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Edison Research releases Podcast Consumer 2018

Edison Research release Podcast Consumer 2018, the world's most-quoted research about podcasting, with Triton Digital. The weighted survey is based on telephone research (rather than online polling, which adds an obvious bias in many other studies), and interviewed 2,000 Americans. RAIN pores through the data. 48m87%19%30%4%33%The New York Times launched a new audio series this week (we reported it Mar 13), called . The podcast 'follows Rukmini Callimachi to the front lines of the war...


An interactive audio drama for smart speakers from Netflix

Netflix has worked with Google to produce an interactive audio drama on Google's smart speakers. It's an audio adventure called ; to play: "OK, Google, play the Lost in Space game". It also works on Google Assistant on your phone. Spotify is planning a redesign for free users, says The Verge. It's unclear from this story what this means for podcasts within Spotify's free tier. Hosting on SoundCloud? SoundCloud’s Financial Losses Are Way, Way Worse Than We Thought, says a piece in the (not...


Eagle Rock Brewery on The Unfiltered Gentlemen

, a craft beer lifestyle podcast, have snagged an interview with the head brewer of Los Angeles' Eagle Rock Brewery. HotPod 159 is out. Nick looks back at the NAB Show, and particularly rails against programmatic advertising. "A digital advertising technology is being considered for a medium to which its value propositions are diametrically opposed". He adds: "Bummer, dude". Podtrac publish March's top podcast publishers. "Total Global Downloads and Streams for the Top 10 Publishers in...


Is audio in Medium's future?

Ev Williams posts about the business model of Medium. As he does so, he also highlights ambitions for them to move into audio. "We see audio as a highly complementary format for sharing the types of stories Medium is great at." Westwood One Podcast Network has announced it is monetising APM's podcast. The second season of the podcast launches May 1st. Stats: In the Dark’s first season, which has driven nearly 12 million downloads to date, continues to receive downloads more than a year...


The End of Time approaches

An improvised podcast, set in a fantasy world, that also combines roleplaying and the end of time? is a very different-sounding podcast, from Hamilton ON, Canada. Podtrac contacted users of its free podcast measurement service at the end of March, writing that the service's Terms of Service had been updated to specifically prohibit certain behaviours, including "pre-loading of media files in website players". Readers may remember our investigation into iHeartMedia's figures, which...


Shot Caller: a new drink culture podcast

is the first original podcast from Lantigua Williams & Co, and bills itself as "the intersection of liquor culture and pop culture", promising "the inside track on the top-shelf lifestyle". Podcast host BluBrry teases a forthcoming feature of ad injection for pro customers. A service called Micro.blog, a cross between Twitter and an RSS reader, adds an iOS podcasting app called Wavelength for "microcasts". (On this service? Us too.) Cadence13 and The Players' Tribune have launched a...


Gimlet launch new shows for spring

Gimlet Media launch three new shows for Spring - the press release includes a video explaining what they're all about. Enjoy fiction series , , and football documentary , as well as season seven of . Gimlet Media also announce GimletFest, a two-day festival in Brooklyn NY, USA featuring "the best of Gimlet". Podcasting - good reasons to be cheerful. A look back at Radiodays Europe in Vienna, which had a number of podcasting speakers (including podnews). The organisation is planning the...


Pandora 'doubling down' on podcasts

Pandora is "doubling down on podcasts", according to an interview with their CEO. "Pandora is currently developing what it calls the “Podcast Genome Project,” a massive database not unlike its Music Genome Project that would study and compile the attributes for every podcast in Pandora’s library." The Verge think Spotify is to unveil a car music player in an event later this month. The Wall Street Journal covers what they call the 'new world' of podcasting: live shows. Why Isn’t Anyone...


British Podcast Awards: nominations announced

The British Podcast Awards have announced their nominations, and the Awards Night tickets are also now available. You (yes, you!) can also vote for your favourite British podcast - ours might sound British, but it's recorded in Australia, so please feel free to vote for your second favourite instead. Edison Research have announced that , with Triton Digital, will be presented on Thursday April 19th - here's where to sign up. Adlarge's Cabana has signed The Nerdy Show Network, a podcast...


ABC Kids Listen’s Imagine This podcast for pre-schoolers

The Australian ABC has launched a podcast for pre-schoolers, called . The current episode answers "Why do stars twinkle?" Skype is apparently working on a call-recording feature. "The goal, the Skype team says, is to make it easier for streamers, vloggers, and podcasters to record and stream their content without dropping a ton of money on studio equipment." fired a columnist, Kevin Williamson, for some unpleasant views: particularly expressed on a podcast in 2014, the MediaMatters blog...


