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The podcast for salesforce.com products, features, and community all with a sense of humor. Perfect for Salesforce Admins, Salesforce Developers, and other Salesforce professionals everywhere.

The podcast for salesforce.com products, features, and community all with a sense of humor. Perfect for Salesforce Admins, Salesforce Developers, and other Salesforce professionals everywhere.
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The podcast for salesforce.com products, features, and community all with a sense of humor. Perfect for Salesforce Admins, Salesforce Developers, and other Salesforce professionals everywhere.








Happy New Year! Automatic Lightning Enablement for Everyone! WizardCast Episode 85

Send Us Your Feedback & Suggestions! wizardcast@thewizardnews.comhttps://thewizardnews.com/wizardcast_home/contact-us-wizardcast Happy New Year! Welcome to Season 4 and Episode 85 of the WizardCast podcast. Home to bad jokes and interesting tidbits about salesforce.com. Are you using Lightning Experience? No? Well, get ready because starting in October 2019 Salesforce will begin automatically turning Lightning Experience on for all customers. We talk about the impact and...


Trailhead, Certifications, and Deadlines with Tracie Ozug WizardCast Episode 84

There are a changes a coming to Salesforce certifications. We get all the details from Tracie Ozug the Trailhead Program/Project Manager for Salesforce Credentials. First, anyone who has NOT taken their Salesforce Spring '18 or Summer '18 Maintenance exams MUST finish them by December 14, 2018. What's very important is to complete your Summer '18 exams you MUST link your Webacessor account to your trailhead account first! Maintenance exams for Salesforce will be managed on Trailhead going...


A Thankful Salesforce Community WizardCast Episode 83

It's Thanksgiving time again here in the United States. It's the first big holiday to kick off the holiday season (unless you count Halloween) and a time to share what we are thankful for. Mark and Brian talk about what they're thankful for and share community members submissions. Show Overview 0:00 Last Time on WizardCast 00:48 Introduction 01:48 Terrible Joke, thanks Jeffrey Sbonik 02:28 Happy Thanksgiving, turkey football nap day! 03:20 What we're thankful for 03:52 Brian...


Busting Silos with Peter Coffee WizardCast Episode 82

As the cold days of November creep upon us and we fall slowly into the dreary days of winter, the WizardCast harkens back to warmer days. Days where the sun was hot, the leaves were green, and we sat down with the great Peter Coffee at MidWest Dreamin' Peter Coffee is the VP of Strategic Research at salesforce.com. He always has some delightful perspectives and stories that make you stop and think. I always walk away from a discussion with Peter both feeling smarter and dumber. It's a very...


Salesforce Release Notes Strategies and Salesforce Winter 19 Release WizardCast Episode 81

It took us a while to return, but we're back from Dreamforce 2018! Mark and Brian explain just why it took us so long to get back and publish a new episode. Plus, we share our thoughts about Dreamforce this year. Finally, we dive into strategies for Salesforce Release Notes! Release notes are often over 300 pages long and are often ignored by Salesforce Admins and Devs. Mark and Brian share how they use the release notes and some short cuts they take to make those 300+ pages...


Trailing the Trailhead Zone Dreamforce 2018 WizardCast 80

It's the last day of Dreamforce 2018. Mark and Brian managed to get together one last time to walk the Trailhead Zone at Moscone West. We talk to Andy Golden from Skuid about his terrible sense of humor. We chat to Jen Bowen, an attendee & my community group co-leader. We also had some run ins with Beth Breisnes , Jessica Murphy, Rachel Watson, Nate Lipke, and finally Stephanie Foerst & Rakesh Gupta from Automation Champion about Flow. Last, you may know that Brian wears a Wizard Hat and...


Dreamforce Keynotes and Admin Confessions WizardCast 79

We're live at Dreamforce 2018! We start off with a quick chat before the Salesforce Admins Keynote. It was fantastic celebration of Admins with three success stories and some insights into what's coming next on Salesforce. Plus a new Golden hoodie award! Then it's off to our annual Main keynote podcast. We got interrupted with out podcast plans and were told to sit down before we could do our normal rounds of discussion. Then the keynote started almost 20 minutes early with the dulcet...


Experience Design with Peter Coffee Episode 78

Peter Coffee was nice enough to talk with Brian and Mark on many topics. Here's part two of our conversation with Peter Coffee, VP of Strategic Research at Salesforce, from Midwest Dreamin' 2018. The topic is Experience Design. What is experience design? Experience design is the practice of designing products, processes, services, events, and environments with a focus placed on the quality of the user experience. The photo tag is "Don't pave your cow paths." Peter tells us about Boston...


Mindful of Mindfullness with Ashima Saigal WizardCast 77

Ashima Saigal from Database Sherpas talks to us about the importance of Mindfulness. Learn what mindfulness is, why it is important, and how we can get started with some simple practice. So be mindful of mindfulness, listen, laugh, and enjoy. Show Overview 0:00 Last Time on WizardCast 01:16 Introduction 02:43 Terrible Joke 03:30 Results of the Mike Gerholdt's 70s Kid theory survey 04:37 Introducing Ashima Saigal on Mindfulness 09:05 How does Ashima gets things done with Clients...


The Fellowship of the Peter Coffee WizardCast Episode 76

Peter Coffee returns to share his wisdom and experience. Peter is the VP for Strategic Research at Salesforce. He often speaks on the vision of the Salesforce as a platform and company and shares strategy for companies all over the world. Peter was kind enough to sit down with Mark and Brian at Midwest Dreamin 2018. He's been one of our favorite guests and was our guest in our very first live recording of the Wizardcast - also at Midwest Dreamin. We start with a story of Peter on a...


