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Podcast by PC747 Sensible tech for sensible people

Podcast by PC747 Sensible tech for sensible people
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Podcast by PC747 Sensible tech for sensible people








the neXup Podcast 92019

We have the date for the Google Pixel Press event. Why are people not buying Android Watches? Are the folding phone era of phones dead already? Should you by an 8K TV?


the neXup Podcast 9/13/19: iPhone 11 & Pixel 4 Talk

What a big week. Apple dropped the latest iPhone and I share my thoughts on that. But then there was a game changing Pixel 4 leak that changed my excitement about the upcoming Pixel.


the neXup Podcast 9619

Today's Podcast I waffle back and forth on my thoughts on the Pixel 4 thanks to the latest Pixel 4 video: Google gets slapped for targeting ads in YT Kids, are they really doing anything different from the commercials that aired back in the day. Nokia gets a kudos from me for updating 90% of their phones to P. I talk about why it is so hard to keep phones updated and if we will see any changes from the big boys. Android 10 Queen Cake is official....


the neXup podcast 8/30/19

On today's podcast I will talk about how the current trade war may cause changes in what you pay for the next iPhone. I also look at what these phones cost to make versus what they cost to walk out the door. I will then answer whether $250 off is enough to run out and buy the Pixel Slate. Lastly, in looking at the upcoming Disney +, I rank which streaming services to hold on to, and which to drop. If you want to comment on your thought on what you heard please either email me at...


the neXup Podcast 8/21/19: the Safety of 5G

Kick off the Podcast talking about the changing of the guard for Android. I then talk about my favorite android software builds of the past decade. The Pixel 4 gets another leak thanks to a video that made its way to Youtube. Is it time to get excited or should there be hesitation after Google's long history with the Pixel phones? The topic of discussion is if 5G is really safe. I want to hear from you. Post your thoughts on twitter @PC747df or at (title the post or...


the neXup Podcast 8/16/19

Finally embracing this as a true podcast. Longer intro today as I talk about my crazy night leading up to this mornings recording. I kick the show off with my favorite topic: Pixel news I also talk about AT&T getting compromised by inside workers loading their network customers with malware. I talk about why you should not allow anyone remote access to your phones. Then we end with me answering a few questions


the neXup Podcast 8/9/19: Samsung Week

Samsung Week is here as we celebrate a decade of the Note. A phone that changed the industry, and sparked innovation. We build up by highlighting how Samsung went from fish to tech, cover the event, and look at the future of Samsung Join me for this week in Samsung talk on the neXup Podcast.


the neXup Podcast 8/2/19

Some more Pixel 4 news, will this sway my decision? T-mobile and Sprints merger was at the finish line; how a few politicians are trying to "Leon Lett" them. Kickstarter has a toothbrush that you can control with your phone, do that even make sense? Door Dash is skimming from their drivers, while their drivers are skimming from you. A serious talk on how tech is changing the world one town at a time, and how this may be fearful (and a brief history of the automatic check out lines).


the neXup Podcast 7/26/2019

Welcome to the neXup Podcast where we bring sensible tech to sensible people. Today's line up Samsung has a fix for the Galaxy fold, should you still buy in, even if T-Mobile isn't? Apple buys Intel and will soon be the one stop shop for all their hardware inside and out. Vivo's next Nex could be showing us the future of smartphones. One Plus 7 Pro quick review Nvidia will be refreshing a gaming console that I have long given up on Dish may be looking to add a key feature that is currently...


the neXup Podcast 7/19/2019

Apple's iPhone 11 is looking like we thought, or is it? Are we as Americans ready to support an American made, American designed smartphone? Sources:


the neXup podcast 7/12/19

We're BACK!!!!! Back to talking sensible tech for sensible people. Todays show kicks off highlighting the latest android news. We have 2 major phone leaks and I praise one and grill another. I highlight what I learned from a series I am working on at highlighting the various phones of the Nexus-Pixel program. 4 phones in and how they fare in comparison to the Pixel phones out now Cord cutters beware: Another company is aiming to take down Netflix and scoop money out of your...


the neXup Podcast 7/5/19

Today's show was definitely not planned. So sit back and enjoy a show that tells the story about how the neXup came to be. The backstory if you will.


the neXup Podcast 6/28/19

Welcome to the show. For today’s show I have an iPad Review, coming from a diehard android fan, after spending months saying how I prefer chromebooks over an iPad, do I still stand by that, now that I have an iPad in house? Should companies get in the way of people wanting to buy Huawei phones? Microsoft may have an answer for the Chromebook, will this actually work? Apple is ready to compete with Google on the road, my thoughts on the future of autonomous vehicles. And lastly a look at...


the neXup podcast 6/21/2019

Along with running down the neXup news of the week, I cover why the Pixel Slate failed, some key points made at Uber Elevate and if we could see this open up to a benefit for consumers. And I answer comments left from last week's podcast. Thanks for joining the neXup Podcast, A podcast that covers the latest in consumer tech. You can find more of my content at


neXup Podcast 6/14/19: Google going next level

We get a better picture of what will come to Stadia and what the Pixel 4 will look like.


the neXup Podcast 6/7/2019: Apple WWDC v Google Stadia

Apple lit the stage on fire, but Google came to put it out. Who had the better, more exciting announcement? All the features in iOS 13 ( Google's Stadia ( What's new in Q Beta 4 ( Sign up for Stadia...


the neXup Podcast 5/31/2019

This week's podcast takes a look at what Amazon Wireless could look like. How the Note 10 could set an entirely new trend. How to keep from getting ripped off with those trade in programs. And what Apple stole from Google that works, and what Google stole from Apple that doesn't.


the neXup Podcast 5/23/2019

The big news for this week was the ban of US companies doing business with Huawei. This was put in place by the executive order signed by President Trump. I discuss how we got to this point, where Huawei goes from here, and if they will ever be able to recover. Sources:


the neXup podcast 5/17/19

The One Plus 7 Pro is here. Though "Never Settle" settled on no IP rating, it may be one of the best phones out. But is this the phone for you? Motorola may release the top selling foldable phone of 2019 Trump may have dealt a crushing blow to a certain smartphone manufacturer. And more... Tune in to this weeks The neXup Podcast Sources:


neXup Podcast 5/10/19

Google I/O was loaded with goodies that will bring new innovations to phones, smart hubs, TVs, cars, and more. See what Google talked about and how it will change the future of technology going forward.