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The first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers!

The first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers!
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The first podcast by C++ developers for C++ developers!






Circle with Sean Baxter

Rob and Jason are joined by Sean Baxter. They first talk about a blog post and some papers headed for the upcoming ISO meeting in Prague. Then they discuss Circle, the compiler and language extension for C++17. News The Hunt for the Fastest Zero2D Graphics: A Brief ReviewC++ Standards Committee Papers pre-Prague mailing Links CircleCircle on GitHubP2062 The Circle Meta-model Sponsors Write the hashtag #cppcast when requesting the license hereOne Day from PVS-Studio User Support


Conference Organizing with Phil Nash, Adi Shavit and Fred Tingaud

Rob and Jason are joined by Phil Nash, Adi Shavit and Fred Tingaud. They talk with the three meetup and conference organizers about their motivations for launching new C++ conferences last year and discuss some of the work involved in doing so. News CppCon 2019: Saar Raz "How to Implement Your First Compiler Feature: The Story of Concepts in Clang"The New ConanCenter Improves Search and DiscoveryC++ Inliner Improvements: The ZiplinerMeeting C++ Community Survey Links C++ on SeaCore C++...


Clang Hacking with Saar Raz

Rob and Jason are joined by Saar Raz. They first discuss blog posts covering a new project management tool for C++ and another about improving Clang support for large integer arrays. Then they talk to Saar Raz about his work to add Concepts support to the Clang compiler. Saar Raz is a tech and C++ enthusiast from Israel, Saar programs in C++ mostly in his free time. In late 2017, he volunteered to implement C++20 Concepts in the Clang compiler, and has been working on that since, now in...


C++ 2020 News

Rob and Jason discuss C++ news and the new year after the Holiday season. News The Merger of MISRA C++ and AUTOSAR C++Python Interpreter in GNU DebuggerHoliday fun with template and templateTabulateMeeting C++ 2019 TalksUsing std::cpp call for papersC++ Russia call for proposalsC++Now call for proposalsCore Hard call for proposalsQt World Summit callCPPP all for papersC++Weekly ep 200, Christmas Class 2019 Links @robwirving@lefticus Sponsors BacktraceSoftware Crash Management for...


OpenVDB with Ken Museth

Rob and Jason are joined by Ken Museth the CEO of Voxel Tech. They first discuss a blog post about std::embed and the new version of Qt that was just released. Then they talk to Ken Museth about OpenVDB a C++ library for working with volumetric data used in Visual Effects, Scientific Simulations and more. Ken Museth is CEO and co-founder of Voxel Tech which contracts to tech companies primarily in the movie and aerospace industries. Ken currently does contract work for SpaceX and Weta...


Difficult Bugs with Satabdi Das

Rob and Jason are joined by Satabdi Das. They first discuss a new Visual Studio update and an article written by Bjarne Stroustrup. Then Satabdi talks about debugging and why it's beneficial to write or give conference talks on difficult to fix bugs, she also talks about her work on a hardware emulator and static analyzers. Satabdi has over 10 years of experience in C++. Currently she is working on a cloud based high performance file system in AWS. She has previously worked on an...


Cache Friendliness with Björn Fahller

Rob and Jason are joined by Björn Fahller. They first discuss articles on the C++ ABI and a blog post on performance analysis. Then Björn talks about cache friendliness, C++ contracts and type safety. Björn works for Net Insight, where he wears many hats, including mentor trainer, troubleshooter, networking protocol designer, software architect, and programmer, and he is continuously pushing the codebase to increasingly modern C++. Programming has been his full-time profession since...


The C++ ABI with Titus Winters

Rob and Jason are joined by Titus Winters from Google. They first discuss some news of C++ tools, including Sourcetrail going open source and C++ Build Insights for Visual Studio. Then Titus goes into what the C++ ABI is, what breaking the ABI means, and whether or not we should consider breaking the ABI in future versions of C++. Titus also shares some a preview of his upcoming book 'Software Engineering at Google.' Titus Winters Titus is a Senior Staff Software Engineer at Google, where...


Belfast Trip Report with Timur Doumler

Rob and Jason are joined by Timur Doumler. They discuss some of the news that occurred at the C++ ISO meeting in Belfast where the committee responded to some of the National Body comments on the C++20 draft. Timur also goes over some of his proposals and the progress on adding an Audio API to C++. News Maryland C++ User Group2019-11 Belfast ISO C++ Committee Trip Reportp0593r2 - Implicit creation of objects for low-level object manipulationTrip Report: Autumn ISO C++ standards meeting...


CRTP and Israel joining the C++ ISO with Inbal Levi

Rob and Jason are joined by Inbal Levi. They first discuss some news including a new C++20 unit testing framework and Microsoft bringing ASAN to Visual Studio. Then Inbal talks about the Curiously Recurring Template Pattern and her efforts to start an Israel National Body for the C++ ISO Committee. Inbal Levi is a C++ enthusiast. She's an embedded software developer with a passion for high performance, working on real-time Linux based systems. She also makes it a habit to dive into new OS...


