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Tired of all the complicated, drawn-out explanations when it comes technology and how it relates to you? Waves of Tech podcast is dedicated to technology and how it influences and impacts your daily life.

Tired of all the complicated, drawn-out explanations when it comes technology and how it relates to you? Waves of Tech podcast is dedicated to technology and how it influences and impacts your daily life.


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Tired of all the complicated, drawn-out explanations when it comes technology and how it relates to you? Waves of Tech podcast is dedicated to technology and how it influences and impacts your daily life.




In-Car Gas Purchasing, California’s Net Neutrality Bill And Hubble Telescope Turns 28

Chevrolet and Shell have partnered to provide drivers to ability to pay for gas inside their vehicle via the infotainment center. With a modest rollout in three cities, look for the nationwide announcement soon. The state of California is moving forward with their own version of net neutrality in response to the FCC’s rollback of internet protections earlier this year. The Hubble Space Telescope celebrated 28 years in orbit this week. The telescope has amazed scientists, astronomers, and...


Apple Music Growth, Apple Watch Solves Crime, ESPN’s Streaming Service And The End of Passwords

Facebook Messenger is a great way to communicate, and in this story Steve shares how the application brought together friends that haven’t spoken in 25 years. Apple Music continues its accelerated growth in the streaming service market, boasting a subscribing base of over 40 million, and becoming more and more competitive with Spotify. In Australia, a 57 year old victim’s Apple Watch data was used to solve her 2016 murder. ESPN has entered the digital content streaming business with ESPN+,...


Google View Image, Oregon Enacts Net Neutrality And Facebook Commentary

Google has removed the ‘View Image’ function, safeguarding image rights and limiting image piracy, after after facing an antitrust lawsuit filed by Getty Images. The State of Oregon has signed a bill enacting their own form of net neutrality that prohibits state agencies from working with internet providers that choose to throttle websites, limit access, and treat traffic unequally. Dubai is running a test program for digital license plates that is being aimed at reduced emergency response...


Facebook And Cambridge Analytica, Tech’s April Fools’ Jokes And Space Junk

The Facebook data mishandling is still at the top of the discussion list as we share our thoughts on the matter, how that fits into their business model, and why things will not change. A number of technology companies played pranks on April Fools’ Day, creating some fun and entertaining concepts on social media that had customers laughing. A UK-led experiment is tackling the problem of the millions of items of space junk floating in orbit causing several safety and hazard situations. And...


CUE18 Conference Conversations

We are featuring CUE18 conference conversations with a technology coordinator, an IT coach, an institute director, and fellow podcasters. CUE (Computer Using Educators) recently celebrating 40 years of bringing technology resources and tools to educators, administrators, students, and attendees. In the four conversations from the halls of the event, we explore a wide range of topics - professional development, infrastructure decision making, teaching digital citizenship, serving as a...


World Backup Day, Toys R’ Us Closures, Ford Dealerships Online, Apple’s Families Page

Data loss is very common and strikes at inopportune times, causing stress and anxiety. With that said, March 31 is World Backup Day so join the movement! Toys R Us, an iconic American toy store, is officially closing after 70 years of service after failing to adapt to digital commerce. Ford is making a major change in the way buyers may purchase their vehicles - online dealerships with locked-in pricing, real time inventories, and no awkward sales interactions. Apple has developed a...


Spam Calls, Bracing for Cyber-attacks, State Net Neutrality Laws

We are talking all about protecting ourselves, our data, our privacy, and our privileges. Robocalls, spam messages, and fraud attempts are rising day-by-day. Find out how to prepare and protect yourself from these types of calls. 2018 is shaping up to be a banner year for cyber-attacks, with an estimated 11 billion individual malware attacks anticipated. Learn what is coming and what can be done. California is introducing legislation - Right to Repair - mandating manufacturers to provide...


Harley Davidson’s Electric Motorcycle Investment, Amazon buys Ring, and Apple’s Glass Walls & Doors

We are chatting about the future of the motorcycle industry, Amazon’s push into the security business, and people running into glass walls at Apple Park. Harley Davidson invested heavily in Alta Motors and are actively designing an electric model motorcycle to add to their inventory. This signals a small but significant change in the motorcycle industry. Amazon has purchased Ring, the internet-connected leader in security systems. The retail giant is hoping to utilize Ring and its home...


Combating Technology Addiction And Corporate Social Activism

A group of former executives having formed a advocacy group to combat the growing teen smartphone and social media addiction issue. After the Parkland shooting, students are taking to social media to demand change regarding gun policy and organizing marches. Corporations are now denouncing and ending their relationship with the NRA as an act of corporate online social activism to a degree which we have never seen. Over 40 companies are pushing the latest in messaging technology - Rich...


