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Apple Accessibility for the Blind or low vision

Apple Accessibility for the Blind or low vision
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Apple Accessibility for the Blind or low vision




Demo of the new Amazon Echo Show using Voice view screen reader

In this demo, I give you a physical description of the Amazon Echo Show with its 7 inch touch screen, how to turn on Voice view (screen reader), Voice view Tutorial, some basic and handy gestures, navigating around the Amazon Echo Show with the touch screen, turning on the Start and End action sounds, and playing music/movies. Oh and of course, using Alexa smile...


Changes and sound of the new Amazon Echo Dot as of October 2018 verses the previous version

In this demo, I go through the main feature differences between the new and previous version of the Amazon Echo Dot plus play a bit of music and a audio book for you to hear the difference.


iOS 12 demo - new iPad gestures for VoiceOver re iPhone X style gestures

In this demo I take you through the new iPhone X style gestures for VoiceOver for the Home button, App Switcher, Control Centre, and Notifications. Short drag from botom of screen: Home button. Long drag from bottom of screen: App Switcher. Short drag from top of screen: Control Centre. Long drag from top of screen: Notifications. Short drag then down from bottom of screen - Show/Hide the Dock from within an App.


Vision Australia Retail Store chat/demo - catching up with Steve Bennett from Dolphin Computer Access to discuss their products

In this chat/demo, Steve and I discuss SuperNova, Guide, and Easy Reader. We also chat about the stand alone Guide Reader for accessing the Vision Australia library by simply plugging a box in to your TV/Wi-Fi network. Dolphin's wweb address is: For folks in Australia, contact the Vision Australia Vision Store on 1300 847 466 or


HomePod iOS 12 demo - Find My iPhone, making/answering a call, and multiple timers.

With the release of iOS 12, Find My iPhone, answering/making calls, and multiple timers became available for the HomePod which I demonstrate.


A discussion with Dr. Fernando Albertorio from Sunu about the Sunu Band O&M mobility device

Whilst Dr. Fernando Albertio was in Australia presenting workshops on the Sunu Band at the Vision Australia offices in Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland, I caught with him at the Vision Australia Parramatta office to have a chat about the Sunu Band.


Demo of the Microsoft Sound Scape 3D Audio GPS app (now available in Australia as of September 12 2018

In this demo, I take you through installing, setting up, and exploring the Microsoft Sound Scape app. The Link to the iOS App Store is:


A demo from the Vision Australia Vision Store of the Cobolt Systems Induction Hob

In this demo, Amanda from the Vision Australia Vision Store gives a quick run through of the Colbolt Systems Talking single Induction Hob.


A demo for the Vision Australia Vision Store on the Sunu Band - wearable ultra sound navigation device

Some customers popped in to the Vision Australia Vision Store at Parramatta and wanted a demo of the Sunu Band plus a recording that they could take away with them, hence this demo of the Sunu Band and app as a bit of an overview.


Demo of using the Orbit Reader 20 between the iPhone with Bluetooth and the Mac with USB

Demo of switching between VoiceOver on iPhone and VoiceOver on the Mac. Tip, don't touch the iPHone whilst the Obit is connected via Bluetooth as focus will return to the iPhone whether you are in standalone mode or on the Mac.


Demo of the Repeat Timer iOS app for iPhone and Apple Watch

In this demo, I take you through using the Repeat Timer app which is excellent for timing interval based tasks such as radio programs, podcasts, exercise etc. You can both set the length of the interval and how many repeats that interval is for. The free version is limited on interval time and repeats, but will give you a good idea of the app, price is about $2 or so Australian in the App Store. Both the iPhone and Apple Watch versions work well with...


Playing Family Trivia and Musical Chairs on the Google Home

In this demo, I take you through a bit of a demo playing family trivia and Musical Chairs which according to Google can have up to 100 players: let the fun begin.


Demo of using the Aira app, MiFi, Smart Glasses, and making an Explorer/Agent call

In this demo, I take you through using the Aira service - from turning on the MiFi/smart glasses to connecting with an agent to carry out a bit of home organising. To sign up as an Explorer or to find out more about Aira: Agent hours 24hrs, Customer Care (1800 765096) 11PM to 11AM sydney time for folks in Australia.


Demo of the wearable Tap Keyboard from Tap With Us

In this demo I take you through a description of the Tap whearable keyboard (5 rings that you whear on your fingers and use finger taps for keyboard/navigate), the Tap Manager app to set it up, the Tap Aloud app to teach yourself how to use the Tap keyboard, and show you how to navigate VoiceOver with the tap. For more info or to purchase the tap goto:


Demo of the FlickType Pattern Recognition Keyboard and App as of June 21 2018 (Flexy keyboard rises again).

In this demo, I take you through downloading FlickType to the iPhone, go through the FlickType screens/Tabs, use the demo mode within the FlickType app for pattern typing and sharing out via the Share Button, upgrade the app to use FlickType as a System Wide Keyboard, and do some more tap typing in Notes and twitter. An Excellent app, and worth the small monthly subscription fee.


Demo of the Orcam II

In this demo, I give you a brief description of the Orcam II itself, turning on, adjusting the volume, checking the time/date, reading text manually or via a gesture, and checking the denomination of some paper money. Go through navigating the settings menu within the Orcam, and then briefly discuss suspend mode and turning the unit off.


Demo of the Windows Insider build for the new Narrator Quick Start Guide July 15 2018

In this demo, I take you through the excellent Narrator Quick Start guide that Microsoft has developed for Narrator users in Windows 10 insiders build which should be part of the full release when the public release of Windows 10 happens laer this year. Microsoft is to be commended not only on this excellent improvement to Narrator, but to Narrator's functionality overall. Enjoy..


Google Home Demo - What games can I play?

Here in Australia, the games that I can access with my region set to Australia are a bit different to other regions. Consequently, every now and again I ask Google Home (or mini) what games can I play? as the number is always expanding. To give you a snapshot of waht currently is on offer, here is the answer to What games can I play? for July 15 2018 in Australia.


A bit of a play around with the Orbit Reader 20 refreshable Braille display and note taker

In this demo, I give you a physical description of the Orbit Reader 20, a go through of its functions, take you through the systems main menu, switch between Stand-Alone and Remote modes, transfer a Braille file from my Surface Pro using Narrator on to the Orbit Reader 20, and then demo linking it up to VoiceOver on my iPhone.


HomePod demo - moving music around between multiple speakers

In this demo, I show you how you can ask Siri to move music to particular speakers or move EVERYWhere to play music on all speakers.