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Podcast stories of data and tech in the nonprofit world.

Podcast stories of data and tech in the nonprofit world.
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Podcast stories of data and tech in the nonprofit world.






096: How to #win at Facebook advertising for nonprofits

This week on the podcast, we talk about the website that Shall Not Be Named: Can we still use Facebook advertising for good (could we ever use Facebook advertising for good?). tl;dr — yes. Our own Digital Advertising Whaler Jasmine Cordew joins us to talk about navigating the Social Network for social impact. There are several advantages... Read more »


095: How Cystic Fibrosis Foundation builds online communities

This week on the podcast, Chief Whaler George Weiner chats with Emily Dulcan, Online Community Experience Lead at Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Joining CFF after 3 years as Digital Director at the Peace Corps, Emily knows from community building. She talks with George about how the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation overcomes the challenge of in-person interaction for... Read more »


094: What Fair Trade Certified has learned from 20 years of lean digital impact

If you’ve ever bought coffee from Whole Foods, chances are you’ve seen the Fair Trade Certified logo. The organization has been helping consumers to make the right choice the easiest choice by identifying thousands of products that are made and harvested in sustainable and ethical manners, protecting land and waterways in nearly 50 countries and... Read more »


93.5: (Short) Phishing for Cyber Security

What is the point of a firewall when you’re employees leave the back door open? This short rant from Chief Whaler George Weiner discusses some super simple things your employees can to protect against 90% of the cyber attacks out there. Many of the emails about privacy policy invading our inboxes are little more than reactions to... Read more »

093: All about GDPR with Stanford PACS

How are we using private information for public good? GDPR (aka, the General Data Protection Regulation) goes into effect in the European Union next week, so now’s a good time to be asking that question. GDPR compliance means more than the click of a button: This is a fundamental reevaluation of how we protect and... Read more »


092: Saving the Internet with the Mozilla Foundation

In Episode 92 of Using the Whole Whale, we talk to Craig Wiroll, the Gigabit Portfolio Manager with the Mozilla Foundation, about the Foundation’s work to save the Internet… and maybe all of the people that use it? If Mozilla is new to you, we won’t say you live under a rock, but you live nearby…If... Read more »


091.5: Things we Learned from #18NTC

Bonus episode! George and Olivia talk through some of the highlights from #18NTC, the 2018 Nonprofit Technology Conference, including the state of play for Facebook, what we can look forward to with GDPR, and how we can apply lessons from a digital newsroom for nonprofit communications. We may have also had a few sazeracs.


091: Sasha Samochina on how NASA fuses science and art (Live from SXSW)

In our final Live from SXSW episode (for 2018 at least), Olivia speaks with Sasha Samochina of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. While everyone else was at Westworld, Olivia talks about the Wild West of VR with Sasha, one of the JPL’s Immersive Visualization Producers in Pasadena, CA after her panel, “Let’s Get Real: Practical Uses... Read more »


90.5 CFC drops $66M – news update from America’s Charities

The Combined Federal Campaign (CFC) reported that $101M was raised in 2017 by federal employees, this represents a 40% or $66M decline in funds raised for nonprofits. In 2009, this same program raised over $200M has steadily declined over the past years and Jim Starr, the President and CEO of America’s Charities helps us understand... Read more »


090: CERN — Doing the things a particle can with James Beacham (Live from SXSW)

Science, y’all. Olivia is (at least in podcast terms) still at SXSW 2018, talking with Dr. James Beacham, with the ATLAS Experiment at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, who was part of the panel Decrypting the Universe: Science and Art at CERN last month in Austin. The Higgs boson particle? The Large Hadron Collider?... Read more »


089: Lean Data with Emma Lalley and Twisha Mehta (Live from SXSW)

When we see a conference session titled “Lean Data: How to Use Data to Drive Social Progress,” you can bet we’re signing up, and that’s exactly what happened when Account Strategist Whaler Olivia Marlowe-Giovetti went to SXSW last month. After a great session co-led by Emma Lalley of New Story and Twisha Mehta of Samasource (along... Read more »


088: WTF with Tim O’Reilly (Live from SXSW)

In a special (perhaps Very Special?) episode of Using the Whole Whale recorded live in Austin, Olivia Marlowe-Giovetti speaks with Tim O’Reilly of O’Reilly Media. If you’re using the Internet today (and you are if you’re listening to this podcast), you can thank Tim in at least some small part. He wrote the first popular... Read more »


087.5: Things We Learned from Strata Data Conference

In the second of 2 episodes between Chief Whaler George and Account Strategist Whaler Olivia, we talk about (taco-bout?) our recent conference adventures, wrapping up with George’s time at the Strata Data Conference in San José (where our Design Whaler Ann presented on Machine Learning and A/B Testing). Much like SXSW, tacos were had. Attending... Read more »