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Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech love technology - every week they'll talk about the latest news, moves, reviews and information about anything technology!

Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech love technology - every week they'll talk about the latest news, moves, reviews and information about anything technology!




Trevor Long and Stephen Fenech love technology - every week they'll talk about the latest news, moves, reviews and information about anything technology!






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#430 - Flipping out!

Stephen and Trevor have been using the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip - and loving it, they talk through the good and the bad and the market for flip phones. Then they talk about lower priced phones - with all that's going on, is the mood going to be toward more affordable options like those from Alcatel? Samsung's 2020 TV range is hitting stores, you'll hear all the features and prices right here. NBN under pressure, but still coping - new data shows how much we're using and how Telstra...


#429 - Socially Distancing is the new buffer zone

The boys are sat well apart in adherence of the Social Distancing rules that are going to keep us all safe. This week talking about the questions of Video Conferencing in a home-schooling and work from home age, plus questions about the NBN's capability to handle all this. How does the future look with the mass trial of "work from home" and how Apple's 5G iPhone plans have been thwarted. Foxtel offering bonus channels for the stay at home crew, Dyson invents a Ventilator in just days,...


#428 - Apple's new stuff without an event

Apple announces a new iPad Pro with LiDAR for some stunning AR, plus a new camera array to match the iPhone, plus a new MacBook Air with more power, better keyboard and more storage on-board. The NBN is the talk of the town, but the blokes reckon it's going to cope ok plus the Telcos and NBN are doing lots to make it better with more bandwidth for all. The Galaxy Z Flip from Samsung gets a pricetag and it's not bad! Plus Sonos announce their future plans and new app, and Rode gives...


#427 - Boost goes roaming & Coronavirus continues

Boost mobile has announced a decent International Roaming pack for their pre-paid customers which covers 15 countries - worth a look. Samsung giving away crazy numbers of S20 Ultra's via their MICROCODES campaign, the Coronavirus impacts continue with more cancellations and more contemplation from the blokes, Dyson's new hair straightener, not for the Two blokes:). F1 not in 4K - Trev's outrage, the Oppo Find X2 launches and the Huawei Mate Xs gets a pricetag.


#426 - Vodafone goes 5G, Finally!

Vodafone is late off the blocks but they're in the race for 5G switching it on in Western Sydney with plans to go national from now. It's better late than never right? iPhone production delays are hitting Aussie stores - telcos are struggling with stock, even Apple has delays in their own stores we discus that plus more Coronavirus impacts on the tech industry. Stephen and Trevor are both in awe of the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra's camera - their full reviews this week, Belkin's rockstar USB-C...


Live from the Sennheiser Store Sydney

In this special edition of Two Blokes Talking Tech, produced in partnership with Sennheiser, the blokes get a guided tour of the Sennheiser store in Sydney, a unique space, the only one in Australia. You'll hear all about the experience you can get at the store, and of course the wide range of products on offer from Sennheiser including great headphones, a stunning soundbar, and one product that you have to hear to believe, and that well - might leave you wondering and hoping for a Lotto...


#425 - Interviewing a sporting legend

Mobile phone scammers beware, the government is cracking down with new rules for telcos around making it harder for mobile numbers to be ported away from their owners to the scammers benefits. Motorola's Razr delayed - the blokes discuss why, and what impact it has - plus Huawei's second but first folding phone and what it's like. Crossy Road is back with a new style version exclusive to Apple Arcade, eBay has a cool new feature to make your photos better, Samsung installs a mega "TV" screen...


#424 - Coronavirus and Tech

The two blokes are NOT off to Barcelona, as Mobile World Congress is cancelled to protect the health and safety of attendees. Plus Vodafone and TPG given the green light to merge by the Federal Court after the ACCC complained. Samsung offering Afterpay as a payment option online, Uniden's new dashcam, Gran Turismo as a specatator sport and Drones for good, DJI helping out in China with Corona Virus. Recorded LIVE at the Arlo offices in Sydney.


#423 - Samsung flips out

Trevor and Stephen are in San Francisco with Samsung where four new phones have been announced. Let the boys talk you through the all-new Galaxy Z Flip which is what Trev's been wanting in a folding screen, as well as the three Galaxy S20 models which have upped the camera game once again.


