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iPS 283: Charting Your Course

Charles Max Wood hosts a solo episode sharing his perspective on designing your perfect life. In this episode he addresses finding your dream job, building your dream life, and staying current. Start by deciding where you want to end up. Do you see yourself retiring? Working forever? Charles shares his vision for his future and discusses the retirements of others in his life. Working back from the end of your life, Charles has you ask yourself what kind of life and career you want. Charles...


iPS 282: The Art of Designing Code with Mischa Hildebrand

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel interviews, Mischa Hildebrand, asking about a talk he gave at iOS Conf 2019. Mischa has a very varied background, he studied to become a physicist, then did some journalism on television and radio before finally going into iOS development. His background in journalism gave a unique perspective into writing code that is beautiful and easy to understand. Mischa shares principles from his days in journalism and applies them to programming. The...


iPS 281: Our Builds

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel introduces themselves and discusses their favorite tools and what their builds look like. They share their journeys in iOS development and their experiences in large teams compared to smaller teams. They consider how iOS has changed since they first started iOS development. The panel discusses what CI/CD’s they are using. They discuss, Xcode, VScode and the Dash app. They move on to testing, explaining that they generally use what apple...


iPS 280: Siri Shortcuts with Christina Moulton

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel interviews Christina Moulton. She starts by sharing her story and how she got into iOS development. The panel briefly discusses her work at Square and what she does there. The panel asks her about her talk at try!Swift about Siri Shortcuts. The panel asks Christina what terminology to use when discussing Siri shortcuts, she explains that the terminology is so confusing. Shortcuts are simple from the app’s perspective but Christina shows the...


iPS 279: Serverside Swift with Gopal Sharma

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel interviews Gopal Sharma who gave a talk at try! Swift 2018 about serverside Swift. He starts by sharing his background and how got into building stuff for the serverside. In his talk, Gopal outlined what is expected in a serverside framework and explains where Swift was at. The major things looked for in a serverside framework are performance and predictability. Swift has the basic building blocks of a serverside framework and Gopal shares...


iPS 278: App Marketing Hacks with Steve Young

In this episode of the iPhreaks Show Charles Max Wood interviews Steve Young, founder of Appmasters.com.Steve shares was for apps to rise in rankings on the app stores. He shares specifics for both the Google and Apple app stores. The top thing people can do it to make sure they use keywords in titles, subtitles, and descriptions. He also explains the spanish-mexico localization. After explaining how he got into marketing, Steve shares more clever tips for getting your app to the top of...


iPS 277: 100 Days of SwiftUI with Paul Hudson

In this episode of The iPhreaks Show the panel interviews well-known author Paul Hudson. Paul is the creator and editor of Hacking with Swift. He does talks all around the world and writes books about swift. Paul went to the recent WWDC and even managed to write a book while at the conference. The panel asks him about the conference. Paul explains that he didn’t go to many talks, instead, he uses that time to prepare for the labs. Curious the panel wonders at this strategy for conference...


iPS 276: Automating Painful Things with David House

In this episode of The iPhreaks Show the panel interviews David House about Continous Integration and Continuous Delivery. David is an iOS developer currently living in Georgia. He has been working in iOS development since the iOS SDK was int beta. Right now he is working for a health care company, Kaiser Permanente. David starts by sharing how he became interested in this topic. Kaiser Permanente is a large enterprise and has large enterprise applications. Their iOS app has almost a...


iPS 275: Finding Quality Packages using SwiftPM Library with Dave Verwer

In this episode of The iPhreaks Show the panel interviews Dave Verwer about his new SwiftPM Library. Dave is an iOS developer from the UK, he’s been working with iOS since the beginning. He is mostly known for his weekly email newsletter, iOS Dev Weekly, which is released every Friday afternoon. SwiftPM Library is a site that aims to make it easy for people to find quality packages that support the Swift Package Manager to integrate into their project. It is a repository of all the packages...


iPS 274: iOS Accessibility with Rob Whitaker

In this week’s episode of the iPhreaks Show the panel interviews Rob Whitaker, an expert in digital inclusion and accessibility. Rob starts by defining accessibility and explaining why it is important. He explains that 20% of the population has some form of disability, those customers need features to help the navigate applications. Everyone benefits from developers taking the time to think about their app works. Rob dives into some of the main areas developers should look at when making...


iPS 273: The Why's and How's of Keeping Current

In this week’s episode of The iPhreaks Show, Charles Max Wood (Chuck) shares some of his thoughts and advice for keeping current. He has started a keeping current email course through DevChat.TV and describes what lessons will be taught in this course. He encourages everyone to subscribe to the email course. This idea of keeping current is something Chuck has been thinking about for a while. He gives an intro to the subject, explaining the frustration programmers feel after the reach a...