Tesla’s Supercharger Stations And Why Alexa Didn’t Light Up During Super Bowl

The US Justice Department is charging two individuals for their involvement in a highly organized ATM jackpotting scheme for being in possession of over $9,000 cash and devices using for hacking. On the way to Vegas, Tesla has constructed another massive Supercharge power station for its consumers and they continue to build a network of electrical infrastructure. If you are curious why your Amazon Echo or Echo Not did not trigger during the Super Bowl ad it’s because Amazon uses digital...


Microsoft Emergency Update, Amazon HQ2 And Jackpotting

Microsoft issued an emergency update to their softwares after Intel’s buggy Spectre fix caused spontaneous rebooting, data loss, and complete PC failure. In their search to find the perfect location for HQ2, Amazon has narrowed the list of cities to 20. But, many are concerned about the e-commerce giant coming to their city and growing the housing crisis, increasing income inequality, and changing the real estate and affordable housing market. Jackpotting, the hacking scheme that spits out...


Spectre And Meltdown Explained. Amazon Go Opens.

We chatting about the major implications of Spectre and Meltdown. Both of these vulnerabilities in computer security are critical to understand, both from a technical side and a user security side. Spectre and Meltdown tear at the fundamental core of how we build and operate our computing systems over the past twenty years. Amazon Go opened in Seattle with much praise and excitement, showing that a grocery store can function without checkout lines and workers. Microsoft is attempting to...


UberEATS Banned from School, Roku’s Smart Home Investment, and Facebook’s News Feed Change

We are back after a brief hiatus! We dive right into the decision from a high school to ban UberEATS from delivery food to students after it disrupted the classroom setting and created headaches in the office. Roku announced two new technologies that creates a new whole-home integrated home entertainment ecosystem made up of smart TVs, soundbars, voice assistant, and smart speakers. Facebook Pixel is causing major headaches for some users and we breakdown what you can do to fight back...


The Hottest Trends From 1997 And Predictions For 2018

We are diving head first into the New Year with a look back at technology of the past that shaped today’s world and a look forward with some predictions as to what is to come. The year 1997 proved to be very innovative for the technology industry. We experienced Windows 95 Upgrade (startup and access), the Palm Pilot (synchronized data), Netscape (web browser battles), Real Player (music streaming), and much more. Moving into 2018, we throw out predictions related to data hacking, net...


2017 California STEAM Symposium. Part 2

We are featuring conversations with exhibitors from the floor of the 2017 California STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Symposium. With these conversations you will learn about the wide range of products and services in the educational technology industry currently that are shaping the classroom. We connected with companies working directly with the International Space Station, the National Science Foundation, and higher educational institutions. It’s evident the wide...


2017 California STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Symposium. Part 1

On this special edition of The Waves of Tech, we are featuring conversations with organizers and attendees from the 2017 California STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) Symposium. With these conversations you will learn a lot about the symposium from a variety of perspectives, such as the importance of collaborating in the educational tech space and the power of professional development. We cover a variety of relevant topics in education - preparing the future workforce,...


Amazon And Google Fighting And Viral Netflix Tweet

Over the weekend, Dave attended the STEAM Symposium with microphone and recorder in hand. Hear about the event and what’s coming the next two episodes. The net neutrality vote is this week and we are all bracing for what the future holds as it is expected that the FCC will rollback regulations governing the access to information and control data via the web. In a juggernaut battle, Amazon and Google are fighting which is hurting the consumers that use both their products and services. We...


Blue Apron’s Ups & Downs And Hybrid Devices Soar

Blue Apron is continue to struggle with costs and profits since their technology IPO filing. The meal kit provider is losing customers but existing customers are spending more on average. The shift from traditional PC to hybrid devices continue. As industries shift focus, so does the market for laptops, detachable Windows-based devices, and Android tablets. With the holidays upon us, we share some fresh ideas for the tech or non-tech lover in the family. Gifts range from set-top boxes, VR...


Net Neutrality Updates And Holiday Tech Help

We are diving into some relevant stories hitting the tech headlines this week. In the biggest news this week, the FCC filed draft papers to essentially kill off existing net neutrality regulations. We provide a very in-depth look into what net neutrality is, what this means for users and business owners, and how our bottom lines may be affected. We share the story of a recreational drone pilot arrested for flying a drone over NFL stadiums in an attempt to drop politically charged leaflets....


Sleep Technology, CBS & Dish Network Clash, DOJ Blocks AT&T / TWC Merger

When a personal health issue arises, we look to technology to help us out. In this specific case, sleep technology is advancing the ability to monitor and improve overall health. If you are a Dish Network customer, beware that blackout may be occurring across the stations of CBS and the two battle through a contract negotiation process. Honda and Facebook are teaming up to reach drivers that have yet to replace their faculty airbag systems by using targeted advertising and matching up...