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Elliott Corke (The Guru): The Past, Present & Future Of The Industry

This week the pod welcomes Elliott Corke from Hexcam (@hexcam) and The Aerial Academy (@aerialacademy)to talk about the drone market in the UK and how it has changed since he entered the market in 2011. We discuss how the technology has changed, the rates of development in the industry, the trends in the industry are and what operators both existing and new should be considering. Elliott also talks some interesting projects he has been involved in and suggests some operators that we all...


Jim Scanlan: Flying Drones In Tornadoes & 3D Printing A Plane

This week the pod welcomes Professor Jim Scanlan, Professor of Aerospace Design, at The University at Southampton. Jim has worked in the aerospace industry for 15 years and now teaches at the University working on a number of different research programs ranging from underwater vehicles to high altitude UAVs In the pod Jim talks about a few of these projects including flying swarms of drones into tornadoes, flying drones in the antartic, tethered drones, BVLOS research and being the first...


Moonrock: What Do We Need To Know About Drone Insurance - Not As Dull As It Sounds!

This week the pod welcomes Simon Ritterband and Paul Lisberg from Moonrock Insurance (@crazy4drones) to talk about insurance for commercial operators in the UK. It sounds like a dull subject but it is vital listening and much more interesting than it initial sounds. Subjects discussed include mandatory levels of cover, different types of insurance operators should be considering and how the industry is developing how you might reduce your premiums. We also discuss the use of drones...