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Star Wars Time: Geeking Out Over the Episode IX Cast List and Snoke’s Possible Return

Star Wars fans we finally got some concrete Star Wars: Episode IX news last week in the form of the official cast list, which was posted on last Friday. This of course makes up the bulk of episode 208's topics, because the official cast list confirmed a few rumors, while also dropping a big bomb about one cast member's inclusion that we didn't see coming. We start the cast questioning once again the decision to use three different directors to tell the latest Skywalker...


Star Wars Time: SDCC Collectibles and The Clone Wars is Returning

In the latest episode of Star Wars Time Nick and I went conning, well we actually just looked at images from SDCC on the Internet, but we made sure to highlight some of the cooler Star Wars items from the show floor. In particular, we really focused on Sideshow's booth, which unveiled or provided new looks at over 100 collectibles, and a decent amount of them were Star Wars figures. While discussing SDCC we kind of went on a tangent about cons and video game shows in general, so if you've...


Star Wars Time: ‘Galaxy of Heroes’ Love We Do, Billy Dee, and Obi-Wan Movie Plot

My fellow Star Wars fans, welcome to a new episode of Star Wars Time! In this episode we touch on a variety of subjects ranging from gaming to parenting a Star Wars kid, and including rumors about Episode IX and the unannounced Obi-Wan Kenobi movie. We start with a deep dive into our love of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which is a free-to-play game that has been out for nearly three years and continues to be an amazing mobile title that won't cost you a dime if you have a bit of patience....


Star Wars Time: Jar Jar’s Own Toxic Fandom Plus Episode IX Casting Rumors

These days it seems as if Star Wars can't escape the toxic fandom movement that has escalated since last December, but that is the sad state of affairs we face thanks to a few trolls out there who take pleasure in tearing people down for one reason or another. This past week we learned of two more stories of people in Hollywood who have experienced fan backlash personally, or indirectly, and it was bad enough in one case that one actor considered killing himself. This is the story of Ahmed...


Star Wars Time: Amy Hennig’s Cancelled Star Wars Game Goes Open World and Obi-Wan Rumored for Episode IX

We must be in an alternate reality, because within a four week time period Nick and I have talked about new Star Wars video games twice on Star Wars Time, and they're not even mobile titles! That's because in this new episode of the show we talk about the news revolving around Amy Hennig, who was working on a linear Star Wars action game for Visceral at EA, but after she left last year the project was seemingly cancelled. That was until a Game Informer piece last week informed us that...


Star Wars Time: Star Wars Cancelled, Not Cancelled and Delusional Star Wars Fans are Delusional

In the latest episode of Star Wars Time Nick and I talk about all of the hubbub last week that was swirling around Disney's Star Wars license. Throughout the week stories came out proclaiming all future Star Wars standalone movies had been put on hold, and that Disney and Lucasfilm were rethinking the Star Wars movie saga completely. Then, a few days later, an article from ABC, a Disney owned company, refuted those claims and said no plans have changed. We discuss these clickbait tactics...


Thrones Time: Game of Thrones Prequel Speculations and GRRM’s Failed ASOIAF Book Schedule

Other Nick and I dusted off the Thrones Time studio to talk about HBO's new Game of Thrones prequel, which was officially announced two weeks ago. On the cast we mostly speculate about the prequel's setting in terms of timeline, as well as what characters may be featured in the series. All we know is that it will be set at least 10,000 years prior to the events of the current show, and that the Age of Heroes will be featured. Outside of that we purely speculate on what events we may see,...


Star Wars Time – Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Plot Speculations and Episode IX Character and Plot Rumors

In the latest episode of Star Wars Time we discuss the Star Wars video game universe coming out of E3 2018. During the show a brand new game from Respawn was announced, so Nick and I speculate on what Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order may be about. We wonder who the hero may be, and discuss if they'll be a known character, or if the lead will be brand new. We also discuss the possible setting for the game, as well as what type of action players may get into. I for one think that Kanan Jarrus,...


Star Wars Time: Defending Kelly Marie Tran, Ron’s Kessel Run, and Top Han and Chewie Moments

What is up Star Wars fans! We are back and we are bringing the heat with the new Star Wars Time Show. In this week's edition, Matt and I burn the haters and trolls, go over the changes that Ron Howard made to the Kessel Run in Solo, and talk about some of the top Han and Chewie moments across all of the movies! Unfortunately, Kelly Marie Tran, aka Rose Tico has been the target of the basement dwellers, neckbeards, and trolls for quite some time now, and it has gotten so bad that she has...


Star Wars Time: ‘Solo’ Trolls, Failed Box Office, and Where Han Goes From Here

Nick and I aren't done yet with our Solo: A Star Wars Story discussion thanks to how much we enjoyed the film, but also due to the fact that it has become the first Star Wars movie flop. It has severely underperformed since opening Memorial Day weekend, which has given the Star Wars trolls much satisfaction because they think they had a hand in its demise. We think that's a reach, but their influence is definitely gaining momentum. That's pretty much where we start, we talk about the Star...


