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Episode 211: Couples Therapy with Tara Ariano

This week on the podcast, we're joined by an extra (hot great) special guest: Tara Ariano, the founder of Television Without Pity (may it rest forever in peace), editor-at-large of Primetimer, podcaster extraordinaire, and personal joint hero of Margaret and Kathryn. We are, in fact, so excited to praise Tara for her many accomplishments that we barely remember to say her name! In addition to schooling us on the parallels between Lodge 49 and Succession, Tara lets us know if the new...


Episode 210: Derry Girls with Sophie Brookover

Shift yourselves, wains, it's time to talk about Derry Girls! This week we're joined by culture maven Sophie Brookover to talk about this wee Irish sitcom that we love very much. Topics include: Bono, narrative structure, peace walls, teen girl tropes, why Sister Michael became a nun, and several incredibly persuasive book recommendations.


Episode 209: Dadwood Book Club Discusses Deadwood, S2, episodes 4-6

And our Paternity Leave Project continues with a discussion of episodes 4, 5, and 6 of Deadwood S2. Learn: Kathryn's favorite Deadwood episode title! Joanie's inability to pick a good business partner! Our delight in the nuance with which Deadwood depicts historical prejudice! And ever so much more! Next week we'll be digging into episodes 7, 8, and 9. As previously noted, while Andrew's dadhood was still hypothetical when the episode was recorded, it is now definite. We once again...


Episode 208: Paternity leave book club - Deadwood s2

It's a special edition of TV book club for Andrew's paternity leave! Welcome to Dadwood, our journey through Deadwood season two. This week we're discussing the first three episodes of the season, which Kathryn is aghast to realize means that there is no resolution yet to Al's kidney stones. Hang on to your gleets!


Episode 207: Veronica Mars revival with guest Kate Racculia

In a rare Andrew-less episode of Appointment Television, Kate Racculia returns to talk with us about the revival season of Veronica Mars. Guess what! We have some critiques! At some point this also involves discussing Lodge 49 and reading character descriptions from the new HBO Joss Whedon show The Nevers, but really it's mostly about Veronica Mars. Be warned: we will spoil what happens at the end of this season!


Episode 206: Stranger Things with Kate Racculia, Our Stranger Thing

On this week's episode of our every timely podcast, we're discussing season 3 of Stranger Things with special repeat guest Kate Racculia! Whose wit, charm, and Big Barb Energy you might recall from her appearance in our Stranger Things, S1 TV Book Club. Listen to find out what made Margaret want to throw her computer across the room in annoyance, why Andrew thinks capitalism is the strangest thing of all, how many times Kathryn can say the word serial before you absolutely must eat a bowl...


Episode 205: Holey Moley and What the F is Pop?

On this week's episode we discuss both Pop TV, the channel that's now home to Schitt's Creek and One Day at Time, AND ABC's new #PeakSummer tv: the miniature golf/obstacle course show Holey Moley. Plus we address the all-important question: is listening to "mood music" when you bone down a super weird?


Episode 204: Mailbag and The Deadwood Movie

Look, we accept that the order of this is going to be a little wonky. Paternity leave! Things got a little out of order. But this week we're going to talk about the Deadwood movie, even though we also announce that later this summer, we will be doing Deadwood season 2 as a paternity leave book club. Spoilers for Deadwood, a very old show! Before we get to the Deadwood movie, and Kathryn waxes rhapsodic about all things David Milch, we do a brief mailbag segment where we talk about Blue...


Episode 203: What we're watching on paternity leave and Emmys nomination chatter

In the last episode we've recorded before Andrew departs on paternity leave, we have a nice long talk about all the TV we're looking forward to catching up on. Spoiler: Margaret suggests we assign her stuff and then laughs heartily and the idea she might actually watch any of it. We also have a brief conversation about the 2019 Emmy nominations, and some thoughts on how far we as a culture have come in the past 10 years.


