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If you are the person in charge of your website, and you want them to get more traffic, look great, grow your list, and convert more WITHOUT learning code. This podcast is for you. Any job is easy if you have the right tools.

If you are the person in charge of your website, and you want them to get more traffic, look great, grow your list, and convert more WITHOUT learning code. This podcast is for you. Any job is easy if you have the right tools.


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If you are the person in charge of your website, and you want them to get more traffic, look great, grow your list, and convert more WITHOUT learning code. This podcast is for you. Any job is easy if you have the right tools.




And.co: A Great Alternative to Freshbooks

Today Dave shares a great alternative to Freshbooks, and Marcus has some great plugins to help you pimp out Elementor *Sponsor: School of Podcasting* ------------------------ *Mentioned In This Show* ------------------------ And.co - Manage Your Business Better *And.co* ( https://app.and.co/signup?ref=dave-5c031 ) Animentor – Lottie & Bodymovin for Elementor https://wordpress.org/plugins/animentor-lottie-bodymovin-elementor/ Charts and Graphs for Elementor...


Harvesting Testimonials -003

Many of us know typeform for their cool interactive forms. They are they team behind Video Ask. This tool makes it easy to get written, audio, or video testimonials. *Check out this testimonial* ( https://www.videoask.com/a1lu4szcon3354oybput43xlu8011atpnqhgnnxf ) from Shane Whaley from tourpreneur.com *The Free "Start" Plan Provides:* 20 mins of video or audio processing per month VideoAsk branded All core features Voice-text transcription & captions Zapier integration *The $30/month "Grow"...


Weekly Web Tools is Now Web Tools Radio

Weekly Web Tools ran from 2007 to 2017, and after letting the show take a nap for three years, I'm itching to occasionally talk about some cool stuff on the internet. Well after letting the show take a nap for three years, I'm going to being it back on a more regular basis (still won't be weekly). So if you see the artwork change in your favorite podcasting app, it's not a mistake. We got a new coat of paint, some new music, and after we wrap up some things on the website, we'll be back....


Send Fox Email Client Review

I've been using App Sumo ( *https:/supportthisshow.com/sendfox* ( https:///supportthisshow.com/sendfox ) ) This is a new system but is part of App Sumo ( https://supportthisshow.com/appsumo ) (not just something they are promoting). The price as I record this is $49 for lifetime access up to 5000 subscribers. You can upgrade for $50 to get another 5000 subscribers. At the $150 you are up to 15,000 subscribers and the branding for send fox is diminished. So I purchased the package. First...


Proof vs Provely

I keep seeing these widgets that show that "so and so just purchased this products X amount of time ago." Provely.io is a new competitor and has an opening sales for as little as $8/month while their grand opening sale is going on. https://useproof.com/ appears to have more features, but it's $29 a month and has a limit to the number of visitors http/www.provely.io shows when people purchase, a few less features, and you can get it during their launch for $17/month ($8/month if you choose...


The Final Episode - My Favorite Tools

My Favorite Tools From 10 Years (https://warfareplugins.com/?ref=122) - The best tool for sharing things. I love that I can specify the tweet text and the image for Facebook, Pinterest, etc. This is once I don't wince when the subscription payment comes through (http://podcastcoach.aweber.com/) , but I switched to Convertkit last year, and I love the marketing tools that I can use and the ability to make my own landing/sales pages. coolerwebsites.com (http://www.coolerwebsites.com) which is...



I found proof software, which is a script that puts a notification at the bottom of your screen showing you that someone signed up for your product and how long ago. The idea is "Everybody's doing it" so there is a fear of missing out tactic. The weird thing is their plans start at $29/month, and if you go through your 1000 unique visitors they automatically upgrade you to the next plan that is $79/month (you do get notified that you're over quota, and I'm not sure if you can shut off the...


WP PRO Advertising System

I found a great plugin for $29 that is a super powerful ad rotation system, but it also will help you design the artwork. So you have all the things you need in one place. You can sell ads based on Pay per click Pay per view Pay per time Group ads into a group and put them anywhere on your site Trigger when a where an ad shows up. FREE STUFF This month at If you go to Themeforest.net you will see in the middle of the page they give away a free Wordpress theme, free music, free Adobe...


Stocking Up on Audio, Video, and Graphics

I came across a couple of companies that if you're constantly looking for royalty free items without breaking the bank, you might want to check out. GraphicStock Graphicstock was not a concert in the 70's for graphic artists. It's a website with 380,00 images that you can get access to for $99 a year (kind of). You can download as many images as you want and those are yours forever. There are photos, illustrations, and vectors. You can sign up for a 7 Day free trial and take as many images...


