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Episode 34: Bruce Lee and Potpourri

Join Kyle, Brian and James as they catch up on a wide range of topics. Don't miss this exciting episode to hear -Kyle waffle on about time around the world -Why James is more semi- than professional -Brian's Prime Day tech review/therapy session -Brian's vitriol for Targus -Exciting news about digital assistants -The Nebula Capsule by Anker ( -What Kyle has in common with Bruce Lee -James suck up to our sponsor Targus update: Targus has repaired Brian's bag, and...


Episode 33: A Very Special Episode . . .Trainers, Travel, Health & Fitness

Kyle, Brian and Glenn talk about training, life on the road, and their tips and tricks for staying healthy when you are away from home. Travel is fun and nice, but not as glamorous as often made out to be. After spending years on the road, they share their thoughts on the effects of trainer travel on their family, their work, their health and life in general, along with some of their tips on how to keep yourself happy and healthy if you find yourself being a bit of a road warrior. Music: "On...


Episode 32: Of Bagels, Bags and Stranger Things

Don't miss this exciting episode where you can hear Kyle and Brian dig on Kyle's new headphones, some exciting Veeam news,talk about dealing with change in the trianing world, Wayne and his zimmer frame. Make sure you catch Kyle spending way too much time explaining the difference between a power transformer and an adapter, the amazing Mogics Power Bagel (, and how to get the the right bag. Also, find out why Kyle's got a crumpler (perhaps some insecticide will help...).


Episode 31a: Vegas Conference Edition

Kyle, Brian and James are joined by a gaggle of MCT Guests in a special group Trainers Talking Tech on Tuesday roundtable session. Bryan Tuttle, Brian Yili, Rob Lisiecki, Rob de Roek, James Burnham, and Mike Corkery review the important topics of the day, such as Using a Parking Lot: Yay/Nay What effects are new technology having on how we teach classes? What effects should it have? Corkery gives us an update on the SAV6000 Things you don't want to pick up in Vegas . . . Tributes to the...


Episode 31: A Very Special Guest

Despite sounding like a bad After-School special, come join Kyle, Brian and a very special guest for an entertaining and informative discussion where we can all learn: Why we won't have our one listener this episode Tips on organizing course content from a seasoned pro . . . Why someone said "I've been teaching for 25 years, and I've never had a kid like Brian." Highlights from the recent Build and Google IO confeences


Episode 30: We Never Promised You a Rose Herden . . .

Wayne, Carl and James are joined by a special guest, Rose Herden--Accountant, Psychologist and Trainer Extraordinaire. Listen in and hear how Rose makes us all look like mental midgets, how to deal with different students and different cultures in your classroom, why you should encourage mistakes to help learning, whether or not Brian still has microphone envy. Plus, you can play another exciting round of "Where is the world is Kyle Rosenthal?"!


Episode 29: Gandalf and the Blob

Join Brian, Kyle and James as they set the bar high for this episode: Enthralling To chase that dream, our intrepid podcasters cover everything from cricket (the game, not the bug), the hockey blue halo, OneDrive as a productivity tool all the way to an in-depth discussion about cloud architecture exams. Along the way you'll discover We know Gandalf, we've met Gandalf, and Brian is no Gandalf. Brian learns about The Blob James is eerily prescient about how long it will take him to get this...


Episode 28: Wayne Shows His Age

A rollicking romp through a range of topics including . . . Zimmer frames, what are they? Brian's gadgets and gizmos MVP Summit reviews The quiet room Conference Comparison Wayne offends our British friends . . . And confirms that he's older than dirt


Episode 27: Live from Bellevue!

Live from a secret location, like the Chancellor Room at the Bellevue Embassy Suites Hotel, our intrepid crew are joined by MCTs from around the world for a live panel session. This week you'll hear them welcome some newly-minted MCTs to the fold, and then try to put them off the career path they just chose. Find out: -What their "1 Thing" is to succeed as a trainer -How to handle the "Alpha Student" in the room -Favorite Trainer Tech and Tips -Why Glenn thinks we should welcome our Robot...


Episode 26: How Do You Do That Voo Doo . . .

Episode 26: How Do You Do That Voo Doo . . . (aka Brian is a Stand-Up Guy) Brian and Kyle catch up with Wayne just after Christmas, and go over the pressing events of the day such as: Brian's new audio toys for his van down by the river Keeping an eye out for Brian's new album--Brian Reads the Blues Headset Stories from the Frontlines Standing v. Setting Brian wants to show us his if we'll show him our . . . . . projectors Microsoft Courseware Trends Spoiler-Free Movie Reviews Why Do You Do...


