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Episode 146: Netflix taste buckets and ER book club part 4

After a week's delay due to Kathryn sounding like a monster from a children’s movie, we return with full voices to discuss the final installment of our ER book club. Margaret swears she will never trust David Krumholtz again. First, though, we talk about some Netflix news and yell about the weird phenomenon of half seasons.


Episode 145: Roseanne gets the Kiss of Death, and our summer TV preview

This week, we talk briefly about Roseanne's terrible behavior bringing down her successful rebooted sitcom, delivering an unexpected (but not unappreciated) ATV Kiss of Death to yet another program. Then, we spend some time looking forward to this summer's TV; there's a surprising amount that you should add to your schedule. SHOW NOTES: Roseanne canceled because Roseanne Barr is racist: Set It Up on...


Episode 144: Brooklyn Nine-Nine and Law & Order TV Justice

We begin our conversation by welcoming back guest host Christina Tucker, who joins us to talk about the wild ride of Brooklyn Nine-Nine's cancellation and swift resurrection. We also talk about the tricky, complicated dynamics of storytelling designed to humanize cops. Afterward, it's the return of TV vs TV! Thanks to a patreon supporter, we spend some time considering the vitally important question of best SVU guest star. As per usual, Margaret comes slightly underprepared and Andrew...


Episode 143: ER book club part 3, and are we the kiss of death?

This week ATV welcomes back Christina Tucker to talk about the next installment in our ER book club, and it's a good thing we do because someone needed to make sure we fully appreciate Julianna Margulies. Before we get to ER, though, it sudden occurs to us that many of the shows we talk about on ATV... get cancelled?


Episode 142: New Arrested Development, and what intelligence looks like on TV

This week we chat a bit about the recut S4 and forthcoming S5 of Arrested Development, a show we thought we'd seen the last of. Then, we talk about the different ways in which TV communicates intelligence. SHOW NOTES: The Arrested Development announcement: "I make a lot of graphs": The quintessential GIF:


Episode 141: Late-night Busy-ness and ER book club part 2

First: in some places during this episode, Margaret sounds like she's being played on an old dusty record player. We are sorry about that! We chat briefly about how there should be more women in late night, which is both obvious and yet still a weirdly, unconscionably lopsided thing about TV culture. Happily, Busy Philips is going to have a talk show on E! Then we turn to the next in our ER book club, which includes a discussion of "Blizzard," "Love's Labor Lost" and "Everything Old Is...


Episode 140: Alex Inc., Zach Braff, and working-class TV

This week, we finally finish up our 2018 TV overview by talking about the oft-delayed Zach Braff project Alex, Inc., which in the Margaret’s words was a show we could “barely hate.” We also talk about when America fell out of love with Zach Braff, and what non-Roseanne working-class TV looks like right now. SHOW NOTES, such as they are: Alex Inc.


Episode 139: The Simpsons' problem with Apu and ER book club part 1

After The Simpsons' truly terrible response to criticism of its character Apu, we talk about what The Simpsons has done wrong, and how weird it is for a show to absolutely refuse to change over time. Then we talk about the pilot episode of ER for our latest book club, and Margaret and Andrew are very patient while Kathryn goes a little bonkers over tracking shots.


Episode 138: "80% attention" recommendations and solving magical crimes

This week, Kathryn gives another round of TV recommendations to a listener who’s looking for a show she only has to mostly pay attention to. Then, we spend an hour with the magical ABC crime procedural Deception, and we detail both the kinds of magic we would like to see in future cases and the far-fetched occupations we’d like to see teamed up with the FBI. SHOW NOTES: Sports Night: Justified: Elementary:...


Episode 137: Quantum Leap and TV news anchors

In fulfillment of another patreon request, Andrew tells Kathryn and Margaret all about a two-part episode of Quantum Leap. This involves attempting to explain the premise of Quantum Leap, much to everyone's delight and confusion. Afterwards, we talk about news clips and news anchors on TV, which includes a celebration of Perd Hapley.


