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We Love Pancakes | Insecure Season 3

In this episode, BGB talks about the season 3 premiere of Insecure, we discuss our A1 day ones, Nicki Minaj & Barbie Tings, that 1st Insecure scene, Tiffany’s baby, #Lyftlife, DJ Khaled’s Undercover Lyft, kids going back to school, Capri Suns, Dro & Molly, men vs. boundaries, 80/20 rule, Toy Story 3, NO-anne, relationship closure, RIP Aretha, Peepin’ Tom vs. Peepin’ Tyrone and so much more


Random Acts of Flyness

In this episode, BGB reviews the new HBO series, Random Acts of Flyness, we talk artists, white sickness, car-casians, bus lanes & bike lanes, #blacklivesmatter, Ripa the Reaper, albinitis, LaKeith, being overwhelmed, sexual proclivities and so much more


Insecure Pre-Premiere Day

Tomorrow is the premiere of INSECURE SEASON 3!!! BGB wraps up our review of the season 2 finale, we are getting ready by rewatching all episodes and seasons so that we are ready for the big day and we want you guys to have our review to go back over too. Let’s go!!!


Insecure SUNDAY

INSECURE SEASON 3 RETURNS THIS SUNDAY!!! BGB is all ready for it and we want to recap our review of the season 2 finale and what our thoughts, desires and predictions are for the upcoming season


The Last Defense

In this episode, BGB talks about the JuVee Productions show The Last Defense, Fee B eating crabs & crab feasts, The Night Of, Serial the podcast, Adnan Syed, the “injustice” system, upcoming documentaries to watch, accountability in the justice system, wrongful convictions, education and knowledge, biases in the courtroom, rehabilitation after jail time and so much more


Worst Birthday Ever | Power

In this episode, BGB talks about the latest episodes of Power, how amazing Tina Mabry is, people being disappointed in the show, Teresi the snitch, Ghost & Angela reconnecting, mistress vs. mastress, Angela’s poor relationship choices, Tariq or Raina, Simon Stern, Black Friday as told by Lavell Crawford, we STILL hate Tariq, Tommy is a black mother deep down inside, Kendrick Lamar as Laces, Kanan out here looking like Debo, which decision we think Ghost regrets the most, the terrible...


Snowfall AKA Corner Boys

In this episode, BGB talks the FX series Snowfall, we see how obsessed Candace is with The Breakfast Club, famous friends of the show: Tina Mabry & Lena Waithe, the amazing Sarah Jakes Roberts, Candace’s deer story & deer slander, how Franklin goes from corner boy to kingpin, the government flooding the communities with drugs, how a straight wrap means that a little black girl is now becoming grown, Leon’s fresh fro, relearning history, talent vs. opportunity, power dynamics, torture, Trump...


Red Table Talk: Facing Addiction

In this episode, BGB talks the Facing Addiction episode of Red Table Talk, Facebook Watch, The Smiths on social media, addiction doesn’t care, different forms of addiction, addictive natures, the image of an addict, the allure of smoking back in the day, the opioid epidemic & the medical industry, alkaline water, a society that doesn’t want to feel, dealing with the process, the road to recovery, 12 step program, how to know that you’re addicted and so much more


As the Webb Turns

In this episode, BGB continues our conversation about the YouTube series, Harlot’s Webb, we talk thinking you can change people in relationships, how we feel about Nate & Erica, when to ask questions in relationships, situationships & rebounds, conditions, pregnancy test stories and bonding, checking your homegirl/homeboy, support black creators and artist, funding black art and talent, the importance fo supporting web series and so much more


Bye Wig aka Harlot’s Webb

In this episode BGB talks about the hit Youtube web series, Harlot’s Webb, we talk IGTV, social media platforms and creators, On Demand & DVR programs, the DMV based web series, shock value,, Kevin Gardner Jr., Calvin & Erica, acting, video and audio quality, homeboys vs. girlfriends, sidechicks and restaurants/establishments, you can’t change anyone, therapy for relationship issues, pregnancy test bonding, Lee Daniels vs. Dame Dash and so much more


Love Is______

In this episode, BGB talks about the amazing OWN series Love Is____, we talk how the Akil’s are one of the greatest writer/producer forces in the entertainment industry, our reactions to the show, getting your happiness 1st, how the show is an example NOT a blueprint, why we love Yasir, Nuri & her roster, casting, electronics then vs. now, some ‘no goes’ in relationships, our love for Lady O, why guys SHOULD watch girl shows & movies and so much more


Power is BACK!!!

