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Vector is a daily podcast by focusing on Apple and personal technology by Rene Ritchie.

Vector is a daily podcast by focusing on Apple and personal technology by Rene Ritchie.
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Vector is a daily podcast by focusing on Apple and personal technology by Rene Ritchie.




Apple Watch ECG App — 6 Months Later

Back in September for 2018 — and wow but does that already seem like a technology lifetime ago! — Apple’s chief operating officer and head of Watch and Health products — took to the stage at the companies annual September event to announce Apple Watch Series 4 and its bold new edge-to-edge display. But he also announced something else: Irregular heartbeat notifications and, for the first time ever in a direct-to-consumer device, the ability to take an electrocardiogram. In a watch. On your...


Bored with iPhone

There’s a feeling among some people in the tech community that the next iPhone looks too much like the last iPhone, which looked pretty much exactly like the iPhone before that. Apple’s design has become stale, they say. Iterative. Boring. SPONSOR: MORE: Nations Affiliate Link Policy SUBSCRIBE: Apple...


iPadOS Safari: Desktop-Class Browsing is Here!

Our long, browser nightmare is over. Google web apps like GSuite now work as expected in Safari. So do Square Space and Wordpress. It’s a modern mobile miracle. But it’s also more than that: A download manager, a ton of keyboard shortcuts with modifiers, the ability to save and open tab sets, per site settings, text size controls, the whole WebKiit and caboodle. Apple is calling it Desktop Class Safari for iPad. The full-on web finally optimized for iPad or the iPad finally fully optimized...


MacBook Air vs. MacBook Pro 2019

So you want to buy a new MacBook, maybe for school, maybe for work, maybe to create something that lets you change how and why you work. Whatever. You need it, you want it… but you’re just not sure which new MacBook to get. At least not yet. SPONSOR: LINKS: Buy 13-inch MacBook Air - Apple Buy MacBook Pro - Apple...


iPadOS Files & USB Drive Preview

With iPadOS — and, yes, an iPhone and even an iPod touch running iOS 13 — you can finally access external files, not just photos, not just videos, but honest-to-unix external documents, assets, and anything else, just by plugging in a USB drive, stick, even SD or Compact Flash card. You can even open photos and video directly in editing apps and access SMB shares right in the Files app. With some caveats, limitations, and, of course, adapters. Hey, this is still iOS we’re talking about...


Why Apple Killed the 12-inch MacBook — Air and Pro Updated

The 12-inch MacBook is dead. So is the quote unquote “MacBook Escape”. In place of the MacBook is now just the MacBook Air, newly updated with a True Tone display. In place of the Escape is Touch Bars, Touch ID, and T2 chips all the way down. But does that make things simpler or even more complicated? SPONSOR: Simple LINKS: Buy 13-inch MacBook Air - Apple Buy MacBook Pro - Apple...


Jony Ive Drama Explained

A week ago, the Wall Street Journal published an article that alleged a high level of disfunction in Apple’s design department, from Tim Cook’s relationship with Jony Ive, to how Jony Ive ran — or didn’t run — the design organization, and how all of that led to Jony’s departure. The following evening, Tim Cook emailed CNBC to call the story absurd, distorted, and not recognizable as the company it claimed to describe. And, ever since, we’ve seen so many tea quotes, hot takes, sides taken,...


Is Apple Killing the Butterfly Keyboards on MacBooks?

Kuo Ming-Chi, supply chain exfiltrator extraordinaire, in a report issued earlier today. Text via MacRumors: "There have been successful developments in the new scissor keyboard. The new keyboard could improve the typing experience by offering longer key travel and durability by adopting glass fiber to reinforce the keys' structure." This, allegedly, for a 2019 MacBook Air update. If you’re not up on your keyboard nomenclature, then scissor switches are the fairly standard mechanisms...


Everything REALLY Wrong With Lightning Cables

I’ve been meaning to do a video about Apple’s Lightning port for a while now. The story is super interesting but other stuff kept coming up. Then, just this morning, I watched a video Tech Insider put up and… Yeah. Now, I’m fully behind Apple moving to USB-C on the iPhone. I would have loved for it to have happened with the iPhone X, even recognizing that’s super easy to say as someone not responsible for, you know, actually running the product. But, I also think the video left out a lot...


Why Everyone is Wrong About Jony Ive and Design at Apple

There have been a lot of... questionable takes surrounding the news of Jony Ive leaving Apple, what caused it, how it happened, and what it means for Apple's design culture going forward. Rather than perpetuate another one of my own, I decided to find someone super smart and super talented who was actually there. Who worked on prototyping and design at Apple going back to the days of Steve Jobs and the original iPhone, and who understands how and why the design culture works the way it...


