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Podcast stories of data and tech in the nonprofit world.

Podcast stories of data and tech in the nonprofit world.
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Podcast stories of data and tech in the nonprofit world.






114: Understanding Lean Impact for Nonprofits

We interview Ann Mei the author of Lean Impact. She is a leading advocate for social innovation and the former Chief Innovation Officer at USAID. She draws on her rare experience as an executive across the tech industry, nonprofits, and the U.S. government to offer a unique perspective on tackling the most pressing social challenges... Read more »


113: Startup using bottles to save the environment

We interview Patrick Boadu, a partner at Soul Bottles, a B-Corp making custom glass water bottles in Germany that also gives a portion of sales to water-focused nonprofits. Their work has prevented 800kg (1,760lbs) of wasted plastic and given 42,000 people access to clean drinking water. Resources Soul Bottles – order custom brand glass bottles... Read more »


112: One Billion Messages for Good with Twilio.org

We talk with Meghan Nesbit, Director of Nonprofit Development at Twilio.org about how they got to 1 Billion SMS messages and how the larger company thinks about impact. Twilio is a leader in SMS and flexible messaging solutions and their approach to impact involves grants, volunteering, and in-kind use of their powerful product. We also... Read more »


111: How Box.org Works – founder interview

We hear how Box.com, leading online cloud storage and content management tool has grown it’s CSR program in a novel way. Bryan Breckenridge, the Founding Executive Director shares the approach and story of how Box.org became an embedded social enterprise within Box.com. He also shares great case studies of how nonprofits are leveraging the power... Read more »


110: (short) How we spent $13k on a vitamin

A short episode talking about the creation and termination of AllGoodText.com, a product by Whole Whale. AllGoodText.com was a product we launched in 2014 that pulled data from YouTube and Google Analytics and turned it into a weekly text message summary. After four years and thousands of data texts we’re closing shop as of Nov,... Read more »


109: Play That Pays at Playworks – Interview With the President

We interviewed Elizabeth Cushing, the President of PLAYWORKS about how they have built a model of healthy play to schools at scale. As a part of the journey they have innovated, creating earned revenue streams through the PLAYWORKS programs and open models with RECESS LAB. Resources RECESS LAB PLAYWORKS on Facebook PLAYWORKS Impact (From Playworks)... Read more »


108: The Creation of #GivingTuesday by the 92nd Street Y

The Chief Innovation Officer, Asha Curran shares the story of how the 92nd Street Y created the epic day of #GivingTuesday. This day of giving follows Black Friday and Cyber Monday in the US and has been adopted on various days across the globe. In 2017 it raised over $300M and there is no way... Read more »


107: Raising +100k Coats and Dollars From the Rising Generation at New York Cares

Gary Bagley, Executive Director of New York Cares, shares how the organization has achieved the milestone of distributing 2 million winter coats for New Yorkers in need as well as plans for growing impact further. Gary shares how the organization aims to use text messaging and other technologies to improve volunteering engagement. We also discuss... Read more »


106: Using Digital Campaigns at the USO

We interview Adam Faircloth, Senior Digital Strategist and Beth Palmisano, Director of Integrated Fundraising about how they used a digital campaign to drive impact and fundraising outcomes at the USO. Their Campaign to Connect drove over a million messages of support to troops and helped build a substantial base of support for their integrated fundraising program.


105: (short) Don’t build that app!

We make the case for not building an app. When you balance the cost and facts of app usage it is probably the worst technical investment your organization can make. Consider that about 20% of apps are used once then deleted (flurry + Statista), and 80% apps don’t make it 30 days (Quettra mobile analytics).... Read more »


104: Keeping your Nonprofit Brand Current

Sarah Durham, author of the book Brandraising and CEO and founder of Big Duck shares current trends in nonprofit branding and communications. We discuss how much has changed since the company’s founding in 1994 and what has stayed the same. The question of whether to evolve a brand or rebrand entirely is also discussed. Resources Books... Read more »


103: Understanding Facebook Fundraising

Facebook’s donation tool charges 0% and has raised hundreds of millions for nonprofits that know how to use it. Digital fundraising strategist, Julia Campbell walks us through how your organization can use this powerful platform. Julia is also the author of – Storytelling in the Digital Age: A Guide for Nonprofits! Resources Free and low-cost... Read more »


102: Crafting a digital strategy for TFA

A case study of how Teach For America implemented a digital strategy across the organization. This case study goes through the process that Peter Petralia, Partner at Modern Craft led. We learn the key elements involved in steering an organization of this size. Resources Modern Craft TFA case study Episode 12: Teach For America Podcast... Read more »


101: Lyft-ing up Social Impact: Inside CSR at Lyft

We interview Lisa Boyd, Senior Manager of Social Impact at Lyft. This ridesharing company is setting a standard for social impact that includes the largest carbon offset programs in history, direct donations and offering free “relief rides” that make a difference for thousands. Resources Relief Rides Program Lyft Round Up and Donate Atlantic article about... Read more »


100: Seth Godin on Nonprofit Strategy

Acclaimed author, marketer, and teacher, Seth Godin, whose mentorship inspired the birth of Whole Whale, joins us for our 100th podcast episode. While there is more knowledge accessible today than any other time in human history, Godin contends, we’re spending our time watching cat videos instead. (Hey, some of those cat videos are trying to... Read more »


099: Earworms for good – Music branding for social impact

We talk with Greg Thomas, Whole Whale’s campaign strategist and professional musician about the use of music and jingles for impact. How does your organization use or think about music branding, theme songs, or jingles when creating the brand image? Organizations spend tons on visual branding, videos and storytelling but all too often outsource the... Read more »


098: Crisitunities & other story telling campaign tactics

This week on the podcast we talk with Megan Anhalt, a digital campaign expert who has worked with DoSomething.org, CZI, and Purpose. Megan shares her research and training around the elements of storytelling for campaigns and what it takes to “go viral”. We explore how nonprofits can and should take advantage of ‘crisitunities’, moments when... Read more »


097: How GuardianX is leveraging tech for social change

It’s Friday night. You’ve left a bar, said goodbye to your friends heading in the opposite direction, and are walking the 8 blocks home. Or perhaps you’ve worked late and are making your way to a different subway station to get home because your normal train isn’t running. Maybe you’re in a new town at a... Read more »


096: How to #win at Facebook advertising for nonprofits

This week on the podcast, we talk about the website that Shall Not Be Named: Can we still use Facebook advertising for good (could we ever use Facebook advertising for good?). tl;dr — yes. Our own Digital Advertising Whaler Jasmine Cordew joins us to talk about navigating the Social Network for social impact. There are several advantages... Read more »


095: How Cystic Fibrosis Foundation builds online communities

This week on the podcast, Chief Whaler George Weiner chats with Emily Dulcan, Online Community Experience Lead at Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. Joining CFF after 3 years as Digital Director at the Peace Corps, Emily knows from community building. She talks with George about how the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation overcomes the challenge of in-person interaction for... Read more »