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Episode 002- Other World Anime, How smartphones ripped off KonoSuba

Other World Anime's they ROCK!! SAO, .Hack, Log Horizon, In Another World With My Smartphone, Gate, and so much more covered in todays episode. If your into other world animes then this is the place to get reviews and find the next series you GOTTA watch! Please stop by our fb page and welcome Craig to the DGTA cast!


Bonus!- Anime Glossary 101

Today we talk about our HUGE Give-A-Way and explain 12 anime terms for beginners. Anime, Manga, Otaku, Dub, Sub, Ecchi, Yuri, and a few more. We also stumble upon alcohol because we can't ever stay on topic haha.


Bonus!- Meet the Dynamic Duo

Bite sized for your pleasure!!! Today we just wanted to put something out there so you could get to know us better while also getting an idea of where the podcast is going. There are a lot of things we want to do with this podcast but of all those have fun tops the list. As always we never take ourselves serious and invite you to enjoy anime with us in our community on facebook. We cover our careers, ecchi and yuri, our personal fitness, and other craziness on this short enjoyable ride.


Episode 001- Live Action Disasters

Here on episode one we cover the Death Note and Ghost in the Shell Live action movies. Talk a little about white washing, sing a silly song, and rock out to Big Birds Night Out at the end. All in all we have a blast. Come join our community on Facebook at A Dubbed Guide To Anime!