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Episode 4: Episode 004: Maud Pie, Ms. Ingrid Nilson

This week on Brony Talk with Sarah and Tyler the voice of Maud Pie and the other Pie gals from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic talks with Sarah about everything in the world of Pony. They talk about BronyCon, their other favorite Con experiences, the Pie Sisters, Tacos and Ingrid's rocking music!


Episode 3: Episode 003: Big Mackintosh, Actor Peter New on Brony Talk

Episode 003: This week on Brony Talk with Sarah and Tyler, Sarah talks with voice actor from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and The Littlest Pet Shop, Peter New. As the voice of Big Mackintosh, Dr. Whooves and a whole slew of other characters from the MLP Universe, Peter has been voicing characters for MLP: FIM for the last nine years. Hailing from Canada, Peter is also a writer who has won several awards for his work.


Episode 2: Episode 002: The Shake Ups in Ponyville on Brony Talk

Have you ever wondered what kind of tacos the Mane 6 would like to eat? Sarah and Tyler ask Patrick and Savannah from the Indianapolis-based My Little Pony-themed music group, The Shake-Ups in Ponyville what they think? This week on Brony Talk, Sarah and Tyler talk with The Shake-Ups about Brony Con 2018, what they're planning for Brony Con 2019, as well as Season 8 of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Oh, and tacos...of course!


Episode 1: Episode 001: Brony Con 2018 Wrap-Up / Tacos and Spiders

In this first episode of Brony Talk with Sarah and Tyler, the pair discuss their experiences at the 2018 Brony Con in Baltimore, Maryland as well as talk about the convention and expectations for the final BronyCon in 2019. Sarah and Tyler also read several listener-submitted emails detailing other experiences at 2018 Brony Con and discuss them on the show as well. They also attempt to debuke rumors that the hotels for Brony Con are already sold out.