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Watch Out World I’m Grown Now

In this episode, BGB concludes the convo about Grown-ish, we talk Yara Shahidi, Trevor Jackson, Fighting Temptations, ChloexHalle, preference, jungle fever, ghetto names, customer service, being the token, being multi-faceted and multi-dimensional, Zoey’s final choice, trust, spinoffs, Kenya Barris, A Different World, the abundance of reboots and so much more


Kinda Grown

In this episode, BGB talks about how we’ve grown to love Grown-ish, growing up, smelling yourself, the sex talk, Yara Shahidi, the power of the youth, safe spaces, Paula Deen racists menu, racism, humor, Ida B. Wells, I’m a Black and so much more


And We Still Rise

In this episode, BGB continues our discussion about Rise, social media, the evolution of bullying, Sharkeisha, the pronounciation of gif, teenagers, adolescents, it’s a cold, cold world, the village raising kids, the need for Mr. Clark, accountability, disclaimers, Papa Johns & the NFL, preference vs. exposure, the whitest thing you’ve ever done, talking white, the power of the pen, the high school experience, Neftlix, Monique shade, Gary Owen and so much more


High School with Rise

In this episode, BGB talks about the new NBC series Rise, high school, appreciating your parents, Cardinal Shehan, Andra Day, pop culture knowledge, musicals, Nene Leakes, musicals, DreamGirls, Rosie Perez and so much more


BGB Layovers for days

In this episode, BGB talks about Station 19 the newest Shondaland show and everything else, Chicago Fire, 9-1-1, women in power, Molly Williams, “laze,” Muhammad Ali, Fabolous & Emily B, abuser beaters for hire, Rosie the riveter, Dumb Donald, front teeth, nepotism, WNBA, Monica Wright-McCall, adrenaline chasers, domestic violence, women vs. men jobs, sexism, steaks & black eyes, BGB derailments are no more, now we have layovers, Lavell Crawford, support systems, Fee B’s predictions and s...


Ease On Down the Road

In this episode, BGB talks about the season finale of The Chi, people mispronouncing “The Chi,” another great BGB derailment where we talk about everything from Popeye’s on Broadway Street to Eartha Kitt, Ronnie’s journey, Quentin the vengeful father, heartless, ruthless killing, where are Jake and Reg’s parents?, Kevin, Jake & Poppa’s brotherhood, Poppa is our favorite, nigga logic, the real story of Jason’s death, how we wanted more from this season finale and so much more


Door Stop

In this episode, BGB talks about this season of the Good Doctor, we do NOT talk about the finale so no spoiler alerts, Shaun Murphy, mermaid, money vs. family, impotence, Mountain Dew, the love of money is the root of all evil, relationship, communication, situationship, not your lil friend, anticipating the season finale, Grey’s is still the GOAT, Shaun’s growth, door stop, Fee B’s finale predictions and so much more


The Wedding

In this episode, BGB talks about the season finale of This Is Us, so don’t listen until you have watched it *spoiler alert*, we talk about the amazing show writers, old Jack, TV show deaths, Candace’s beef with Beth, head vs. heart, minding your business, season 3 predictions, Life Itself an upcoming movie by This Is Us writers (Sept. 21), Randall & Kate’s relationship, “You’re not in my way, You ARE my way,” the BGB influence, imagination, sequels, closure for Girlfriends, Being Mary Jane...


The Conclusion

In this episode, BGB concludes Seven Seconds, so hopefully no spoilers since we gave y’all soo long to watch it, we talk about the verdict, wheelchair gangsta, Fee B the cut off queen, syrup sandwiches, GTTF, King Syrup vs. Aunt Jemima, #heatedupKingsyrupchallenge, health lessons from our elders, Grandma hair styling stories, BGB’s famous derailments, fathers vs. mothers, love languages, faith, Fee B’s IG segment, a memorable Tranise moment and so much more


Seven More Seconds

In this episode, BGB continues their conversation about the show Seven Seconds, the injustice system, parents as advocates, “roaches,” stereotypes, black fathers, social media, the evolution of men and women, This Is Us, masculinity, parent vs kid debate, be a man, support system, grown with no growth, family and so much more