Stencil- Social Images FAST

Stencil (https://podclick.me/stencil) is a cool website that focuses on making social image FAST. They have an extension for Chrome and Firefox. Once you add the extension to your browser, you can highlight a quote on any website. Click on the Stencil icon extension on the top right of your screen to add to the Stencil canvas to create an image. The quote pops into the canvas! They are integrated with buffer, so you can schedule an image (again the focus on fast, and convenient). You can...


Bomb Bomb Vs Loom Video Email

I spoke about Both Bomb Bomb and Loom: (http://www.weeklywebtools.com/loom) Integrate with Gmail Can be sent via a link (as you end up on a page) Both integrate with other apps (but Bomb Bomb integrates more). Bomb Bomb Can: Do a video autoresponder Segment different recipients and send email You can customize the page that people are taken to watch the video. Can track if someone has not only opened your email, but you are notified when they click the video Loom Can: The page has a place...


Wordfence Keeps Me Safe

Wordfence is a plugin that helps stop people from hacking your site. Today I read you all the different things that it blocks.


Directory Tools and Advertisement Rotation Plugin

I was looking for a tool to make a directory of websites. To make a long story short, they are very hard to find. Almost all directories are created to help you find some address so it can be a local business directory or real estate, etc. I wanted something to list websites at Podcasting Resources.com (http://www.podcastingresource.scom/) Then I remembered I had purchased a theme a while ago from PremumPress called "Responsive Directory Theme" which I don't feel is available anymore. They...


Free Facebook Messenger App - Simple Note

Facebook Messenger WordPress Plugin Based on Facebook Messenger, this plugin runs like an instant messaging system. After setup, which is normally less than 2 mins, the blue badge of Facebook Messenger and the button Message Us on Facebook will appear on your pages. Your customers find it convenient to ask about your products or services. This plugin is sure to help your business with time and cost saving, yet obtain a prompt reply to visitors. And what else, from those received messages,...


Bomb Bomb Video Email Will Blow You Away

I've used Covideo in the past, but I had to go into my Gmail when I used it and change some settings that set off all sorts of security warnings. Their answer was to send it through their website. In the end, I ended up not using it and eventually unsubscribed. I tried creating videos in Camtasia and uploading them and sharing them on a Google Drive. That strategy was free, but it took forever. So the BIG thing that bomb bomb delivers on is speed. Their smallest package allows you to send...


eClincher Social Media Management Like No Other

Today we look at a cool tool that is a combination between tweetdeck, and meet edgar (or social jukebox). It is super versatile. See video at www.weeklywebtools.com/352 www.weeklywebtools.com/eclincher


Script Engage Automated Sales Copy Writing Tool - I Got Hacked

Maybe you are a creative person, and you came up with a great product. The bad news is you're not a sales person, and you need some help with your marketing. Script Engage can help with this. Here is how it works. You enter your target audience (the avatar) and fill out a survey about your audience and what your product does. Script Engage has Copywriting Templates that then take the information you've entered, and created great Sales Copy that is going to convert. In watching the video, I...


Gmass and Canned Responses Put GMAIL on Steroids

Today I have two tools for GMAIL and they can save you some time and money. Canned Responses Do you have an email that you send over and over to different people. Now you can do that with Google Canned Responses. Go to setting and then go to the labs tab and you will see where you can enable it. (Supporters have a video showing your how to set these up. Become a supporter today for as little as $2 a month (http://www.weeklywebtools.com/support) ) GMASS for Gmail Send email campaigns from...


Screenmailer - Easy Support Videos

Today we have an easy way to create support and educational videos and some tools for finding the best hashtags Thanks to Mark Johanssen of podcastgeargroup.org for the tip on this. Tools mentioned today www.screemailer.com (http://www.screemailer.com) www.ritetag.com (http://www.ritetag.com) www.hashtagify.me


Themifyflow a Powerful Free Wordpress Theme - Facebook Options

Got a cool tool you use? SHARE IT 888-563-3228 Thanks to Daniel J Lewis of this video (http://www.themifyflow.com/) I'm Tired of Todd Gross Todd Gross is the new Nickleback. He was cool at first but over saturation is leading me to hate him. He seems to be THE GUY to promote every single marketing tools (and I understand, his job is to do voice over, and video work, but apparently he will promote anything - which I feel is bad for HIS brand). Today I play a clip from a video that is built on...