SBS encourages discussion of TV shows using podcasts

Australian tv and radio broadcaster SBS has an interesting model for podcasts: to "encourage discussion and fan engagement around some of the TV shows currently broadcast on the network". Fan podcasts so far produced include , discussing the 1966 Batman TV show ("Pow!" "Whack!") currently on the network on Friday nights; and one called , the TV show of which airs on Wednesdays. We're told "it’s a way to engage with fans of our shows while exploring the themes and moments of each that...


New Hindenburg features

At the NAB Show, audio editor Hindenburg announces forthcoming software updates: import/export for Pro Tools; new loudness export levels (-14 for Amazon; -18 for the BBC's podcast standard); and support for ASIO sound cards. Blubrry continues to give traditional radio broadcasters ideas on how podcasting could be useful to radio, ahead of the NAB Show which starts on April 7th and has a 'podcasting pavilion'. How many downloads per episode is 'good'? A great piece by a redditor,...


How important are ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ reviews anyway?

Do podcasters really need to beg for ratings and reviews? Dan Misener from Pacific Content asks the questions that ought to be asked. "We have not seen conclusive evidence that ratings or reviews directly contribute to chart performance, visibility, or editorial support from Apple Podcasts", he says. (Some others claim that reviews are only used for the "What's Hot" algorithm; and not for the others). The Australian Podcast Awards have announced their finalists. If you're looking for...


'First Person Immersive' - a new, binaural, podcast

"First Person Immersive" uses binaural sound for an enhanced feeling of reality, and new project is an FPI audio drama with, as the press release says, an unprecedented cast for podcast drama in the UK, including Tanya Fear and Jenny Agutter. nine minutes explanationNext Radio ConferenceStephen Fry is launching a new podcast series, - the stories behind inventions. "The future has already happened", says Fry, somewhat illogically, arguing that the world is on the edge of utter...


E&J Gallo launch a new wine podcast

One of the world's largest wineries, E&J Gallo, has launched a podcast helping wine novices. features Ben Schwartz, "a wine expert and a guest comedian to talk, taste and break down all things wine". Podcast host Podbean has released what the company calls a "fully IAB-compliant" stats system. Podcast stats from the company will probably appear 10-20% lower, they say. (Who isn't, yet, compliant?) Are you planning an event around podcasting? We'd love to hear about it for our Podcast...


Wondery raises $5m in funding

Podcast network Wondery has raised $5m in funding, and have released some demographic research into podcasting. Dirty John has achieved over 20m downloads, and is being made into two TV shows, says TechCrunch. (Here's more on the finance bit.) Listicle corner: 9 fiction podcasts that are as good as any audiobook; 21 things to do before you hit record; 10 podcasts for the people, by the people The Atlantic is growing its podcast division, and has hired its first executive producer,...


Amazon Alexa's Daily Briefing delivers good traffic

Amazon Alexa's "Daily Briefing" feature delivers good traffic, if you're a suitable podcast; above is a sample breakdown of devices consuming the podnews podcast. Apple's ecosystem delivers about half, but our appearance in Amazon Alexa's Daily Briefing is responsible for almost a quarter. Acast have released Today's Podcast Listener, podcast research for the United States and United Kingdom, as well as a piece of US data, Reach the unreachables, highlighting the type of people who listen...


The Daily's radio debut; and Audioburst gets into Samsung devices

The Daily turns into a radio show on Monday. Today we learnt which stations will take the show; the program is presented, like the podcast, by Michael Barbaro. Stations in Seattle, Los Angeles and San Francisco are among the initial sixteen to take it, and it'll air after 4pm; it won't air in New York City for now. (By comparison, All Things Considered debuted on 90 stations and is now carried on around 500; APM programs are broadcast on over a thousand stations). Audio search platform...


Jalopnik launches Tempest: true American car stories

Jalopnik, which claims to be the internet's most-read car site, launches a podcast today. It's called Tempest, and features true American car stories. Steve Pratt of Pacific Content gives five reasons why your company should not make a branded podcast. "Not many people will voluntarily download an infomercial. Even fewer will do it more than once." The CBC in Canada are #1 in the Canadian iTunes charts with Missing and Murdered: Finding Cleo. Cleo and all of her siblings were separated...


Turnstile, a new sports podcast network, launches

Turnstile is a new sport podcast network, launched today by Placard Media. The network will be releasing a number of shows over the next two months with a large focus on daily shows and shows that release multiple times per week. The first show is Football in Five, a four minute podcast covering what the Americans call soccer. It has a launch partner in the live football scores app FotMob. AdvertisingWeek Europe covered The Power of Audio, a number of sessions about podcasting. One...


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