#422 - Coronavirus and some tech

How is the Coronavirus affecting the tech industry, from supply chain issues to delivery delays and even companies pulling out of the biggest tech conferences in the world - the blokes discuss. Samsung has their unpacked event next week - the blokes will be there, so this week they preview the whole shebang. Panasonic and Blackberry take a dive with a sad end to two big brands, each in their own way. LG adds Apple TV to their more recent TV models and Samsung's Galaxy Book S gets a review...


#421 - Hello Moto

Huawei's been given the go ahead to roll out 5G in the UK - but what does that mean for Australia? Did we make the wrong move? Hello Moto! the Razr is back and it's not cheap - $2699!!! Spotify launches a driving playlist taking on radio, Samsung's stunning Galaxy Book S gets a price and Stephen's first thoughts, plus Amazon's delivery revolution using you and me, and Stephen reflects on the original iPad launch.


#420 - Stephen's Glasses

Back to School time, the blokes discuss buying technology as part of the kids school list with laptops a requirement for many. Belkin's new technology making power bricks smaller and smaller, Apple CarPlay - Wirelessly retrofitted with Carplay2Air, Arlo's new floodlight, the app to find then hip and happening places (Vyb) and Hisense to add Tubi streaming..


#419-4 A wrap from CES 2020

Stephen gets a look at some of the innovative display ideas coming out of LG Display in Korea for us in cars, in business and even in planes. Netgear have a range of new WiFi and 5G products we take a look at those, UBER has bikes coming to Australia, will they be accepted well? the Smart Shower Head with Speaker that looks like a cracking idea, TCL's amazing new phones, the Colgate Smart toothbrush and a look back at CES over the years.


#419-3 Live from CES more from the show floor

The boys are back together on the show floor, this time look at what else is on offer from the big companies outside of just TVs, including Sony, Samsung and LG. plus they talk Suunto's smart watch, Delta Airlines Exoskeleton, the Smart Potato Gee up and Nissan's smart golf ball!


#419-2 Live from CES with all the TV and Tech News

Trev and Stephen are inside the Las Vegas Convention Centre with the latest news - including all the latest TV announcements, from LG, Samsung and Hisense, as well as Mobile news from TCL and Alcatel. Belkin is going big on Sound this year with a stunning speaker with wireless charging, while JBL gets into Gaming, Mercedes makes an Avatar show car and Uber takes to the air with hyundai!


#419-1 CES 2020 - It begins!

Stephen and Trevor are in Las Vegas for the 9th year in a row together to bring you the latest news and info from all the big tech companies, and the small ones too:) This episode takes place after Unveiled, the event that gives a sneek peek into a few fun new gadgets set to hit the market in 2020


#418 - More Star Wars? 5G Conspiracy theories debunked

Oh what a year, the boys are ready for 2020 with CES just weeks away and much more to come, so it's a look forward as well as a look at the week in tech. The Government is going to invest millions in debunking the 5G nutjobs - good news! Kids are getting phones for Christmas - it's official - Telstra research shows it. Aldi's massive TV - 75 inches for $999, Westpac finally caves to Apple Pay, and Stephen - get this - has seen the latest Star Wars - his thoughts on the end of an era!


#417 - Dressing Up In Star Wars Gear

Google's list of 2019's biggest searches has been released and the blokes look at what they missed, what they don't know and what was big in Australia this year. Plus, how expensive is our internet compared to the rest of the world and is it a fair comparison on its own? The Tokyo Olympics in 4K! Thanks to Channel 7 and Optus - but there's a big big catch, Christmas gift ideas for you this last minute, some Star Wars Apple Watch accessories you're going to love and cases for your iPhone for...


#416 - The Chart Toppers

Apple and Spotify's top streamed songs for the year have been released, Stephen and Trevor run through the list, plus the biggest apps of the year on the Apple App store - we're using more data than ever according to NBN data, Stephen runs through the list, Linksys's amazing new motion detection technology that uses Wifi to detect people in your home, Optus allowing you to donate data to the needy, Streetfighter for your home is back with a stand up gaming machine, Stephen looks at and...


#415 - Celebrating a year of Kayo Sports

The boys are at KAYO HQ as they talk about one year of the Aussie sports streaming success story. Also, Optus has radical new plans worth a good look, The NBN has new wholesale pricing - what will that mean for you and other consumers? Canon bumps up their warranty to a staggering five years on camera gear. Elon loses his mind and the blokes discuss the CyberTruck, Huawei mad at Malcolm Turnbull for continuing to be misled on the truth of who their networks work, Epson celebrates 40 million...