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We invite industry experts to share their valuable insights via podcast on topics like product marketing, product fit, sales on the product, product development and many more. For latest updates, please subscribe to


Bangalore, India


We invite industry experts to share their valuable insights via podcast on topics like product marketing, product fit, sales on the product, product development and many more. For latest updates, please subscribe to






#7 Hiring PMs: Making best product teams

Jasnoor currently working as Director of Product Management at Nutanix, he is responsible for the Nutanix Calm and Karbon product lines. He spends most of his time working with customers to enable their use-cases around DevOps and automation. Prior to Nutanix, Jasnoor was the product guy at, a DevOps automation startup based out of Bangalore that was acquired by Nutanix in 2016. Before that, he spent 12+ years working on products at companies such as Zynga, Aryaka Networks...


PM Fundamentals for Innovations

Ketan with 12 years of industry experience and 7+ in product management also has worked across Telecom, Fintech, Real Estate tech, and Retail domains. He talks about inculcating mindset and processes to drive innovations in products and with examples throws light on some key aspects of product adoption. We find many popular frameworks for product managers. What are the frameworks or mental models that you most often find useful in practice? How do you bring innovation - you attempt to be...


Behind the Scenes in Travel & Hotels Domain

Ankur is a Product leader with proven track record of delivering customer experience and growth. He specializes in growing early-stage products and building next level conversion optimization strategy for late stage, mature products. He is an alumnus of ESPN, SABRE, Zuji, Travelocity Partner Network and "He was awarded CEO's Ring of Honour at GO-MMT Group for driving exponential growth for the Hotels business."


Maximizing Organic Leads With Multi-channel Marketing

Gokul Suresh have been with Whatfix for about 5 years now, prior to which he was with an EduTech company. He joined as the 1st marketer of Whatfix and now they are about 170 people. "He involved in Generating 1000+ organic leads from Quora, Communities, Webinars, Event Campaigns & Content.." Topics:


Healthifyme Story - Becoming a Global Phenomenon

Anjan has been busy changing the world from being the founder of HypeDis, a hyperlocal discovery app to being the Vice President, Growth and Head of Product at HealthifyMe. "Your work ethic is as contagious as a yawn. Now go change the world." Highlights Your role in bringing this product to lifeChallenges in growing and scaling your userbase from India to worldwideWhen you should try getting users outside demographics?What are the 4 revenue verticles that helped you achieve this...


Using Machine Learning First Approach to Build a Product

Intro: Today we have 2 individuals who are part of a team that is cricket's first Machine Learnig meets Interaction Design a Global Level. Karthik a Principal Product Manager and Ravi a Data Scientist come packed with knowledge of experience building various products in their careers. Karthik you've built a team from a single person to a 20 member team and built Cricket's first trademarked ML product called "Criclytics" and Ravi you have played a role in automating India's first robo...


Secret Sauce of Successful User Research

Ram is a digital marketer turned UX designer. His research at FreshWorks resulted in a 30% increase in adoption of Freshdesk Team Dashboard. He has collaborated with the leadership team, designers and developers to build the JOOL iOS and Android app where he and his partner did 100+ hours of usability testing. Topics: 1. How did you land up being a user research guy? 2. Your role in product development 3. Why user research and its importance in creating products? 4. Simple and...


TheProductmanagement introduction

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