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Star Wars Time: Episode IX Rumor Mill and Potential ‘The Mandalorian’ Plot Point

Hey now Star Wars fans, this is our final show for the Buddha-cast network, so if you’ve been enjoying our Star Wars Time show, make sure to follow us over to, which will be the new home of the podcast after this episode. The Buddha-cast network will continue to feature our Game of Thrones podcast, as well as potential gaming and Marvel movie podcasts, so please stay with us even though Star Wars Time is moving away. POTENTIAL SPOILERS....... Alright, so in this episode we...


Star Wars Time: Luke in the Flesh in Ep. IX, Plus More ‘Mandolorian’ Castings

Hey now Star Wars fans, this is our penultimate show for the Buddha-cast network, so if you've been enjoying our Star Wars Time show, make sure to follow us over to, which will be the new home of the podcast after one more episode airs for EB. Anyway, in this episode we touch on a variety of rumors surrounding the live-action Star Wars universe and its multiple properties that are in production. We also recap episodes eight and nine of Star Wars Resistance, and talk about...


Star Wars Time: Two New ‘The Mandalorian’ Actors Plus Wizarding World Channels the Prequels

Before we get into this episode's discussions, I just want to remind fans of our Star Wars Time podcast that it will eventually be moving over to, which means it'll have new links for iTunes, Google, etc. We will let everyone know when the final cutover happens, but I can tell you it is coming soon, so bookmark SWT above to make sure you don't miss out. Alright, so this week we start things off with a tangent and get into some pretty deep cut type of Star Wars talk. We then...


Thrones Time: The Beginning of the End is in Sight for HBO’s ‘Game of Thrones’

As the winter draws on the north(ern United States), a glimmer of light appears through the dark clouds. A sign of hope. A return of something long-awaited. Game of Thrones is coming back for one final reckoning. And as if scripted by George himself, news of the ultimate season's release month was revealed, it'll be here sooner than you think. With news surrounding the prequel and some public interviews courtesy of the author, Matt, Keith, and I dusted off the microphones to discuss the...


Star Wars Time: Cassian Live Action Series Reaction and Rian Johnson Still Fighting Trolls

Before I get into a recap of the latest episode of Star Wars Time, I need to make an announcement. Over the next few weeks, we will be porting the Star Wars Time podcast show over to its own Podcast on iTunes and other podcast services. The Entertainment Buddha-cast will remain, and will feature some Game of Thrones talk, and a possible video game podcast. If you are a fan of the Star Wars Time show on EB's network, make sure to plan accordingly for the switch over. We will provide new links...


Star Wars Time: The Clone Wars Returns Fanboy Moments and an Update on the Star Wars Animated Universe

It's that time of week to tune into a new episode of Star Wars Time, which we have packed full of Star Wars animation topics. News from the live-action Star Wars projects in development has dried up a bit, which is why we're going HAM on the currently available Star Wars animated series. We also cooked up another fanboy moments topic, and it involved all of the awesome moments we would like to see when The Clone Wars returns on Disney's streaming platform. We start things off talking about...


Star Wars Time: Boba Fett Film Officially Canceled and Our ‘The Mandalorian’ Fanboy Moments

In this episode of Star Wars Time, we talk about some official Star Wars movie and TV show news, while also talking about a plethora of fanboy moments we would like to see in Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian. We start with the announcement of a brand new LEGO Star Wars animated series called LEGO Star Wars: All-Stars, which will consist of eight new shorts, and four, 30-minute long episodes. The first episode has already released, and additional ones will be hitting Disney XD and Disney Now...


Star Wars Time: 14 Fanboy Moments We Want in Ep. IX and Revan Adds to SWGOH’s Awesome Factor

In this episode of Star Wars Time Nick and I had to dig deep into our fandom of all things far away galaxies, because for the most part, last week was devoid of any major Star Wars movie/TV show news. That didn't stop us from rattling on for almost two hours, because after all, we do love all things Star Wars, and our mouths can get diarrhea when we schedule time to talk about it. We spent the first half of the cast talking about our favorite free-to-play mobile Star Wars game, which is Star...


Star Wars Time: Ep. IX Desert Set Pic and Palpatine Rumor, Resistance Easter Eggs, and a Star Wars Firing

We have another jam packed episode of Star Wars Time that features stories from all across our favorite galaxy. We've got two Star Wars: Episode IX items to talk about, Star Wars Resistance Easter eggs, stormtroopers in The Mandalorian, and even a firing in the Star Wars comic books universe. We start with the firing, which involved Chuck Wendig, the writer of the recent Aftermath trilogy, who was let go by Marvel from his work on a Darth Vader limited run comic book. Like James Gunn, he was...


Star Wars Time: ‘The Mandalorian’ Deep Dive, Ep. IX’s Big Acts, and Bots Hate ‘TLJ’

In the latest episode of our Star Wars Time podcast, Nick and I cover a wide range of topics from the franchise due to us skipping a recording session last week. We cover everything from Star Wars Resistance to Jon Favreau's The Mandalorian, so tune in and take a journey with us through the latest round of interesting Star Wars news items. The conversation starts with Star Wars Resistance, namely about its characters and main plot. Thanks to a final preview, the show's narrative became much...


