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ClusterCast Ep. 6 – SDCC 2019 Trailers and Furries

Er, I meant Cats! Good lord, who greenlit this eldritch horror, it's worse than a Robert Zemeckis film, and that's saying something. In this episode, we of course talk a bit about the waking nightmare known as Cats, as well as a plethora of other things! SDCC 2019 had just begun when we started talking, and some new trailers for movies had come out. Chief among them were IT 2, Top Gun Maverick, and Jay and Silent Bob: Reboot, which we're all somewhat excited for, in varying fashions. Nat...


Cluster Cast: Apex Genesis Evangelion

This week on Cluster Cast, Nat and Enrique tackle a wide variety of subjects, including subtitles, a battle royale, and basic human decency in game development. It's pretty fair to say that Neon Genesis Evangelion is making waves in the news lately for all the wrong reasons, which is unfortunate. There's been some changes in the translations of the show, changing some very iconic and pivotal lines in the show. A couple of them take a little bit away from the impact that the originals had,...


Cluster Cast – What’s an E3?

E3 came and went this year and Enrique and Nat had a lot to say about it. Or maybe we didn't, maybe we went off on like 3 or 4 side-tangents while TRYING to talk about E3. That definitely didn't happen. Seriously though, there were a lot of big announcements this year, and although some people were calling it a pretty lame year, we enjoyed the hell out of it. A new Halo game trailer instantly set my hype ablaze for the game, then hearing about the release date really deflated that. The...


Cluster Cast: Modern Warfare Reboot and WTF Death Stranding Takes

There was a bunch of gaming news this past week, including a whole lot about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. Not to be confused with Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare or Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Remastered. Wouldn't wanna confuse anyone. We've also started doing little recommendations at the end of the video based on the nerd shit that we're into right now. You'll have to check out the video itself for that! We also talked about a bunch of movie trailers and...


Thrones Time: Breaking Down GoT – S8E6 – “The Iron Throne”

If you missed Matt's Top Moments from the series finale, you can check them out here. Since 2011, Game of Thrones has been building, and building, and building towards something beyond what's ever been seen on a television screen. But, as many have lamented, the final six episodes haven't held up to previous standards the show itself set. In the final episode of our Game of Thrones podcast, Matt, Keith, and Nick break down the finale and provide some closing thoughts. And there are...


Thrones Time: Breaking Down GoT – S8E5 – The Bells

If you missed last week's podcast, you can find it here, and be sure to check out Matt's Top Moments from episode 5. The penultimate episode has arrived, for better or for worse. The pacing has been rushed, complaints have been filed, and the memes are out of control. Still, like the Hound, we press on through the fiery rubble and turn our sights towards the series finale. But first, there's a lot to unpack in "The Bells," so Matt, Keith, and Nick gathered...


ClusterCast: Avengers: Endgame Talk, ProJared, and Pitchford Drama

The internet is rife with all kinds of drama these days, and it's oh-so-fun to talk about. Avengers: Endgame is also fun to talk about, that's why almost half of this podcast is pretty much dedicated to talking about that. The other half is mostly spent talking about ProJared's dick that his wife has most likely confiscated at this point. That, and Randy Pitchford BEING a dick, as per usual, and getting into all kinds of trouble with Claptrap's voice actor. Luckily, Endgame is pretty easy...


Thrones Time: Breaking Down GoT – S8E4 – The Last of the Starks

As the victors celebrate the Battle of Winterfell, the gears among the show's leads are quickly turning once again. Armies decimated and a dragon buried at sea leaves Dany with few options. Cersei looks strong, and her power was asserted as the episode drew to a close. In the newest episode of Thrones Time, Matt, Keith, and Nick break down "The Last of the Starks" and discuss the good and bad and run through the show with Matt's Top moments. Check out the video above, or find us wherever...


Thrones Time: Breaking Down GoT – S8E3 – The Long Night

Games of Thrones' long night has come and gone for the heroes of the North, but that doesn't mean we're done with breaking down Season 8, Episode 3, which was much more controversial than many predicted. Not in terms of what happened, but more in regards to what didn't happen, as well as the poor visibility showcased throughout the episode. Plus, a major plot thread got resolved in a way that left many fans feeling a bit cheated, so I have dubbed this episode the Game of Thrones version of...


Thrones Time: Breaking Down GoT – S8E2 – Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

Game of Thrones Season 8 continued this past Sunday with a fantastic, low-key episode that allowed fans to get one more night with their favorite characters before most of them probably get killed by the Night King's forces. It featured great dialogue and character development, plus a few top moments that fans have been waiting to see for decades. Naturally, Nick, Keith, and I, fired up the Thrones Time cast to discuss this episode, which is titled, "Knight of the Seven Kingdoms", so we...