Episode 202: Wheel of Time and The Good Fight Book Club Part 3

This week! We're checking in on Amazon's Wheel of Time series in light of fresh* casting news, answering one particularly novel mailbag question, and then wrapping up our Good Fight book club with a desultory conversation about episodes 7-10. A conversation which includes a lot more information than you'd expect about the classic 1989 family film, The Adventures of Milo & Otis. *(when we recorded)


Episode 201: Big Little Lies with special guest Suzannah Rosenberg

This week we are deeply saddened that Andrew is not with us, and immensely joyful to welcome someone else in his absence: his wife Suz! We break down all things Big Little Lies, including but not limited to: why this season exists, who our favorite characters are, the dubious utility of dressing up as Bo Peep when you're giving therapy to a child, and Meryl Streep's teeth.


Episode 200: The Bones Zone

For our big 200th episode, we hope you enjoy the backdoor pilot for THE BONES ZONE, our weekly podcast about the show Bones. It’s been a long road, folks, but we’re so glad you support us in our weird art. SHOW NOTES: “Emily Deschanel on Biggest 'Bones' Lessons”: WATCH THE SHOW BONES:


Episode 199: The Good Fight book club part 2

What if CBS All Access ... is good? We're pretty sure it's not but there are enough things about it now that we feel like it's worth discussing. We also chat about episodes 4, 5 and 6 of the first season of The Good Fight. PLUS, stay tuned for an extremely important announcement about our 200th episode regarding what Zone it will occupy.


Episode 198: Fleabag S2 and all things Phoebe Waller-Bridge

This week's show is all about one of our favorite writers and performers, Phoebe Waller-Bridge. After talking about her current and upcoming projects, we dive deep into the masterwork that is season 2 of Fleabag. SHOW NOTES: PWB's HBO pilot: PWB and rehabilitating James Bond: Kathryn on Fleabag's wall-breaking...


Episode 197: Unlikely spinoffs and The Good Fight book club part 1

This week we're starting our latest TV book club, the CBS All Access / briefly CBS series The Good Fight! It's a spin-off of the long-running legal procedural The Good Wife, so we start with a little game where we try to come up with some especially unlikely or improbable spin-offs of our own. But when we turn to The Good Fight, we want to make things very clear: You do not need to have seen the original series to enjoy this show. Plus we will explain the very few Good Fight references...


Episode 196: Inane HBO interviews, What We Do In The Shadows, and whether mockumentaries are still allowed

Remember those little interviews they would air after every episode of Game of Thrones? And how they were always kind of bad? And how most HBO shows also do them and they’re almost always kind of bad? We talk about those. We also chat about the mockumentary format by way of FX’s What We Do In The Shadows, a show that is (thankfully) funny enough to outshine a threadbare format. SHOW NOTES: What We Do In The Shadows: The Beets...


Episode 195: Shows everyone watches and no one talks about

We decided to talk a little about the shows most viewers do actually watch, that get decidedly less attention than many of the buzziest, prestige-iest series. We talk about some specific examples, including Blue Bloods, Grey's Anatomy, and The Goldbergs, but we also try to think a little about how these shows work, what the appeal is, and what we lose out on by just sort of forgetting they're always out there. Also, Margaret watches a show called Jonathan Creek for Kozy Mystery Korner, and...


Episode 194: Our TV and our politics and our The Office reruns

This week we chat about a report correlating TV viewing habits (and viewers' feelings about specific shows) with their political views. Then we talk about how we, as a society, just can't quit our reruns of sitcom rerun standbys like The Office and Friends. SHOW NOTES: Get your politics into my TV: People can't stop watching these old-ass shows: ...


Episode 193: Summer TV preview, plus William Shakespeare?

It's time to check in with a bunch of new and upcoming series for the summer, a segment that includes discussion of such things as: Good Omens, The Society, Big Little Lies S2, Veronica Mars, and The Boys. It's also a very special edition of a Patreon Forcening, featuring an episode someone asked *MARGARET* to watch. The world turned upside down.


Episode 192: Picking Bones clean, and Netflix’s show Special

This week, we revisit TV's biggest news about its biggest show, which is of course the show Bones. Then, we chat about Netflix's show Special, which is worth watching in concept despite its uneven execution. Bones update update: The Bones lawsuit, explained: Hulu’s...