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Episode 150: Episode 150: The Last One

We've been doing this show for three years, but after (almost) 150 episodes, we've decided to call it quits. Thank you very much for listening, even if this is just your first episode. If it's not, thank you even more. If you still want to be around while we talk tech — and you want to participate in the conversation — we have a Slack channel you can join! Email me at rileydmcdonald@gmail.com and I'll add you in. Our best advice will never change: tech yourself before you wreck yourself....


Episode 147: AI shopping carts and the Pixel 4

In this week's episode, we tell you about Dan's fancy new mouse, a NordVPN hack, a new type of shopping cart Sobeys is piloting in Oakville, Ontario, a bunch of updates on the Pixel 4, and the latest going on with Tesla after their earnings call. Also featured: a big announcement at the end of the show.


Episode 146: Everything we didn't already know about the Google Pixel 4

I GOT A FRESH PIPING HOT ORDER OF SHOW NOTES FOR YA: Google Pixel 4 event 2019: Pixel Buds, Pixelbook, and everything Google announced (https://www.cnet.com/news/google-pixel-4-event-2019-pixel-buds-pixelbook-go-and-everything-google-announced/) Google Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL hands-on preview: The very best of Google (https://www.androidcentral.com/google-pixel-4-preview) Here's why Google isn't launching the Pixel 4 and 4 XL in India...


Episode 145: A new Essential phone, a Blizzard walkout, and some Google leaks

In this week's episode, we (read: Riley) will tell you about a new Essential phone Andy Rubin announced on Twitter, a walkout at the Blizzard headquarters in California, a new feature on Google Assistant smart speakers, a man who was charged with mischief after calling 911 too many times, a police officer who got injured by a distracted driver, some unfortunate Calgary data about scooters, and the latest leaks about the Google event next week.


Episode 144: Microsoft was very exciting this week

In this week's episode, we'll tell you all about the Microsoft Surface event on October 2. We also talk about a major Canadian tech acquisition and why you shouldn't key a Tesla.


Episode 143: Amazon unveils its latest bag of goodies

Imma just leave these shownotes riiight here: Everything Announced at the Amazon Fall 2019 Event - Android Central (https://www.androidcentral.com/everything-announced-amazons-fall-2019-event) Huawei Mate 30 looks to be a phone with great hardware that is pretty much useless outside of china (https://www.androidcentral.com/huawei-mate-30-pro-review) Xiaomi does it AGAIN with the Mi Mix Alpha — a phone with a screen that wraps all the way around the edge to the back… but why?...


Episode 142: A new streaming service and a fancy new patent

In this week's episode, we wait out Techtober announcements by discussing a new NBCUniversal streaming service, a Microsoft patent, a new Facebook partnership with RayBan, a super duper exciting feature in Android (or at least Riley thinks so), Facebook's new streaming box, and Dan's experience with Apple Arcade so far.


Episode 141: Fall 2019 Apple event

Take a wild guess about what we're talking about this episode. Hint: it's not actually fruit. We'll run through our thoughts on the new products (and the launch event itself) and a few newsy tidbits for you before that.


Episode 140: Stop texting your children while they're in class

In this week's episode we'll tell you about two Canadian schools trying to deal with phones in the classroom, a proposal to put control of nukes with AI systems, a fine Transport Canada handed out to a rogue drone operator, a fine Google got for ads on YouTube Kids, the promise and heartbreak of RCS, how French police hijacked a botnet to kill a virus, and more. Also touched on: Jack Dorsey's Twitter hack, USB4 (and how confusing that is), a designer backpack with touch controls, and a new...


Episode 139: Non-rainforest Amazon news

In this week's episode, we'll tell you about a Saskatoon writer who's dumping all his Facebook friends — and then calling them about it, how Googling "Amazon fire" only got tech results for lots of people (instead of rainforest results), about a big Microsoft event coming in October, and how the US Federal Aviation Administration has outlawed drones with weapons on them. We also dive deep into a Wall Street Journal investigation into Amazon kids' toys and how they can be dangerous, and...


