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Souper Chats “Bryan Minear”

Usually Dave sits down for a chat with Midwest based Official Fuji X Photographer, Vanguard Photo Pro, Designer and Geek, Bryan Minear. —-more—- Join them as they talk about everything from Bryan’s design and photo work, some of the biggest creative and geeky influences including J.R.R. Tolkien and Christopher Nolan, Bryan gives us his controversial pick for the best Star Wars film not counting any of the original trilogy and so much more! It’s a fantastically geeky conversation you won’t...


Episode 087 “Ope! (There It Is)”

This week the guys talk about the new Discord game store, the downfall of ROM sites, Spotify, and is the blue light from your phone making you go blind? Jason and Adam then square off in a “who would win it” super fight - a Spartan in a potato sack, or a narcoleptic carne! —-more—- Discord New Game Store Takes On Steam Last Thursday, the company launched the beta of its digital game store, which will carry a curated selection of new and popular hit titles. The store will be first...


Episode 086 “Logitech in, MoviePass and NIFFL OUT”

This week the guys discuss Logitech’s acquisition of Blue microphones, the AAF and the NFL, MoviePass, and a great discussion on Thor’s power vs other Marvel characters. —-more—- Logitech To Buy Blue Microphones The computer accessories maker said on last Monday that it will acquire Blue Microphones for roughly $117 million in cash. The deal is expected to close by the end of August. Apple Last Thursday Reached a Market Value of More Than $1 Trillion In a span of just 21 years, a...


Episode 085 “Is Google Seeing ghosts? Can Amish Darth Vader beat Evil Chucky?”

More Google Spectre issues and there’s a fix, but at what cost? Is your cloud backup strategy up to date? We’ve got you covered! Then you won’t want to miss our great interview with Jake Ilika about his #MusicandMemory project! Plus Amish Darth Vader battles an Evil Chucky doll, who will win?! All this and more in this week’s episode! —-more—- Google’s Spectre Fix Increases Chrome RAM Usage by 10 Percent A new round of Spectre flaws have appeared, but Google is in the process of adding...


Souper Reviews “Tomb Raider”

Lara Croft, the fiercely independent daughter of a missing adventurer, must push herself beyond her limits when she discovers the island where her father disappeared. —-more—- Boring Stuff: Released: 2018 Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 1h 58m Starring: Lara Croft - Alicia Vikander (Jason Bourne, Ex Machina) Richard Croft - Dominic West (Finding Dory, John Carter) Mathias Vogel - Walton Goggins (Ant-Man and the Wasp, Bourne Identity) Lu Ren


Episode 084 “Rabbit Holes & San Diego Comic Con Trailer Extravaganza”

This week the guys discuss a new processor, going into very scientific detail on how shrinking transistors help. They then talk about zombies and talk about a ton of upcoming movie trailers, ending in a fight between a ship-captain werewolf and 100 crazy cat ladies. Wow. I can’t believe I typed that. —-more—- Jimmy Dean Customer Complaint Here is a complaint call left by a Jimmy Dean customer in Texas. His main hang-up with the sausage brand? The fact that they discontinued their 16-oz...


Episode 083 “Books & Birds in the Library at Castle Rock”

This week the guys dive into an anatomy book…by Batman, discuss Birds of Prey and Margot Robbie and the first full trailer for Castle Rock looking all awesome! After a fun Geek Off we talk about companies erasing and eliminating things, stick a fork in these topics because they are done! —-more—- DC Comics: Anatomy of a Metahuman’ Book Being Released This September, you may be able to have the nerdiest coffee table book in your neighborhood. Ever want to know what makes up a superhero...


Episode 082 “Goose-Busters”

On today’s episode, the guys discuss smart bandages, data security with fitness apps, and Captain Marvel. They also play a might game of Movie Quote Madness, and decide who to recast in some of their favorite films. Who ya gonna call? GOOSE BUSTERS! —-more—- Facebook Bug Accidentally Unblocks Blocked People for around 800K Users It’s hard to believe it, but it’s true. Facebook had a privacy issue again. This time, there was a software bug that was active between May 29th and June 5th,...


Episode 081 “Ad-pocalypse and Lightsabers vs Vibranium”

This week Segway shows us the Drift W1 E-Skates, Spotify taking a run at Apple, Halo to hit Showtime with a new TV series, a super geeky “Geek Off” where we debate a Lightsaber vs Vibranium and then George R.R. Martin has time to write lists of book recommendations but no time to finish his own book, but his lists are decent. —-more—- Segway announces plans for the Drift W1 With the rise in popularity of electronic transportation, we’re talking hoverboards, powered skateboards, etc. why...


Souper Reviews “The Prestige”

The pledge. The turn. The prestige. Two rival stage magicians go head to head resulting in strange and tragic results. —-more—- Boring Stuff: Released: 2006 Rating: PG-13 Runtime: 2h 10m Starring: Robert Angier - Hugh Jackman Alfred Borden - Christian Bale Cutter - Michael Caine Julia McCullough - Piper Perabo Sarah - Rebecca Hall Olivia Wenscombe - Scarlett Johansson Tesla - David Bowie Director: Christopher Nolan Writer (Novel): Christopher Priest Rating: Adam gives this...


