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Product Innovation: How AI can impact the wellbeing of every one of us

The guest on this weeks podcast is Dr. Levanon, Chief Science Officer at Beyond Verbal, and we discuss the product innovation that´s going on in the area of voice recognition. Dr. Levanon has multiple degrees in Physics, Mathematics, Statistics and Operations Research from the Hebrew University and the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology. This multi-disciplinary background is the fuel behind various breakthroughs in the field of Emotions Analytics. At Beyond Verbal he’s responsible...


Product Innovation: How AI can be used to augment engineers to solve a $1 Trillion infrastructure problem

This podcast is focused on product innovation in the water infrastructure sector, and my guest this week is Doug Hatler, Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Fracta. Beyond sales and marketing Doug brings many years of experience as a management consultant, environmental regulatory specialist, and as a civil/environmental engineer. He is a published industry expert and featured speaker on the Environment, Sustainability, Compliance and Risk. He earned a Bacherlor’s Degree in Environmental...


Product Strategy: How AI can help our productivity quadruple by transforming counterproductive habits

This podcast is about product strategy and my guest on the podcast is Nadia Muller, Founder and CEO or iThrive, a personal coach on your smartphone that helps you to transform counterproductive habits on order to thrive. It’s a common fact healthy and happy employees are generally more productive, but many people still experience stress and burnout issues. This is what iThrive is designed to transform, and doing so it promises to increase productivity at work with 400% This triggered me,...


How Marketeers can deliver remarkable impact through Product Innovation with AI

How Marketeers can deliver remarkable impact through Product Innovation with AI An interview with Dan Mallin, co-founder and CEO of Equals3 This interview focuses on the product innovation opportunity for the marketing community, and my guest on the podcast is Dan Mallin, co-founder and CEO of Equals3. For nearly 20 years, he has established a solid track record in creating, growing and transforming businesses, ranging from technology services, sales, marketing and business...


Product Innovation: How to create the most valuable, addictive technology for every person

The focus of this podcast is product innovation and my guest is Rob Bromage, CEO of IntelliHR. Rob is the founder and CEO of intelliHR – an Australian HR technology business developing and marketing a next-generation people management Platform which is stocklisted on the ASX index. Before he became the CEO of IntelliHR he ran APRG - a Human Capital Management Consulting organization. He also founded Resource Partners – an investment organisation for the incubation and development of...


What’s required to solve the world’s biggest problems through technology

My guest on this weeks podcast is Danny Saksenberg, Co-founder / CEO Emerge He started his career as an actuary at Deloitte and then started to immerse himself into the world of machine learning and AI. He was part of the team at to build one of the first and leading robo-advisors for the Financial Services industry. In 2012 he founded Emerge together with Laurence Rau. Emerge helps companies to make money from operations by making them super-efficient and improving customer...


How Intelligence augmentation helps Sales professionals to build relationships and grow sales

My guest on the podcast is Paul Teshima, CEO and Co-founder of Nudge.AI He is the CEO and Co-founder of, a relationship intelligence platform that augments sales professionals around the world to access new accounts, analyze deal risk, and measure account health. He is a successful technology executive who has run Services, Customer Success, Account Management, Support and Product Management teams. Earlier in his career, Paul was part of Eloqua’s executive team, and helped lead...


The value we can unlock when we combine mixed reality, AI and Blockchain

My guest on the podcast is Toby Allen, founder of Jobs in XR. He’s a hololens producer at Microsoft, the founder, and CEO of TACON, a technology management consultancy and the founder of Jobs in XR, the first and only jobs portal for all digital realities. I got in touch with Toby via a comment on one of my earlier podcasts with Dr. Terence Tse. Being an innovative product expert that brings ideas to life using of Augmented, Virtual, and Mixed Reality – he teased us with the potential of...


How UK Government aims to safeguard competitiveness across three industries through Intelligence Augmentation.

My guest on the podcast is Stephen Browning, Interim Challenge Director Next Generation Services at Innovate UK He holds an MBA from Imperial College and a Bachelor of Science in Electronic Engineering. He spent nearly 20 years working for Philips Semiconductors and NXP where he held various software engineering, project management and business management roles. During this time, he formed close collaborations between customers and supplier to deliver open R&D programmes. Today he’s is...


What we can learn from China with regards to creating a culture of innovation

My guest on the podcast is this week is Lisa Xiong, Senior Research Associate at the Center for Policy & Competitiveness at Ecole Des Ponts Business School in Paris Her research domain is Entrepreneurship, Innovation, and Competitiveness, and at this moment she’s working on a comparative study between European companies and culture with Chinese Companies and culture. This triggered me, and hence I invited Lisa to my podcast. We’re exploring the differences between China and the ‘western...