Episode 136: Roseanne the person is bad and Roseanne the show is complicated

This is our Roseanne revival episode. We are unequivocal in declaring Roseanne Barr to be reprehensible; unpacking her show (and the response it has prompted, at least so far) is more complicated. Come and join us on this frustrating quest! BEHOLD, A SEA OF ROSEANNE TAKES: The Roseanne reboot and ABC's "heartland strategy": How TV depicts Trump supporters, explained:...


Episode 135: TV renewal news and HBO's Barry

Thanks to a recent spate of TV renewals from Netflix and other outlets, we take a moment to celebrate the upcoming third season of One Day at a Time and talk about the campaign surrounding its renewal. Also, apparently, Nailed It! has been renewed, which we have no feelings about. Afterwards, we chat about the new HBO hitman comedy show Barry, starring Bill Hader. We like it! A lot!


Episode 134: The soulless spectacle of Nailed It, and more TV recommendations

This week, Kathryn and the gang deliver another round of TV recommendations based on listener requests. We then dive into the worst thing we have watched for the show in recent memory, the soulless Netflix baking competition show Nailed It. SHOW NOTES! This week’s TV recommendations: NBC’s Life: ER: Southland: Black-ish:...


Episode 133: NBC's Good Girls, and what is TV criticism even for?

This week we kick things off with an overly self-aware discussion about the point of television criticism, who it's for, whether it makes sense to critique things like plausibility and character behavior, and how TV is in fact like books now. (Kathryn, somehow, does not combust). Then we talk about NBC's Good Girls, a show we want to like but also a show that doesn't seem to know what it is yet.


Episode 132: ATV Lightning Round! Featuring Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Cougartown, and bisexuality

This week instead of doing a little thing and a big thing, we do a bunch of little things. It's an ATV Lightning Round! SHOW NOTES: We're not fans of casting the same actor in two or more roles in the same project, there, we said it: A woman is running Amazon's TV studios: Cougartown is on Hulu now:...


Episode 131: Spring TV and Queer Eye

It's that time of year when a young TV fan's eye turns to what's happening in the world of spring television releases. We do a short round of selections, including the final season of The Americans, Heidi Thomas' Little Women, and the new NBC series Rise. Then we talk about the Netflix reboot of Queer Eye, which we are much more positive about than we thought we'd be!


Episode 130: Wonder Woman and Slings and Arrows S01E05-06

This week, Andrew talks about his experience watching the old 70s Lynda Carter Wonder Woman show, which occupies a space somewhere in between the campy action of 60s Adam West Batman and the campy action of the 80s A-Team. Then, we take one last trip to theater camp to wrap up our Slings and Arrows TV Book Club. SHOW NOTES More on Wonder Woman: Wonder Woman on Amazon:...


Episode 129: This Is Unnecessarily Morbid and One Day at a Time S2

We catch up with the show that killed a beloved TV dad with a popular kitchen appliance on the night of the Super Bowl, This Is Us. We then talk about the fantastic second season of Netflix's One Day at a Time, and dig into a little about Rita Moreno, how the show does politics, and the frustration of amazing, inclusive, human TV shows that feel destined to languish unseen by most TV watchers.


Episode 128: Kathryn Recommends More TV, and Slings and Arrows S01E03-4

This week, special guest Craig (of Overdue fame) joins the show to help Kathryn recommend a new round of shows to our generous patrons. Then, Craig lends us his theatrical expertise as we jump into episodes 3 and 4 of Slings and Arrows. SHOW NOTES: Show recommendations! Adventure Time: Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries: Orange Is The New Black: Line of Duty:...


Episode 128: Black Mirror twiststravaganza

We return to the world of Black Mirror after a very long break, this time to do a swing through a few episodes of the new season. Each one of us watched a different episode, and we use this opportunity to play a little game - we describe most of the episode we saw, and the other two have to try to imagine what the inevitable Black Mirror twist will be. Kathryn watched "Hang the DJ," Margaret watched "Arkangel," and Andrew watched "USS Callister." Heads up: we definitely spoil all of them.