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TP48 - Data: The Dangerous Currency of Ransomware

There are multiple ways we use the internet to track our health and interact with care providers. This digital footprint has proven to be a pro and con to those working in the industry. CIOs and those in IT at hospitals and health systems have long been concerned with HIPAA and PHI data security. In this episode, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss how “ransomware” - one of the most pressing threats to the healthcare industry - has evolved over the years and how health systems today...


TP47 - 2017 Year in Review

In this very special episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer recap the past year, sharing the high (and low) moments from the show, including awarding the first annual “touchies” award in the following categories: Best “Cold Open,” Best Episode, Best Alternate Name for TouchPoint/TouchCounterPoint, Best Guest and Biggest Fan. Special thanks to all of our listeners, guests and sponsors for making 2017 a transformative year for our podcast - and we look forward to much more in 2018! Happy...


TP44 - Is marketing quality quality marketing?

Traditionally, marketing and quality departments operate separately within a hospital. However, much like other areas in a health system (patient experience, IT, clinical care), we are starting to see marketing departments play an active role is quality initiatives. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss how certain quality measures play an important role in healthcare consumerism and share ways in which marketing can successfully promote quality to various stakeholders....


TP43 - The Rise of the, Chatbots

Chatbots are not a new concept - they have been around since 1994. But with recent advances in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning - along with major platform providers like Facebook, Google and Microsoft providing access to their technologies to conversational UI developers - the expansion of chatbots is dramatically expanding in many industries - including healthcare. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the rise of the chatbots in hospitals and health...


TP39 - Cyber Security Risks for Hospitals

For hospitals and health systems trying to embrace the digital age, it’s important to understand the pros and cons of such an approach. In this episode, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss a very important topic: data and cyber security risks. Tasked with protecting HIPAA and PHI, the constant pressure to keep data safe and secure is critical. Chris and Reed share ways in which, CIOs and IT departments are adapting their tools and processes to adopt a safe digital environment while...


TP38 - LIVE from HCIC 2017

Recorded live at the Healthcare Internet Conference in Austin, Texas, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith welcome expert guests from the industry - Tony Huth, EVP and Co-Founder of Medicom Health, Peter Alperin, VP at Doximity and Aaron Clifford, SVP of Marketing at Binary Fountain. The panel engages in a spirited conversation about the digital experience for both patients and physicians, trends in online reputation management and how best hospitals can leverage their outside vendors for...


TP37 - Are Machines Taking Over Healthcare?

With Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and the rise of computer-assisted technologies, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer dive into an almost philosophical discussion on whether machines are poised to take over healthcare. Is the Singularity upon us? With a discussion on how computers have developed more intelligence and the rise of computer learning, the hosts discuss a number of trends in which computers are becoming smarter than humans (with Natural Language Processing and image...


TP33 - Can a Good Digital Patient Experience Impact Quality?

The beauty about digital is that everything is absolutely measurable. And while measuring ROI is now the norm for healthcare digital marketers, can we also claim that digital can have an impact on quality? Is there such a thing as “Return on Health” (ROH)? In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the corollary and causal impacts a good digital presence can have on impacting quality outcomes. They define a framework on how hospitals can map their digital tools and tactics...


TP32 - Live from Content Marketing World Cleveland Clinic Health Summit 2017

Live from Cleveland, this week’s episode features audio captured at the Content Marketing World Cleveland Clinic Health Summit 2017. Hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer kickoff the podcast sharing high-level takeaways from the CMWorld 2017 conference before “rolling the tape” on a panel session that included Brian Gresh (Executive Director, Digital & Content Marketing at Cleveland Clinic), Aaron Watkins (Senior Director of Internet Strategy at Johns Hopkins Medicine) and Matt Schwabel (Senior...


TP31 - Advocating for Digital Online Advocacy

Advocacy is an activity by an individual or group which aims to influence decisions within political, economic, and social systems and institutions. For healthcares, online advocacy could take many forms including generating interest around a particular disease or condition, fundraising/giving for non-profit health systems or organizations and even health advocacy efforts. This week, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the various digital tools organizations can use to help with...