What Jony Ive Leaving Means For Apple with John Gruber

John Gruber of Daring Fireball and The Talk Show joins me to follow up on Jony Ive leaving Apple, starting LoveFrom with Marc Newson, being hired by Apple, Evans Hankey and Alan Dye reporting into Jeff Williams, Sabih Khan becoming SVP of Operations, the future of Tim Cook, Jony's involvement over the last few years, Jony's hardware vs. software chops, and what may happen in the near future with Apple design. SPONSOR: CuriosityStream - Stay LINKS: John...


Why Jony Ive is Leaving Apple

Cupertino, California — Apple today announced that Sir Jony Ive, Apple’s chief design officer, will depart the company as an employee later this year to form an independent design company which will count Apple among its primary clients. While he pursues personal projects, Ive in his new company will continue to work closely and on a range of projects with Apple. Wow, I mean. On one hand, I’m devastated. As someone who started out in the business as a designer, Jony Ive and his relationship...


The Ultimate iPhone (2019)

I’ve been wanting to do a video about what my dream iPhone would be for a while now. You know, if I got to be or work with Jony or Phil Schiller, or Joz for a cycle and do everything I’ve always wanted to do with and for the iPhone. Now, I’ve done videos before about this and that hardware feature I’d like to see Apple grab from other manufacturers and bring over to the iPhone, and MKBHD just did a video on what his dream phone in general would be cobbled together from all the different...


How macOS Catalina changes EVERYTHING

macOS Catalina is bringing with it a feature set that edges on the audacious. Catalyst aims to let the vast catalog of iPad apps move more easily to the Mac, while SwiftUI teases a future where developers can build them that way to begin with. iTunes, venerable and beyond bloated, is being shattered into new Music, Podcast, and TV apps, with updated Books and even Finger functionality to round them out. There’s a new, more salient Photos app, Mail that’s more zen, Notes that are easier to...


Mac Pro vs. Mac mini — On a Budget!

Apple’s got a new Mac Pro and it’s almost everything everyone who loves the Mac Pro wanted. It’s got a bunch of PCIe slots for expansion, all wrapped up in a mini tower case that can grate cheese in more dimensions than ever. If you want to, you can kick it up to 28 Xeon Cascade Lake cores and 1.5 Terabytes of memory. That is, if you work for ILM or Pixar or Skywalker Audio because just going out to buy those cores from Intel will cost you 7 and a half to 10K, and just getting that RAM...


Why Google is Killing the Pixel Slate

Google is killing off its Pixel line of homespun tablet hardware. Now, just to be 100% crystal clear, Google is still going to be making Pixel Phones and Pixel Laptops, Home Max and Chromecast Ultra, Nest Thermostats and Nest Cams. But the Pixel Slate — That has to die. But, why? Russell Holly from Android Central joins me to figure it all out! SPONSOR: LINKS: Russell Holly (@russellholly) | Twitter Google's officially done making its own tablets | Computerworld...


iPhone 12: Rumor Analysis

Yes, this is utterly, completely, totally, add any three words that all mean the same thing, ridiculous. iPhone 11 is still 3 months away and not only are we already getting iPhone 12 rumors, we’ve been getting them basically forever already. So, let's break them down! SPONSOR: LINKS: Kuo on 2020 iPhones: 5.4-Inch and 6.7-Inch Models With 5G, 6.1-Inch Model With LTE, All With OLED Displays - MacRumorsApple reportedly to launch 3 OLED-based iPhones in 2020 New Iphone,...


OMG! Facebook's New Libra Cryptocurrency is...!

Facebook's CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, has just announced Libra, his attempt to revolutionize not just payments, but money itself, on a global scale, and Calibra, Facebook’s wallet app for Libra. But what is Libra more exactly and why, after the terrible, scandalous, privacy violating, trust rending, not good very bad year if not decade Facebook’s had, why would anyone in their right mind, or Mark Zuckerberg, think for a smoking hot minute we’d trust them with our money? Tantalizingly — or...


Can iPad Pro Replace Your Laptop Now?

When I first reviewed the iPad Pro last November, I focused on the seriously amped up hardware design. I figured the iOS 12 software story hadn’t changed so there was no point revisiting it. Many of you all, of course, allowed yourselves to retort. And you were right. So, two weeks later, I redid my review, went over why I felt the iPad Pro was less a laptop replacement and more a laptop alternative, and then went through a few of the ways I was hoping Apple would improve the software in the...


iOS 13 Siri Shortcuts: Automation Unleashed!

Siri and Apple’s voice and assistive technologies in general are getting some major love in iOS 13, including a synthetic yet more natural sound, new intents so developers can add Siri support to Maps apps like Waze and audio apps like Overcast, Audible, and Spotify, and even full-on Voice Control so you can navigate your iPhone, iPad, or Mac with basically the Will and the Word. And, of course, Shortcuts is becoming a built-in app and is adding support for a bunch of new functionality, not...