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Episode 94: Summer Hiatus

Riley, Marc, and Dan are taking a summer hiatus.


Episode 93: Slider phones are back

This week it's another lone-ranger episode, but with Marc instead of Riley. He's going to talk about things like Facebook Messenger Kids, YouTube Music/YouTube Premium in Canada, the discontinuation of the EV rebate in Ontario, the latest in the case of a self-driving car killing a pedestrian, and the new wave of phones with sliding parts — but not the way you think.


Episode 92: A super quick news rundown

A lot happened this week, but Dan and Marc were busy. So if you can stand it, here's a 13-minute speed round of this week in tech. We could summarize here, but it's 13 minutes long. Just listen.


Episode 91: WWDC, two new Android phones, and Instagram vs. YouTube

Dan's away in this episode, so Marc and Riley talk a bit about WWDC, the ASUS Republic of Gamers phone, the BlackBerry Key2, and Instagram's rumoured upcoming long-form video platform. Speed round: -Microsoft did buy GitHub -Spotify registered with the FCC, which means maybe hardware? -Canada's innovation minister announced a low-cost Internet plan for low income families -Calgary and Edmonton are testing self-driving shuttles


Episode 90: Is Tesla unlikable now?

This week we talk about Riley's experience with GDPR, Marc's experience with the Android P beta (and Dan's vow to stop using betas altogether), the latest 1Password release, London's new way to pay buskers with your credit card, and — you guessed it — Tesla. It's been a long road (and will continue to be), but we're maybe not as gung-ho on the company as we once were. Speed round: -The HomePod is coming to Canada on June 18 for $450 -Microsoft might be buying GitHub -Microsoft is more...


Episode 89: Alexa records a conversation and PayPal is coming to Gmail

Riley's away this week (again). In the meantime, Dan and Marc cover Apple's rejection of the Steam Link app, PayPal's imminent integration with Google Pay, the cancellation of the Essential Phone 2, the recording and sending of a full conversation over an Amazon Echo, Apple's knowledge of Bendgate, and an ad blocker that revealed hundreds of user emails.


Episode 88: Your cell phone carrier is selling your location

In this week's episode we talk about how Rogers, Telus, and Bell are selling your location data — likely without your permission; the new OnePlus 6 and whether we think it's impressive or not; YouTube Music and YouTube Premium are coming to Canada soon; iOS App Developers who want to start a "union;" and Twitter's date for limiting developer APIs. Speed round: -Google is pushing the Internet at large to be https -Etsy is opening an AI research lab in Toronto -Instagram is going to let you...


Episode 87: How Google failed at "don't be evil"

On another show sans Riley, Marc and Dan talk about the Android P beta (and how you can get it, Google's new take (and price) on cloud storage, how pre-ordering a phone can get you a free TV, the return of the (S)NES Classic devices, vulnerability in email encryption, and Google's foray into military AI research.


Episode 86: Facebook and Microsoft and Google, oh my

Riley was busy moving to England, so this week Marc and Dan take you through all the coolest news from Facebook F8, Microsoft Build, and Google I/O.


Episode 85: A fight for cell phone pricing and flying with AI

In this week's episode we chat about first party vs. third party apps, a landmark case in consumer protection against cell phone carriers, and how WestJet and Air Canada plan to use AI to make things smoother. Speed round: -Instagram kinda sucks now -More Canadians will have streaming services than cable by 2020 -Snap Inc made more Spectacles -Huawei is making their own operating system -Amazon Prime isn't going up in Canada -Google Assistant is the most accurate of all digital assistants...


Episode 84: Amazon is making a robot

Dan is back! In this week's episode, the guys talk about Amazon's new vehicle delivery pilot, Amazon's rumoured robot, Facebook groups influencing Amazon ratings, Spotify's new "focused on free" announcement, YouTube Remix and the death of Google Play Music, and Android Chat. Speed round: -CBS All Access is available in Canada now -SmugMug bought Flickr -Valve bought the studio behind Firewatch -Instagram lets you download all your crap now -Canadians are super down with deleting Facebook...


Episode 83: China and Russia are hacking everything

In this week's episode we discuss the sad state of sports streaming in Canada, Russia's impending cyber war with the West, China's possible cyber war with the west, Facebook and what they can and can't hear (read: they don't listen to your phone), Amazon's awful warehouse conditions, and Apple asking employees to please stop leaking things. Speed round: -BlackBerry really misses BlackBerry -Tesla batteries last longer than we thought they would -Sweden has a road that charges electric cars...


