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NPR 020: Future Trunks Saga Part 1 - Dragon Ball Super

Hello, welcome and thank you for joining ol Chip and Grilled Cheese! This week we are starting off the Goku Black arc, woot woot! Dragon Ball Super's anime episode 47 and manga chapter 14 is where this saga starts, and we'll compare and contrast the two for our official school report. Bulma dies?! OMG!!! Piccolo gets tricked into chores, and so does Krillin, while Goku joins Vegeta on Lord Beerus' planet for more training. Trunks and Mai's story develops and deepens. We also learn about...


NPR 019: Super Human Water - Dragon Ball Super

Have you heard of the Dragon Ball North America Tour 2018 ( www.DB-Tour.com )?! Now you have/ will, cuz Seth and Robert always bring you the best DBZ news... also don't forget about Kameha Con. Robert earns his newest nick name "Grilled Cheese", we ask Amino "how stupid is Goku?", tease at an upcoming bonus episode cataloging the varieties of sexual tension in the DBZ world, and most importantly we cover the post Universe 6 mini arc/ episodes 44, 45 and 46. There is no manga as this is...


NPR 018B: Bonus - Interview with David Vincent at COAF2018

We attended Colorado Anime Fest 2018 on March 24th as press and got an interview with the one and only David Vincent (AKA Grimmjow from Bleach, Van from Gun Sword, Robin from Super Smash Bros., and both parts of Kibito Kai as well as the Narrator from Dragon Ball Super's Asia Dub)!!! We find out what all David Vincent is up to lately including some super secret directorial projects... find out more @DavidVincentVA on twitter. Did you know about his new App "Unlocked" UnlockedOfficial.com...


NPR 018: Post Universe 6 Saga filler - Dragon Ball Super

Hey Namekians! Come join Robert and Seth on an adventure time of fillerness! This installment of NPR covers episodes 42 and 43 of Dragon Ball Super... FILLER! There's no manga, but we do open with some more Amino quiz fun; Cosmic Ghost Rider Vs Golden Frieva and "What should we cover? ... Marvel (MCU)". As for the filler it's Goku Vs Monaka and then Goku's ki disorder. Seth calls Whys slow, Whis calls Monaka a looser, Monaka crys, Bulma rations out more crap for Beerus, and we see Chiaotzu...


NPR 017B: Bonus- Dragon Ball Super Finale Episode 131

***Spoiler warning*** It's a bittersweet episode with Seth and Robert as we give real time coverage for the last Dragon Ball Super Episode, 131. It's been a long run but we think this is just Season 1, they did say they'd see us again! For the 1st half of this bonus episode we engage in general DB Super chat and theorize... about 16 minutes in, we get serious and turn on the episode. So get your popcorn and join us for this the last episode of Super... for this year anyway. Thanks you...


NPR 017: Universe 6 Saga Part 6 - Dragon Ball Super

In this episode of NPR we finish up the Destroyer Tournament Arc so join Chip and Roboito as we delve deep into these BallZ! We have a bit of a problem knowing who's who but episode 39 of the anime and chapter 13 of the manga is where we start off, strong! Goku goes SSGSS or SSG (depending on your source) against Hit "the hit man", what?! We see Hit's time skip and attempt at improvement. Goku doesn't know how to reduce fraction when he uses a secret, shhhhh! A big difference between the...


NPR 016: Universe 6 Saga Part 5 - Dragon Ball Super

Chip and Whiskers continue to bring you the highest quality of Dragon Ball Super anime and manga coverage, but now no longer clean! Watch out now, cuz here come some fudgin fudge. We drink high on the fat hog-horse, thing, because Roboito gots himself a new job! On our DBZ Amimo account we post some polls and now bring those to you in this and future episodes. We do have a problem with Robert bringing up One Punch Man. For the normal coverage, we start with Vegeta Vs Cabba in episode 37 of...


NPR 015B: Bonus- News- Mexican finale and DBS Movie

This last minute, bonus episode gives you the news you didn't know you need. Mexico is doing a public grand Finale for Dragon Ball Super! The people have spoken! Toriyama has also spoken! We got some movie news for the upcoming December release of "Origen of the Saiyan Power" and it's going to take place after the TOP. We'll get more info on Frieza and the Saiyans. And the "long awaited opponent" will be revealed. Chip is obsessed with Frieza fighting Ghostrider, what are your thoughts?...


NPR 015: Universe 6 Saga Part 4- Dragon Ball Super

Sorry for the delay, but better late than never some have said. Today's episode covers up to Dragon Ball Super anime episode 36; Vegeta and Magetta! and of course corresponding manga. As this is behind schedule you might guess I'm low on time. So, for those of you who read this ahead of time, sorry, but this episode will just have to be a surprise for you. One love. Click here to play episode 15 namekianpublicradio.com/ Follow us on Twitter @NamekianPodcast Follow us on Facebook Email...