TP30 - Online Patient Communities

The fundamental principle of the internet was to allow people across the world to find and connect with one another across topics of interest. For hospitals and health systems, this means providing ways for patients to connect and discuss their care. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the ways patients have started to use the internet and social media to connect, and how organizations can begin to embrace and develop online patient communities. Featuring an expert...


TP29 - Improving the Online Transaction

People don’t come to hospital websites for fun - they are there for a purpose. More times than not, that purpose is to engage and interact with the health system - finding a doctor, paying a bill, signing up for classes...even applying for a job. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss how organizations can begin improving the online transaction. From understanding and defining users needs to diving deep into some of the principles of usability, this episode outlines...


TP28 - 88 to 1: Undertaking a Website Consolidation Project

Unlike other industries, hospitals and health systems often find that the number of websites they have to manage are too numerous to manage efficiently. This can negatively impact not only the web user experience, but has significant business and process implications. Hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith discuss how best to begin evaluating and planning for a website consolidation effort, including the appropriate planning, evaluation, auditing and communication strategies required to...


TP27 - Is SEM Really "SEO-Now"?

Hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer tackle the topic of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) in this week’s episode, focusing their discussion on paid tactics. They briefly cover the various types of SEM, and then discuss effective ways organizations are ensuring their online marketing approaches produce results. They also discuss some of the current trends and challenges with SEM. This episode features and expert interview with Kevin Minnelli, CEO of Eruptr (a paid search marketing firm) in which...


TP26 - You Down With UPP? (Ya, You Know Me)

Keeping track of accurate physician listings online has become increasingly more complex for hospitals and health systems. Not only do they have to contend with various disparate internal databases, but external commercial websites (like Google, Yelp, HealthGrades, Vitals, etc.) and government/payor websites are also competing to be the sole source of truth when it comes to accurate provider listings. Hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer wade through the challenges organizations face trying to...


TP25 - Is Social Media Good For Our Health?

Over the last decade, social media has had a tremendous impact on the healthcare industry, most specifically in transforming how we communicate and interact with our audiences. In this episode, host Reed Smith and Chris Boyer explore the power social media has on understanding public health and it’s influence on how patients communicate with one another and their health providers. From its use in clinical trials, population health management, and as a public health observation tool, social...


TP24 - The C-Suite's Expectation of Marketing

The role of marketing in a hospital or health system has dramatically evolved over the years. Once focused on simple communication and community management activities, the expected role of the hospital marketer now has become more strategic and responsible for many strategies. In this episode, hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer reflect on their personal experience as hospital marketers over the last fifteen years, and share a new framework in which marketers today can better align with the...


TP23 - A Video is Worth 1.8 Million Words

As digital channels evolve, more and more online users are turning to video as a medium in which to research, learn and make decisions. But how do hospitals and health systems develop videos that are both aligned with their strategies and also unique to social media and websites? In this episode, hosts Chris Boyer and Reed Smith share various tips on how to develop videos, including choosing the right topics, adjusting for length and sharing platform specific techniques for Facebook,...


TP22 - Measurement and ROI

Everything online is absolutely measurable. Because of this, the often mistaken belief is that once you launch a digital campaign or effort, the measurement will be comprehensive and complete from the onset. Hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer spend this episode detailing the common misperceptions hospitals and health systems have with measuring their efforts, and detail a high level framework organizations can use to develop a comprehensive measurement strategy. In addition, this episode...


TP21 - Developing a Unified Content Strategy

Hospitals and health systems create content for a number of audiences - marketing, PR, media relations, donor specific content, quality reports, employee communications, etc. However, many systems struggle with this content being developed in silos across the organization. Hosts Reed Smith and Chris Boyer discuss the challenges with developing a unified content strategy and share insights on how hospitals can begin moving towards aligning their content. Featuring an interview with content...