Episode 82: Wait and see: a tech memoir

In this week's episode: the day one summary of Mark Zuckerberg's testimony to US Congress, how you can see if Cambridge Analytica got your data (check here (https://www.facebook.com/help/1873665312923476?helpref=search&sr=1&query=cambridge)), Facebook deleting Mark Zuckerberg's messages (and subsequently allowing you to delete yours soon), Twitter killing off third-party platform access, and the Huawei P20 Pro review from The Verge. Speed round: -HQ Trivia UK is rolling out social features...


Episode 81: Is BlackBerry a patent troll?

This week Marc and Riley discuss BlackBerry suing Snap, Inc., Instagram sharing less user data (suddenly and without explanation), cars with facial recognition, Spotify's great success in going public, and Apple abandoning Intel. Speed round: -Sony's doing a spring sale -Instagram doesn't have an Apple Watch app anymore -Apple filed a patent for VR systems in self-driving cars -Fortnite is now publicly available on iOS -Nintendo warns customers to avoid third-party Switch docks


Episode 80: The Apple Event and how to #DeleteFacebook

This week, Marc and Riley talk about today's Apple educational event, the new Huawei P20 and P20 Pro, downloading your Facebook archive (and the problems it might cause you), and Marc's quest to #DeleteFacebook. Speed round: -The iPhone camera sound is a Canon AE-1 film camera -Foxconn is buying Belkin (and, by proxy, Linksys and Wemo) -Netflix can't compete at Cannes -You can control GarageBand with your face now -Microsoft is having a big spring game sale until April 9 -The Apple...


Episode 79: Fortnite, killer self-driving Ubers, and 5G in Canada

Dan's away this week. While he is, Marc and Riley talk about Fortnite and PUBG for mobile platforms, the autonomous Uber that killed a woman in Arizona (and its fallout), a public-private partnership that'll give $400 million toward 5G research in Canada, and empathetic robots designed to help call centre employees. Speed round: -Facebook and data and stuff -Facebook Lite and Facebook Messenger Lite -Alexa's "brief mode" sounds perfect for Dan -Google Lens available on iOS through Google...


Episode 78: New Fitbits and how to kill a pirate

In this week's episode, we run a little long talking about Marc's move away from piracy and Dan's purchase of a Plex Pass. Then we get into an MIT study blaming humans for the real spread of fake news, Snapchat's latest "feature," YouTube's attempt to curb conspiracy theories, the new Fitbit devices, and a gripe about Sony. Speed round: -Larry Page bankrolled a flying taxi -Facebook's paying Warner music when you upload cover songs -Fortnite is coming to iOS for some reason -Trump nixed...


Episode 77: Vero update, Instagram's next move, Facebook gets sued

In this week's accidentally social-media focused episode, we chat (again) about Vero and what it's like a week later, BlackBerry suing Facebook for things we take for granted, hidden code hinting at features in Instagram, and Google Clips. Speed round: -Is Dan going to buy a $650 Dyson air purifier to survive his cat? -Is Marc going to buy Pizza Hut branded sneakers? -Marc's probably going to buy Star Wars Red Solo Cups -soon everybody can buy enviro-LEGO -Dropbox is buying into the Google...


Episode 76: Vero, Canadian ridesharing, and the Samsung Galaxy S9

In this week's news we talk about the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ (briefly), ridesharing apps in Manitoba (at length), Google Assistant helping you with your cell phone bills (an average conversation) and a trendy new social media app called Vero (for a very long time). Speed round: -Intel knew about Meltdown and Spectre and didn't tell the US government -Apple now uses Google Cloud for iCloud services -California has officially greenlit self-driving car testing -YouTube Live will soon...


Episode 75: Everything is awful

In this week's (admittedly bleak) show, we chat about the Russian election interference, Shaw's massive employee departure, Huawei and Telus' Canadian 5G test (see? not all bad), Tesla's smart power grid in Nova Scotia, and the iOS patch for that Indian character glitch. Speed round: -Google can tell if you're at risk of heart problems with an eyeball scan -And they want to make machines do more doctoring in the future -Twitter gave up on its Mac client -Scientists used LiDAR and...