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An interview style podcast dedicated to web specialists in Northern Ireland. Gareth Stirling chats to local web specialists about various topics from great training initiatives, new technologies or interesting career stories. Find us on twitter @WebTalksNI

An interview style podcast dedicated to web specialists in Northern Ireland. Gareth Stirling chats to local web specialists about various topics from great training initiatives, new technologies or interesting career stories. Find us on twitter @WebTalksNI
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An interview style podcast dedicated to web specialists in Northern Ireland. Gareth Stirling chats to local web specialists about various topics from great training initiatives, new technologies or interesting career stories. Find us on twitter @WebTalksNI






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An Introduction to GraphQL with Brian Mullan | WebTalksNI

Brian Mullan, a local javascript contractor, discusses what GraphQL is, why it was created and how Brian himself learned more about GraphQL. WebTalksNI is a career podcast for web specialists in Northern Ireland. To keep to date with all the latest episodes subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on twitter @WebTalksNI


Lightning Episode | Jonathan Achenbach from Signaturize | Local start-up

Gareth caught up with Jonathan from Signaturize, a local start-up at DigitalDNA2019 to find out what Signaturize is and how it's different from other competing software available on the market Follow WebTalksNI on Twitter


Lightning Episode | Paul Jenkins at Xerofone | Local start-up

Gareth caught up with the director of Xerofone, Paul Jenkins, at DigitalDNA 2019 to find out what Xerofone is and how it can help schools and businesses around the world. Find @WebTalksNI on Twitter to join the conversation #webtalksni - Sorry if the sound quality is not the best in this particular episode (Alex forgot the memory card so we had to record on a mobile instead of our equipment! )-


Lightning Episode | Sara Lyons from Bring IT On | Tech initiative

Gareth caught up with Sara Lyon at DigitalDNA 2019 from Bring IT On to discuss this initiative to try and get more people interested in a career in IT. Find @WebTalksNI on twitter


How the Hive Academy is transforming Northern Ireland's education | WebTalksNI

Narelle Height, Education Outreach Manager at PwC, discusses her career journey to date and her initiative the 'Hive Academy' is helping school kids all over Northern Ireland to learn about computing skills. Follow WebTalksNI on Twitter - @WebTalksNI


Ladies that UX Belfast Launch | June 2019 | WebTalksNI

Gareth meets up with three of the four leaders who are launching Ladies That UX Belfast on 11th June. Marie-Therese McCann, Kelsey Bonnes and Karishma Kusurkar all discuss their career journey to UX, how the UX process actually works, favourite projects from working in the industry and of course the new Belfast UX meetup; Ladies that UX. Follow WebTalksNI and Ladies that UX Belfast on Twitter - @WebTalksNI & @LadiesthatUXBEL


Journey to CTO before 40 years old | Interview with Gareth Burns

From junior web developer to CTO before 40 year's old, Gareth Burns discusses his career journey from moving to Belfast from Scotland to how he decided during his career when it was time to move on from a position. Gareth Burns is the CTO of Selazar and organiser of Belfast's .NET meetup. Find WebTalksNI on Twitter or sign up to our newsletter.


Working in a DevOps culture | Interview with Beth Glenfield | WebTalksNI

Gareth met up with Beth Glenfield, Software Engineer and Director of Women Who Code Belfast. Learn how Beth works in a DevOps culture and how she believes it benefits workflow. In addition, Beth discusses her journey to becoming Director of Women Who Code Belfast and upcoming events to keep an eye out for. Follow us on Twitter for all WebTalksNI news or sign up to our newsletter here


What is a SCRUM Master? | WebTalksNI

Steven McComb a SCRUM master at PA Consulting in Belfast comes in to discuss with Gareth what a SCRUM master actually does. Interested in getting involved with WebTalksNI? Get in touch gareth@corvus.jobs or find us on Twitter @WebTalksNI


What is Xamarin? Interview with Mark McGaigue | WebTalksNI

Learn what Xamarin is and the benefits of using this particular software for mobile app development with Mark McGaigue. Mark McGaigue is the Lead Client Developer at TheAppBuilder in Belfast. For career/podcast enquiries contact Gareth on gareth@corvus.jobs or follow us on Twitter @WebTalksNI


Using Web Browsers for Creative Web Development with Neil McCallion | WebTalksNI

Neil McCallion, co-organiser of meet up group BelfastJS discusses using web browsers for creative web development.


Meet the host of WebTalksNI - Gareth Stirling

A special episode highlighting Gareth Stirling; the host of WebTalksNI. Learn Gareth's career journey and his daily job as a recruiter, find out why he started a podcast and his thoughts about the market in Northern Ireland. Find us on Twitter @WebTalksNI | gareth@corvus.jobs


Why graduate programmes are important for building the tech community in NI | WebTalksNI

Gareth met up with Marie-Louise Quigg a Global Account Manager at Options Technology. Learn how Marie-Louise went through the Options technology graduate scheme four years ago and hasn't looked back since.


The Importance Of Tech Talks For The Web Community with Chris Laughlin | WebTalksNI

Gareth Stirling meets up with Chris Laughlin from Rapid 7 to discuss his experience of tech talks. Find out his top 3 tips for others thinking of doing a talk and what talks have done for his personal brand. Find us on Twitter - @WebTalksNI @ChrisLaughlin


Why is React framework so popular? Interview with Paul McBride | WebTalksNI

Meet Paul McBride - That name might sound familiar if you have listened to all the WebTalksNI episodes as Paul was our first ever guest. Listen to Paul's career story from how he got into coding after leaving the RAF in the first episode of WebTalksNI. This time Paul has come back for a more technical chat about the React framework prior to his talk at Belfast JS on Wednesday 27th March 2019.


What is a Product Manager? - Interview with Emma Mulholland | WebTalksNI

Happy New Year everyone! This is our first episode of 2019. Gareth meets with Emma Mulholland a local Product Manager at ShopKeep. Find out what the role of a Product Manager entails and why you might need one. If you're a web specialist based in Northern Ireland and want to share your story, get in touch on gareth@corvus.jobs


Interview with the winners of Learn to IOS | WebTalksNI

Gareth meets with the three winners of the course Learn to IOS. Find out their backgrounds, what they thought of the course and their recommendations for anyone else thinking of taking the course.


Why digital companies have confidence in the NI market - Interview with Cameron Stewart | WebTalksNI

An interview with the founder of local independent digital innovation firm Dawson Andrews, Cameron Stewart. Cameron provides insight on how he feels the market in Northern Ireland is at the moment after coming back from a year in Australia. What is WebTalksNI? An interview series dedicated to web specialists in Northern Ireland. Gareth Stirling, UX/UI & web development recruiter, chats to locals web specialists about how they got to where they are today and give advise to other web...


Bridging the gap from education to a career - Learn to IOS | WebTalksNI

Meet CTO Kris Jones and recent graduate Ryan Beckett; founders of the 'Learn to' brand. An initiative which aims to build a community in Northern Ireland to increase local coding skills and specialist web knowledge in a non-profit training scheme. Listen to their interview with Gareth Stirling and find out how you can get involved. Find out more on Twitter at @LearnTo_Belfast


What is UX? Interview with Stephen Currie | WebTalksNI

Corvus has developed a podcast series dedicated to Web Specialists in Northern Ireland. This series, named WebTalksNI is a great source of knowledge sharing and identifying where the demand is in the digital market in Northern Ireland. Find out what UX is and how to get into UX design in Northern Ireland, Gareth Stirling meets up with Stephen Currie, a self-taught UX designer based in Belfast. Learn how Stephen first heard of UX to his journey of landing his first UX role in i3digital....