Navigating Your Career with Mike Gerholdt - Wizardcast 75

While Mark Ross and Brian Kwong were hanging out at Midwest Dreamin, they took the opportunity to talk to the one, the only, the simply fantastic, Mr. Admin himself - Mike Gerholdt. Mike has been in the Salesforce ohana for a long time. First, he was Mr. ButtonClick Admin and ran an extremely popular blog and podcast about Salesforce. Mike joined Salesforce in May of 2014 as an Admin Evangelist. Show Overview https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/DQNFTB3 Links in This Show Survey: Smokey...


Midwest Dreamin 2018 LIVE - Dreamforce, an RV, and a Ring

We're live at Midwest Dreamin 2018! Wednesday, July 11th, was the opening night for Midwest Dreamin. There was a great session by Mike Gerholdt about navigating your career. It was followed by a interesting discussion with Kevin Poorman and Heather Dykstra about removing titles, design review, and how to talk and plan as a team. Then it was the opening reception. Cheese, grapes, and crackers in the expo hall. It was a good time to walk around the room to see which vendors were there and...


PepupTech Super Charging Salesforce Skills with Andrea Perez Medrano WizardCast 73

Pepup Tech is a non-profit organization dedicated to support underrepresented groups in tech. Andrea Perez Medrano talks about her journey with PepUp Tech that led from 0 tech to Salesforce Employee in less than a year. Plus importance of Trailhead, Networking, & her tips to succeed. 0:40 Last time on the WizardCast 2:05 Introduction & Music 3:51 Joke, Bad bad joke 04:30 Hello World! 5:57 Affiliate Spot: Libsyn - free month with promocode: podmagic 6:39 WizardCast Alexa Skill 6:58...


Salesforce Community Events WizardCast Episode 72

Are you familiar with the Salesforce Events and Salesforce Community events going on near you? We discuss the various events and some of the benefits and difference between them. We start with the big event - Dreamforce - Salesforce's biggest annual event. We then discuss other events Salesforce puts on from Trailheadx to the World Tours & Connections. We round out our discussion with User Groups and the regional "Dreamin" events that are hosted and organized by the community itself. These...


Business Analysis and GDPR with Ian Gotts Wizardcast Episode 71

Are you familiar with Business Analysis (BA)? Do you understand the importance and underlying principles? What about Europe's new regulation, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? Are you impacted? Is your Salesforce environment prepared? Listen as we talk with Ian Gotts, founder and CEO of elements.cloud discuss the importance of Business Analysis and the impacts of GDPR. Show Overview 00:00 Last Time on WizardCast 01:29 Introduction 02:45 The Joke 03:30 Sponsor/Affiliate...


Salesforce Summer 18 WizardCast Overview - Episode 70

The Salesforce Summer 18 release is nearly upon us! It's available in Sandbox previews and will be coming to a production environment near you in a few weeks! Mark & Brian go over the release notes, not quite all 494 pages. We pull out some of the interesting features coming out that Admins may be interested in. Show Overview 00:00 Last Time on WizardCast 01:09 Introduction 02:28 The Joke 02:58 Sponsor/Affiliate mention - Get 1 month free of Libsyn podcast hosting with promo code:...


Welcome to the Custom Metadata party with Vladimir Gerasimov

Have you joined the Custom Metadata Type party yet? Join us with Salesforce Product Manager Vladimir Gerasimov as we discuss what Custom Metadata Types are and how Salesforce Admins can use them. We also share a horrible joke from Daniel Sieff, make an exciting announcement about Midwest Dreamin 2018, and wonder why our intern this episode hasn't brought us our drinks (Kristin Cecil). Show Overview 00:00 Mark accidentally destroys the world 01:58 Intro Music 02:20 Horrible joke from...


Salesforce Certification Strategies with Adam Olshansky WizardCast 68

Adam Olshansky is a Salesforce MVP, Developer at YouTube and holds 14 Salesforce Certifications. He shares what Salesforce Certification means with him and shares his tips on how he got 6 Salesforce certifications in 8 months. "Don't think of it as a failure, but more of a learning opportunity." - Adam Olshansky on failing Salesforce Certification exams. Show Overview 00:00 Last Time On the WizardCast 01:10 Introduction 02:01 A Tearable Joke 03:25 World Tour Shout Out 03:46 Coffee...


Your Salesforce Idea Highlights April 2018 WizardCast Episode 67

In Idea Highlights, we take recommendations from listeners on what they want to see improved in Salesforce. These ideas are posted on Salesforce's IdeaExchange, where customers can post suggestions, comments, and vote on their desired features. This episode, we hear ideas submitted to WizardCast from Amber Boaz, Yohan Yu, Sarah Pilzer, and Jen Bowen. Thank you for your contributions! Show Overview 00:00 Last Time on the WizardCast a very Grav-E jokes 00:42 Podcast Intro 02:01 Joke from...


Salesforce Trailblazer Story of Carlos Siqueira WizardCast Episode 66

Brian Kwong and Mark Ross talk to Salesforce Trailblazer Carlos Siqueira. Carlos is an immigrant from Brazil and Salesforce MVP Carlos has over 200 Trailhead badges and 4 certifications. He's fluent in English, Spanish and Portuguese. Join us as we talk about Carlos' journey from Mainframes to Salesforce, Salesforce Lightning Field Service, and MVP Office Hours Portuguese. We also chat about Peter Coffee's tweet regarding caffeine and tell a really bad joke from listener Lorna...