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Answering questions that you didn't ask!

Answering questions that you didn't ask!


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Answering questions that you didn't ask!




190 10 Of The Most Terrifying Mythological Creatures

Mythological creatures can be fascinating and terrifying. What if they were indeed real? This week after some answering some great questions we’re looking at 10 of the most terrifying mythological creatures from around the world! ----more---- digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: Your Head Up High - DarlingsideUsually Dave: RabbitsThe Thing That Should Not Be - Live w/San Francisco Symphony OrchestraDenzel Curry Bulls On Parade Cover The biggest question: What...


189 Top 10 Biggest Events of 1986

1986 was a pretty huge year in terms of historical events and this week we are stepping back in time to revisit 10 of the biggest events of this epic year! Of course we’ve got some fantastic questions to answer first and naturally, some great recommendations for you first! ----more---- digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: Synthwave - The Prime Thanatos Youtube ChannelWalking in Memphis - Marc CohnUsually Dave: The Witcher’s BestiarySledgehammer by Peter Gabriel Song recommendations from...


188 Souper Review : Falling Down

We’re giving the classic Michael Douglas film from 1993, Falling Down, the Souper Review treatment this week! Will we love it or hate it? You’ll have to listen to find out! Of course before the review we’re answering more of the biggest questions you, the internet, has to offer! ----more---- digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: Rave.DJ Music MixerThe Funeral - Band of HorsesUsually Dave: Team Deakins PodcastMoney For Nothing by Dire StraitsThe biggest question: What are our thoughts on...


187 10 Things You Might Not Know About the Dark Web

The Internet is a scary place? Like the depths of the ocean, the Internet is deeper than what you see on the surface while shopping Amazon or looking up facts about monkeys for your research paper. Let’s take a “deeper” look! ----more---- digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: 511 Tactical GearFaithfully - JourneyUsually Dave: Beat ShazamHorns by Bryce FoxThe biggest question: What are the Top 10 Things You Might Not Know About The Dark Web? List by Toby Jones @ How To...


186 The Top 10 Best BBQ Foods

We hope you're hungry, and if you’re not now you will be after this episode! We’re tackling a list of The Top 10 BEST BBQ foods! Of course before that, Adam is bringing some of the most interesting questions the internet had to offer! ----more---- digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: Have I Been PwnedBangarang - DoomtreeUsually Dave: Blood Ties PodcastThe Shelf in the Room - Days of the New (1998 Self Titled Album)The biggest question: What are the Top 10 BEST BBQ...


185 The Top 10 WORST Movie Castings

We mentioned it a couple weeks back and now it’s here! We’re tackling some of the WORST movie castings according to a list from the folks over at WatchMojo! Of course before that, Adam is bringing some of the most interesting questions the internet had to offer! ----more---- Bryan Minear Episodes on Adventures in Creativity Episode 007 Episode 030 digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: Geek PrankOrdinary World - Duran DuranUsually Dave: Parks and RecreationThe Pretender - Foo Fighters...


184 Souper Review - Avatar

That’s right, Adam finally pulled the Souper Review card so Usually Dave FINALLY had to watch the 2009 hit film from James Cameron, Avatar. Of course before they get to the discussion about the film, they’re answering some of the best questions the internet had to offer this week as always! ----more---- digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: Call of Duty: WarzoneThe Silence - Manchester OrchestraUsually Dave: Avengers vs X-Men Story Arc / Free comic series on MarvelGo - Brian Culbertson off...


183 Top 10 Social Distancing Movies

We’re all in lockdown and as such our movie watching is up. After we answer some of the biggest questions facing us this week, we’re tackling the movies that demonstrate social distancing the BEST! Some of these films just may surprise you! ----more---- digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: PIA VPNThe Bad Days - David RamirezUsually Dave: Chad Smith and Quarantine Beats on InstagramRise To Me - The Decemberists | Album: The King Is Dead 2011 The biggest question: What are the Top 10...


182 Top 14 Pranks Gone Horribly Wrong

With April Fools Day just passing, we thought we’d take a look at some times when those innocent April Fools Pranks and practical jokes have gone horribly wrong! Of course we’ve got some more great recommendations for you and we’ve answered a WHOLE bunch of great questions that you didn’t ask! ----more---- digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: Sony MDR-7506 HeadphonesAin’t No Sunshine - Bill WithersUsually Dave: Deadly Manners PodcastI Got A Woman - John Mayer Trio : Try! - 2005 The...


181 Top 10 Bad-A$$ American Cryptids

What are we answering that you didn’t ask this week? Tune in as we tackle some of the most popular questions we could find before tackling the big question of the week, what are the top 10 most bad-a$$ cryptids in America? Beyond Bigfoot, let’s find out what MIGHT be out there! ----more---- digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: Weston Pasta MachineBack to the Shack - WeezerUsually Dave: Knives OutMr. Crowley-Live by Ozzy Osborne from the album Tribute(1981)The biggest question: What are...