Seven Seconds

In this episode, BGB talks about the Netflix series Seven Seconds, Regina King, police violence, BGB going live, hospital bills, the best crier of all time, Marilyn Mosby, innocent until proven guilty, Nia Long, victim shaming, blue lives vs. black lives, “hold your brother accountable,” Brenton Butler, Fish is the man, Freddie Gray, KJ Harper, street justice and so much more


The Crossover

In this episode, BGB talks about the TGIT Crossover episodes of How to Get Away with Scandal, spin-offs, Cicely Tyson being the G.O.A.T, Fitz is down with the swirl, the “injustice” system, money vs. humanity, black women are fixers, Tyrese: the male version of Mo’Nique, mental health and the criminal justice system, flaws and all, receipts, Marlon Wayans’ Netflix standup, black women self-care evolution, Lil Flip and so much more


I’m Locked Up

In this episode, BGB talks about mass incarceration, The Rundown with Robin Thede featuring John Legend, cash bail, the “injustice” system, “black kids don’t get to make mistakes,” innocent until proven guilty is that real or naw, money rules the justice system, prison is physical and mental, Oprah’s pro-Trump vs. anti-Trump supporter sit down, emancipation ain’t what it’s taught to be, education, historical realness, no transition from prison back to life, cycles, overly policed black...


The Daily Show

In this episode, BGB talks about The Daily Show with Trevor Noah, education, information, start talking, the Parkland shooting, gun control, Clown & chief, Fee B goes off on Dumb Donald, news, Claudette Colvin, the culture, Baltimore riots, the lack of transitions in life, preparing for adulthood, activism, grown at 18 or naw, fraud Trump supporters, Christianity and Trump and so much more


The Breakfast Club vs. Monique

In this episode, BGB talks about The Breakfast Club, the infamous Mo’Nique interview, legend status, rebuilding, The Parkers, Mo’Nique’s comedy career, Lenard, Daddy, Donkey of the Day, pop culture, being current and relevant and so much more



In this episode, BGB talks about the new FOX series 911, Queen Angela Bassett, being inclusive & intrusive, out of line Abby, our favorite characters, spoiler alert, everybody LOVES Buck, women in law enforcement and short haircuts, the crazy accident that Overton (from Living Single) was in, the importance of first responders, #DILF, Buck & Abby, Bobby’s book, traditional church vs. modern day church perception, “If you don’t have tattoos, don’t pray for me,” GTD, Fee B’s coughing fit,...


Bereavement Days for Jack Continue

In this episode, BGB continues our conversation about This Is Us, Tranise’s personal grief story, saying your final goodbyes, closure, Eddie Murphy’s horrible movie, A Thousand Words, lessons from death, how great the This Is Us show writers are, Beth murdering McGiggles, the importance of having two parents that care, asumption vs. communication, BGB tweet reactions, more fire safety & prevention tips, Dr. Torain weighs in, Heathcliff Huxtable vs. Jack Pearson, BGB endorsements, different...


Jack is DEAD!!

In this episode, BGB talks about Jack dying on This Is Us, THEY FINALLY TOLD US!! We also talk grief, sibling rivalry, pet insurance, mourning, was it Kate’s fault, Dr. Torain of Grey Sloan giving her medical analysis, The Lion King, Mufasa’s death vs. Jack’s death, five alarm fires, Fee B’s fire story, fire safety & prevention, VCRs, Facebook memories, black repast vs. white repast, blame as a part of grief and so much more


Black Mirror Pt. 2

In this episode, BGB continues the conversation about Black Mirror, black Brits, PTSD, detachment, social media hate, bullying, catfish, Daniel Kaluuya, dating,, sci-fi thriller, social commentary, true love, trust, dating coach, pros & cons and so much more


Black Mirror

In this episode, BGB talks about the Netflix series Black Mirror, Fee B’s voice return, technology, flawed humans, anthology series, the Twilight Zone, grieving, Sophia the Robot, artificial intelligence, Alexa, punishment, Fee B’s sound effects, the justice system, punishment vs. torture and so much more


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