lynn Thames Excel Software Services Watch this episode on YouTube.


Emily Omier — How to "sell" open-source

Does your company produce open-source software? Are you considering doing so? Emily Omier helps open-source startups with product positioning, and today she joins me to discuss how you can position your open-source project, if you have one, and help you decide if you should have one. In this episode: Guest Emily Omier emilyomier.com Cloud Native Startup podcast Positioning Open Source blog Twitter: @EmilyOmier Watch this episode on YouTube.


Adrian Stanek — Think In Baby Steps

Adrian Stanek, of Bits in Motion, joins me to relate his success story of transforming his organization's software development process via baby steps. We discuss his old architecture, why it was problematic, and the strategy he employed to gradually replace it with a new, more modern micro-frontend-based architecture. Adrian also shares where improvements are still needed, and his planned next steps to get there. Resources Daily Email: Why most Agile Transformations fail Strangler Fig...


Charles Max Wood — Level Up Your Career

Charles Max Wood is the founder of Top End Devs, a platform focused on teaching developers how to achive top 5% status in their chosen field, and in this episode we talk about what that means, and how six simple practices can help you achieve that goal. We discuss whether everyone ought to aim for the top 5%, and why most people don't make it. We talk about the daily, weekly, monthly, and other habits that can help anyone climb the ranks quickly. Resources Adventures in DevOps...


Will Button — The Inside Scoop on Teaching DevOps

Will Button, co-host of the Adventures in DevOps podcast and DevOps "YouTuber" joins me to discuss his nascent DevOps media empire. Will talks about his motivation to start doing online training and his YouTube channel, his core audience, and walks us through some of the behind-the-scenes aspects of his content creation, along with a healthy dose of encouragement for anyone else interested in dipping their toe into the YouTube water. Resources Adventures in DevOps...


Rob Walling — Does "DevOps" Matter to Investors?

Rob Walling, co-founder of the TinySeed accelerator for bootstrapped SaaS founders, joins me to discuss what investors and potential acquirers look for in the technology they're investing in. What technology choices matter to potential investors or acquirers of your company? Can tech debt sink a deal? Does it matter at this level if you use Kubernetes? Resources Podcast: Startups For the Rest Of Us TinySeed MicroConf Connect MicroConf YouTube Channel Guest Rob Walling Twitter:...


Amando Abreu — Defining Confusing Terms

In this week's episode we strive to define some confusing and controversial terms: Resources Video: 10+ Deploys Per Day 2:08 The Manifesto for Agile Software Development Book: The Lean Startup by Eric Reis Humans are Turing Complete Tiny DevOps Episode 19: Mastering Evolutionary Design with J.B. Rainsberger 44:15 Co-host Amando Abreu LinkedIn Watch this episode on YouTube.


Steve Wells — Using Games and Simulations for Agile Education

Steve Wells is a former developer, Scrum master, and agile coach who now builds online games and simulations related to Agile software development practices. Resources Agile Cambridge 2018 talk: Efficiencies in interdependent agile teams No Estimates Board Game by Matt Philip Book: The Goal by Eliyahu M. Goldratt Book: The Phoenix Project by Gene Kim The Pareto Principle The Phoenix Project DevOps Simulation Guest Steve Wells Contact via web site:...


Parham Doustdar — The Blind Leading the Sighted: What We Can Learn From an Ex-Software Engineer Without Sight

Parham Doustdar, Engineering Manager of Accessibility at Booking.com, joins me to discuss life as a fully blind sofware engineer, and how we can make engineering tools more accessible for everyone, not just those with disabilities. Whether you have a disability or not, whether it's visible or invisible, accessibility affects you. Parham talks about the benefits to everyone of clean code, explict error messages, and using multiple modes of communication. He talks about his experience getting...


Jillian Rowe — Where DevOps Meets Data Science

Jillian Rowe, who you may know as a regular co-panelist on the Adventures in DevOps podcast, joins me to talk about her work at the crossroads of bioinformatics, Data Science and DevOps. We have a casual conversation about her business as a freelancer and early-stage startup founder, and some of the unique challenges that come when working with Big Data and bioinformatics, and how she is addressing scaling challenges as a solo operator. Resources Science Daily Strapi headless CMS Hugo...


Ola Ellnestam — Disecting Complexity With the Mikado Method

Ola Ellnestam, along with co-author Daniel Brolund, wrote the book The Mikado Method, which describes an incremental approach to code refactoring, as well as project management. In this interview Ola discusses the application of the technique, common pitfalls and objections to it, and provides insight into how the technique can be used to help communicate technical debt and dependencies with non-technical stakeholders. Resources Book: The Mikado Method by Ola ellnestam and Daniel...


Ashleigh Cornelius — On a Mission To Connect With Local Businesses

Ashleigh Cornelius is the founder of Localise, a UK-based startup on a mission to bring consumers together with local, independent businesses. We talk about the vision and story of Localise, and some of the challenges he's faced as a (mostly) non-technical founder building a technology startup. Resources Localise web site Instagram Facebook LinkedIn Guest Ashleigh Cornelius on Instagram