180 The Top 10 Most Dangerous Gifts of All Time

It’s the big reveal! We’re finally set to debut the new direction of digitalSoup, which means that we’re answering questions that you didn’t ask! Starting with the best of Reddit, hitting some great recommendations and then finishing with the big question, what are the top 10 most dangerous gifts of all time? ----more---- digitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: Unifi by UbiquitiCalifornia (Cast Iron Soul) by Jamestown RevivalUsually Dave: The Edge of Sleep PodcastThe Outlaw Torn by...


179 Souper Review : The Lobster

It’s while back we mentioned a strange sounding movie called ‘The Lobster’ starring Colin Farrell and Rachel Weisz. So we figured, as we bring back Souper Reviews, let’s tackle a look at this insane sounding film! ----more---- The Ramen: The Last of Us heading to HBOGoogle Search switching from desktop to mobile first indexingIs Something Behind the Waterfall?Florida Man Arrested for Practicing Unlicensed Dentistry in Home AgaindigitalSoup Recommendations: Adam: Donner Tiny Looper...


178 Top 10 Most Overrated Movies

We’ve all been there. People raving about how that movie is the BEST MOVIE EVER. Yet when you finally watch it you’re left hugely disappointed. That’s right, the guys are tackling the Top 10 Most Overrated Movies according to a list from user Drive_Home on! Will they agree or tear this list to shreds? ----more---- The Ramen: Is the iPad Pro getting a much requested feature?Lady Gaga’s new video “Shot on iPhone”... kind of. Jordan Peele’s new Candyman trailer dropsMonster Hunter...


177 Main Course Music | No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom

The first of a new series of episodes we’re debuting this week as we dive deep into the album Tragic Kingdom by No Doubt! Of course we’ve got some spicy Ramen and great recommendations as well, but this one’s all about the music! ----more---- The Ramen: XBox Series One gets Smart Delivery and Backwards CompatibilityRaspberry Pi 3 used to build a home weather prediction computer.NASA taking a chance to get it’s “Martian Mole” to operateDid Dean Koontz predict the CoronaVirus back in...


176 No Power Apocalypse - Could You Make It A Year?

What would happen if the entire world lost all electricity for a full year? What sort of chaos would ensue? After sharing some fun news stories in The Ramen, Adam and Usually Dave tackle this crazy, what if scenario. It’s not all fun and games and they may even have a few good tips for you in the event it happened! ----more---- The Ramen: Stranger Things Season 4 gets its first teaser trailerThe Batman’s Batsuit may indicate a very dark BatmanHalo on an iPhone? Only if you are a chosen...


175 The Impact of Today’s Tech On Our Children

Back in our day we didn’t have all this fancy technology! And now Adam and Usually Dave are going to discuss the impact that today’s technological age is having on our children compared to what tech we had to navigate in our younger days. ----more---- The Ramen: Instagram is making it easier to cull boring accounts from your feedHow old do you look? Let an Instagram filter tell you…Nintendo planning “Pop-Up” gaming shopsBirds of Prey gets a name change AFTER release? Not...


174 The end of an era

With a heavy heart the guys at digitalSoup have a major announcement to kick off the show. An announcement that will change the face of digitalSoup moving forward. After that it’s a little chat about the movies we hated the most! ----more---- The Ramen: Adam: Coronavirus Safety Measures Email - FAKEDid you know you could clear your iPhone’s RAM? Usually Dave: Creating a virtual traffic jam in Google MapsNew Super Mario Bros. movie announced, but there are tons of video game...


173 Owning vs Renting - The Digital Media Conundrum

In today’s world, owning physical copies of your digital media is becoming more and more of a rarity. This episode finds the guys discussing the pro’s and con’s of owning vs renting(subscription based model) our software, games, music, and movies. ----more---- The Ramen: Jason: Daybreak Announces New Gaming SubstudiosWalking Sharks Found In Northern AustraliaTurboGrafx-16 Mini Adam: Apple imagines iMac built into a curved sheet of glassNew bill proposes NSA surveillance reformThe...


172 Are Video Games Corrupting Our Youth

Joe Biden attacks the gaming industry so we decided to tackle this thorny subject with digitalSoup flair. If soup does a body good then how do you explain the hosts? Along with the main story the guys give us nine 60-second news shorts to keep you informed! The soup is served! ----more---- The Ramen: Jason: Dying Light 2 DelayedPassenger Hooks PS4 To Terminal Monitor While WaitingDisney Is Reportedly Making National Treasure 3 Adam: ISP Frontier Plans To File for BankruptcyCity...


171 The Witcher Bonus Episode

Adam, Usually Dave and fan favorite Rarely Jesse decided to Toss a coin to the Witcher and tackle the Netflix Original, The Witcher! Starring Henry Cavill, Freya Allan, and Anya Chalotra, The Witcher gets the digitalSoup treatment in this BONUS episode! ----more---- THE WITCHER courtesy of IMDB: Geralt of Rivia, a solitary monster hunter, struggles to find his place in a world where people often prove more wicked than beasts. Creator: Lauren Schmidt Stars: Henry Cavill, Freya Allan,...