Positively impacting the global economy by transforming buying & selling dynamics of the logistics industry

My guest on the podcast is Patrik Berglund, co-founder and CEO of Oslo-based Xeneta, a company that’s created a price comparison platform for containerized freight in order to transform the way the shipping and logistics industry are buying and selling. Patrick is a logistics and tech-enthusiast and possesses a true passion for modernizing business processes related to logistics procurement and the supply chain. His experience came from working several years at Kuehne + Nagel and from his...


How to create breakthrough business results by augmenting people with the latest technologies

My guest on the podcast is Ying Chen, Head of Product Marketing at Pega Systems She’s acting as the Head of Product Marketing for Pega’s platform for Digital Transformation. In this role she’s leading strategy, positioning, and go to market. She joined Pega in 2015 with more than 10 years of software product management experience in various Fortune 500 organizations and VC-backed startups. What triggered me to invite Ying to my podcast was the story around the Pega Platform – and in...


How AI is helping to increase confidence and life quality for all of us

My guest on the podcast is Anastasia Georgievskaya, General Manager at Youth Laboratories. She’s the co-founder and General Manager at Youth Laboratories, a company developing tools to study aging and discover effective anti-aging interventions using advances in machine vision and artificial intelligence. Anastasia has a degree in bioengineering and bioinformatics from the Moscow State University. She won numerous math and bioinformatics competitions and successfully volunteered for some of...


How AI bridges the gap between HR and Business Performance by transforming training

My guest on the podcast is Tom Pennings, Founder and CEO of Onsophic He’s what he calls a highly technical entrepreneur, technology enthusiast and business networker. He’s worked for Borland, EVS, Google and Apple. Inspired by bringing data to the learning process, he and his co-founder Ian Hart assembled a team on two continents to connect digital transformation and assisted intelligence. This was the start of Onsophic. Unlike many Learning Management systems on the market Onsophic is...


How AI helps transform Healthcare and drive societal prosperity to new heights

My guest on the podcast is Christian Guttmann, Global Head of Artificial Intelligence, and Chief AI Scientist at Tieto. He’s responsible for strategy and execution of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in order to create high-impact AI systems and products, patents and scientific publications. Christian has progressed Artificial Intelligence for over 25 years and is contributing to its evolution from both a business as well as an academic perspective. He has led innovation teams...


How AI is intelligently augmenting farmers to exponentially grow yields and efficiency.

My guest on the podcast is Tim Willis, CFO and Head of Growth at Aerobotics, an AI startup from South Africa. He’s charged with growing Aerobotics in non-core markets, as well as its global expansion efforts. He’s built his financial management expertise at both Deloitte and Uber, where he led its Analytics & Strategy Central Operations Team for the Europe, Middle East & Africa (EMEA). During this podcast interview we explore how technology can add significant value by augmenting farmers...


The secret to creating a position of business advantage

My guest on the podcast this week is Mark Esposito, Professor of Business and Economics at Harvard University & Co-Founder at Nexus Frontier Tech Mark Esposito is a professor of Business and Economics, teaching at Harvard University's Division of Continuing Education, and serving as an Institutes Council co-leader at the Microeconomics of Competitiveness program at Harvard Business School. He also holds professorships at Hult International Business School and IE Business School in Paris In...


How AI provides new job opportunity for 2B+ unbanked people

My guest on the podcast is Dmitri Matskevich, Co-founder and CEO at DBrain, a San Francisco based AI startup. Dmitri is a serial entrepreneur, and a data geek. He found human-generated data is more important than algorithms for AI solutions, and here’s where he found a large gap in the market. This led him to co-found Dbrain, the first community owned platform on blockchain for training Artificial Intelligence. It connects the exploding AI demand on human-labelled data with the abundant...


How AI helps call center agents be their best selves and create customers for life

My guest on the podcast is week is Skyler Place, Chief Behavioral Science Officer at Cogito Corporation in Boston. He is a computational social scientist with an entrepreneurial mindset. At Cogito he leads the company's efforts to combine behavioral science and artificial intelligence to create more emotionally intelligent humans. As you can imagine, this inspired me, and hence I invited Skyler to my podcast. We explore how technology such as AI can increase the quality of conversations...


Augmenting Sales & Support experts to exponentially scale the value they deliver

My guest on the podcast this week is Ryan Falkenberg, Co-founder, and Co-CEO of CLEVVA, a South African Augmented AI company that leverages digital intelligence to empower, not simply replace people. Ryan has always been fascinated by what makes people tick, and what makes them perform optimally. He’s been frustrated at the slow pace of change when it comes to education and learning. To address that he created a learning consultancy, Hi-Performance Learning, that aimed to push the...