Star Wars Time: George Lucas’ ‘Solo’ Directing Tip Plus the Best of Its Bonus Content

In the latest episode of Star Wars Time we dedicate the entire show to Solo: A Star Wars Story's home release, in particular, the near two hours of bonus content that comes with it. We, and you should already know that the movie is great, but like any good Star Wars fan Nick and I went right to the bonus content to see if any interesting insights could be gleaned from them. As it turns out, there are a few interesting bits of information scattered throughout the bonus content, so those are...


Star Wars Time: ‘Solo’ Writer’s Movie Facts, Crazy Ep. IX Theories, and a Bloodier Order 66

Nick and I have returned from another Star Wars Time break with our longest episode yet. In this episode we cover all eras of the Star Wars universe with a plethora of topics that range from insightful to insane. We start the talk with a conversation about a revelation from Ian McDiarmid about the original Order 66 in Revenge of the Sith. Apparently, the segment showing the order being executed was supposed to be much more violent than how it played out, but due to fears of getting an...


Star Wars Time: Matt Smith Casting, Bautista’s Star Wars Rejections, and Resistance’s Team Fireball

In the latest episode of Star Wars Time, Nick and I covered various Star Wars news topics from the past week, as well as a few tangents, but that shouldn't surprise any fan of the podcast. We start things off talking about how Dave Bautista revealed that he's tried out for and didn't get cast in at least two recent Star Wars projects. Nick and I wonder which two they could be, as well as which character Dave would have played in either film. We think the movies were probably Rogue One, The...


Star Wars Time: Rose Speaks Out, Vader in IX Rumors and Episode IX Set Pics

Star Wars: Episode IX's production is in full swing, which means this episode of Star Wars Time is packed full of new updates revolving around the final film in the latest Star Wars trilogy. We had a plethora of Episode IX stories to discuss, as well as an opinion piece from Kelly Marie Tran on why she left social media earlier this year. We start with the Kelly news, and reflect on the bullshit that led to this human deleting her social media presence, and the toxicity in general that has...


Star Wars Time: Bye Bye Tatooine, Luke Loves Mara, and ‘Resistance’ Looks Awesome

No, we were not blown to space dust by the First Order these past few weeks, we were just on a summer break, but Nick and I are back with a brand new episode of Star Wars Time, which I might add may have been my drunkest performance yet. I apologize if I sound a bit off, but I was a bit toasty, so Nick carried a good part of this return episode. Anyway, don't drink and podcast is what I'm trying to say, or at least don't drink too much and podcast. In this episode we cover a few things that...


Star Wars Time: Geeking Out Over the Episode IX Cast List and Snoke’s Possible Return

Star Wars fans we finally got some concrete Star Wars: Episode IX news last week in the form of the official cast list, which was posted on last Friday. This of course makes up the bulk of episode 208's topics, because the official cast list confirmed a few rumors, while also dropping a big bomb about one cast member's inclusion that we didn't see coming. We start the cast questioning once again the decision to use three different directors to tell the latest Skywalker trilogy....


Star Wars Time: SDCC Collectibles and The Clone Wars is Returning

In the latest episode of Star Wars Time Nick and I went conning, well we actually just looked at images from SDCC on the Internet, but we made sure to highlight some of the cooler Star Wars items from the show floor. In particular, we really focused on Sideshow's booth, which unveiled or provided new looks at over 100 collectibles, and a decent amount of them were Star Wars figures. While discussing SDCC we kind of went on a tangent about cons and video game shows in general, so if you've...


Star Wars Time: ‘Galaxy of Heroes’ Love We Do, Billy Dee, and Obi-Wan Movie Plot

My fellow Star Wars fans, welcome to a new episode of Star Wars Time! In this episode we touch on a variety of subjects ranging from gaming to parenting a Star Wars kid, and including rumors about Episode IX and the unannounced Obi-Wan Kenobi movie. We start with a deep dive into our love of Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, which is a free-to-play game that has been out for nearly three years and continues to be an amazing mobile title that won't cost you a dime if you have a bit of patience. We...


Star Wars Time: Jar Jar’s Own Toxic Fandom Plus Episode IX Casting Rumors

These days it seems as if Star Wars can't escape the toxic fandom movement that has escalated since last December, but that is the sad state of affairs we face thanks to a few trolls out there who take pleasure in tearing people down for one reason or another. This past week we learned of two more stories of people in Hollywood who have experienced fan backlash personally, or indirectly, and it was bad enough in one case that one actor considered killing himself. This is the story of Ahmed...


Star Wars Time: Amy Hennig’s Cancelled Star Wars Game Goes Open World and Obi-Wan Rumored for Episode IX

We must be in an alternate reality, because within a four week time period Nick and I have talked about new Star Wars video games twice on Star Wars Time, and they're not even mobile titles! That's because in this new episode of the show we talk about the news revolving around Amy Hennig, who was working on a linear Star Wars action game for Visceral at EA, but after she left last year the project was seemingly cancelled. That was until a Game Informer piece last week informed us that assets...