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Dan Lenard and George Whittam bring you East West Audio Body Shop, a place to discuss home studios and answer your voice-over studio technical questions. See more about the show and submit your questions at http://ewabs.com. This is the audio-only version of the Podcast. The video cast can also be found at our website, and the live taping feed is on Facebook Live and at vobs.tv.

Dan Lenard and George Whittam bring you East West Audio Body Shop, a place to discuss home studios and answer your voice-over studio technical questions. See more about the show and submit your questions at http://ewabs.com. This is the audio-only version of the Podcast. The video cast can also be found at our website, and the live taping feed is on Facebook Live and at vobs.tv.
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Dan Lenard and George Whittam bring you East West Audio Body Shop, a place to discuss home studios and answer your voice-over studio technical questions. See more about the show and submit your questions at http://ewabs.com. This is the audio-only version of the Podcast. The video cast can also be found at our website, and the live taping feed is on Facebook Live and at vobs.tv.




VOBS Voice Over Body Shop Ep. 137 With Guest Kat Cressida 9/17/18

VOBS RETURNS with special guest KAT CRESSIDA! SHE'S EVERYWHERE! Talk about versatility! Like many great actors Kat went to a great school, UC Berkeley and A.C.T. in S.F.! KAT landed her first gigs in The Biz On-Camera. But when she took her first VOICE-OVER workshop– she found her niche! A few months later, she booked her first VO gigs: PROMOS for TNT’s JAMES BOND MARATHON... and “DEE DEE” in DEXTER’S LABORATORY for CARTOON NET. She’s also voiced NATIONAL Campaigns for Major brands,...


VOBS - Voice Over Body Shop - Kathryn Horan - Episode 136 August 27, 2018

How do you get chosen for a Voice Over project? For big commercials and other projects, the upfront gatekeeper is the Casting Director. Our guest this week will give us the inside view of what goes on when being chosen to even audition for project, let alone chosen for the gig. Kathryn Horan has been a Casting Director, Demo Producer, Audio Engineer, and Voiceover Coach with The Voicecaster since 2012. Kathryn has cast for major brands like Honda, ampm, Ashley Furniture,...


VOBS - Voice Over Body Shop - Paul Pape - Episode 135 8/20/18

ur distinguished guest this week on VOBS is Paul Pape! Paul began his professional acting career in New York as one of the original members of the Collonades Theater Lab. Paul was cast to co-star as 'Double J' opposite John Travolta in "Saturday Night Fever". Paul has also been performing as a voice-over artist with over 7000 credits to-date. He's been heard in virtually every media - including commercials, narrations, promos, trailers, television series, films, video games and national...


Voice Over Body Shop Episode 134 with Bob Bergen 8/13/2018

Our guest this week on Voice Over Body Shop, Bob Bergen, needs little introduction. He is the current voice of the Warner Bros. cartoon characters Porky Pig and Tweety Bird and formerly hosted Jep!, a kids' version of the popular game show Jeopardy! Bob is also a tireless advocate for working voice actors everywhere through his work with SAG/AFTRA. We’re sure you have a lot questions for Bob about his impressive career in animation, technique for improving your character voice skills and...


VOBS EP. 133 With Jaime Muffett

Our guest is Jamie Muffett, a British voice actor who lives and works in New York City and Bucks County Pennsylvania, Coming to NYC from the UK in 2009. He’s worked in voiceover for ten years, and has been in music and audio production for over 20 years. He’s voiced for national TV ad campaigns in the US, UK and across the world. AAA video games, promos for NBC, ESPN and Nickelodeon, documentaries in the US (Nat Geo/Smithsonian) and UK (Channel 4) and featured at film festivals such as...


VOBS Voice Over Body Shop Ep 132 With Guest Chris Edgerly 7/30/18

Perhaps most recognized for voicing various animated characters on The Simpsons, Chris Edgerly has a sweeping vocal portfolio that spans animated television and multiple hit video games. He has even made a few television appearances including Hot in Cleveland, The King of Queens, SeaQuest 2032, and Kenan and Kel. While Chris enjoys his time on-screen, he is at his best when lending his vocal talents to animated television, movie, and video game roles. He’s also been doing stand-up comedy...


VOBS.TV - J. Michael Collins and AJ McKay - Episode 131 July 23, 2018

J. Michael Collins is everywhere! Doing Voice Over, being well known voice in the VO biz, taking on the “bad” guys and winning awards for his outstanding demo production for voice talents everywhere! He and his demo engineer, A.J. McKay join us for a lively discussion about how they go about making demos, why they work well together, what demos should be like, the different types, and how to use your demo effectively to gain VO work. A discussion you don’t want to miss if you’re wondering...


VOBS - Voice Over Body Shop - Episode 130- with Tim Keenan 7/16/ 2018

on Voice Over Body Shop: A Perspective From Behind The Recording Studio Glass! For over 3 decades, Tim Keenan and his wife, Linda, have owned and operated Creative Media Recording, a professional media Recording studio In Cypress, CA. They serve independent producers, corporations and ad agencies throughout Southern CA. A civic minded professional, Tim served 8 yrs on the Cypress City Council from 1996 -2004 as well as 2 yrs as Mayor! (I sense a theme from last weeks...


VOBS - Voice Over Body Shop - With guest Mike Lenz - Episode 129 7/9/ 2018

Mike Lenz is the former mayor of Saratoga Springs in upstate New York. But he’s really made his mark since as a full-time professional voice talent and podcast producer. For more than 10 years Mike has worked with clients on eLearning projects, corporate and web-based videos, audiobooks, brand imaging and commercials. Mike is also a Voice Arts Award nominated podcast producer, creator, and host of the Mike Lenz VO Podcast and creator of Podcast Snap (podcastsnap.com) – a concierge podcasting...


