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Apple Accessibility for the Blind or low vision

Apple Accessibility for the Blind or low vision
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Apple Accessibility for the Blind or low vision




Windows 10 Narrator Series Episode 7 - Navigating within a document with Narrator keyboard commands

In this demo, I use Notepad to demo the various Narrator navigating commands for previous, current and Next Character, Word, Line, Sentence, Paragraph, and Page. I also demo continuous reading and show with the FN key it allows the cursor keys to be Home, End, Page UP, and Page Down.


Windows 10 Narrator Series Episode 6 - Typing Echo and Keyboard Settings

In this demo, I take you through the Typing Echo and Keyboard settings in Narrator settings access via Control+Windows+N. Also do a bit of a demo showing how my typing settings sound by launching and typing in to Notepad.


Windows 10 Narrator Series Episode 5 Startup options for Narrator including Narrator Home

In this demo, I look at the startup options for Narrator within Narrator Settings accessed by Control+Windows+N, and go through the Narrator Home screen which is ahndy for beginer Narrator users. Note - keep in mind that this and other demos is based upon the Windows Insider build of Windows 10 and is mostly what you can expect when the next version of Windows 10 is officially released.


Windows 10 Narrator Series Episode 4 - changing Volume, Pitch, Audio Ducking, and an initial intro to Scan Mode

In this demo I take you in to Narrator Settings with Control+Windows+N and introduce you to Scan Mode with Caps Lock+Space Bar as an initial intro to this function.


Windows 10 Narrator Episode 3 - adjusting speech rate, Volume, Punctuation, and a tip on Verbosity

In this demo I take you through adjusting Narrators Speech rate, Volume, Punctuation, and a tip on Verbosity. For the first 3 items, the minus (hyphen) and equals keys are used to to adjust. The Equals key is the key that also has the Plus on it if you hold down the Shift key. so a better way of thinking about this seuqnce is to think of mius and plus as least of way of remembering the commands which are: Narrator+Minus decrease or Narrator Plus increase Speech...


Quick demo of using the Home, News, and Voice Memos app on the Mac with VoiceOver

In this demo, I give you a quick look at how I use the Home app to access devices at home, the News app to keep up with news, and Voice Memos to quickly do and playback recordings from my Mac. Of course, these were the apps that Apple ported from iOS on to the Mac OS to give the best of worlds for either accessing these apps from iOS devices or the Mac OS desktop.


Demo of the Mac app Tooth Fairy to put Bluetooth icons on menu bar for faster access to AirPods etc.

In this demo, I demo the Mac app Tooth Fairy to show how easy it is to add a Bluetooth icon to the menu bar (in VoiceOver terms the Extra Menu) to allow faster access to AirPods: eg switching them from the iPhone to the Mac. Link to the Mac App Store for Tooth Fairy


Windows 10 Narrator Series Episode 2 - Narrator keys and Input (keyboard and touch screen) Learning mode.

In Episode 2 of the Windows 10 Narrator Series, I identify the two Narrator keys (Caps Lock or Insert) that are used to start a Narrator command. I then move on to demonstrate the Input Learning mode accessed via Caps Locs plus 1 that allows the user to explore the keyboard, Narrator commands, and the touch screen (such as on a Surface pro) without the keys, Narrator commands or touch's on the screen being acted upon. To exit Input Learning mode, Caps Lock+1 twice. As I point out in the...


Windows 10 Narrator Episode 1 - turning Narrator on and off

In this first episode, I show you how to turn Narrator on and off with my Surface Pro using the keyboard shortcut Control+Windows+Enter - this will turn Narrator on or off. For keys orientation, on the Surface pro keyboard, the keys to the left of the Space Bar going from left to right are Control, Function, Windows, and Alt. The second method I demo is to use the Windows Run command like this - Windows+R, type in the word "Narrator" without the quotes, and press the Enter key. When the...


Folks asked, so here is What is in David's tech cary bag and tech bag.

