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Loic Le Meur's path on plant medicine working with tribes from the Amazon forest.

Loic Le Meur's path on plant medicine working with tribes from the Amazon forest.
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Loic Le Meur's path on plant medicine working with tribes from the Amazon forest.






French podcast episode - un podcast en français

Cela fait tres longtemps que je n’ai pas publie en francais, voici mon dernier episode en francais, j’espere avoir l’occasion d’en faire plus bientot! Vous pouvez vous abonner a mon podcast sur itunes et Spotify. Get on the email list at


Balls to the Wall (with podcast)

A friend of mine, Susi Mai, just told me she appreciated my “Balls to the Wall” approach. While I immediately liked the sound of this expression, I never heard about it so another friend - Ouriel Ohayon looked it up for me. I am thinking about calling this newsletter “balls to the wall” what do you think? Now for some recent news about my adventures. I have spent a few days with Benki in Los Angeles. He gave the most powerful talk I have ever heard and I am hoping to publish it here and my...


Welcoming our Portuguese emails and Livia King

Shoñaki, Ashaninka from Peru, Livia King and myself Greetings everyone and hi from Los Angeles. I am here with Livia King, that I met in the jungle while we were doing our short dieta with the Ashaninka. I thought we should really have a Portuguese version of this newsletter so that the tribes and friends from Brazil and Portugal can read it. Livia is Brazilian and agreed to join me translating the newsletter and writing her own posts on it, sharing about her experience with plant...


Ayahuasca & Plant medicine - words of caution (video/audio)

I have been working with plant medicine for more than three years now and I posted about my first Ayahuasca experience in Peru. I received mostly great reactions from friends. I also got some negative feedback and lost a few friends over it. I have also decided to restart my YouTube channel for those of you who like videos so here is today’s video and you can subscribe to my YouTube channel if you like. What you find online and in books about plant medicine is mostly misleading, scary and...


A few words about myself (with podcast)

Biraci Jr Yawanawá “Isku” and myself at Akasha in Brazil a few weeks ago. Isku has helped me for three years and invited me recently to the Yawanawá sacred village. The face paintings are a traditional activity with the Amazon tribes and are said to provide protection. More soon. Nothing scary with the paintings I promise! Since this is a new newsletter and a new podcast I thought I should introduce myself briefly. I live in San Francisco, California since 2007. I learned from the...


Would you listen to a podcast about the medicine path?

I’m testing Substack new beta podcast option. Hi everyone! Would you listen to a podcast here? please test comments to answer, the newsletter service Substack has an awesome comment system! Get on the email list at