NPR014B: Bonus- Fist of the North Star Trailer

This is just a tribute. or a trailer. or whatever. In this bonus episode we give you a glimps into our Patreon episode where we watch Fist of the North Star. So if you like what you hear, there are 2 hours of it for only $2, try it out. namekianpublicradio.com/ Follow us on Twitter @NamekianPodcast Follow us on Facebook Email us at NamekianPublicRadio@gmail.com Get our Bonus content from Patreon All music created and given by Urizen, urizenonline.com/


NPR 014: Universe 6 Saga Part 3 - Dragon Ball Super

Can you hear it? Oh, you will... Upgradde!!! Chip and Roboito coming at you 2.0 (or ..0) This episode of ours, covering Dragon Ball Super's anime and Manga, picks up at Ep 33 of the Destroyer's Tournament- Goku Vs Botamo! Goku screams about how big Super Shenron's balls are. We want you to join us on the DBZ Amino to check out the great Fan-Fic and art. We do give our admonishment about 'Trapps', meet nice guy Frost, call out the British BallerZ, our pronunciation problems creep back in,...


NPR 013: Universe 6 Saga Part 2 - Dragon Ball Super

From our safe space, Chip and Roboito give you the best of the best coverage of the Dragon Ball Super anime and manga. We're celebrating Black History Month by sharing #28daysofblackcosplay images on our Twitter account, and also SSJ9K videos on Youtube. Check all that out! Episode 31 is Master Zuno revealing the sagging and Ep 32 is the stinky ride to the Tournament of Destroyers! We meet Monaka, smell Majin Poo, there are Saiyan on Saiyan introductions, Goku gets an F on his test and Buu...


NPR 012: Universe 6 Saga Part 1 - Dragon Ball Super

Join Namekian Public Radio for an ever expanding exploration into the world of Dragon Ball, Z, and of course Super, and and with also maybe too GT?! We'll have upcoming events coverage, crazy new bonus content, interviews, reviews, up-views, down-views, more views than your eyes have room for! Or ears, probably ears. This week Chip and Roboito start off strong with a new Saga, the "Universe 6 Tournament". We leave behind the movies and go full anime/ manga... plus the debut of our Twitter...


NPR 011B: Bonus- Super Ending Talk

***Disclaimer*** This episode covers the current episode(s) of Dragon Ball Super at about 126! So you might not want the spoil. (This was recorded Feb 5th) Here's a lil sum sum for you over there, a lil bonus, just for you. Chip and Roboito prognosticate on Dragon Ball Super's last few episodes (ep 127-131) before our beloved goes off air for the rest of 2018. We recap episode 126 a bit, because it's just so good. Toppo man, Toppo ... but also a very tenacious effort by my favey Frieza....


NPR 011: Golden Frieza Saga Part 3

Chip and Roboito finish up both Resurrection F, thus the Dragon Ball Super movies. And your new favorite skit, "From the Top of Kami's Lookout" ends as well, #sadfaceiknow. The tables turn between Golden Frieza and Super Saiyan Blue Goku, keeping us on the edge, but Vegeta knocks the gold out of him! Frieza absorbs the Oracle from the Matrix, Earth gets blown up?!, and the prince gets robbed. We also mention Champa, Vados, Universe 6 and most importantly FettyKrill. Oh yeah, listen long...


NPR 010: Golden Frieza Saga Part 2

Our new segment "From Atop Kami's Lookout" doesn't get any better this time around. But Chip does start this episode off on a high note... poo joke. This 2nd piece of coverage of the Resurrection F/ Golden Frieza Saga is packed full of our usual compare/ contrast between Dragon Ball Super's anime and Manga. We reveal the Frieza Force's weakness (Special K), Ginyu shows back up only to be out-danced, track suit Gohan's grand idea, Goku and Vegeta hold hands but still cant out-cute Frieza's...


NPR 009: Bonus- Video Game Review/ Heavy News

Namekian Public Radio brings video game correspondent Mike H. into the gaming basement for our 2nd bonus episode, in which we kind of review Xenoverse 2 and Dragon Ball FighterZ (beta), kinda. We hit you up front with the bad news of the week, year... or maybe even ever. Dragon Ball Super is going off air in April! OH NO! But don't worry, NPR will be here for you in your time of need with rumor smashing and idiotic humor to distract you from this ever darkening world of disappointment,...


NPR 008: Golden Frieza Saga Part 1

Finally, the start of the Golden Frieza Saga/ Resurrection F where Chip's BFF get's his long awaited movie but Toyotaro skips it in the Manga?! ... so no comparisons there. We meet new guy Jaco and get to know Whis better as he steps in poo. Vegeta and Goku get new duds, we have a Mandela Effect moment over Temporal Due-over, can't figure out Krillen's ringtone, and get foreshadowing concerning Ultra Instinct - #spoilers. Also Roboito confesses he likes cat on his...


NPR 007: Post Beerus Filler (NSFW)

This long and sloppy episode is evidence of taking our subject material too lightly and our drinking duties too seriously. But as always, we cover the anime and manga of these filler episodes 15 - 18 with vigor and passion! (save Roboito's phoning it in from the floor) Bee saves Mr Satan, we narrowly avoid another mispronunciation debacle, Vegeta tries and fails to cook, we meet Pan, spoil Ultra Instinct for everyone and make fun of Champa's tail. Lastly, according to Roboito, Chip also...


NPR 006: Beerus Saga Part 4

After Chip and Roboito give too much personal information, they give their last coverage of Dragon Ball Super's Destroyer Arch. We find out why Roboito is called "Whiskers", quote the great George W. Bush, give an expose on Mr. Satan's golden phone and uncover Goku's profile on FarmersOnly .com. We wrap up this saga with MVPs and favorites moments too. www.namekianpublicradio.com/ Click here to play episode 6 All music created and given by Urizen


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