Star Wars Time: We Love ‘Solo’ So What, Plus Where the Franchise Could Go

In this episode of Star Wars Time, Nick and I provide our thoughts on Solo: A Star Wars Story, which, spoiler alert, we absolutely enjoyed. With that being said we use most of the cast to recap our favorite scenes and moments by taking a chronological order approach to breaking down the film. Let's just say that many SPOILERS are revealed throughout, so listen with caution. We also begin to speculate on where the Solo franchise could go if it does get the rumored sequels we've heard about....


Star Wars Time: Celebration 2019 Tips, Kenobi Rumors, Lando’s Galactic Sexual Preferences

Hey Star Wars fans we're back with a new episode of Star Wars Time, and as usual we tried to stick to an agenda, but thanks to our fandom, and or lunacy, we also go down a few rabbit hole-style tangents. We start the discussion with the news that Star Wars Celebration is coming to Chicago in 2019. This leads to use talking about my first Celebration, which was Celebration II in 2002 where I cosplayed as a Jedi before cosplaying was even a thing. This somehow leads into another movie going...


Star Wars Time: Favreau’s Live-Action Show Timeline and ‘Solo’ Leaks

In this episode of Star Wars Time, Nick and I discuss the future of the announced Star Wars projects, namely Favreau's live-action TV spot, but we do talk about the other projects from the Game of Thrones duo and Rian Johnson. We mainly speculate on what these series will be about and when they'll be set. We know when Favreau's is going to take place, which leads to other threads on what we may see and how these projects will tie back to the Skywalker saga. We also give everyone a lesson...


Star Wars Time: Old Man Finn, Ep. IX Female Leads, and Alden Has Always Been Solo

Star Wars Time is back with a brand new episode, our May the 4th episode at that, so the conversation was all over the place as we reminisced about our favorite space opera. The conversation went off script the moment the mics went live, so don't expect to hit any of the mentioned agenda items in the title until 10 - 15 minutes into the cast. We got derailed by the concept of May the 4th itself, and Solo pre-orders, but we do eventually get back on topic. The topics we lead with revolve...


Star Wars Time: ‘Solo’ Trilogy Prospects and Star Wars Resistance Anime Due This Fall

In this episode of Star Wars Time I had to fly solo, and not the Han type. My co-host Nick was out of town, so I fired up my mic to talk about two pretty important news items from the Star Wars universe that came out last week, because they were just too time sensitive to wait for Nick to come back to Earth. Anyway, the first topic stems from an interview with Alden Ehrenreich in which he may have let slip that he's officially signed on to play the young Han Solo in at least two more...


Star Wars Time: Piecing Together ‘Solo’s’ Timeline of Events Based On the New Trailer

Nick and I strapped on our X-Wing pilot helmets for a special episode of Star Wars Time this week in honor of the release of a new trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story. This new trailer was packed full of fresh footage, and it gave us the best look at the film's overarching plot that we've gotten to date. Naturally, we took all of this new footage and tried to speculate what may be happening in the scenes that were featured in the trailer, as well as when those scenes may be taking place in...


Star Wars Time: Recasting Leia, Finn and Rey in Episode IX, and Tony Gilroy Hates Star Wars

In this episode of Star Wars Time Nick and I manage to leave the prequels alone, mostly, because we shifted our sights to a movement going on in Star Wars fandom. This movement deals with petition: Cast Meryl Streep as Princess Leia in Star Wars Episode IX!, which we both agree just can't happen. I offer up the standpoint that if anyone could channel Fisher as Leia it would be Streep, but even then the move would be too sacrilegious for me to buy into. We also discuss a few tidbits from...


Star Wars Time: Hamill Stokes Our Prequels Hate and ‘Solo’ Set Drama Detailed

Hey now Star Wars fans, we're back with a new episode of the Star Wars Time show after taking a one week break to recover from mental fatigue or something like that. In this new episode we talk about Mark Hamill explaining how George Lucas envisioned the ending of Star Wars: Episode IX, as well as some details released from the Solo set that may further explain why Lord and Miller were fired from the project late into its production. Our Solo talk didn't stop there though, because we got...


Star Wars Time: The Best Bonus Items and Deleted Scenes From ‘The Last Jedi’s’ Home Release

In this episode of Star Wars Time, Nick and myself break down the Digital HD release of Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which hit digital platforms on March 13th. I've already reviewed the home release, and found it to be an amazing value at $19.99 for the UHD version on Vudu, and after talking with Nick, I can again confirm that my review score is spot on. This home release is packed full of intriguing content, and has pretty much everything a Star Wars fan and cinemaphile could want. We start...


Star Wars Time: Favreau’s Show, Lucas Lovefest, Prequel Hatefest, and Looking Beyond ‘Rebels’

Nick and I had one of our infamous tangents in the latest episode of Star Wars Time, which did start with an honest effort to keep the cast under one hour in length. Anyway, it happens when we talk all things Star Wars, so while we start out with an agenda, which includes discussion on Jon Favreau's new Star Wars TV show, how Disney jacked the look of the Solo posters, and how the ending of Star Wars Rebels may hint at the next animated Star Wars show. The tangent we go down revolves...