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In this podcast I share news and experiences from working with Microsoft 365 with focus on SharePoint & Teams. It's for anyone who wants to learn about these apps and services. Contact on witgirlspod@gmail.com.

In this podcast I share news and experiences from working with Microsoft 365 with focus on SharePoint & Teams. It's for anyone who wants to learn about these apps and services. Contact on witgirlspod@gmail.com.




In this podcast I share news and experiences from working with Microsoft 365 with focus on SharePoint & Teams. It's for anyone who wants to learn about these apps and services. Contact on witgirlspod@gmail.com.






59 Marie - a Citizen Developer

I talk to Marie Nordstrom Nordstr√∂m who works at H&M in HongKong ūü§© She tells how she started building apps in the Power Platform to make processes within the company more efficient and to gather statistics in a smarter way, a true citizen developer! She built an app in a week without knowing Power Apps or any code before she started, and now she is building more apps and flows and visualize the data in Power BI. I was so impressed by Marie and her energy and very happy to have her on the...



Hey listeners! Sorry for the episode delay, I've been a bit busy ;) But here is an episode packed with: Links SharePointBabe blog https://sharepointbabe.com/ The Daniel Anderson Audio Experience Podcast https://www.sharepointfocus.com/daniel-anderson-audio-experience/ WITGirls podcast https://witgirlspodcast.com Listen, Rate and Subscribe: https://podcasts.apple.com/se/podcast/witgirls/id1252774275 Social links & Contact https://linktr.ee/Witgirls


57 Black Metal Murders

Hey listeners! I have a special episode for you today, it's a true crime story about the black metal murders that took place in the 90's in Norway. And the reason for that is that I visited that record store in Oslo this weekend, where it all began. A sad and cruel story, which began with a suicide, church burnings and murder... I should warn sensitive listeners for very graphical content! But of course my podcast is still loving tech and the latest news from Microsoft 365/SharePoint/Teams...


56 Göran Husman

In this episode I take a walk down memory lane with Göran Husman! And much more… A relaxed and fun talk with Göran! Links: Göran Husman on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/ghusman/ HumanData https://humandata.se/ SEF Conference 10-11 January 2022 - register now! https://seforum.se/ Göran Husmans books https://www.thriftbooks.com/a/gran-husman/795097/ WITGirls podcast https://witgirlspodcast.com Listen, Rate and...


55 Michaela Bostrand

In this episode: The four most requested functions on an intranet that you cannot deliver out of the box SharePoint and Teams News An interview with my colleague Michaela Bostrand who works as an M365 consultant with focus on adoption and change management. She is nominated as "√Örets datatjej" - listen to find out what that is. A great talk about user adoption, challenges, working as a WIT (Woman in Tech) and more! About Michaela LinkedIn:...


54 The Return of a Co-host

I am so happy to have one of my best friends and former co-host Christina Gibson back on the show, but now as a guest! In this episode full of energy and enthusiasm, we drink red wine and talk in depth about the solutions and apps we are working on currently. Like when we compare using Form layout with JSON vs building an app and much more! We also take a deep dive into and discuss some of the latest news from SharePoint, Teams, Exchange/Outlook and more. Thank you for listening! Cheers...


53 Setup VIVA Connections

In this episode I share some of the news about SharePoint, Teams and Power Platform as usual :) I attended the #SharePoint20 birthday party in AltSpaceVR! At the end of the episode I guide you through the process of how to setup VIVA Connections in Teams. I run the PowerShell script while recording so you will learn how that goes :D Thank you for listening! Cheers from Lise Links Setup a home site https://sharepointbabe.com/2019/11/24/setup-sharepoint-home-site/ Setup the SharePoint...


52 News from Ignite

In this episode you will hear about some of the announcements that was made at this years Microsoft Ignite and other news that are being rolled out right now. Some of the news I talk about are: - Microsoft Mesh - SharePoint App Bar - SharePoint Spaces - Teams presenter modes - Teams intelligent speakers - Teams Connect- - Power FX And more! Thank you for listening! Cheers from Lise @sharepointbabe Links: AltspaceVR Microsoft Mesh Inspiration by LookBook WITGirls...


51 VIVA Daniel!

I'm so happy to have Daniel Anderson back on the show! He will share with us what he knows so far about the new employee experience platform Microsoft VIVA! (It's just recently been announced so it's brand new) You can hear more about Daniel in ep 35. He has just been awarded as an MVP, and we discuss what it means to be an MVP and the expectations. Great episode and always fun to talk to Daniel! Cheers from your host Lise Rasmussen @sharepointbabe Links to more info about Daniel...