Some folks have asked for a while now what actual tech I carry around with me as I seem to have a lot of stuff. So here is the tech stuff organised in to what I carry in my over the shoulder tech bag, and what is in my carry/wheel tech bag.


Demo of the Rivo 2 custom Bluetooth keyboard for VoiceOver (Talkback and Voice Assistant) now with Mic to use Siri/phone and Speaker to use VoiceOver/phone

In this demo, I give you a full run down of the Rivo 2 keyboard. Since my first demo of the Rivo 1 back in 2014, extremely pleased to have been able to give the Rivo 2 a good go through. The Mic and speaker really make this a great solution for using your iPhone (in my case) truly hands free as it were.


Envoy Connect - basic and simple to use daisy player with solar charging from the Vision Australia Library

In this demo, I give you a physical description of the Envoy Connect, turning the unit on, navigation, and turning the unit off. I also mention what you get in the box, and the option you have to plug the unit via a micro UsB cable in to a UsB charger or power the unit via the USB cable from a PC which allows you to also transfer daisy audio books on to the player. For more information about the Envoy Connect, you can contact the Vision Australia library on 1300 654 656. In the new year...


Demo of using Apple Car Play using VoiceOver on our family's shiny new red Subaru Forester I-S 2019 SUV

In This demo, I show you that as a VoiceOver user, you can still enjoy all the benefits of Apple's Car Play using a combination of siri from the Cars Talk button, and accessing audio/apps on iPhone with VoiceOver. Really hope you enjoy this demo as much as I had producing it. Really pleased with car Play and of course the Subaru Forester smile.


A work around for people who find the VoiceOver iPhone X gestures a bit hard to use

In this demo, I show you how to use the Assistive Touch menu to replicate the Home, App Switcher, and Reachability VoiceOver gestures on the iPhone X and iPad. Note - you can still access Notifications and Control Centre via the 3 finger flick up or down from the status line using VoiceOver. I have had several customers at Vision Australia who have been to an Apple Store and have had this work around suggested to them, so thought I'd share this on a podcast.


Demo of how to setup Live Listen on your iPhone for use with your AirPods to use iPhone as a remote listening device

In this demo, I show you how to setup Live Listen for use with your AirPods to allow you to use the iPHone as a remote listen device such as when your wanting to hear a person in a noisy restaurant for example.


Sunu Band firmware update tip demo as of October 2018 - voiced obsticle detection distance for indoor or outdoor sonar modes

In this demo, I show you how to toggle via a 1 finger double tap on the touch surface of the Sunu Band, spoken distance obstacle detection for indoor and outdoor sonar modes. note - the voice which is peaking the various modes etc is coming via the Sunu App in this case running on my iPhone when I am using the buttons, and touch surface on the Sunu Band. There is also an Android version of the Sunu app as well. If you are in Australia and you would like to order a Sunu Band, go to the...


Feer, The Game of Running Blind - Endless Zombie runner game demo

In this demo, I take you through the main screens of the game including Help, Tutorial (on how to play the game), sounds, profile, upgrade, and play a game or two to give you an idea of how much fun this game is to play. Link to the iOS App Store:


Game demo - Feer - The Game Of Running Blind, Endless Zombie runner game

Fantastic endless runner Zombie game. In this demo, I take you through how to navigate the game, the various game screens (including Help and tutorial), give you a view of my stats so far, and then of course Play The Game. Link to Feer in the iOS app Store:


Demo of the new Amazon Echo Show using Voice view screen reader

In this demo, I give you a physical description of the Amazon Echo Show with its 7 inch touch screen, how to turn on Voice view (screen reader), Voice view Tutorial, some basic and handy gestures, navigating around the Amazon Echo Show with the touch screen, turning on the Start and End action sounds, and playing music/movies. Oh and of course, using Alexa smile...


Changes and sound of the new Amazon Echo Dot as of October 2018 verses the previous version

In this demo, I go through the main feature differences between the new and previous version of the Amazon Echo Dot plus play a bit of music and a audio book for you to hear the difference.