Unicode for C++23 with JeanHeyd Meneide

Rob and Jason are joined by JeanHeyd Meneide. They first discuss an ISO paper about the pros and cons of introducing ABI breaking changes into the C++ standard. Then JeanHeyd talks about the talk he gave at CppCon and his efforts to get unicode support into C++23. JeanHeyd also gives an update on his std::embed proposal. JeanHeyd "ThePhD" is a student at Columbia University in New York. Most of their programming is for fun and as a hobby, even if their largest open-source contribution --...


Becoming involved with the C++ committee with Nevin :-) Liber

Rob and Jason are joined by Nevin Liber from Argonne National Lab. They first discuss a blog post discussing issues implementing small buffer optimizations in a constexpr context. Then they talk with Nevin about how he got involved with the ISO C++ committee and some of the proposals he's worked on. Nevin ":-)" Liber is a computer scientist at Argonne National Laboratory, a C++ Committee member and a veteran C++ developer. He first discovered the language over three decades ago while at...


Election Security with Patricia Aas

Rob and Jason are joined by Patricia Aas from TurtleSec. They first discuss blog posts on module linkage and Visual Studio integration of clang tidy. Patricia then talks about her recent efforts to highlight the work of female engineer role models. Lastly they discuss Patricia's efforts to improve election security in her own country and the concept of software independence with election software. Patricia Aas has spoken at conferences on subjects ranging from Sandboxing in Chromium to...


Commodore 64 and Tilt Five AR with Jeri Ellsworth

Rob and Jason are joined by Jeri Ellsworth the CEO of Tilt Five. Jeri and Jason first geek out about the Commodore 64 with Jeri telling her story of building the C64 Direct-to-TV. Then she tells us about her new companies product the Tilt Five AR headset which is built with the tabletop gamer in mind and has SDKs for C++ and Unity. Jeri Janet Ellsworth is an American entrepreneur and an autodidact computer chip designer and inventor. She gained fame in 2004 for creating a complete...


Vehicle Control Software with Philipp Schrader

Rob and Jason are joined by Philipp Schrader. They first discuss some post CppCon news and the LLVM 9.0 release. Then Phil talks about the work he's doing at Peleton Technology to enable the 'platooning' of trucks with software written in C++. Phil started working in consulting primarily as a C programmer. Very quickly he found himself being tempted by the famous "object-oriented" programming language called C++. He started volunteering at a local high-school robotics program where they...


Visual C++ Announcements at CppCon 2019

Rob and Jason are joined by Marian Luparu, Sy Brand and Stephan T Lavavej in this special episode recorded at CppCon. They discuss some of the big announcements made by the Visual C++ team at CppCon. Including the open sourcing of MSVC's STL, adding ASAN support to Visual Studio, C++17 conformance and much more. Links Open Sourcing MSVC’s STLIntelligent Productivity and Collaboration, from AnywhereSign up for Private Preview of Visual Studio Cloud EnvironmentsMicrosoft C++ Team at CppCon...


Provable Functions at CppCon 2019 with Lisa Lippincott

Rob and Jason are joined by Lisa Lippincott in this special episode recorded at CppCon. They first discuss some of the conference highlights and favorite talks so far. Then Lisa gives an overview of her "Truth of a Procedure" talk. Later they talk about Lisa's work on the ISO committee, her thoughts on Contracts and much more. Lisa Lippincott designed the software architectures of Tanium and BigFix, two systems for managing large fleets of computers. She's also a language nerd, and has...


C++ Extensions with Miro Knejp

Rob and Jason are joined by Miro Knejp. They first discuss a blog post from Tanker covering their strategy to successfully use C++ for cross-platform mobile development. Then Miro gives them a preview of his upcoming CppCon talk and tells us about some of the C++ extensions that are out there and probably won't ever be standardized. Miro wrote his first line of C++ code in 1997 at the age of 12, and it has been his programming language of choice ever since. He’s especially passionate...


Professional CMake with Craig Scott

Rob and Jason are joined by Craig Scott. They first discuss a recent blog post from PVS-Studio analyzing some bugs in CMake. Then Craig talks about how he got involved in CMake development, and his e-book 'Professional CMake: A Practical Guide.' Craig is a CMake co-maintainer and author of the book ["Professional CMake: A Practical Guide"](https://crascit.com/professional-cmake/). He has been developing cross-platform C++ software since 2001, targeting most major platforms and working on...


C++ Epochs with Vittorio Romeo

Rob and Jason are joined by Vittorio Romeo from Bloomberg. They first discuss some changes in the recent Visual Studio update for cross platform linux development, and some post-Cologne ISO developments. Then Vittorio goes into more detail on his proposal for C++ epochs, which could allow the language to more easily introduce breaking changes in the future. Vittorio Romeo has been a Software Engineer at Bloomberg for more than 3 years, working on mission-critical company C++ infrastructure...