50 Agnes Molnar

In this first episode of 2021 you will hear some of the latest news from SharePoint & Teams as usual. Then follows an interview with search expert Agnes Molnar who shares her expertise and experience from working with search. What she doesn't know about search is not worth knowing! I learned so much from talking to Agnes about: An interview packed with knowledge! So hey, if you want to learn about search - listen to this episode! Cheers from Lise @sharepointbabe Links Agnes Molnar,...


49 Power Virtual Agents

In this last episode for the year I share some news about SharePoint and Teams. Then I dive into how to build a chat bot using Power Virtual Agents. Thank you so much for listening to my podcast, during this year I have had listeners from 48 countries!! That is just awesome, so thank you all listeners


48 Joanne Klein

I'm so happy to have Joanne Klein on the show and she is well known in our community! Joanne shares her experience from working with retention policies, sensitivity labels and records management. What are the challenges and what roles are involved in making those decisions? Are companies aware of the rules and regulations for storing and deleting data? How long should we keep chats and conversations in Teams? How has information architecture changed since Teams arrived? Lots of questions...


47 Dataverse for Teams

In this episode I am sharing some news in SharePoint and Teams. And the last part is all about the new Microsoft Dataverse for Teams, what is that and how can you use it? New web parts Site asset libraries Site headers and theme generator Pin SharePoint objects in Teams Microsoft Dataverse for Teams Office 365 podden by Mats Warnolf, in which I will be a guest on in two weeks https://warnolf.podbean.com/ SharePoint theme generator https://aka.ms/spthemebuilder About...


46 Corinna Lins

I love meeting new people and Corinna is a person who I did not know before this interview. It turns out we have a very similar background and profile! It's always interesting to hear how other people in this community works and deals with the same challenges and possibilities in the Microsoft 365 world as yourself. So meet Corinna Lins from Germany, contact info below. Cheers from Lise Links: Website: https://www.corinnalins.com/ Twitter: corinna_lins LinkedIn:...


45 Jonathan Björkman

Jonathan Björkman is a trainee at Forefront Consulting, the company I also work for and we have worked together on a PowerApps project. His passion is how to make organizations more efficient and doing so by leveraging their digital adaption. In his daily work he always strive to share new insights about how to use PowerApps beyond the PoC stage and generate value throughout the organization. Hear how he ended up in the IT business working with the Power Platform, what it means to be a...


44 Ulrika Hedlund

In this episode I talk to Ulrika Hedlund, the CEO of Storyals and Business Productivity. A super interesting talk about living in Dubai, the Covid-19 situation there and how it has affected our way of working. We also discuss news from Ignite, smart ways of working with Teams, and more. Ulrika is nominated as a Microsoft Regional Director, hear all about that is in this interview. Ulrika is one of the speakers at Teamsdagen (Teamsday) that is happening on the 14th of October, link to the...


43 April Dunnam

I am so happy and excited to have April Dunnam as a guest on the show! She is a Partner Technical Architect at Microsoft and Power Apps/Power Automate MVP. I have watched her YouTube videos on how to build PowerApps and they have helped me a lot! So make sure you subscribe to her channel if you are into PowerApps, link is found below. The main topic is PowerApps and we talk about development of apps, how to get started building an app, PA news from Ignite like Project Oakdale and more...


42 Solo

Unfortunately my friend and co-host Christina Gibson has decided to quit from the podcast. She has been a great co-host and I will miss her! So now I'm on the hunt for a new co-host! If you want to suggest someone who might want to join me to talking Microsoft 365, SharePoint, Teams and more, then send me an email on witgirlspod@gmail.com and let's discuss! In this episode I share my current projects, tips and news from the Microsoft 365 world. Hope you enjoy the show! Cheers from...


41 GlobalCon3

Helen Jones from Collaboris is back on the show! She shares some cool stats from the online GlobalCon2 conference that was held in June earlier this year. In this episode she will give you all information about the coming GlobalCon3 that is on the 8-11 of September. Get your free ticket and the all-access-pass now, see links below. Learn more about Helen and her background by listening to episode 37. Cheers from Lise @sharepointbabe Links: Helen...


40 News special

We are back after our summer vacations! This episode is a news special. We have tested some of the new things that has been rolled out to Microsoft 365 during this summer. Topics we discuss are Lists, Intranet news, SharePoint Spaces, Teams news, Yammer and more! Links Blog post about Lists https://sharepointbabe.com/2020/07/29/a-first-look-at-microsoft-lists/ Microsoft Ignite https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/ignite Victimized Podcast https://www.victimizedpodcast.com/ Office 365...