TODAY makes one complete year that BGB has been coming to you with our views on your favorite shows and we want to say thank you guys for supporting us. We love y’all. Shout us out for our ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!! Now on to business, BGB’s talking about the season 5 premiere of Power, the orchestra version of the theme song, how long the intro actually is, basketball teams, Everybody hates Dre, Tariq’s motives & loyalty, R.I.P Charlie Murphy & Father Calahan, Steve Harvey Jr. is back,...


Health Awareness in TV

In lieu of the recent high profile suicides and mental health taking a major toll on many in this generation, BGB rewinds it back to when we talked about how TV shows can handle situations with a little more sensitivity and awareness. We discuss show disclaimers, promotiong positive mental health, giving proper resources & warnings and so much more


Preparing for Power Season 5

We are soo close to the premiere of Season 5 of Power and BGB wants to make sure that we’re all caught up and ready, so in this episode we conclude our recap of the season 4 finale and prepare for all of the new drama that will unfold in season 5, we talk Tariq becoming Ghost, Tasha the mom and crime lord, parents wanting better for their children, naive Raina, Tate the dirty congressman, Big Gay Barney, ole girl coming back from the very first episode, the gruesome death scenes, women in...


Power Season 4 Finale Recap

In this episode, BGB recaps our conversation about the Season 4 Power Finale to give everyone time to catch up before the Season 5 premiere! So watch Season 4, get all caught up and get into our conversation about the finale and what we are looking for in this upcoming season, we talk Tariq then and now, poor poor Raina, Ghost double dutching with the crime life, Kanan can’t be trusted, how Ray Ray was gon die regardless, Tommy being a real rider and so much more


Black Love for the Win

In this episode, BGB continues the conversation about Season 2 of OWN’s original series Black Love, we talk about men learning to do better, trial and error, grace in romantic relationships, learning when to hold on vs. when to let go, potential, raising young black men in America, the Official Faithful Black Men Association, the order of the family, Lot’s wife, the fear of breaking up & starting over, how much Fee B hates broke men eating up all the cereal, love goggles, significant others...


Black Love Season 2

In this episode, BGB talks about Black Love Season 2 on OWN, we talk Nas’ new album, our favorite couples, Kirk Franklin & the swimsuit, the differences between Season 1 & Season 2, getting past being hurt, hurting love, why people stay together, Fee B’s 17 year marriage & advice, learning by seeing vs. being taught and so much more



In this episode, BGB talks about Claws, we talk about Season 1 and Season 2, our show’s intro, feminist or naw, Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife (on Netflix), actual & factual, Neicy Nash and how amazing she is and how amazing she looks, Reno 911, Titty Girl aka 2 Bras, that Target Baby Daddy card, nails and nail art, Polly’s breakdown, Reva vs. Zlata, Concentration 54, names & nicknames, chitlins and okra, Okra Winfrey, the mass appeal of the show and so much more



In this episode, BGB talks about new upcoming network shows, the upfronts, trailers, shows that we are excited about, cancellations, renewals, Roseanne’s cancellation, actors getting on new shows, REL, Jess Hilarious, shows ending vs. being cancelled, Moesha and so much more


Girls Trippin’ Pt. Deux

In this episode, BGB continues our conversation about the Red Table Talk Girl’s Trippin episode, we discuss being too strong, checking on your strong friend, personal moments of weakness and overcoming, the power of the unknown, being too familiar, friendship, being an island and so much more