Episode 080 “”Autoplay Ads and The Return of the Quiz Kid”

This week, the guys discuss Facebook Messenger automatically playing ads, Mario Bros, and Jason surprises us with a “reverse” quiz show! Stick around to hear us flail wildly as we try to discuss a product which we don’t know anything about! —-more—- Pawn Stars Richard “Old Man” Harrison Has Passed At 77 Richard Harrison, known as “the Old Man” on cult reality show Pawn Stars has died at the age of 77. Harrison’s death was confirmed by his son and co-star on the History channel show, Rick...


Episode 079 “Expo of Entertainment, Electronically!”

This week the guys break down all the announcements of E3 2018 including listing the games they are most hyped about. Jason keeps interrupting everyone, Adam makes an inappropriate joke, Dave won’t stop talking about Solid Snake and special guest Chris crashes the show with his own take on E3! —-more—- Chris’ Top 5 Games of E3 Jason’s Top 5 Games of E3 Adam’s Top 5 Games of E3 Dave’s Top 5 Games of E3 [...]


The Rock, Paul Rudd, & Terry Crews walk into Mordor, will there be enough Space in that Office?

This week on the digitalSoup podcast, the guys discuss the new Atari VCS, the Joker, psychotic AI, and much more. Soup is on! —-more—- Atari VCS Gets $2 million In Pre-Orders On Day One The Atari VCS Indiegogo campaign went live last week and, within a day, the project basically crashed the site by drawing more than $2 million worth of support. With a literal month left on its campaign, a total of 10861 backers have so far raised $2,864,392 for the console. Jared Leto’s Joker Is...


Episode 077 “It’s The End Of The World, Or These Products, As We Know It.”

Clerks 3? No. Canon Film Cameras? No. More teens on Facebook? No. Rick Grimes staying on Walking Dead? No. Dave escaping Granny? No. New music? YES! —-more—- Andrew Lincoln and Lauren Cohen both leaving “The Walking Dead” during Season 9 Both Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) and Lauren Cohen (Maggie Rhee) will only be in six episodes each on the ninth season of “The Walking Dead”. Lauren Cohen will be starring in ABC’s “Whiskey Cavalier” which she signed on to when negotiations had stalled...


Episode 076 “Breaking News: Good News Is Coming”

This just in! From FBI Warnings to facial recognition the world is a scary place. Don’t worry, the next story will cheer you right up! Sony has some more bad news with the beginning of the end of the PS4 line. Dang, well, you’ll just have to trust us, Good News is Coming in this episode! —-more—- FBI Issues Router Warning The FBI recommends any owner of small office and home office routers power cycle (reboot) the devices. Foreign cyber actors have compromised hundreds of thousands of...


Episode 075 “Save the DRAM-a for your mama”

On this week’s episode, the guys discuss how much time they waste on digital platforms and social media, a potential collusion regarding DRAM, “perfect” games, and our own zombie apocalypse soundtracks! —-more—- Instagram Wants You To Know How Much Of It’s Wasting Your Time The latest trend to hit social media is the acknowledgment that we all waste way too much time there in the course of a day. Instagram appears to be set to release a new feature that will tell you exactly how much...


Souper Reviews “Hardcore Henry”

Henry is resurrected from death with no memory, and he must save his wife from a telekinetic warlord with a plan to bio-engineer soldiers. —-more—- 2015 R 1h 36m Starring: Sharlto Copley as Jimmy Danila Kozlovsky as Akan Haley Bennett as Estelle Tim Roth as Henry’s Father Director: Ilya Naishuller (Leningrad: Kolshik, T [...]


Episode 074 “Focusing With Music … Sans Jason”

Episode 074 “Focusing With Music … Sans Jason” This week, Adam’s back, but Jason is out!? Adam and Usually Dave talk gaming, gift guides, photography, and what we listen to when focusing. Music can help you focus, right? SQUIRREL! Playstation Now on PC Follow up We mentioned last week on Episode 073 during the conversation about Utomik, that the Playstation Now service allows you to stream/play PS3/4 games on your PC. Here’s what you need to make it happen! The Forest Adam has...


Episode 073 “Laying The Smackdown On S.P. & Who Needs An Appendix Anyway?”

#Episode 073 “Laying the Smackdown on SP & who needs an appendix anyway?” *With Adam being hospitalized and Jason transforming into Urban Legend to lay the Smackdown on one Stargate Pioneer, Usually Dave grabs a snack and waits for the fireworks! Oh yeah, they also have some great gaming talk, Luke Cage Season 2 and even some video game Hall of Fame inductees! This is one spicy soup!* ###Twitter Issues Password Reset Request >Showing off a giant 34 foot 4k display dubbed Onyx, Samsung...


Episode 072 “Amazon puts junk in your trunk… you won’t believe what happens next!”

Our most clickbait title yet! This week the guys discuss a new method Amazon has to securing their deliveries, Atari is getting ready to allow pre-orders for their mysterious system, John Wick may channel Kurt Russell and escape NY, a geek off on who played Batman best, and much more! —-more—- Amazon has a new delivery method Being rolled out in limited markets, Amazon now has a service called Amazon Key In-Car, which allows your packages to be delivered to the trunk of your car rather...