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Vision 22 : Ethan Winer

Author and musician Ethan Winer joins to talk about a number of Visions! I first heard Ethan Winer on the SGU podcast a few weeks ago, where he spoke about the myth of expensive speaker cables for audiophiles. When I contacted him for a guest appearance on VUC, I found out he is also a musician and has numerous other interests that we’ll enjoy sharing with the VUC community. Another wide-ranging discussion about the technologies we all think about and use daily. Video version Ethan...


Dan Jenkins with CommCon preview and more

Dan Jenkins joins to give a complete review of CommCon, June 25th in the UK. We also chat about the new expanded list of routers affected by the biggest botnet in history.


Vision 21 : Rob Pickering - ipcortex

We’ll be talking to a software engineer, CEO and Mystery Man about his vision, Commcon, and later about some interesting security stories that came up this week, including IoT, botnets, privacy and Alexa. Ok the mystery man is none other than Rob Pickering.


Vision 20 : Olle E. Johansson

One of the great moments of Kamailio World 2018 was seeing Olle Johansson speak. Although Olle truly needs no introduction to regulars, it may be best to give a short one here. Olle has been active in software development, software distribution, consulting, training and conferences since 1987, with open networking, open standards and open source. He has been pioneer in his work with many different kinds of VoIP and IM projects, among which are Asterisk®, OpenSER/Kamailio and ejabberd on...


Bad Storm, Bad

We'll talk about Kamailio World 2018 since A) We just got back, and B) Our guest had to cancel because of the storm


Vision 19 : Cloudonix with Eric Klein

Eric Klein of Cloudonix joins us to talk about what’s new on their end and also let you know that you can meet Nir Simionovich in Berlin if you’re going to Kamailio World. SIP is dead; Long live SIP! We also talk a little about privacy and competition in the telecom sector.


Vision 18 : Kamailio World Preview, Zoiper 5 Release

Zoiper 5 release: Longtime friends Zoa and Mira stop by to chat about this. We talk briefly about the T-Mobile/Sprint merger. We give a preview of Kamailio World 2018 with Daniel-Constantin Mierla, Co-Founder Kamailio. Thanks to the VUC community and Sponsors Simwood Cloudonix


Vision 17 : A News Week

If you have an email address and any online activity at all, you’ve probably received these “Data Policy Update” messages from multiple platforms. We’ll talk a little about what happens May 25th for EU and non-EU citizens and Brexiters. Keith Millner, Andy SMith, James Body and Michael Graves chime in. An investigation is underway by the US DoJ over possible collusion of two major carriers over eSIM. James talks about his experience with the eSIM. YouTube video VUC...


Vision 16 : LaunchCode

LaunchCode offers the learning resources and job opportunities to help prepare and launch careers in technology. They provide courses, educational resources, career coaching, and mentorship to prospective LaunchCoders, 80% of whom begin without a computer science degree. Daniel Fogarty, Director of Growth, and VP of Impact Haley Shoaf join us to talk about the their challenges and victories. May be of interest: LaunchCode's Annual Report VUC Sponsors: Simwood Cloudonix


Vision 15 : Emil Ivov

This week’s Vision comes from Emil Ivov, who received a Ph.D. degree while in the Network Research Team at the University of Strasbourg, France. Emil is well-known for Jitsi (formerly SIP Communicator), as well as other open source projects, such as ice4j, jsip, and (less actively in) others. In 2015, Atlassian acquired Blue Jimp, the mastermind team behind the Jitsi community. This is a quote from their news post: “Jitsi is an open source project that includes the WebRTC...


Vision 14 : Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts is new to these parts. He spent many years in corporate IT before making the transition to the world of wine. He described himself as a “freelance wine writer and media guy, and founder of” His blog brings a refreshingly irreverent perspective to the world of wine. It’s repeatedly been acclaimed as one of the leading wine blogs. Beyond the boundaries of his own .com, he has contributed to and/or been quoted in the L.A. Times, New York Times,, The...


Vision 13 - Lorenzo Miniero

Meet Lorenzo Miniero, a well-known denizen of conferences on WebRTC, to be seen and heard in Europe at OpenSIPS Summit, and Kamailio World. and in Europe’s friendly neighbor, the United Kingdom, at CommCon. He’ll be speaking about the different activities the Meetecho team is carrying on, especially with respect to scalability, monitoring/troubleshooting, and new WebRTC stuff. He’ll also share some news from the latest Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) meeting, which he streamed just...


Vision 12 : Suzanne Bowen

We first met Suzanne at Astricon one year. She began the first of her many careers managing a fitness center before teaching English and becoming a part of VoIP startup DIDx. Recently, she created a brand of custom leather jackets and vests! We recommended her for a little acting with "WebRTC Therapy", a Crocodile demo at a conference a few years ago. At ITEXPO, she was involved in blockchain events.


Vision 11 : Double Vision with 2600Hz

This Friday, we welcome COO Patrick Sullivan of 2600Hz (who were guests on several VUC sessions) and Head of Marketing Miriam Libonati to get a closer look at the workings going on at 2600Hz. There will be talk of Kazoo and KazooCon, coming up in April, but we will also hear about their visions under construction and their own way of turning them into reality. Video version here.


Vision 10 : Abbi Minessale

We’re delighted to welcome Abbi Minessale to share her visions under construction. Quoting from ClueCon 2018: “Abbi Minessale has been around FreeSWITCH ever since her father created it in 2006. She has helped out at many ClueCons doing interviews and has taken on a more prominent role this year as the Head of Social Networking and as an author on the new FreeSWITCH Blog. Abbi will be running and judging FreeCYCLED Hacks. She is excited about this new Coder Games event because it combines...


Vision 9 : Kathleen King on Frankenstein Computers

Kathleen King is responsible for the PR at FreeSWITCH Solutions LLC. A longtime friend and VUC participant, she takes the main stage this week to talk about her vision and of course, ClueCon 2018.


Vision 8 - Trust No One

News about two European conferences, Kamailio World 2018 in Berlin and Commcon in Surrey (UK). Chrome and other browsers are imposing higher standards for TLS certificates. Do you trust third-party sites as much as Amazon or Google?


Vision 7: Chris Chris Matthieu & Computes

Chris Matthieu is the President, CEO and founder of Computes, inc. the world's first decentralized and distributed mesh computing platform. He's here to tell us about his visions and how they are realized. Prior to founding Computes, inc., Chis was the Director of IoT Engineering for Citrix. He joined Citrix through the acquisition of Octoblu, a revolutionary real-time IoT platform, where he served as the co-founder and CTO. Chris has 30 years of experience in driving the development...


Vision 6 : VUC Founder Randy Resnick & Michael Graves

We talk about Randy's life and career in music, the VUC, how it began, where it's going. Born in Minneapolis, he gave George Harrison a guitar in 1965. A musician playing in bars into the late 1960's, he moved to Los Angeles in the early 1970's and went on to play with John Mayall and other famous musicians before moving to France in 1981. The vision: The VUC began in 2007 as Asterisk Users Conference. Today, we're focusing on the human side of technology, the visions rather than the...


Vision 5: Internet Pioneer Dr. Paul Vixie

Paul Vixie is an American computer scientist whose technical contributions include Domain Name System (DNS) protocol design and procedure, mechanisms to achieve operational robustness of DNS implementations, and significant contributions to open source software principles and methodology. He also created and launched the first successful commercial anti-spam service. Abstract: "Fail fast and fail early, are the lessons of growth. Yet when it comes to Internet protocols we are advised...