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Best Darn Diddly is a weekly journey through the The Simpson's series

Best Darn Diddly is a weekly journey through the The Simpson's series
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Best Darn Diddly is a weekly journey through the The Simpson's series




S8 Ep 14 "The Itchy & Scratchy & Poochie Show"

This week the Best Darn Diddly crew is in your face and to the extreme. Join Miles, Richie, and Roy for a wild ride through this very meta episode of the Simpsons. Relax and have a listen on your way back to your home planet!


S8 Ep13 "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(D'oh)cious" with Mike Reiss part 2

'Springfield Confidential' writer and Simpsons showrunner Mike Reiss continues his discussion with the boys about this much beloved episode! That means it's time to learn tons of behind the scenes stories!!! Also, MrMostDaysOff & theWizKid sing! That's pretty impressive in of itself! (Don't worry! It's mostly Mike Reiss talking!!!)


S8 Ep13 "Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(D'oh)cious" with Mike Reiss part 1

You all know this is the episode with the really difficult word to spell! And the guys called for backup to help spell it, as Simpsons showrunner/writer Mike Reiss joins the guys to discuss his last written episode!!! Strap in and be ready as Mike pulls out all the stops to get you behind the scenes insight on this great episode! Unlike Shary Bobbins, this podcast shows off all the magic!!!


S8 Ep12 "Mountain of Madness Part 2

The guys continue their review of Mountain of Madness! And who better to talk crazy talk then the Best Darn Diddly crew? So find your best sitting position and make sure you don't get fired like Lenny as everyone goes crazy in this episode!!!


S8 Ep12 "Mountain of Madness Part 1 with Mathew Klickstein

Friend of the show Mathew Klickstein joins the guys to discuss his new book, "Selling Nostalgia", and several other projects! And on top of that, it's snow time in Springfield! Cool off in this heat as the guys talk their way through the first act of the much beloved Mountain of Madness episode!


S8 Ep11 "The Twisted World of Marge Simpson" with Jay Reed

The guys get all knotted up this week as they are joined by local Dallas comedian Jay Reed! Marge buys a franchise and tries to make it her own and Homer tries to help. But maybe Homer helping isn't the best idea! So join the Diddly crew as they get all salty in this new ep!!!


S8 Ep10 "The Springfield Files" with The Derailers

The Derailers are back on Best Darn Diddly to help solve a mystery. When Homer sees an alien on his walk home from the bar, FBI agents Mulder and Scully arrive on the scene. So gather SomeBuddies and join us for our break down of this historic television crossover event with plenty of fun facts about The X-Files and The Simpsons!


S8 Ep9 "El Viaje Misterioso De Nuestro Jomer"

Time to grab your insane Guatemalan chilli peppers because we are going on a trip! Things get weird in this episode as Homer doesn't drink and ends up on a quest to find a soulmate. You know, because the space coyote told him to! So lay back and enjoy this wild ride with the guys on this mysterious Best Darn Diddly voyage!!!


S8 Ep8 "Hurricane Neddy"

Ned's mind and life are getting all twisted up this week! His very liveliness is being blown away! A hurricane hurls towards Springfield, and the aftermath will cause a deep dive into the Flanders psyche. But the guys are here to guide you through it! May God have mercy on all our souls!!!


S8 Ep7 "Lisa's Date with Density"

Best Darn Diddly is taking you all back to a very important time. Remember your first crush? The tingly feeling? The awkward moments? The point you realized you were the Milhouse? Well join the guys as they relive all this and more as they walk through Lisa and Nelson's first kiss!


S8 Ep6 "A Milhouse Divided"

The guys talk about a very difficult subject in this podcast...JEANS!!! Oh, and also divorce. The Simpsons throw a dinner party that will forever change the show with it's aftermath! Will this talk of divorce spill over to the relationship of our co-hosts? Probably not!!! But either way, join them on this dark journey!


S8 Ep5 "Bart After Dark"

Best Darn Diddly is here to put the sauce on your steak! And the clams in your linguini! It's time to get that spring in your Springfield as Bart is working in a burlesque house!!! But how will Marge take the news? And, how will Homer respond??? I'm sure there will be a Simpsons reset in there somewhere so come join the ride!!!


S8 Ep4 "Burns Baby, Burns"

Mr. Burns has a son!?!?!? The old Yalie gets a surprising visitor as a long lost son arrives at his doorstep. But is Burns capable of love? And is Homer capable of pulling off a fake kidnapping? And apples! So many apples!!! Tune in to Best Darn Diddly to get all this answered! APPLES!!!


S8 Ep3 "The Homer They Fall"

Put up your dukes, listeners! Best Darn Diddly is going all out this week as Homer steps into the ring with Moe lending a glove! So put your left turn signals on as the guys turn right! That sounds confusing, but with all that brain damage we will all end up in the same spot!!!


S8 Ep2 "You Only Move Twice"

Hank Scorpio is in the house as one of the most beloved Simpsons episodes of all time is discussed! Make sure all your bags are packed for this move, because it's going to be a fun day in the hammock district! The guys are coming along to teach you some new things(and some incorrect things)! So listen to the whole podcast, because they only date this one twice!!!


S8 Ep1 "Treehouse of Horror VII"

Season 8 is here!!! Which means it's time for the Best Darn Diddly guys to get freaky! Get your head out of the gutter because the boys are discussing a Treehouse of Horror episode! So watch out for the thing, even if it's miniaturized. Because whichever one you vote for is going to screw you over in this hilarious Halloween fun!!!


S7 Finale Spectacular! with Mathew Klickstein

Season 7 has come and gone! So it's time for our toughest task to date...ranking our top 5 episodes!!! And the Best Darn Duo brought a guest along to help recap the season that was as Mathew Klickstein returns!!! He's celebrating both his work on "Springfield Confidential" and the 5 year anniversary special release of "Slimed! An Oral History of the Golden Age of Nickelodeon"! This season finale show is going to be quite...spectaculaaaaaaaaaar!!!


S7 Ep25 "Summer of 4'2"

Lisa is rebelling against...herself? It's summer vacation time and Lisa wants to make friends. So it's time to lie about who she is! And also to make fun of Bart! Listen in as this fantastic character learns the true meaning of friendship, and as she learns that "Lisa Rules". Like, you know, whatever!!!


S7 Ep24 "Homerpalooza" with Goobz

It's time to rock out with your pumpkins out! The Diddly guys are joined by their good friend Goobz from the Derailers and the Secret Levels podcasts to discuss this rocking Simpson's episode. Don't worry about ordering an orchestra because Cypress Hill has you covered! So grab a cooler sandwich from Peter Frampton and let's join Otto to sit back and enjoy this epic podcast!!!


S7 Ep23 "Much Apu About Nothing"

Best Darn Diddly is going full Shakespeare today!!! Actually the guys are talking about a very real world problem...bears! Even one is too many! And don't get me started on scapegoats!!! Things will get deep and sad, but then funny again in this important Simpsons episode. So hold on to your butts and join the guys as they discuss everything Simpsons!