Episode 138: A Very Special Episode

This week, on a very special episode of Wrecked By Tech, Marc discusses the latest news about Disney+ coming to Canada and other big happenings in the world of movies. Then he dives into a story of — wait this can’t be right — misinformation being spread on social media? No way! Speed Round: IFTTT warns its Nest users not to migrate to Google accounts (https://www.theverge.com/2019/8/20/20813465/how-to-use-ifttt-works-with-nest) Exclusive: Fearing data privacy issues, Google cuts some...


Episode 137: Bad Lightning cables and hectic biometrics

In this week, we'll tell you about an Android widget that's gone by the wayside, Huawei's new operating system, the new creator options for Instagram filters, a major breach in extremely common biometric security software, how easy it is to hack an iPhone Lightning cable, some Huawei technicians who helped African governments spy on political opponents, a smart oven that "turned itself on" at night, and a robotic tongue some Scottish scientists made to distinguish between whiskies.


Episode 136: We Samsung you a song

In this week's episode we'll tell you about an E3 data leak, the death of loot boxes as we know them, a Microsoft Skype security issue, and all the news from the Samsung Unpacked 2019 event.


Episode 135: Capital One hack: the 2019 privacy hellscape continues

In this week's episode, we'll tell you about the Capital one hack, the next OPPO flagship phone, how Apple contractors are regularly listening to confidential conversations, Microsoft's groovy new tool for searching documents, a free defense against ransomware, a new bill that could change the face of the Internet, and how Facebook wants to read your mind. Speed round: - Google Nest is giving away 100,000 free Home Minis to people with paralysis - The Google Pixel 4 will have radar and...


Episode 134: Canada's Huawei to the danger zone

In this week's episode, we'll tell you about: the Call of Duty Mobile Android beta in Canada the Apple Watch Series 4 ECG app in Canada EA Access on PS4 in Canada OpenTable adding delivery in — you guessed it — Canada DoorDash's apology for garbage tipping practices how DJ Khaled is Apple Music's first "artist in residence" We'll also tell you about how Huawei is trying to get back in Canada's good books, Samsung's latest PR about the Galaxy fold, a service that cancels your free trials...


Episode 133: Should you use FaceApp?

In this week's episode we'll give you the rundown on FaceApp, a viral app that can age you younger or older using AI, Google's latest data breach, Deepfakes and how scary they've gotten, Elon Musk's new thing, the Neuralink, Facebook's Cambridge Analytica fine, and the incipient podcast wars.


Episode 132: A tech smorgasbord

In this week's episode, Riley and Dan tell you about a vulnerability in Mac conferencing app Zoom, a new Nintendo product, updates to Instagram we actually like, a refresher to the MacBook lineup, and Dr. Mario World for iOS. Speed round: - Apple's Texas Hold'em iOS game is back after years of no updates - Sony wants you to remember all your old tech with a 40th anniversary video for Walkman - the Raspberry Pi 4 doesn't work with all USB-C cables - Trump legally can't block Twitter users


Episode 131: Scooters and spies

In this week's episode we'll tell you about Bird Scooters coming to Canada, what CSIS says about election tampering, a game Cambridge scientists developed to help pick out fake news, how China forces tourists to be spied on, and how easy many common apps make it for domestic abusers to cyberstalk their victims. Speed round: - The EU is mandating EVs make noise under a certain speed or when reversing - Twitter's going to put warning labels on Trump tweets - Amazon keeps your Alexa voice...


Episode 130: We get angry about gas powered vehicles

This week we're going to talk about the state of EVs and gas powered vehicles, the days of MySpace (and how they weren't as picture-perfect as we thought), and talk some interesting phone news. Speed round: - Google's done making Pixel Slates, or tablets of any kind - Raspberry Pi 4 is out now - Shopify will now let 800,000+ businesses chat directly with customers through iMessage - Wirecutter reviewed Keurig machines and their advice is just don't buy one


Episode 129: Do snitches get stitches? La Liga's National Narc Network

In this week's episode we talk about former RIM CEO Jim Balsillie's thoughts on data (hint: it's bombastic), the BC government's new e-bike incentive, the La Liga soccer (football?) app's secret spying/snitching technique, Google's legitimate push to RCS in Europe, Samsung's smart TV antivirus tweet, a Tesla truck made by a famous YouTuber, EA's stance on loot boxes, and Facebook's cryptocurrency. Speed round: - Miller Lite made a beer can controller for some reason - Best Buy can repair...