iPS 272: Apple Event Analyzation

Episode Summary In this episode of The iPhreaks Show Andrew Madsen and Evan Stone discuss the recent Apple Event and the announcements made there. To start, the panel discusses their thoughts one the event as a whole. The panel was surprised that the event was very product-driven with only a few mentions of software changes. Andrew did notice that when they did talk about the software they introduced it with the hardware as one product, which he enjoyed as a more holistic approach than in...


iPS 271: The Compass to iOS Developement with Brian Voong

Episode Summary In this episode of The iPhreaks Show, the panel interview Brian Voong. Brian runs a YouTube channel where he teaches about iOS development. The episode of his channel that the panel discusses with him is about the Roadmap to iOS development. Brian starts by giving a brief overview of what his video contains and how it is given with the intent to help developers find jobs in the iOS industry. The YouTube video has over 40,000 views and the panel wonders who are all these...


iPS 270: Siri in iOS 12 with Gui

Sponsors Sentry– use the code “devchat” for two months free on Sentry’s small plan GitLab | Get 30% off tickets with the promo code: DEVCHATCOMMIT My Ruby Story CacheFly Panel Gui Rambo Erica Sadun Jaim Zuber Andrew Madsen Summary Back by popular download, iPhreaks episode 252! In this episode, the iPheaks panelist speaks with, their very own, Gui Rambo. Gui shares information about the new features with Siri in iOS 12. Gui talks about the extended integration of Siri with...


iPS 269: Ray Tracing with Petrie Michael

Sponsors Sentry– use the code “devchat” for two months free on Sentry’s small plan GitLab | Get 30% off tickets with the promo code: DEVCHATCOMMIT My Ruby Story CacheFly Panel Jaim Zuber Abbey Jackson Joined by Special Guest: Petrie Michael Summary Joining iPhreaks is our new panelist Abbey Jackson, an iOS developer from Vancouver, Canada and our special guest Petrie Michael, an iOS developer from Australia currently working in Japan. Petrie has joined the podcast today to discuss...


iPS 268: Use Compositional Layout back to iOS11 With This One Simple Trick with Katsumi Kishikawa

Sponsors Sentry– use the code “devchat” for 2 months free on Sentry’s small plan React Native Radio DevEd Podcast CacheFly Panel Jaim Zuber Michael Holt Evan Stone Joined by Special Guest: Katsumi Kishikawa Summary Katsumi Kishikawa, a talented open source library creator from Japan joins the panel which now includes our newest panelist, Evan Stone, an iOS developer and consultant since 2011 based in San Francisco. Katsumi shares with the panel how he got started and why he...


iPS 267: In Defense of Core Data with Donny Wals

Sponsors Sentry– use the code “devchat” for 2 months free on Sentry’s small plan CacheFly Panel Andrew Madsen Jaim Zuber Michael Holt Joined by Special Guest: Donny Wals Summary Donny Wals joins the panel to discuss his most recent talk at Try!Swift in Tokyo. The panel starts by discussing the most common complaints about Core Data. Donny shares how the changes made in iOS 10 and past updates solve these complaints. The panel discusses migration and how it has changed, making it...


iPS 266: The Devchat.tv Mission and Journey with Charles Max Wood

Sponsors SentryCacheFly Host: Charles Max Wood Episode Summary Charles talks about his journey as a podcaster and his mission with Devchat.tv. Devchat.tv  is designed to home podcasts that speak to all developer communities. Charles also plans Devchat.tv to host shows for technologies that are on the verge of a breakthrough and will be a lot more widely available in the near future such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented...


iPS 265: Make UIControl More Swifty with Dusan Tadic

Sponsors Sentry– use the code “devchat” for 2 months free on Sentry’s small plan CacheFly Panel Andrew Madsen Jaim Zuber Michael Holt Joined by Special Guest: Dušan Tadić Summary Dušan Tadić joins the panel to discuss his recent blog post “Make UIControl More Swifty”. Dušan explains why he made it more swifty and what made him decide to improve it. The panel gets to know Dušan; he shares what it’s like working in Germany, what it's like being the only IOS developer in his company...


iPS 264: Pitching to Swift with Igor Kulman

Sponsors Sentry– use the code “devchat” for 2 months free on Sentry’s small plan CacheFly Panel Michael Holt Andrew Madsen Joined by Special Guest: Igor Kulman Summary Igor Kulman shares his experience pitching to the Swift evolution process and submitting a proposal. The panel discusses his pitches and his options going forward. Igor explains why he pitched a change to the standard library instead of creating his open source libraries. The panel encourages developers to contribute...