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WELSTech explores the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. This show is sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).

WELSTech explores the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. This show is sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).


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WELSTech explores the use of technology to further the spread of the gospel. This show is sponsored by the Wisconsin Evangelical Lutheran Synod (WELS).








686 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: Personal Productivity

The Tech-Enhanced Ministry series continues with today’s episode of WELSTech, and Martin and Sallie share their favorite tech for being productive. Today’s show also includes discussion of photo albums for events or projects, smart bulbs, video production training, and media resources to support Bible lessons. The discussion Personal Productivity – A common thread throughout […]


685 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: PLN

Personal Learning Networks (PLN) are the topic of this week’s WELSTech as we march through our summer series on Tech-Enhanced Ministry. Listen for familiar and new tools for managing your network and curating information. Martin made one of the newest his pick of the week because he was so smitten. Sallie’s got you covered for […]


684 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: PKM

July kicks off with a continuation of the WELSTech summer series, Tech-Enhanced Ministry. In this episode we concentrate on Personal Knowledge Management (PKM). Plus, there’s lots to recap from last week’s WELS Education Conference including a slick conference app, digital citizenship resources for faculty, parents, and students, and a Ditch That Textbook inspired digital escape […]


683 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: Data Management

The WELSTech summer series Tech-Enhanced Ministry continues this week with a discussion of data management for the church and school office. Google drive rolls out keyboard shortcuts, Martin’s watching YouTube ad-free, and you can learn how to build a digital escape room. Sounds like a fun summer! The discussion Data management – Martin and Sallie […]


682 – Tech-Enhanced Ministry: Project Management

Summer has arrived on WELSTech as we begin a new series titled Tech-Enhanced Ministry. This week we talk all angles of project management including portfolios, cloud tools, and frameworks. Martin has a shortcut pick, and we field questions regarding the new Christian Worship hymnal. The discussion Project management – Martin and Sallie kick off the […]


681 – Multi-Age Teaching

You’re in for a treat – a WELSTech like no other! Martin and Sallie are joined by Jason Schmidt for a mashup discussion of open learning, project management, WiFi access, and summer enrichment. And, for the first time, we close the show with an interview of Dr. Cindy Whaley, icing on the cake of our […]


680 – Screens & Video Games

Spring has finally arrived on WELSTech, and with that comes graduation season. We are excited to hear from two soon to be assigned seminary seniors about their tech in ministry research projects. We also have outreach ideas, technology curriculum, event updates, security hardware, and library software recommendations to share. The discussion Seminary Senior Theses – […]


679 – Prison Ministry Tech

Tune in to this week’s WELSTech for an update on the work of WELS Special Ministries including new technology advances for reaching out to those in prison and the need for volunteers to assist with the effort. Martin is upping his keyboard ante with a gamer model that isn’t very quiet. Details on the upcoming […]


678 – Web Excellence

We’re talking web sites on this week’s WELSTech, and we’re joined by WELS Web Developer, Tim Sinclair. This episode also includes information security guidelines for congregations, book recommendations, and a recap of the recent XR Festival sponsored by Christ in Media. Geeks will be especially excited by Martin’s incremental backup pick! The discussion Congregation Web […]


677 – On a Desert Island with Rachel & Jason

Not quite a three-hour tour, but Rachel Feld and Jason Schmidt have us thinking of desert islands on today’s WELSTech. Rachel shares details on her upcoming WELS Education Conference presentation, plus there’s a fair share of Google goodness, tools for mass communication, and a real book, complete with that new book smell. Join the conversation! […]


676 – Spotlight on LWMS

On this week’s WELSTech we talk with Beth Taticek from Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society (LWMS) about the tech that makes LWMS tick. Sallie’s under the weather so Martin flies solo and shares his pick of the week as well as events, resources, and community recommendations and questions. The discussion LWMS – Martin and Sallie welcome […]


675 – Staying Productive: At Home & Office

WELSTech headlines with a discussion of tools to keep you productive, wherever you are. Also in this episode, learn about a great blog to follow for ministry tech topics, organizing passwords, taking smart notes, and live streaming devices. The discussion Top productivity tools – Martin and Sallie each share the 5 tools that keep them […]


674 – Let’s Get Together

This week on WELSTech we discuss techniques and tools to manage scheduling calendar events with ease. In addition, we tour WELS Online Yearbook, play some Wordle, expand some text and unpack the community feedback mailbag. And it’s Thursday!?! The discussion Calendar management – Martin and Sallie discuss frustrations and best practices for calendar and meeting […]


673 – Green or Blue Bubble?

WELSTech welcomes co-hosts Rachel Feld and Jason Schmidt along with interviewee Dr. Phil Huebner. “Dr. Phil” previews his upcoming WELS Education Conference presentation on the current teen crisis and its tie to technology. We also have news from the IRS, windows power tools, highlighted links, and refreshing water to wash it all down. The discussion […]


672 – Service Builder

On WELSTech this week we welcome 2022 with a deep dive into an exciting new tech-in-ministry worship planning solution, Christian Worship: Service Builder. Additionally, we announce a new podcast around weekly sermon preparation, Martin has a foldable keyboard which Maxwell Smart would appreciate, and we share a bookkeeping software recommendation. The interview Christian Worship: Service […]


671 – 2021 Retrospective

Year 14 of WELSTech is in the books. Tune in for Martin and Sallie’s favorites from 2021! Events Subscribe to WELSTech e-News Martin is blogging WELSTech video is back starting with Episode 663 Sallie is a Grannie, and you can meet our youngest WELSTech fan on Episode 667 2021 included a WELSTech book discussion of […]


670 – Forward in Christ

The WELSTech Christmas week special this year features Nicole Balza, and she updates us on all that’s happening with Forward in Christ magazine and especially with their digital offerings. Merry Christmas WELSTech-ers! The interview Two years in – Martin and Sallie welcome Nicole Balza, who many will recognize from the Together video update, but you […]


669 – Sharing Christmas Joy

WELSTech welcomes the Advent and Christmas season with 5 ways to share the good news of our Savior’s birth. Also listen for ideas for building your church bulletin, Martin’s latest hardware pick (with a wire), and tools for telling the next generation. Plus, Sallie’s go-to video editor saves the day, and we announce the Bible […]


668 – Blended Learning

We’re back with another lively edition of WELSTech featuring the co-hosts with the most – Rachel Feld and Jason Schmidt. Jason shares details about his upcoming WELS Education Conference presentation, Rachel isn’t losing her keys, and Martin shares an online video creation tool. Plus there’s job opportunities, professional development, and much more to explore. Join […]


667 – Policy & Procedures

WELSTech this week answers the why, what, who, how and where questions around policies and procedures for church and school. There’s also much to share about Adobe, the iPad mini, Christmas concert date announcements, and free tools for organizing goals and meetings. Plus, the WELSTech mailbag is full! The discussion The time is now – […]