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Episode 171: A Christmas Prince 2 - The Royal Wedding

In the long-awaited follow-up to our recap of A Christmas Prince from last winter, we bring you a full episode of coverage on A Christmas Prince 2: The Royal Wedding. We were deeply concerned that the Netflix Christmas movie would fail to live up to the, um, glories of the first one. But never fear - it is just as silly and awkward and nonsensical as the original.


Episode 170: Good One Bad One - Sabrina and New Amsterdam

This week, we finally hit the last of our good and bad fall TV shows: Netflix’s The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina, and the NBC medical drama New Amsterdam. We don’t come away loving either of them?? But that’s how it goes sometimes. SHOW NOTES: On Nick Bakay, fellow Kenyon alum and voice of the original Salem: New Amsterdam sucks: New Amsterdam still sucks:...


Episode 169: Final chapter of The Newsroom book club

We sweep toward the ignominious end of our book club of the first season of The Newsroom! No one is particularly happy to be here, but we are *extremely* happy it's done.


Episode Classic: A Re-Run of our Favorite TV Themes

Happy Thanksgiving! Please enjoy this entry from our archives, an episode where we discuss standalone episodes and our favorite TV theme songs.


Episode 168: Bad Interfaces, Good Content (Salt Fat Acid Heat and Patriot Act)

In this week’s show we complain for exactly as long as we want about the terrible bewildering interfaces we all need to use to watch TV right now, and then we talk about some good shows you should watch: Samin Nosrat’s Salt Fat Acid Heat, and Hasan Minhaj’s Patriot Act. SHOW NOTES: Samin Nosrat’s “beauty uniform”: The Patriot Act/Queer Eye Crossover Episode: How Hasan Minhaj fits into our...


Episode 167: Foundational TV crushes and The Newsroom bookclub

We're joined by guest Christina Tucker this week, who covers from Kathryn (who got very sick on that recording day) and bravely subjects herself to watching three episodes of The Newsroom. Before we talk about that, though, Christina, Andrew and Margaret chat about their earliest TV crushes, a discussion that involves Christina waxing rhapsodic about Angie Harmon on Law and Order. Then its... you know. The Newsroom. Again.


Episode 166: Mailbag Q&A Extravaganza

Kathryn battles through illness as we answer our way through YOUR most pressing TV questions! What TV tropes do we love? Which TV parents would we choose as our own? And what were our favorite shows a decade ago? All that and more, during a wonder respite from The Newsroom! SHOW NOTES All of our questions, laid out in order!


Episode 165: Part 2 of our Newsroom book club

Lest we sully any other TV topic with proximity to a discussion of The Newsroom, this week our entire episode is dedicated to episodes 2, 3 and 4 of season 1 of Sorkin's disastrous work. There is much yelling, and gnashing of teeth.


Episode 164: Surviving The Purge and being friended by God

This week we come back for another GoodOne/BadOne, in which we debate the parameters of The Purge TV series and are... surprisingly OK with God Friended Me, as dumb as it is. SHOW NOTES The Purge: God Friended Me:


Episode 163: American Vandal S2 and we sadly kick off our Newsroom book club

It's an episode full of ups and downs, as we discuss the delights of the second season of American Vandal (and also its few detractions, none of which are seriously troubling), and then turn to kick off our Newsroom book club with a discussion of the pilot episode. Gradually we begin to wonder why we have done this to ourselves, and Margaret goes on a glorious rant about "McKenzie McFucking McHale."


Episode 162: Manifest is bad and The Good Cop is fine

This week, we watch two of our new fall premieres for an old segment newly christened Good One/Bad One. The Good One is The Good Cop, a Netflix show which is vaguely pleasant and generally inoffensive. The Bad One is Manifest, a vaguely Lost-flavored high-concept drama with an interesting premise and bad execution. Also, Kathryn does a Tony Danza impression that shows that when you shoot for the moon, even when you miss, you land among the stars. SHOW NOTES: The Good Cop:...


Episode 161: Bad frustrating bad men at CBS and bad frustrating TV journalists

It's a bevy of badness this week, alas. We talk about the recent upheaval at CBS after Les Moonves's MeToo moment finally arrived, and point out some recommended reading for this era of revelation and anguish. We also have a recommendation for other guys who've been the subject of MeToo allegations who are now trying to creep back into the public sphere, which is: don't! From that cheerful topic, we move on to some more lighthearted yelling about TV journalists, namely, terrible depictions...


Episode 160: New Horny Bake-Off and the Macaroni Rascals

This week we evaluate the new era (in the US, at least) of the Great British Bake-Off, which is still at the very least a Good British Bake-Off. Then we try to talk about other reality television shows but mostly end up yelling about the Bachelor again. SHOW NOTES Where to find all of Noel Fielding’s shirts: The New Jersey Life of Macaroni Rascals: ...


Episode 159: TV Narrators and some objectively sick wrestling moves

Andrew, compelled by a patron’s dollars, watches an episode of professional wrestling; Margaret and Kathryn learn a lot about someone named Joey Ryan and also that wrestlers can be like the Dred Pirate Roberts. We then have a chat about what makes for a good TV narrator, in which Kathryn gesticulates for a while about the new Lifetime series You, and we debate the relative merits of Carrie from Sex and the City versus JD from Scrubs.


Episode 158: Our 2018 Fall TV Preview Extravaganza

This week, a return to a time-honored tradition: we run down a bunch of fall TV shows and we each pick a good one and a bad one to watch. Enjoy! Or don't! SHOW NOTES: Whiskey Cavalier: Chilling Adventures of Sabrina: The Purge: My Brilliant Friend: New Amsterdam:...


Episode 157: Making It and TV shows based on songs

Making It, the new reality TV show starring Nick Offerman and Amy Poehler, is exactly what we needed this summer, and we talk about it, its small growing pains, and how America finally figured out how to do a decent Great British Bake-Off rip-off. Then we yell, quite a bit, about how dumb it is to make a television show based on the song “Hey There, Delilah,” before pitching our own TV shows based on songs. Every single one we pitch would make a better TV show than “Hey There, Delilah.”


Episode 156: Picard Trek and Better Things TV Book Club Finale

This week we talk about the EXTREMELY EXCITING NEWS that Patrick Stewart is returning to TV as Jean-Luc Picard in a new Star Trek series, then we wrap up the last three episodes of our TV Book Club on Pamela Adlon's Better Things. SHOW NOTES The new Trek announcement: Better Things:


Episode 155: Patreon recommendations and Trial & Error

Kathryn brings some new Patreon recommendations in this episode, this time for someone in search of some queer leaning scifi/fantasy shows. Then we talk about the extremely strange NBC sitcom Trial & Error, a true crime parody romp that made us laugh a lot.


Episode 154: Kathryn Recommends Stuff and Better Things S01E05-07

This week, we take another trip to Kathryn's deep deep well of TV recommendations. Then, we continue our journey through episodes 5, 6, and 7 of Better Things. SHOW NOTES: Recommendations! Dear White People: GLOW: Playing House: Black-ish: Better Things:...


Episode 153: Talking Superstore and Sex and the City with guest Kamille Washington

Because Kathryn couldn't convince Andrew or Margaret to immediately drop all of their responsibilities and watch all of Superstore, and because Margaret felt that neither Andrew nor Kathryn could do justice to a discussion of Sex and the City, we have a guest who can help with both of those things! As is sadly inevitable for podcast guesting, we had some issues with Kamille's audio later in the episode, so there's a bit less of her than we'd like. Obviously you need more Kamille than this...