VOBS - Voice Over Body Shop - Anthony Mendez- Episode 128/7/2/2018

When it comes to VO Stars, Anthony Mendez shines brightly! He’s our special In-Studio guest, live this Monday night on Voice Over Body Shop! Anthony is a voice-over actor with an impressive list of credits to his career, including on-air promos, movie trailers, and TV commercials in both English and Spanish. Anthony has written and is currently working on a TV pilot inspired by his own life experiences of growing up in the headstone business, but with a supernatural twist, called “Mike...


VOBS Episode 127 With Dave Courvoisier 6/25/2018

At Voice Over Body Shop, we’re all about the voice business, and in our industry, one voice stands out as a leader: Dave “CourVo” Courvoisier. He’s our special guest this week on VOBS! He’s more than just a classy name. He recently retired from a 30 year career as News Anchor in Las Vegas! To people in VO, he’s known as the Former President and one of the four Founding Members of World-Voices Organization (WOVO) a prolific blogger and author. We talk about his exciting career, WoVO, and...


Voice Over Body Shop Episode 126 with Guest Phil Proctor 6/18/2018

If you missed Phil Proctor on VOBS a few months back, you missed a treasure trove of hilarious stories about his acting and voice acting career. So funny in fact, we asked him back for more. Phil was a part of of the legendary Firesign Theater which still has a cult following from their avant garde collection of comedy albums in the 1970’s. Knowing how Producers and Directors want to see auditions that show our unique takes on copy, we’ll talk about how to be spontaneous and have more fun...


VOBS Voice Over Body Shop EP 125 With Guest Philip Banks 6/4/2018

VOBS Returns For Episode 125 with our guest, the one and only Phillip Banks! We talk about.. Uh.. Er...a... whatever is on Phillips mind! More VO stuff and VO Tech than you can possibly handle! Watch us Live if you can almost every Monday night! 9 Eastern, 6 Pacific at VOBS.TV or forever on YouTube or right her on our podcast edition. Brought to you by Voiceoveressentials.com, Vo2Gogo.com, Sourceelements.com, VoiceOverXtra.com,VOICEACTORWEBSITES.com and J. Michael Collins...


VOBS - Voice Over Body Shop - Episode 124- with Harry Dunn 4/23/ 2018

Voice Over Body Shop We all want to impress the people who we want to hire us. However, what is it Producers and Directors are looking for? How do we jump out from the crowd when it comes to auditions, and our performances as voice actors. Harry Dunn is a working network promo producer and teaches voiceover from the POV of a promo producer, knowing the ins and outs of what works and what fails with self-directed auditions. Learning how to do it by yourself is a challenge we all...


VOBS Ep.123 With Guest Dan Nachtrab 5/14/2018

He’s a star Trailer and promo voice talent! We Just can’t pronounce Dan Nachtrab’s name! We’ll learn more about the world of Trailer, Promo and narration and.. pronunciation! We’ll answer your questions for Dan, along with all your VO studio tech questions for Dan and George We'll also get the Voice Over Xtra/VOBS News and much more! An hour and a half of no less than VO BS! Brought to you by Voiceoveressentials.com, Vo2Gogo.com, Sourceelements.com,...


VOBS-Ep_122_Keythe Farley 5/7/18

Voice character acting is a growth industry in the animation and gaming industry. Keythe Farley is an actor, voice actor, casting director and voice director with a long list of notable credits. Keythe has also written for, produced and/or voice-directed episodes of Rugrats, As Told by Ginger and The Wild Thornberries. Keythe is also the co-author of Bat Boy: The Musical (with Brian Flemming and Laurence O'Keefe) which was the recipient of the 2001 Outer Critics Circle and Lucille Lortel...


VOBS Episode 121 With Kristin Lennox 4/30/2018

Many of us share our VO careers with our families and loved ones simply because we live with them.. What if you bring your kids into the booth and get them involved in helping pay the rent by also pursuing a VO Career? Kristin Lennox is a successful voice talent with clients like Ocean Spray, Subway and Royal Caribbean. Kristin's daughters share the family sound booth and all contribute to the family. She and her daughter Ryleigh join Dan and George for a fun discussion about having VO...


VOBS EP. 120 With Ilko Drozdoski 4/23/2018

Ilko Drozdoski came to Los Angeles from New York City the old fashioned way- he drove across the country in a car that could barely make it, but he did. And on January 1st 1994 when he was on the beach in Venice tanning himself, he knew he’d never go back. Hollywood was calling. He toiled as a PA, driver and set worker on several films, TV shows and music videos over the years until he got his first big break: a full time job working for Steve Tisherman as an Assistant Agent. He did so well...


VOBS-Ep. 119 Scott_Brick_041618

The Hits Just Keep-A-Comin On Voice Over Body Shop! Audiobooks are huge! This week we bring you a true giant in the business of audiobook narration! Scott Brick has narrated bestsellers and Pulitzer-Prize winners for every major publisher, over 850 titles since his debut in 1999, including JURASSIC PARK, FAHRENHEIT 451, IN COLD BLOOD, MYSTIC RIVER and HELTER SKELTER. In addition to over 50 Earphones Awards, he’s also received five Audie Awards, including two for his work on the DUNE saga....


VOBS-Ep 118 Tim Friedlander 040918

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