Episode 25: Live from 601 . . . It's Wednesday Night

Recorded Live in a top secret location inside the Washington State Convention Center (Room 601)--Brian, Kyle, and Sound Guy James are joined by regular visitors Wayne and Glenn, as well occasional guests Mike, Neil, and Ed. (And yes I used a the Oxford comma. You got a problem with that? Huh? Do you?) In this episode our merry band of MCTs cover: Mac v PC-Is it something or is it nothing? Are ITPros a dying breed? Corkery hates cats and squirrels Gadget time! Why Glenn needs a mannequin's...


Merry Christmas from Trainers Talking Tech on Tuesday

Brian and Kyle talk about what tech gadgets they think will make good gifts and tell us what is on their list. As if they made it on the "Nice" list. Credits: "Christmas at Ground Zero", Weird Al Yankovic (


Episode 22: Look What You Made Me Do

(aka The One Where Brian Opened the Door and James Went Through It) Kyle makes up a word Brian lets Skype for Business get the better of him Video Cards and XBoxes and Notes, Oh My! Brian introduces us to the world of jazz Kyle and Brian practically dared me to do it . . . Why Graph has nothing to do with Excel Jazz Music: Cosmic Dust Blue by Himiko Kikuchi (


Episode 21: Two Podcasts Walk Into a Bar . . .

(aka The Podcast Comes of Age) Kyle and Brian are joined by Soundguy James and they cover such weighty topics as: Is James irregular or just semi-regular? Brian got hit by the ID-Ten-T virus Kyle's travel diary, hover bikes and massive halls James passes an exam! Brian outs Kyle Getting started on your exam path and how to study Brian gets chuffed-or maybe he doesn't-nobody really knows Windows S, the new RT? Credits: Opening music: "All the best",


Episode 20: We Welcome our Robot Overlords

A wide-ranging, rollicking discussion that tramples through final Ignite thoughts, robots vs. cyborgs, Knight Rider, the demise of Windows phones; rumor, innuendo and leaks, Cortana digital assistants and more!


Episode 19: Live from Ignite 2017 (The Matt Foley Remix)

aka "The One where Brian is broadcasting from a van down by the river" Join Brian and Kyle as they go over some of the latest announcements of interest from Ignite 2017.


Episode 17: What happens in . . .

aka "Things that make you go ummmmm" We welcome a bing of trainers from around the world to scorching Las Vegas for a wide-ranging roundtable discussion about verbal tics, preparing to present and all sorts of their favorite tech. Don't miss a single moment of the non-stop thrills and action as Kyle and Brian are joined by: James Finley Don Hester Wayne McGlinn Mike Corkery Robert de Roeck Christine Flora Bryan Tuttle Bill Wood


Episode 16: What's Up With That?!?

(aka Zed's Dead, Baby) Kyle Rosenthal Brian Bork James Finley In this exciting episode, listen as our heroes, Kyle and Brian, are joined by their Kiwi friend James and start exploring why Kyle hates airport hotels and exercise. Along the way they discover why Kyle spent a day in Athens. At least what his story is, and why he's sticking with it. Along the way, tensions mount as Brian takes umbrage that Kyle may well have taken "The Gadget Guy" title off of him. Don't miss all the action as...


Episode 15: Live from Thessaloniki . . . .

This episode brings you Kyle and friends (Glenn Morris and Graham Parkinson) live from what sounds like the inside of a tin can in Greece, as well as the jocular joviality of Brian. Keep an ear out for such weighty topics as: Mind if we call you Brian? (The many Brian Borks) Europe MCT Summit Recap The Big Announcement Microsoft Learning and Readiness--what it might mean Brian's tips for travelling trainers Brian misses an opportunity to plug our sponsor (We love you LODS!) Why we didn't...


Episode 14: If They Build It, We Will Talk About It

aka The Astute Hirsute In this episode our intrepid podcasters Kyle and Brian review all the exciting and not-so exciting news from the Microsoft Build conference. Not surprisingly they don't always agree which bits are which. Watch out for such classics as: Water and Electronics Don't Mix Stuff They Thought the Sound Guy Would Delete Why Brian Doesn't Want Dirty Emails OneDrive Files OnDemand: The Return of Placeholders Brian's Thoughts VR/AR controllers Kyle Tries to Help Brian Build a...