Thrones Time: Breaking Down GoT S8E1 – Winterfell and Speculating on S8E2

It's a glorious time for Game of Thrones fans thanks to the return of the show for its eighth and final season. The first episode of Season 8 has aired, and "Winterfell" didn't disappoint. While it may have been a bit light on major reveals, it still offered up plenty of memorable moments, while also peeling a layer or two back on the mysterious threads we've been following for years. Naturally, the Thrones Time team slapped their headsets on to break down the first episode's top moments,...


Thrones Time: The Season 8 Preview

While both exciting and sad, the final season of Game of Thrones kicks off this weekend. Exciting for the answers and reveals fans have long been waiting for, and sad because...well because characters are going to die. A lot of them. With the season eight premiere on the horizon, Matt and myself discuss the recent teaser and promo video released, and what it could mean for the hopeful heroes of Westeros. We also hammer out some predictions and what we hope to see in episode one as well as...


GT: Talking Indies at PAX East, the Anthem Problem, and Endgame Theories

Hey now geeks, after many years of silence, we've dusted off our original podcast show, which mainly features discussions on video games, but we also throw in some geeky movie and TV talk when warranted. It's probably been over 3 years since we regularly did a show dedicated to gaming, so it was fun to fire it up again with two new hosts. Both Nat Smyth and Enrique Cancel joined me as we interviewed Nat about his trip to PAX East 2019, which has been a staple of his gaming coverage each...


Thrones Time: Breaking Down and Speculating on The Game of Thrones S8 Trailer

It's been a great week for Game of Thrones fans thanks to a bevy of news coming out for the show's eighth season, which included the very first real deal trailer for the show's final run. We also got a detailed breakdown of the Battle of Winterfell, which is said to be the largest battle ever filmed. It's even going to be longer than the Helm's Deep melee featured in Peter Jackson's The Two Towers! Anyway, thanks to the release of the trailer, which clocked in at just over 2-minutes,...


The Graveyard – A Deadly Class Podcast Ep. 229

In this podcast, Ray and I break down the fifth and sixth episodes of this season's Deadly Class. A lot happens in a matter of hours for Marcus. After ingesting copious amounts of acid and tripping out during the entirety of the gang's trip to Vegas, he finds himself implicated in two deaths and his former bunkmate turned nightmare is hot on his tail. While the show focuses on Marcus, Ray and I dicuss our growing affection towards Billy, who continously proves himself time and time again...


Thrones Time: Complaining About Runtimes and Scoping Stills

Nick and I fired up the Thrones Time cast last night to get caught up on all of the recent Game of Thrones news to hit the Interwebs. We mostly bitched about the revealed runtimes of the six Season 8 episodes, which we both thought were a little chincy, because none of them are longer than 80-minutes. We also talk about some kick ass GoT themed Kicks from Adiddas, which you can check out here. We'd definitely would buy them all if we weren't poor assholes. Nick...


The Graveyard – A Deadly Class Podcast Ep. 228

Things haven't slowed down for Marcus since he started at King's Dominion, and the third and fourth episodes don't offer much relief. In the midst of being hazed as a Rat and nearly getting sliced, Marcus starts to form friendships and bolster whatever semblence of an alliance he has. In the newest episode of The Graveyard, Ray and I talk about the school dance gone wrong, Master Lin's difficult decision, and Saya's family confrontation. We also get a peek into Petra's sordid past and gear...


Introducing The Graveyard – A Deadly Class Podcast

After only two episodes, its safe to say that SyFy has a new hit on its hands with Deadly Class. Turning a comic into a show is a difficult task--especially one that doesn't rely heavily on special effects--and add the fact that the series surrounds teenagers in a school built to train the world's greatest assassins. In the newest podcast to the EB Podcast Network, myself and Ray Porreca fire up the mics and discuss the show's first two emphatically eventful episodes. We recap the episodes...


Thrones Time: Breaking Down the Symbolism in the S8 GoT Teaser

The Thrones Time crew is back with a new episode to talk about a few interesting Game of Thrones news items that have popped up since our last show, as well as to break down the latest teaser trailer for the show's eighth season. We start things off by talking about all of the new casting announcements for the Game of Thrones prequel, which now has a boatload of stars attached to it. From there we shift into a revelation that Ramsey Bolton's death was supposed to be even more gruesome than...


Thrones Time: Pouring Over Old Scripts and Season 8 Teaser Speculations

The Thrones Time team is back for another Game of Thrones podcast, and we tackled a few of the recent updates for the show's eighth and final season. Before we dove into those topics though, we discussed a Vanity Fair piece that analyzed a few key scenes as they were written in the show's scripts from previous seasons. We didn't cover each script analysis, but we did discuss the key ones that may still have impact on the show as it enters its final season. From there we talked about a legit...